15 Pictures That Prove Maryse Is Hot AF

Maryse Ouellet is well known among the WWE community as one of the most beautiful women to grace the roster. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Maryse was first discovered over a decade ago through the Diva Search and earned a contract following a strong OVW performance. She was released from her WWE contract five years later, and after failing to make much traction on the independent scene, retired only to come back last year. We certainly aren’t complaining as the WWE gained back one of their most beautiful and entertaining female talents.

While she wasn’t always the most competent, Maryse was a decent wrestler for her time and even won the Divas Championship twice in her career. But most will remember her for her incredibly good looks and sultry French-accent. She’s the template Diva bombshell, similar in appearance to beloved Divas like Torrie Wilson or fellow Canadian hottie Trish Stratus. While we love her as a performer, her beauty is what manages to stick out every time she’s on screen. Be it pictures, interviews or whatever else you can think of – Maryse is always looking good. So here you are; 15 pictures that prove Maryse Ouellet is hot AF. Enjoy.

15 Total Divas Workout

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Say what you will about the WWE, but it definitely knows how to keep up with the times. One of most savvy decisions they’ve made in recent years has been the creation of the Total Divas TV program. It mixes two of wrestling fans favourite things, beautiful women and drama, together in one package. The show features a number of talented female wrestlers, but Maryse has proven to be one of the most beautiful to grace the show. Scenes like this really give fans a good look into her personality along with how she interacts with her co-workers. Everyone loves a good workout shot, and in those clothes, Maryse is bound to turn some heads.

14 Ring Attrire

😎🎶 #SDLive #bathroomselfie

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In a generation of women wrestlers that are now being lauded for their talents rather than their looks, Maryse is a bit of a throwback. She’s not a fantastic wrestler but a capable one nonetheless. Though she’s currently managing her husband The Miz, Maryse did win two Divas Championships in her day. So you do get a feeling that she was a solid talent for the time she was active. But let’s be honest here, what really stands out about Maryse are her drop dead gorgeous looks. Like a certain other Canadian female wrestler, Maryse looks good in pretty much anything. Be it for a photo shoot or just whatever she’s wearing in the ring. As you can see here, the people in charge of wardrobe in the WWE certainly know how to make this beauty look even better.

13 Catwoman

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There’s something about beautiful women dressing up as superheroes that draws men in like a moth to a flame. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re helping us experience what we’ve only been able to experience in our imaginations. But it definitely goes over well, no matter which community you’re pandering to. There are the favourites like Wonder Woman and Supergirl, but another popular choice is Catwoman. The sometimes baddie is popular among comic and movie fans alike, and that’s bled into popular culture over the years. Even those not too familiar with comics know about her. So you can imagine the looks of glee on wrestling fans faces when they get to see a stunning beauty like Maryse take on the mantle. Maryse is the kind of girl that loos good inn just about anything, but this here takes the cake as one of her more exceptional outfits.

12 Work It

Stepping up!!!

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All wrestlers need to keep themselves in tip top physical condition to maneuver through the rigors and strains that professional wrestling puts on the human body. It’s one of the main reasons they’re some of the best athletes around. Of course, the female roster is no exception to that, and as we’ve already seen, Maryse does her part to stay in shape. Here we see another picture reiterating that point, as the fruits of her labour are on display. Out of all the female talent on the WWE roster, Maryse seems to be in a class of her own. No matter how you look at it she’s the full package – beautiful from head to toe. All we know is that The Miz is one lucky SOB.

11 Bootay

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Like many of her compatriots, Maryse is an avid fan of tropical areas, and seems to be at home in that kind of weather. Who could blame her? She grew up in Quebec after all, and you know that the winters there aren’t for the faint of heart. Lucky for her, her job with the WWE has her travelling to all kinds of warm locations for either events, shoots or whatever else she might be involved in. And of course, she does seem to enjoy warm weather locations as vacation spots – as we all tend to. Maryse looks stunning in this picture as she overlooks her hotel on a balcony, striking a stunning pose for the camera.

10 By the Rocks

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You can tell at first glance that Maryse, had she not gotten into professional wrestling, would’ve been fine in virtually any other form of the entertainment industry. Acting, modeling, you name it. But lucky for us, she seems fine with the gig she has now. Actually, Maryse has some acting credits to her name. Nothing too impressive, but enough to show that she’s no one trick pony. If this picture is any indication, she’d have had an impressive modeling career to add to her resume should she have chosen that path. She looks very comfortable in front of the camera – no surprise seeing as she’s on television for a living – and shows just why she’s considered one of the best looking female wrestlers in the business.

9 Overhead Shot

I made some friends ...... #sharks #ocean #sun #honeymoon

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Instagram is a great place for celebrities to interact with their fans. It’s not just a picture sharing platform though; it offers a good deal of interaction as well. While most people just snap some photos and put those up online, others get a little more technical with how they approach it. It can lead to some really nice photography and we’ve seen many celebrities take this approach with some of their photos. Here we see Maryse relaxing at the beach, the camera taking an overhead shot of her while she strikes a pose. It’s really nicely framed and while Maryse’s beauty is definitely what jumps out at you, you can’t help but appreciate the framing of this shot.

8 Pretty Woman

We’re used to female wrestlers like Maryse dressing in somewhat more skimpy outfits than the one we see here. But wouldn’t you know, she can pull off any look. The very elegant dress she’s wearing reminds you of that iconic scene in Pretty Woman and we have to say, she wears it well. It’s something of a new look for Maryse, or at the very least, something her fans aren’t used to seeing her wear. The white dress and matching gloves, the pinstripes and wavy hair – everything looks absolutely fantastic. She’s not considered one of the most beautiful women in the WWE for nothing, and if she wants to try this type of look out more often, then more power to her.

7 Falcon’s Fan

#superbowl 👊

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This past Super Bowl between the Patriots and falcons will go down as one of the most memorable of all time, just going on the Patriots’ second half performance alone. While the loss will likely haunt Falcons fans for years to come, hopefully this picture of Maryse sporting Falcons red will ease their pain. Both Nikki Bella and Maryse showed their support for each team, with Nikki sporting Pats gear. Both women looked absolutely fantastic, but this article’s about Maryse, so let’s focus on her. Despite growing up in Canada, where hockey is the predominant sport of choice, Maryse looks like she’s quite the football enthusiast. That gear fits her well and you get the idea that she’d have made a really great cheerleader had she not been so successful with her current career path.

6 Cowgirl

#stagecoach on my way!!!!!

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Despite hailing from the Great White North, we’ve seen that Maryse looks to be quite comfortable with warmer climate areas. If you were going on looks alone, it’d be hard to deduce that she came from a place that saw snowfall 5-6 months a year. But the fact is that she seems right at home wherever the sunlight is hot. This time we see her adopting more of a southern look, again fitting her image to a tee. The whole cowgirl look is one that’s stood the test of time it seems and Maryse is adding her own simple spin to it in this picture. We’ve always known her to have something of a wild side, but this adds a new dimension.

5 Werk Werk

werk werk 🔥

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It’s no secret that plenty of athletes use their Instagram accounts to show off the fruits of their labour. And so what you end up getting are a lot of pre, post or normal workout pictures and videos. The men and women of the WWE are no different and often end up posting impressive pictures of their builds and workout regimens. Maryse is no exception to this and has given her fans quite a bit to appreciate. This one shows her seemingly just about to head to the gym. It seems that she felt compelled to alert her fan base of this and so we get the picture you’re looking at right now. Of course, she looks absolutely fantastic, and her strong work ethic is a big reason as to why.

4 Babewatch

We’ve got a nice surprise for you guys with this one, as you get a bit of a two in one deal here. Both Maryse and Eva Marie are some of the most attractive women to ever grace the WWE roster. They’re also pretty good friends, so it seems. As you’ll remember, pictures of the two vacationing together surfaced a while ago and it looked like the two were living it up away from the WWE spotlight. This picture, taken to promote Total Divas has the two donning swimsuits similar to those from Baywatch. Back to back, they’re both giving off an incredibly alluring vibe. There’s nothing quite like a beach and beautiful women.

3 Beach Ball Barbie Doll

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While we’ve seen plenty pictures of Maryse enjoying warm weather so far, we haven’t seen that much of a tan on her. Well here it is, enjoy. In this photo shoot, it seems as though the photographer wanted us to get a nice view of Maryse’s beautiful features and we have to say, she has a way of grabbing your attention. Obviously, she’s not new to this kind of look, but she pops off the screen nonetheless. This picture shows a mixture of sexiness and attitude that Maryse is pretty well known for. She looks fantastic in that striped pink bikini and beach blond hair. Had she wanted to, we’re sure Maryse could’ve been a model with looks that good.

2 Lingerie

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Here we come to one of the more risqué pictures on the list, as we get a more intimate view of the ever beautiful Maryse. Maryse followed the tradition of many other beautiful WWE ladies by posing for Playboy, a move that no doubt thrilled the majority of the WWE universe. Maryse is one of the hottest women in WWE history, and many fans will remember how she hit the scene early on in her career. She’s an adept wrestler and has the prototypical looks of your template bombshell Diva. Though the WWE has moved past that moniker, Maryse is a great throwback to those times. Pictures like this show off the incredible looks that made her so many fans’ favourite.

1 Stunner

Well, here it is; the absolute hottest picture you can find online that proves Maryse Ouellet is indeed hot AF. We’ve seen plenty of bikini pictures on this list, but this one seems to take the cake. Maryse looks great in just about anything, but this shot of her chilling out poolside is probably one of the more visually pleasing. This picture was taken pretty recently and shows off just how great she looks now. She’s always looked fantastic of course, but this shot of her packs some extra oomph. You can see why fans were so excited to have her coming back into the fold. Hopefully, her current stint lasts longer than her last one.

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