15 Pictures Shane And Stephanie McMahon Don't Want Their Kids To See

The McMahon family has been at the pinnacle of professional wrestling for what seems like forever now, as Vincent Kennedy McMahon's empire has risen to worldwide dominance. While Vince is the root for all of WWE's success because of his ingenious work in the 80s and 90s to make WWE the #1 promotion in wrestling, his children, Shane and Stephanie, have been working alongside him from the Attitude Era and are now experienced enough themselves to be handed the keys to the kingdom.

Although there has been much animosity between the brother-sister duo of WWE over the years, they have been pillars of each other's success and are now parents to lovely children who will probably continue to lead the company to much success when they are of age. Both Shane and Stephanie have been part of some questionable things on WWE TV, however, as there are some pictures of their nasty "antics" which they definitely wouldn't want their little kids to get their eyes on.

Shane and Stephanie both have some pretty controversial images floating around on the internet and they'd definitely wouldn't want their innocent children to see their parents like that, as we take a look at the 15 Pictures Shane and Stephanie McMahon Don't Want Their Kids To See.

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15 Shane Drinking With The Undertaker

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Shane McMahon made quite the triumphant return to the WWE over a year back, but he was forced to face The Undertaker to "stake his claim" in the company. It was a hellacious match inside Hell in a Cell with Taker prevailing as Shane's kids had to see the horror of his fall from the top of the cell. But Shane is actually good buds with Taker as it can be seen in this picture where they are seen drinking and hanging out together recently. But Shane would not want his sons to see him drinking with a "rival" such as The Undertaker, as he wouldn't want his sons to see him drinking. Shane would always want to be an idol for his sons and that could be hindered if they see him drinking out and he'd want his sons to ignore that aspect of his life.

14 Stephanie Revealing Too Much

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Stephanie McMahon has not only grown into one of WWE's most powerful authority heels over the years, but her body has also "grown" and she got especially hot after the end of the Attitude Era. There were certain "changes" to her looks and the most glaring one was just how big her "assets" became when she started to feud against the WWE as part of the Invasion. It was also mocked by WWE itself, as Chris Jericho and The Rock would often mock her about her transformation. This picture shows just how glaring Stephanie's "assets" got after a point of time and she's revealing a bit too much of it here, something which she'd probably have regretted as she'd definitely wouldn't want her kids to see her huge "assets" sticking out in this picture.

13 Shane As Head Of WCW

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Shane McMahon has been quite the refreshing change of authority in WWE ever since returning a few years ago, as the Prodigal Son of Vince McMahon wasn't really on best terms with his dad a few years ago. Shane actually came up as the head and owner of WCW when Vince had bought the company in real life as he threatened to wage a dangerous war against WWE with his WCW roster and later aligning with Stephanie's ECW. This picture of Shane as the head of WCW when it was all announced for the first time in 2001 is something he'd not want his sons to see. It's because that was before his children were born and they've always seen him aligned with WWE and he wouldn't want them to see him as part of this pathetic storyline, going against the company which is in his blood.

12 Stephanie's "Fake Wedding"

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Stephanie McMahon has been part of a very happy marriage with Triple H for over a decade now and the two are also parents to three children after getting married in 2003. What started off as a storyline romance turned into real-life love as Stephanie must be proud for Triple H being the father of her children. But something which she wouldn't want her kids to see is her drastic on-screen wedding with former WWE superstar Test which took place just after she debuted. This picture of the two having a wedding in the ring is something she definitely wouldn't want her daughters to get their eyes on, as it could make them doubt their marriage and question it since they are still children. This "Fake Wedding" picture of her with Test remains out there and Steph would hope for her daughters not to see it.

11 Shane Joining Vince McMahon's Exclusive Club

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Shane McMahon has been made to perform some really daredevil stunts in the WWE to be over as an authority figure and be renown as the company's insane competitor, but he also had to some disgusting stuff as well. Shane was quite engulfed in Vince's feud with Shawn Michaels in 2006 which culminated in a match at WrestleMania 22 between Michaels and Vince with Shane at his dad's corner. But it all went horribly wrong as Shane would be forced to kiss Vince McMahon's a** in the event as Michaels went on to win the match. This picture of Shane kissing Vince is something he'd definitely wouldn't want his children to see as it could bring him much humiliation if his sons found out that dad kissed Grandpa's a$$ in WWE and also make him the butt of many jokes in the family.

10 Stephanie Incident With Eric Bischoff

via whatculture.com

Stephanie McMahon has been part of quite a lot sexualized incidents in the WWE as she was thrashed as a woman of bad character during the Invasion angle and it continued after when she became the Smackdown General Manager. It was almost as if Vince found great pleasure in humiliating his daughter and it got really uneasy to watch when she had a segment with Eric Bischoff on a "Halloween" edition of Smackdown in 2002. Stephanie looked sexy dressed as a witch and was approached by Bischoff, who wore a Vince McMahon mask and later kissed her without her permission. This picture of the incident is something Steph would not want her kids to see at all, as she'd never want them to see her as the sexualized lady she was at the time and to remember that phase of her career at all!

9 Shane Going Through The Glass

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Shane McMahon has been quite the daredevil in the ring ever since he stepped up to the plate many years ago, as he's done some things nobody would've even dared of trying. He's taken sick bumps and performed incredible stunts to "entertain" the crowds but he wouldn't want his sons to see the bump he took in the match against Kurt Angle at King of the Ring 2001. He was part of a Street Fight which led to outside the ring as the match ended after Shane went through a glass ceiling after receiving a belly to belly suplex from Angle. The bad thing was that the glass didn't break the first time and it was absolutely sickening when it did the 2nd time. This picture of Shane going through the glass is something he wouldn't want his kids to see as it's absolutely brutal and not something young children should ever witness.

8 Stephanie's Dress Stain

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Stephanie McMahon has been a woman in the WWE who has seemingly gotten hotter as the years have passed and she looked especially gorgeous after she returned as part of The Authority with Triple H. She started to wear some stunning dresses on a weekly basis as the boss, showing her impressive fashion sense week in, week out. But one of the same sexy dresses caused her much embarrassment on one episode when it was noticed that she had a particular "stain" on the lower portion of her dress. As it can be seen, she has a glaring stain on her dress as Steph probably "couldn't hold it in" that day. This caused her much humiliation as she'd definitely wouldn't want her kids to see her like this, as that would only cause her more embarrassment because of that forgettable day.

7 Shane With Chyna

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Shane McMahon has been quite the good ambassador for the WWE over the years and when it was discovered that Chyna had passed away, he was one of the first in WWE to voice his condolences on social media. While WWE did recognize Chyna after her unfortunate passing, they still wouldn't want anyone to be associated with her because of everything she did after leaving the company. Shane himself wouldn't want his kids to know anything about the controversial diva, who had quite the history in adult entertainment which Shane wouldn't want his sons to know about. He'd definitely wouldn't want them to see their father with Chyna and as this provocative picture suggests, Shane wouldn't want his children to know anything about someone as controversial as Chyna.

6 Stephanie Revealing It All While Entering The Ring

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Stephanie McMahon has a history of wearing pretty provocative dresses to the ring to spice up her authoritative, evil character but at times it can go horribly wrong. While Steph has an impressive fashion sense to pull off some amazing dresses on a weekly basis, it went horribly wrong one time when her "authority" outfit caused her a terrible wardrobe malfunction. As it can be seen in this picture, Stephanie was entering the ring wearing quite the short suited outfit and her down under can be seen in this picture. Stephanie definitely wouldn't want her daughters to see this mistake as it could cause her much humiliation if they see her failing to cover herself up while entering the ring.

5 Shane Fighting Vince McMahon

via 411mania.com

Shane McMahon has been the prodigal son of WWE for many years now and he was mostly known for how he worked alongside his dad Vince in making wrestlers' lives hell. But he started a violent feud with his own father in 2001 when Vince "divorced" Linda and forced Shane to fight for his mother. The two had a brutal match at WrestleMania X-Seven, with Shane prevailing in the end after putting his dad through much pain. But Shane wouldn't want his kids to see him fighting or beating up their grandfather in Vince and even though it was scripted, it could send a wrong message to his children about this "fake fight". Shane wouldn't want for his kids to look down upon him for fighting his own father and would definitely not want his sons to know about that brutal feud where father and son collided.

4 Stephanie Getting Spanked By John Cena

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Stephanie McMahon might be one of the most powerful figures in WWE right now, but she was still finding her place in the company when she became the General Manager of Smackdown after the Invasion era. Stephanie was made to do some really regretful stuff during that period, but the most humiliating one for her has to be having been spanked by John Cena during a segment. Cena was portraying his "Doctor of Thuganomics" gimmick at the time and when Stephanie dared him to spank her, he actually went through with it. This picture of Cena about to spank Stephanie is something Vince's daughter wouldn't want her daughters to see, as it can really lower the respect they have for her and she wouldn't want her kids to see her in that humiliating scenario ever.

3 Vince Chokehold

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Stephanie McMahon might be Vince's precious little daughter in the WWE but even she has been in feuds with him in the past and it got really heated when they faced off in a Father-Daughter I Quit Match in 2003. The match was pretty disturbing to watch as Vince literally choked Stephanie and beat her into calling it quits. While WWE hasn't really mentioned that after it happened, Steph would herself not want her children to see their grandfather trying to choke the life out of their mother. This disturbing image shows how the brutal the I Quit match got and Stephanie would definitely not want her children to know about this match and never see this scarring photo of her being choked by Vince as it could give a bad impression to both of them in front of these innocent children.

2 Shane With Chris Benoit

via youtube.com

Shane McMahon has been aligned with quite a few superstars during his time in WWE as he was the leader of WCW during the Invasion angle and mingled with a lot of "WCW" superstars during the time. He also managed a certain Chris Benoit for a short period of time during the Invasion angle and that name is something the WWE nor Shane McMahon wants nothing to do with right now. Shane wouldn't want his kids to even know about Chris Benoit and wouldn't want them to see this rare picture of him accompanying Benoit to the ring during the Invasion angle. Shane can be seen just behind Benoit in this picture and as much as he'd not want to align himself with Benoit, he did help him during the Invasion angle as Shane O"Mac will hope his kids never see him with the controversial Benoit.

1 Stephanie's Terrible Wardrobe Malfunction

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Stephanie McMahon has been quite the loyal wife to Triple H ever since their marriage but the WWE did try to break them up before they tied the knot, as Steph betrayed Triple H and went to be the valet of Chris Jericho in 2002. Triple H would be sick of Stephanie and also went onto put a beating on his "former wife" during the feud and even hit a pedigree on her through the table once. But disaster struck when pictures of that Pedigree showed Stephanie to have been part of a wardrobe malfunction with her "assets" being fully exposed. As it can be seen in this picture, Steph's assets are completely exposed as this brought on much embarrassment for her. She'd definitely wouldn't want her kids to see this particular image of her as she bares her private parts.

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