15 Pictures Of Your Favourite Wrestlers Looking Old AF

The professional wrestling scene has boomed in the past few decades, as the uprise of the WWE after the mid-80s created a lot of popularity for pro wrestling and it has remained as such to this day. The 90s were obviously the most important decade for wrestling, with the Monday Night Wars and amazing wrestling product in the WWE and WCW leading many people into getting addicted to wrestling and making life-long fans of the kids who started watching at the time.

There were many superstars created during that era, with some shining brighter than others and etching their places in wrestling history forever. Although some of these wrestlers aged quite well and managed to keep their place in a non-wrestling role, some other wrestlers didn't age well at all. The pressures and hard-work at the time got to them as years passed by, while some other wrestlers aged horribly because of their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Some of the recent pictures of these favorite wrestlers of the "golden age of wrestling" go to show just how old they've become. Some of them look depressingly bad while others look nothing like what we remember them to be, as we take a look at 15 Pictures of Your Favorite Wrestlers Looking Old AF.

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15 Lex Luger

via cbslocal.com

Lex Luger definitely had the looks to become big in the wrestling industry and even though he attained quite a lot of popularity, he suffered because of his own mistakes as well. Luger was supposed to be "the next Hulk Hogan" in WWE after the Hulkster left the company, but negative fan support and his personal vices didn't allow that to happen. He'd later move to WCW where he would try to take down the nWo, but his drug problems got really torrid after a point of time due to drugs. Luger would change himself and become clean afterward, but it was already too late. This picture shows just how badly he has regressed, looking awfully old when he actually isn't. He's still not that old but looks skinny and awful right now which turned him into a shell of the person he is remembered as.

14 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn started off as a revelation in WCW where he ascended as a mid-carder after a prolific feud with Raven. He later came to WWE as part of "The Radicalz" with Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko but fell behind the pack quickly. Saturn actually attained much fame because of his "mop gimmick" which was hilarious, but he left the WWE and was part of a tragedy when he saved a girl from being sexually assaulted and took a bullet to his neck because of it. He became addicted to drugs and was homeless for years, before appearing in public a few years ago. But Saturn looks absolutely awful these days as this recent picture with Chris Jericho suggests, as he's dealing with some serious health issues and had become old really quickly with all those years of drug abuse catching up to him.

13 The Sandman

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The Sandman was one of the icons during his ECW days, where he was the top guy for a long time and won the ECW Championship multiple times as well. He was one crazy wrestler and did all kinds of bad stuff outside the company which didn't help his health either. The Sandman would go on to join WWE later on as well, having a rather disappointing stint with the company. But he has aged terribly over the past few years, as this recent picture of him with Rob Van Dam shows. He's looking absolutely worn-out and terrible with the drug abuse showing on his wrinkly face right now, as one can only hope that he gets better in the future as he looks almost like a zombie right now as his body has regressed terribly over the years, making him look older than he actually is.

12 Gangrel

Gangrel brought something new to the Attitude Era with his edgy, vampire-like character who had a real eerie feeling about him whenever he came to the ring. Despite being the terrorizing heel during most of his run with "The Brood", Gangrel was quite popular because of his unique character. But he failed to keep his shape intact as the years passed by and was fired by the WWE. Gangrel then got into some weird stuff as an adult film director and his looks have regressed in the past few years. This recent picture shows just how old he has become, as his looks have really changed in the past few years, having aged very badly and looking like a weary, old man despite not even being 50.

11 Vader

via dailystar.co.uk

Big Van Vader was one of the more terrorizing characters of the 90s where he flourished because of his size and athleticism. Vader would achieve a lot of success in WCW and WWE as well, with his powerful move-set and terrifying persona being extremely over at the time and making him a real favorite amongst wrestling fans. Vader heroically kept on wrestling as the years rolled on and even though he didn't get work in the big leagues, he kept on entertaining fans in the Independent circuit. But all the pain he put his body through has taken its toll as this recent picture of Vader shows just how old he has become in the past few years. He's also diagnosed with a terrible heart disease with doctors telling him that "he has a few years to live", as he seems to have lost his intimidating looks over the years.

10 Raven

via wrestlezone.com

Raven had one of wrestling most unique gimmick's during the 90s, with the dark, mystifying character getting booked really heavily in both ECW and WCW. He was this sort off cult leader with his "nest", winning numerous titles in these promotions before heading to WWE, where he was put in the Hardcore Division. Raven wasn't compelling at all here, so he left years later and continued to wrestle in TNA or in the Independent circuit. But recent pictures of him show just how old he has become over the years, which is a reason he doesn't wrestle anymore. This picture shows just how badly he has aged over the past few years, as it's pretty shocking looking at this gothic character having a wrinkly face and white hair in his body and the pressure he has put his body through can now be seen in his aged figure.

9 X-Pac

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X-Pac was recognized as one of the most exciting wrestlers of the 90s, with the entertaining individual having profitable stints in both WWE and WCW. X-Pac was part of D-Generation X in WWE and the nWo in WCW, being the complete entertainment package for both of them. He was also a terrific wrestler who could put on great matches, but his real-life vices got the better of him. X-Pac was addicted to the wrong kind of drugs which always held him back, as he worked in the Independent scene after being released by WWE. This recent picture of him shows how terribly he has aged, as he's looking really old and worn out in this picture. X-Pac needs to lay off on those things if he's to enjoy a healthy life ahead and this picture of him looking really old shows how he has regressed over the years.

8 Hulk Hogan

via sescoops.com

Hulk Hogan is the man who brought mainstream attention upon Pro Wrestling, as his amazing work during the 80s and 90s as well helped to make wrestling popular around the world. Hogan kept on wrestling into the 2000s but retired from it as his body couldn't take the pressure, tending to be involved in a more non-wrestling role. But Hogan has been part of some heated controversies over the past few years, with the recent sex tape being leaked by Gawker Media landing him in real trouble. He sued them and even had a trial in court, with this picture of him in court showing just how old and worn out he has become over the years. Hogan looks really tired in this picture as he should finally bow out of wrestling having become really old to do anything right now and should enjoy retirement for the rest of his life.

7 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

via bleacherreport.net

Jake "The Snake" Roberts was one of the coolest heels of the 80s in the WWE, with his chilling personality bringing some shivers down the spines of viewers and opponents. He was amazing at cutting promos and a very able wrestler, whose career was shortened because of his personal vices. Roberts was an alcohol addict and lost his way into the 90s, barely wrestling after the turn of the century. Things got really, really bad for him before Diamond Dallas-Page took him in to save his life. Roberts shed many pounds due to DDP Yoga and regained his life because of it and is now doing better because of it. But he looks absolute weary and old as this picture shows just how terribly Roberts has aged because of the addictions. He's looking much older than he actually is and shows how drugs and alcohol can take years off people's lives.

6 Ric Flair

via Wikipedia.org

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair has to be considered as one of the greatest of all time (if not THE greatest) as he has created some amazing memories in his incredible wrestling career. Flair was known for his panache and charismatic styles as well as charming looks, but that all seems to have faded away as the years passed by. Ric has transitioned into a more managerial, non-wrestling role in the past few years but along with his wrestling, he has also lost his charm and "flair" which defined him. He now looks extremely worn out as this picture of him looking like an old, tired man goes onto show how his body hasn't been able to take the pressures of wrestling it's been put through all these years. The Nature Boy has completely lost his "natural" looks which defined him at one point.

5 Shawn Michaels

via turkagram.com

Many fans were devastated when Shawn Michaels retired from wrestling almost 7 years ago, as the Heart Break Kid looked fit enough to wrestle for a decade if he wanted too. Michaels would stick to his word and not wrestle another match after being retired by The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI, much to the dismay of many fans. Shawn has strayed off wrestling for quite a while, appearing in the WWE at times. It seems that age caught up to him quickly after his retirement, with this recent picture showing just how quickly Michaels has become an old man. He looks way older than he actually is in this picture. While still in decent shape, HBK is showing his age after bowing out of the WWE and settling down with his family.

4 Rikishi

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Rikishi was definitely one of the more entertaining characters of the Attitude Era, with the cool, dancing big man making the product more enjoyable with his moves. His terrifying "Stinkface" was just as terrorizing for wrestlers as it was hilarious for fans and Rikishi's cool nature made him a real favorite at the time. But after the Attitude Era came to an end, Rikishi's stock continued to fall and he had a fall-out with the WWE towards the end of his stint. He was told to lose weight but couldn't do so, later leaving WWE and retiring in a few years. The big man has aged pretty badly over the years, putting on even more weight and has lost his charm over the years as this picture of him looking old shows how aging hasn't been kind to him.

3 Bret Hart

via twitter.com

Bret "The Hitman" Hart was truly the best of his era and will always remain as one of the greatest of all time, having inspired many wrestlers with his impeccable work in the 90s. Hart was the main guy for the WWE for many years before he was "screwed over" by Vince McMahon and left for WCW. But things started to go horribly wrong for him over at WCW, with him being booked really badly and all his popularity started to tumble with every passing year. His legendary career ended terribly when Goldberg's mule kick gave him a major concussion for which he had to retire. After his retirement, Hart has been involved with wrestling but has become an extremely bitter individual. This picture shows just how old he has become in the past few years, as Hart is almost unrecognizable these days and has aged terribly since his retirement.

2 Scott Hall

via twitter.com

Scott Hall was definitely one of the coolest "bad guys" in the WWE during the 90s, with his Razor Ramon character getting him much popularity in the WWE. He then jumped ship to WCW where he formed the New World Order with Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, but one thing which always held him back was his alcohol addiction. Hall's addiction got worse with the turn of the century, after which his body couldn't handle the pressure either. He became fat and unhealthy before DDP Yoga saved him and got rid of his addiction. But the aftereffects of the abuse he put his body through can be seen now, with this picture showing just how terribly old Hall has become. He's almost unrecognizable from his wrestling days and the alcohol abuse has come back to haunt him.

1 The Undertaker

via sescoops.com

The Undertaker recently retired from wrestling after an incredible career in the WWE which stretched for almost 27 years, but the Deadman just ran out of steam towards the end. Taker was always one of WWE's best characters and greatest in-ring talents who could be trusted with anything by Vince McMahon, but he lost that magical touch in his final years before bowing out at WrestleMania 33. This picture of The Undertaker without his get-up goes to show just how terribly old he has become over the past few years, becoming rather weak and his body just can't take the pressure anymore. This shocking photo of an old Undertaker shows him in a form not many have seen, with it showing how difficult it got for him to wrestle towards the end and how quickly age caught up to him towards the end of his illustrious career.

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