15 Pictures Of Your Favourite WWE Stars Looking Old

While the WWE may be packed with a bunch of talented stars right now, fans will always remember the good ol' days where many legendary superstars were created and put on some amazing content which modern wrestling fans grew up watching. These WWE stars of the past were absolutely amazing with their work when they played their characters perfectly and entertained the fans with their in-ring work, captivating the viewers with their charm and personality.

But the stars who were kings in the 80s and 90s are now pretty old, and while some of them have aged pretty well, others haven't had the same luxury. There are many former fan-favorite WWE stars who have actually aged pretty badly, with years of wrestling and other abuse taking a toll on their appearance.

These pictures will show us how our favorite WWE stars from the past have aged since taking a bow from wrestling, and how these amazing characters now all look like older men, some with more wear and tear than others.


15 The Undertaker

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The Undertaker has been a loyal employee for the WWE over the years, and he made many fans in the past few decades because of his amazing work as The Deadman. The Undertaker will always be remembered for his WrestleMania winning streak, which was broken by Brock Lesnar a few years ago. Since then, he hasn't been the same, and even though The Undertaker wrestled after that, he looked pretty frail in the ring. The Phenom has aged terribly over the past few years, as the abuse on his body finally caught up to him. The pictures of Taker outside WWE prove how old he has become, as he looks pretty worn-out these days. All this time performing for the WWE has taken a toll on his body, which has regressed over the past few years and left him looking ragged.

14 Marty Jannetty

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Marty Jannetty was an absolute rocker when he was part of a hot tag team with Shawn Michaels in the 80s, but when he got betrayed by HBK, he turned towards a single career in the WWE. He did attain some initial success, winning the Intercontinental Championship from his former partner and was a solid mid-carder for them for a few years. But then his alcoholism took a toll on his performances, and Marty was fired from WWE. While he continued wrestling and even returned to WWE later on, his alcohol addiction took a bad toll on his body. Jannetty is still wrestling these days but is almost unrecognizable because of how badly he's aged. His appearance looks terrible and he looks really old despite not being as such, proving how bad the alcohol affected him.

13 Lex Luger

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Lex Luger was tabbed to be the successor to Hulk Hogan in the WWE during the 90s, which proves how over he was with management at the time. But resent from the fans and Luger's own foolishness cost him that chance, as WWE later degraded him to a mid-carder before he shockingly left for WCW. Luger did pretty well in WCW, but his drug-addiction was getting uncontrollable after a point, and years of addiction took a terrible toll on his body. Luger looks absolutely skinny and terrible these days, as he has aged terribly since his WWE days. Luger looked like a star back in the 90s because of his muscular figure, but he has lost all of that in the past few years and looks like a frail old man these days, with his regression proving how bad drugs and steroids could affect a wrestler.

12 Vader

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Vader destroyed many opponents in the 90s when he was quite the hot property in wrestling because of his intimidating appearance and ability to cause absolute destruction inside the squared circle. He was in high demand at the time, when he wrestled for WCW and then joined WWE in the mid-90s. Vader was actually given a decent push at first as the monster heel which he was, but somehow fell out of order and was reduced to a jobber to the stars later on. He kept on wrestling for years even after leaving WWE, but his years of alcohol abuse and in-ring work and has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. He apparently has a year or so to live sadly and despite being quite big these days, he looks really frail and has aged quite terribly, with his appearance regressing badly over the years.

11 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall may have been the "bad guy" in the WWE during the 90s, but he was beloved by many fans because of how cool his character was. Hall had quite the personality and helped to make the Intercontinental Championship prestigious at the time. But he didn't get the main event fame he wanted and left the WWE later on, joining WCW and forming the NWO there. Hall would continue wrestling even after WCW folded up, but his physical state and appearance were deteriorating fast. He had many health issues and looked awful before DDP Yoga helped him get back on track. But years of alcohol issues and health problems have really taken away his looks, as he looks like a tired old man these days. His physical state has regressed and Hall is now just a shell of the man who charmed many in the 90s.

10 Mick Foley

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Mick Foley will always be remembered as the Hardcore legend because of his amazing work in the 90s when he established himself as a real fan-favorite and clawed his way to the top of the WWE. Foley took part in some death-defying stunts and while he was fine then, it took a toll on his body for the worse. Foley's appearance has really regressed over the past few years, and he looks to be really old and unfit these days. Although he did recently lose a lot of weight to help his physical condition, Foley hasn't really aged that well because of his antics during the 90s. He is looking pretty old in this picture, and the former Raw General Manager needs to take better care of himself or risk looking even older than what he is right now.

9 Bret Hart

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart deserved the catchphrase of being "the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be" because he was the best wrestler of his time and especially shined in the 90s. He was WWE's top guy, holding the WWE Championship multiple times before he was screwed by the company and went on to join WCW. Hart did pretty well in WCW as well but saw his career end in a match against Goldberg, after which he sustained injuries which forced him to retire. Hart unfortunately aged terribly after that point, and recently it was discovered that he had cancer. Although The Hitman did recover from it successfully, this picture shows how old he looks these days.


8 The Dynamite Kid

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The Dynamite Kid was part of one of the greatest tag teams in WWE History in the British Bulldogs when he elevated WWE's Tag Team scene in the 80s along with Davey Boy Smith. Kid was a terrific wrestler himself, inventing many moves on his own and executing them with perfection in the WWE. While he was an amazing wrestler during that time, he had to take an early retirement due to him suffering from complications due to his drug abuse. Dynamite Kid is now paralyzed on his left leg and has to use a wheelchair and has had many health problems since his retirement. He looks quite awful these days, as he's aged terribly due to all his complications and his frail state prove how badly drugs can regress a wrestlers body in the long run.

7 Goldust

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Goldust has always been quite the "bizarre" and unique character in the WWE, where he's been featured quite frequently in the past two decades or so. He first debuted in the mid-90s before leaving WWE for a bit, but he returned, later on, to continue portraying his intriguing character. While Goldust's real face isn't known by many because of how well he paints it every time he competes, he has shared images of it recently so the fans could see the actual Dustin Runnels. Goldust was at ringside for the historic WWE NXT War Games match-up dedicated to his father Dusty, and he looked pretty shockingly old at that too. His age may be covered under his evergreen paint, but Dustin has gotten some elderly features in the past few years and looks like a worn-out old man nowadays.

6 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake Roberts was one of the most conniving heels during his time in the WWE, where he had many iconic feuds with the top stars of the 80s. Roberts would impress the fans with his chilling, unpredictable personality and his in-ring work was pretty good as well, including his iconic DDT. But Roberts had one nagging problem which was being addicted to alcohol, which made for the end of his WWE career in the 90s. He withered away from the spotlight afterward and kept wrestling in the Independent circuit, blowing the money he made from them towards alcohol. This almost killed Roberts a few years back, before DDP helped him get back into shape and recover from his addiction. Despite that, Roberts looks pretty awful these days and looks very old due to his addiction, which left him looking absolutely dreadful.

5 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels has to be one of the most popular wrestlers of all time because of how he entertained the fans with his charm and wrestling in the WWE, where he was on top for almost two decades. Michaels was an amazing in-ring worker and was in part of some incredible matches towards the end of his WWE career as well. Michaels has been retired for many years now, and recent pictures show why he made that decision as he has grown really old in the past few years. He has elderly features to his appearance these days and looks weird because of a problem with his left eye, which makes him wear a cowboy hat mostly. Michaels may still have a stout figure to himself, but his appearance has regressed as the charming heart-break kid is an elderly man right now.

4 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan was the man responsible for bringing WWE the mainstream publicity in the 80s, where the Hulkster became the biggest star in wrestling. His amazing work in WWE helped him attain fame in mainstream media and help get more eyes into their product, as he later left the company in the 90s. He joined WCW where he formed the NWO and was a top star for them till they folded up, after which he joined WWE for a short stint and played a non-wrestling role in TNA a few years ago. While Hogan has maintained his white hair for the past few decades and kept himself in good shape, signs of his age were evident in his trial against Gawker Media recently. This picture shows how old and worn-out he looked during the trials, as Hogan has now finally become a frail old man who definitely looks his age.

3 Raven

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Raven was quite the unique wrestler back in the 90s when he attained a lot of popularity during his ECW and WCW days as this gothic-character who loved to hurt other wrestlers. He eventually arrived at the WWE towards the end of the Attitude Era and had a terrific time in the Hardcore Division, winning the title numerous times. Raven was a solid mid-carder in WWE for many years, before he was released for a rather weird reason. He has since gone on to wrestle in TNA and continues to wrestle sporadically in Independent events, but his appearance has worsened over the years. He looks really old these days as it can be seen in this picture, which shows how he's become quite weak these days. Raven's abuse over the years hasn't gone well with his figure, and that can be seen in his frail appearance these days.

2 Rikishi

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Rikishi was one of the coolest characters of the Attitude Era, where he portrayed this entertaining big man who loved to enjoy his matches in the WWE. He was aligned with Too Cool for a while and won the WWE Tag Team Titles during that time, but Rikishi was just extremely enjoyable because of his antics. While his Stinkface terrorized opponents, it entertained fans and he kept doing so till he was fired by WWE. Although he hasn't wrestled in WWE for a while, Rikishi has continued wrestling on the Independent circuit, but his appearance has diminshed in the past few years. He maintained his blonde hair, but Rikishi looks truly old these days and has become a bit chubbier as well.

1 Ric Flair

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Ric Flair is still known by almost every wrestling fan because of how much of an impact he has had in the WWE over the years, ever since his debut in the company during the 90s. Flair won the WWE Championship in it before later leaving for WCW where he spent a few years. The Nature Boy has been aligned with the WWE in the past few years, where he's seen his daughter Charlotte shine in the Women's Division. But many were scared recently when it was discovered that Ric was in a critical condition due to kidney failure. He did fully recover from it eventually, but he looks even worse after that as this picture of him with Charles Barkley shows. He's gone frail and looks awful these days after that scary shave with death, as Flair's lavish lifestyle has regressed him into looking like a weak old man nowadays.


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