15 Pictures That Prove Maryse Is Way Hotter Than Nikki Bella

When a current wrestling fan thinks about the words "Diva" and "hot" together, I'm almost certain that Nikki Bella is among the first WWE Divas that come to mind. She is beautiful, sexy and she also has that great entrance to boot. Few other Divas can boast the attractiveness that Nikki Bella possesses which is why Nikki has had such a successful career in the WWE as one of the top stars in the women's division, and as a result, she has had multiple WWE Diva's Championship reigns throughout her career. Nikki Bella has a very large following on all social media platforms and one reason for that is certainly because of her stunning looks. Her theme music is very fitting, "You can look, but you can't touch" and this is true because there are a plethora of male fans who dream about Nikki, but at the end of the day, it's just a dream.

However, despite easily being one of the most recognizably hottest WWE Divas around, there is a Diva who blows Nikki away in terms of looks goes on the roster. That woman's name is Maryse. Before Maryse returned to the WWE last year to start accompanying The Miz wherever he went, many fans had forgotten about her and just concluded that Nikki Bella was the hottest Diva. Well, that is definitely not the case. Maryse is in my opinion, by far, the hottest WWE Diva on the roster and one who blows Nikki Bella away as far as beauty is concerned.

Don't believe me? Well, that's why this article is here to give you a better understanding on the subject. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 beyond hot photos of Maryse that prove without a doubt, that she is WAY hotter than Nikki Bella. Let's begin the list shall we.

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15 A Seducing Pose

via totalprosports.com

As you can probably see just by looking at this picture, it's not hard to tell that Maryse looks absolutely gorgeous, yet seducing at the same time. I don't think one could find a better picture of Maryse to show to someone and say "she's way hotter than Nikki". The picture definitely does the talking for itself and I'm almost certain that by the end of this article, you too will realize just how much hotter Maryse is than Nikki Bella. The Miz certainly knows that for one thing.

Maryse fact: As you probably all are well aware, Maryse is married to WWE Superstar The Miz. They have been married since February 20th 2014, which is the day they "sealed the deal" in The Bahamas.

14 Maryse's Stunning Pose In A Red Bikini

via pinterest.com

What's not to like about this photo? Not only does Maryse look absolutely stunning in the picture with the most sensual expression possible, but could the lighting humanly get any better? The photographer definitely knew how to take a very good photo. This is yet another photo of Maryse that proves without a doubt, that she is so much hotter than Nikki Bella. It's really not fair to compare the two in all honesty.

Maryse fact: In 2016, following an attempted break-in to her and The Miz's house in Los Angeles, California, Maryse legally purchased a firearm, just in case a scenario of such nature ever occurred again. Maryse wanted to be ready if a situation like that ever happened and she didn't want to feel so vulnerable and helpless like she did. This incident was actually featured on an episode of Total Divas.

13 Flashy Maryse

via wwe.com

First and foremost, Maryse looks absolutely stunning in this very alluring and sensual photo. Her pose, her outfit, the lighting and everything else in the photo makes it definitely stand out as one of Maryse's very best and most flattering pictures around. During Miz's/Maryse's feud with Cena/Bella, had the topic of conversation arose between Cena and Miz about who has the hotter girl, I'm almost certain Miz would choose this photo among others to prove his point that he indeed does.

Maryse fact: In the Summer of 2011, Maryse filed for a restraining order against a 61-year old "crazed" delusional fan that sent according to Maryse, "terrifying" letters to her house and over 50 creepy voicemail messages on her personal phone. The restraining order was granted about a month later and she increased her personal security as a result. Pretty scary stuff.

12 Tough Maryse

via blogger.com

Not only does Maryse look positively beautiful in this photo, but she also gives off that "tough girl" vibe which only adds to her intrigue. Definitely a photo of Maryse that sends the message "I'm beautiful but don't let that beauty fool you into thinking I'm soft". Just a great picture of Maryse and yet another one to further prove my point that she is way hotter than Nikki Bella. Everyone loves a beautiful women, but one who has the confidence and strength only adds more appeal.

Maryse fact: Aside from appearing on our televisions for WWE programming, Maryse has also appeared in various movies including Sharknado 3, Karla, and two of the WWE Studio films, Santa's Little Helper and The Marine 5: Battleground. Maryse has also appeared in reality T.V. shows including WAGS and Total Divas.

11 Posing Alongside Nikki Bella

via celebmafia.com

This is by far one of the best pictures you can find that has the ability to prove why Maryse is way hotter than Nikki Bella. Both the Divas that are being compared are standing shoulder to shoulder. The question I pose to all of you readers is, who was the Diva you laid eyes on first in this photo? For me, it was certainly Maryse. Don't get me wrong, Nikki Bella looks absolutely stunning and sexy in her own right, but when you put each Diva side by side, Maryse stands out as by far the hotter of the two (at least for me).

Maryse fact: Fairly recently, Maryse launched her very own clothing and jewelry brand titled House Of Maryse. She works as the designer for her brand.

10 Maryse Posing As Nikki Bella

via wwe.com

Out of all of the hot photos of Maryse that I've included on this list, this is by far the best photo that proves without a doubt, that Maryse is far hotter than Nikki Bella. Not too long ago, during their feud with John Cena and Nikki Bella, The Miz and Maryse decided to make spoofs of their enemies and they impersonated them in various backstage appearances and on SmackDown Live, as well as just as recent as this past episode of Raw which saw The Miz and Maryse get drafted to the red brand.

Although Maryse tries to play up Nikki Bella's stereotype of being "dumb", "self-conceited" and simply making dumb faces all the time, ironically, it's very clear that Maryse looks way hotter than Nikki does in Nikki's own ring attire. This is the best possible picture that one can show somebody when they make the argument that Maryse is way hotter than Nikki Bella.

9 Sensual Smile

via flashofthestars.com

This is by far one of Maryse's very best and most flattering photos out there and it definitely shows off her incredible physique as well as her stunning looks. Which wrestling fan wouldn't fall for this French-Canadian Diva? Not only is this picture flattering, but it also captures Maryse's confidence and as you can see just by looking at her expression, Maryse knows just how beautiful and sexy she really is. Still not convinced she's hotter than Nikki?

Maryse fact: Before becoming a WWE Diva, Maryse spent years on the modeling scene as a beauty pageant contestant. Maryse even won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003. The next year, Maryse finished in 2nd place at the International Finals for the Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Maryse was also featured on the cover of the Playboy magazines 2007 Girls Of Canada calendar.

8 Maryse's Hot Pose At The Beach

via walldevil.com

Here's yet another absolutely stunning, captivating and beautiful photo of Maryse. This is the type of Diva that most male fans can only dream about! A Diva with striking looks and features, a diva that holds herself with confidence and a Diva who has that sexy and snobby, yet adorable attitude that Maryse definitely possesses. This couldn't be a more alluring picture of Maryse, and it's certainly a photo that further proves my point as to why she is so much hotter than Nikki. Could there still be anyone reading this article who is still willing to make the argument that Nikki Bella is hotter than Maryse?

Maryse fact: Back in 2009, Pro Wrestling Illustrated voted Maryse to be the 9th of the top 50 top female wrestlers in that edition of the PWI Female 50.

7  7. Accompanying The Miz To The Ring

via ewrestling.news

This photo summarizes one of the main reason why wrestling fans absolutely despite The Miz. Not only does The Miz carry himself like a total egomaniac and a guy who is still in the "all about me" stage of life, he also has one of the absolute hottest women in the WWE standing by his side and accompanying him wherever he goes. The Miz has foiled many male fans dream of eventually becoming Maryse's boyfriend, and both The Miz and Maryse know it, which is why the duo always brag about their relationship. As well, they also love riling up the WWE Universe by kissing each other to further prove that Maryse is not on the market. True heels, but we love you both for it!

Maryse fact: Throughout her career as a full-time in ring competitor between the years of 2008 and October 2011, Maryse captured the WWE Divas Championship on two occasions. Her first reign came in December of 2008, and her second reign came in February 2010. Her first reign lasted for several months, which was the third longest reign in the championships history.

6 Talk To The Hand

via tumblr.com

Here's yet another sexy photo of Maryse that shows off her attitude as well as her snobbishness. As we are all well aware, if we can't have something, we only want and care for it even more. Maryse's attitude that she's better than everyone else and that no one can have her, only makes her more attractive, which is one of the reasons why I believe Maryse to be far hotter than Nikki Bella. Sure, Nikki Bella is hot and all, but Maryse's attitude takes it to a whole other level of hotness. She plays the villainous heelish Diva character so well and although her character portrayal is supposed to make us dislike her, it ironically only makes us like her even more.

Maryse fact: In April of 2007, Maryse alongside fellow former WWE Divas Ashley, Torrie Wilson, Brooke Adams, Kelly Kelly and Layla, appeared in Timbaland's music video for the song "Throw It On Me" which featured the Swedish rock band, The Hives.

5 Incredibly Alluring Selfie

via tumblr.com

Few words can accurately describe the overall hotness of this photo. The lighting, her pose, her facial expression and her skimpy outfit makes this photo stand out as one her best and most alluring photos ever. This is a picture of Maryse that you should definitely show to anyone who still claims Nikki Bella is the hotter of the two. The Miz would be the first guy to show this photo to anyone as a way to prove that he has the hottest Diva of all time by his side, and why he is the best in every which way imaginable because of it.

Maryse fact: Maryse has appeared in the Muscle and Fitness magazine January 2009 edition alongside fellow former WWE Divas, Eve Torres and Michelle McCool. She has also appeared on the reality television show Redemption Show, which was hosted by Chris Jericho.

4 All Gray Everything

via pinterest.com

This is a photo that was not professionally taken and as you can see by looking at the picture, it was just a selfie without any fancy or bright lighting. Despite not being a photoshoot picture, this one still captures Maryse's undeniable beauty and sexiness in a very flattering way. Maryse must really love to get attention because I can absolutely guarantee you that many fans would have been going crazy over a picture like this. She just couldn't possibly look any better! Professional photo or personal selfie, Maryse proves that she will look stunning no matter what.

Maryse fact: Before Maryse's release from the WWE in October of 2011, for her last little bit of time with the company, she worked as the co-host of NXT, as well as performing as Ted Dibiase Jr.'s manager.

3 An Extraordinarily Seducing Pose

via pwpop.com

This is by far the most seducing and sensual photo of Maryse in existence. Her skimpy outfit, her sensual expression, the photos lighting as well as her "look at how sexy I am" vibe truly makes this photo stand out from all the rest. Perhaps you could've looked at all the previous pictures and thought "yeah, they're okay but I still think Nikki's hotter". However, are you still thinking so after viewing this picture? If there's a photo convincing enough to prove to someone that Maryse is hotter than Nikki Bella, then this is definitely the one.

Maryse fact: After various appearances on WWE television including a swimsuit contest against fellow former WWE Divas Victoria, Cherry, Eve Torres and Michelle McCool, Maryse's in-ring debut occurred on May 16th 2008 in a losing effort against the tag-team Deuce And Dominos's manager, Cherry.

2 Irresistible Attitude

via pinterest.com

Not only is Maryse one of the hottest Divas in the WWE today and of all-time in general, Maryse is also known for her snootiness, snobbishness and her "I'm better than all of you" attitude. Although some find it to be annoying, in all honesty, it's one of the reasons as to why many fans believe Maryse to be one of the hottest and most irresistible Divas today. She's got it all. The looks, the confidence, the attitude and she knows how to rile up the WWE Universe and make the male fans go crazy at any given time.

Maryse fact: In 2006, Maryse participated for the WWE Diva Search competition and once the contest was over, Maryse was signed by the WWE and she was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling as well as Florida Championship Wrestling to hone her craft. Maryse would later be called up to the WWE main roster (Smackdown) in 2008.

1 Maryse Oozing Confidence

via pinterest.com

There's nothing sexier than a hot girl with confidence. As you can tell just by looking at this picture of Maryse, she displays that look and vibe of confidence which only adds to her intrigue and allure. The outfit she was wearing for this photoshoot couldn't have looked any hotter as well. I don't think it's too hard to understand why I believe Maryse to be so much hotter than Nikki Bella. But, if you still aren't convinced, there's plenty more where that came from.

Maryse fact: If you hadn't already known, Maryse is French-Canadian, and she was born in Montreal Quebec, Canada. However, Maryse spent most of her early years growing up in New Brunswick, Canada. Maryse can speak fluently in French and she is even able to read Spanish, although she cannot speak it.

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