15 Pictures That Prove Alexa Bliss Is Hot AF

Signing with the WWE in May of 2013, Bliss joining the company was pretty much unknown at the time. Perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact such a diminutive Superstar would have on the female division. With the Four Horsewomen stealing all the headlines, Bliss didn’t exactly scream out future star. Yes she was small, but her resume didn’t help her either with no experience in the industry along with applying online. One thing she did have however was athleticism, and as wrestlers stated time and time again, that’s a big prerequisite in making it in the business.

Alexa would go on to absolutely thrive. She never won a major championship down in NXT but instead, she’s been enjoying the prime of her career on the main roster, a formula the WWE should continue. Some would argue Bliss has surpassed most of the Four Horsewomen becoming a must see heel. Moving over to Raw, we can expect her stock to only climb even higher. Oh yea, and she’s 25 by the way...

In this article, we put her accomplishments aside and instead, enjoy her stunning beauty which is another reason why she’s become so popular. Photos in the article include some current and some from her prior days as a fitness model and competitor. These 15 images certainly prove that Alexa’s hot as AF! Let us know if you agree via our Facebook page.

15 Fitness Modelling Days

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If you like muscle, then you’d probably argue that Alexa Bliss was hotter before her WWE days than she is today. Yes, before she entered the squared circle with no experience what so ever, Bliss was pursuing a career as a bodybuilder. She had quite the resume in the “sport” which included competing in the prestigious, Arnold Classic competition.

When she made the jump to pro wrestling, her career in the fitness industry came to an end. However, Bliss credits bodybuilding for many things, including helping her get over an eating disorder that she underwent during her teen years. Bodybuilding helped change that as she infused her body with healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats! This picture shows that Bliss was hot AF a long time ago.

14 Candid Booty Shot

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It’s still hard to believe that Bliss signed with the WWE back in 2013 with no prior experience in the industry. She was barely into her 20s, small in stature, but the WWE saw something in this gem. Bliss began as a babyface but really began to blossom as a Superstar when she turned heel. She never looked back since making the transition.

This “creeper” photo is a candid shot of Bliss during her NXT days performing at a live event. Creepy or not, the photo clearly justifies that she’s hot AF with such delicious curves. She’s small in stature but some say that her lower body makes up for it! All creepy remarks aside, Bliss grew a heck of a lot as a performer down in NXT and she would peak on the main roster, something most NXT alums can’t really say.

13 Poolside Chill

Pool time 😎

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Posted just a week ago, Bliss took this fantastic selfie poolside. The picture received over 80K likes and it seems like the WWE Universe not only approved of the picture but surely, approved of her finally getting some down time after a hectic WWE schedule which peaked at WrestleMania 33 when she lost her SmackDown Live strap to Naomi.

Despite the loss, Bliss remains more over than ever before and her social media following proves that as well. Alexa has over one million followers via her Instagram page which is quite the accomplishment considering she was pretty unknown just a couple of years ago. Still only 25, this Columbus, Ohio native has quite the future with already two SmackDown Live Women’s Championships to her name.

12 Bikini Throwback

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A random tier, bikini and heals, what more can you ask from Bliss in this throwback picture. Pick your jaw off that ground please, thanks. Like countless other WWE Divas from the past, Bliss has a plethora of photos online from her prior days working a couple of amateur shoots. This is a path lots of Divas took including the Bella Twins that have several amateur shoots online.

Alexa looks quite young in the picture, however, she still looks hot AF. Judging by the picture, we can safely say that the two-time champion has filled out quite a bit throughout the years. She looks like a different person in the shot looking rather shy and thin. Today, she oozes with confidence while supporting a thicker look, particularly in her lower body. Regardless, we applaud this throwback picture and give it the thumbs up Mick Foley style.

11 Revealing Attire

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Good heavens, this throwback picture of Bliss is yet another hot AF photo you can add to the list. Can you imagine Bliss rocking a similar attire today? Men ages 18-39 would be crying themselves to sleep at such a sight. With the WWE’s PG era in place, we don’t think she’ll be rocking the throwback attire anytime soon but it’s certainly okay to dream.

Bliss started off with the company in 2013 inking her first WWE deal. Before she stepped foot inside the ring, Bliss worked as a ring announcer and even appearing at WM XXX serving a role in Triple H’s entrance. Talk about a main roster debut huh? Finally, a year later, Alexa would step foot for the first time in a televised NXT event taking part in Women’s Championship tournament for Paige’s vacated title. She pulled off a big upset defeating Alicia Fox but lost in the semis to Charlotte. That deserves a WOOOOO.

10 Glammed Out For Raw

This is another breathtaking picture taken from Alexa’s Instagram page. The WWE Superstar looks spectacular as she rocks some fine makeup along with her attire which seems to be quite pleasing in terms of cleavage. Oh Alexa!

Bliss making the jump to Raw was a fantastic idea from the creative team, something we rarely admit to here on The Sportster. The WWE wisely protected Alexa as she peaked in her SmackDown Live run as a two-time champion and the company then decided to move her over to Raw, exposing her “raw” talents on the flagship program. The move will only intensify her popularity as the crowds seem to be heavily invested in the diminutive heel. She’s already getting pushed to the moon over on the red brand, set to take on Bayley for the Women’s Championship. Will she add a third title reign to her resume? Seems very likely.

9 Hall Of Fame Outfit

In January of 2017, we the fans were given another reason to hate Buddy Murphy as it was announced that he and Alexa Bliss were officially engaged. Seriously though, congrats to the happy couple for that.

As much as we hate Buddy for stealing away our girl, the dude seems madly in love. He’s posted several photos on his social media of Bliss, including this one as she rocks a stunning Hall of Fame outfit. Buddy approves of the ensemble, stating she’s “the most important person in my life!” Hard to hate the guy with such a quote.

It remains to be seen if and when Buddy will join the main roster. His character took a big time hit once Alexa left his side and he’s now struggling to find himself down in NXT. He’s got decent talent, but it isn’t a sure bet that he gets called up at any point given all the talent down in development.

8 Lean Bliss & A UFC Themed Punching Bag

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This is likely a picture Vince doesn’t want you to see, as Bliss poses behind a UFC punching bag in this throwback picture. Whether it’s a recent picture or a throwback, a reoccurring theme is just how darn hot Bliss looks. However, Vince likely wants to get rid of that darn UFC logo, seriously though, who would of thought back in the 90s that WWE’s main competition would come from the world of mixed martial arts? What a world man.

Back to the photo, no Bliss didn’t have a background in combat fighting, it’s just another throwback picture from her modelling collection which came before her WWE days. What a turn of events, from modelling in front of a UFC punching bag to working for its rival as a two-time Women’s Champion. Once again, what a world man.

7 Short In Stature

The struggle is real . #fivefeetoffury

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This is yet another recent Instagram post that sees Bliss poke some fun at herself for her short stature. Fans don’t seem to have a problem with it however, praising Bliss for her gracious curves. Quite the accomplishment for Bliss who despite her small frame, has become a legit butt kicker in the ring with nobody questioning her integrity as a Superstar despite being shorter than others.

For what it;s worth, Bliss looked up to smaller wrestlers as well growing up. When asked about her pro wrestling influences, Alexa labelled Rey Mysterio and Trish Stratus as her biggest role models. Of course, both were small in stature as well and accomplished great things. Mysterio broke the mold winning three WWE World Titles during his run. Bliss is walking in his footsteps, already winning the title on two occasions.

6 Stunning Selfie

Thursday vibes 😎

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Once again, Bliss was taking our breath away via her social media page on Instagram with this stunning selfie that leaves a lot to the imagination. The revealing top shows just a bit of Bliss’s bra, leaving several fans in state of trance at the visual. Add this selfie to yet another picture that we can classify as being hot AF.

For Bliss, she shows her lighter side via Instagram. Nowadays, with the uprising of social media, we get to see who these Superstars really are away from the camera. Alexa seems like a very chill and down to earth female, nothing like the heel role she plays on-screen. Alexa is yet another classic example of a Superstar that turns off her sports and entertainment switch once she’s outside of the ring.

5 Youth & Revolt

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Hard to imagine that the picture shows a future WWE Women's Champion in the making. There’s no denying Alexa looks hot as AF in the picture, but she certainly doesn’t scream out sports entertainer rocking a slim and diminutive look. Thanks to bodybuilding competitions and later, working out the Performance Center, Alexa was be able to fill out quite nicely making her a believable WWE Superstar and one that would go on to become a face of the division at just 25 years of age, what an accomplishment.

With a shakeup sending Bliss to the Raw brand, we can expect even more greatness as her stock continues to rise. Triple H has been a fan of Alexa since day one, and there’s no doubt, Hunter’s proud of all she’s done in such a short time period.

4 Stunning Bikini Throwback

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This throwback picture is quite stunning to like at. Bliss looks smoking hot in the photo as she poses rocking a revealing bikini top and bottom. It doesn’t scream out future champion but it does scream out absolute hotness.

Aside from competing in the realm of bodybuilding, Bliss was very active throughout her youth getting involved in organized sports since the age of five. No she wasn’t a couch potato like today’s youth taking part in softball, track, kickboxing and gymnastics. All the sports not only helped to keep her in great shape but they also gave Bliss the tools to one day work in the wrestling industry. With kickboxing and gymnastics in her repertoire, the WWE likely had faith that she could be something special with such a background. Man were they ever on the money.

3 Natural Selfie

#tbt .. I took this pic yesterday. Watching #Friends

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This picture pretty much sums up not only why Alexa is hot AF, but why fans are so into her. Outside of her in-ring work, Bliss seems like the good old fashion, shy and quiet American girl next door. She poses for the selfie looking natural but stunning at that. Bliss enjoys some quiet time doing something most of us do after a long day’s work, put on some Netflix and watch an episode of Friends (or The Office, whatever floats your boat).

Along with watching Netflix, Alexa is also a huge Disney fan since a young age. Despite her family having a low income, they took Alexa on an annual Disney World trip every year starting at the age of three. She became a huge fan since then, and she still visits the magical place to this day.

2 Workout GIF

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One of the few good things featured on Stephanie’s workout DVD was the fact that various females performed the workouts alongside Stephanie. That included the breathtaking Bliss who's featured in this fantastic GIF. If this doesn’t prove she’s hot as AF, we truly don’t know what will.

For those of you wondering, the Stephanie workout DVD was an absolute train wreck in terms of buys. Of course, when you’re the boss’s daughter you can do whatever you want, even if there’s absolutely no market for it. The DVD sales were atrocious and without a doubt, a sequel of the workouts won’t be produced anytime soon. However, it did give us this awesome GIF of Alexa so for that, we say thank you Stephanie, thank you very much.

1 Another Booty

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We close off the article with another booty inspired photo showing Alexa and her lovely backside during her NXT days. The shot is yet another example that Bliss is clearly eating her fair share of Booty O’s.

Remarkable to think how far this former cheerleader has come. With no prior experience in the industry, Bliss simply applied online with a resume that truly didn’t scream out future champion. Once she rose up the NXT ranks as a heel, it was pretty clear she was going to be a star. Getting drafted to SmackDown Live, her stock exploded becoming a two-time champion, and arguably, the MVP of the brand. From a shy cheerleader to the face of the Women’s Division, we commend Alexa for her in-ring abilities and the fact that she’s clearly, hot as AF!

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