15 Pictures That Prove Sasha Banks Is Hot AF

Legit Boss perfectly describes the former RAW Women's Champion. The one and only Sasha Banks has taken the new era of WWE by storm. The stunning superstar blew up in NXT as part of "The Four Horsewomen" along side Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Bayley. Since debuting on the main roster Sasha has won the hearts of thousands of fans engaging in a long record breaking feud with Charlotte that changed the landscape of women's wrestling and skyrocketed both women's careers. The women's revolution can be greatly attributed in a part to miss Sasha Banks. The young Boston star is still in the early stages of her career and will hopefully be around a lot longer to capture both more titles and hearts.

This article isn't about the many Sasha Banks achievements or potential history the wrestler is going to make. This article is strictly about the astonishing beauty of The Boss. The "We Want Sasha" chant rings out in stadiums across the world so this piece is for everyone who wants just a bit little more Sasha. Banks' attitude is part of what makes her so sexy. The never give up, winning mind state along with the flamboyant pink hair make Sasha stand out in and out of the ring. The following pictures of "The Boss", some in fancier getups and others in, well, not much at all prove that the superstar is far from "ratchet" by any means. These are 15 pictures that prove Sasha Banks is hot AF.

15 Champion

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The simplicity of this photo is what makes it so sexy. One hand on her hip and one on her title. It shows off beauty and strength in one easy pose. A dominant female can be very attractive and what could be more dominant than a Women's Champion. In this photo Sasha's smile strikes hearts as hard as she strikes her opponents in the ring. She shows off her thin waist and toned, tanned stomach in a small Legit Boss tank top that leaves everyone wanting to see more. Sasha's long luscious lavender hair falls perfectly over her curves making it hard to look away. The simple hand on hip pose and simpler but sweet outfit that flaunts her fit figure make Sasha more than desirable in this picture.

14 Cooling down

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Anyone wanna go for a dip with Sasha? Admit it you'd be happy just serving her that drink. Hands down Sasha is one of the hottest women in WWE. So hot, cooling down in the pool with a Stone Cold icy beverage is the only logical thing to do. Now focus your attention away from the fact the bikini babe is ever so seductively suckling on that straw and check out the fierce stare down from the boss superstar. If looks could kill this one would have quite the body count. Sasha's ring gear isn't that far off from a bikini but still something about her in that red and black two piece absolutely slays it. This is Sasha as fine as you've ever seen before.

13 Cabin Fever

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At 5'5 Sasha is not exactly all legs but in this picture the beautiful superstar flaunts what she does have. The short leopard grey skirt Banks is wearing definitely leaves the eyes lurking. Its pretty obvious that Banks does a fantastic job keeping herself in top shape and she's not afraid to show-off some of that body she works so hard for. Something about a women's legs with a pair of nice black heels makes most men's heart stop and in this photo Sasha is no exception. The way The Boss has her legs on display has got all eyes on her. The three time Raw Women's Champion looks drop dead gorgeous in her cottage style photoshoot leaving the male fans with serious cabin fever.

12 Country Girl

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Smoking hot Sasha shows off her toned stomach and thin waist once again. The superstar's all red attire is pure money. The tiny V-cut tank top is just revealing enough to make the male fans turn their heads to look twice and than a third time. Accented by a red bandana to show how bad ass The Boss is and a stylish native choker neckless her attire in this photo is definitely enough to be labelled steaming hot. The idea of Sasha as a farm girl learning to wrestle in the haystacks or mud is just too hot to handle. Hailing from Boston Sasha didn't have much of a country girl upbringing but after seeing this barnyard photoshoot it seems like Banks can pull off any look she pleases. After all, The Boss gets to do whatever The Boss wants.

11 Backstage Selfie

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This picture is absolutely insane. The Boss takes what has to be one of the sexiest selfies of all time. Unlike most of her selfies Sasha obviously had no problem putting the goods on display for this one. Banks more than seductive pose shows a slightly naughty side to The Boss. Sasha's whole babyface good girl act goes right out the window in this sexy selfie. Miniature black shorts and long black high-heeled boots are already enough to get the attention of any man but with her legs spread open and bosoms popping out of her only somewhat revealing tank-top Sasha once again has jaws dropping. The 25-year-old knockout takes it to a whole other level of "We Want Sasha" in this stunning backstage selfie.

10 Hotel Room Selfie

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In this selfie fans get a sneak peak at a side of Sasha that isn't seen very often, her everyday wardrobe. Surprise, surprise she looks as beautiful as ever. Dolled up in heels and a tight, dark fashionable jumpsuit The Boss looks absolutely superb in this picture. The low cut top pulls your attention than you factor in the slits that reveal the side of her stomach and this  outfit is a killer. She looks more than professional, she looks like The Boss and The Boss knows how to work her hips, hands and hair to get that perfect shot for her selfie. This picture has just the right combination of style, beauty and sex appeal to prove that Sasha is not only Hot AF but also Boss AF!

9 Legit Boss

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The exquisite Sasha Banks has exceeded expectations already in the early stages of her WWE career. Winning the Raw Women's Championship from Charlotte on three separate occasions took serious dedication and talent. With Banks's astonishing track record she's made it a point to stand out to the fans because of her hard work and impressive win streak and not just her heaven sent looks. The Boston native has built up a massive fan base and its not hard to see why. The Boss gets it done in the ring and looks mighty fine doing it. In this picture the extremely talented star looks gorgeous in her matching attire. The flashy gold rings and shades accentuate her purple hair and shirt making her look even more like a Legit Boss.

8 What a Score

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She shoots, she scores! Sasha is winning big time in this banging photo. Does anyone care even the slightest bit why she's in soccer gear? On any given day she could be sporting a full winter parka and turn most heads but this ensemble has The Boss completely killing the competition. Placing her hands behind her head is a discreet and attractive way to take her arms out of focus so Banks can show off her shredded stomach. Sasha's alluring stare is just as steamy as the provocative short shorts that show off her slim legs and ridiculously fit body. The high socks are just the cherry on top of a picture so sweet its sure to give you toothaches.

7 Blue Dress

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Seeing Sasha in more clothing than usual would normally tend to upset male fans but in this case an exception has been made. The skin tight blue dress does wonders for The Boss' miniature figure. Sasha models the sexy, sleek dress in the mirror with a promiscuous pose that shows off a small taste of what she's packing. Banks looks good enough to call a Perfect 10 showing off  just enough cleavage to draw the eyes but still keeping it classy enough to meet your mother. The tight-fitting outfit is hard to ignore that's for sure. Impossible to tell from this photo but Sasha competed in the first ever women's Ironman Match and first ever women's Hell In A Cell match. Banks is no doubt a tough hard-nosed competitor but she proves she's a total stunner in this selfie.

6 Sexy Sasha

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Still need convincing Sasha Banks is hot AF? This voluptuous picture is sure to silence the haters. The Boss has her "associates" out on display leaving imaginations running wild. The revealing shirt topped off by the ultimate seductive look shows a dirty side of Sasha male fans won't be able to get enough of. Just the placement of her finger on her luscious lip is attractive, factor in Banks' cleavage is "Legit" popping makes it almost impossible not to stare. Her "Uso Twins" are basically on display for the world to see. The hard hitting combination of innocence and naughtiness make Banks the total package. Her cousin Snoop Dogg's song said it best this right here is "Sensual Seduction" enough to win over nearly any man. The arousing photo sets the bar at extreme heights for the rest of the WWE's women's divisions.

5 Squirt!

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This playful bikini shot is hard to put into words. The Boss is looking to have some poolside fun in one of her sexiest photoshoots to date. The beautiful Sasha Banks models a trendy black and red bikini topped off with a see through jersey that is as scolding hot as the sun. Sasha's body never fails to look anything short of superb and its well deserved, her round buttocks and flat stomach are the result of non stop training. The Boss puts serious time and work into the gym to maintain her fabulous figure and it has paid off greatly launching her to new heights. Banks is known to be a strong, resilient woman who gets it done in in the ring but in this picture she throws that all away to get wet and wild.

4 360 Degrees

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Who ever came up with the idea to advertise Wrestlemania 32 on Sasha Banks' spandex pants should immediately be promoted to "top cheese" of their department. Although not much attention is on the actual WWE logos the 360 degree view of the healthy heartthrob is incredible. Sasha is showing off her all natural, chiselled body and beautiful tanned skin but its The Boss' money maker that takes center stage in this promo pic. Banks's supple backside shot is for sure a spicy one. Her sassy smile ties together with the mouth watering rear view to make this photo hot as hell! Proving to be one of the most elite women's wrestlers to step in a WWE ring Sasha has stepped into the spotlight and hopefully she doesn't leave anytime soon.

3 Boss Entrance

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Every time The Boss' music hits arenas go berserk. Sasha Banks has made it to the top of the industry in a short time and no doubt she has plenty more in store for the WWE Universe. Being the first Woman to main event a WWE show is a huge sign the owner and chairman of the company Vince Mcmahon has big plans for the beautiful young star. Leading the charge for the Women's Revolution along side former "Four Horsewoman" team member Charlotte, Sasha is already considered one of the all time great female wrestlers. This action shot captures the true essence of "The Boss." Such swagger cant be replicated by anyone but the ravishing Sasha Banks. The former champion is no question fly and fine as can be.

2 Full Back

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Rugby is as tough a sport as you can find. Normally you wouldn't think to find a woman with such a delicate frame mixing it up with the rugged rugby stars but the thought of Sasha getting down and dirty on the field is more than welcomed, at least by the male fans if that's the gear she's planning on wearing. Banks's hips and waist line are looking sexy and in shape as always and in the tiny tight white shorts Sasha really shows off her impressive slender legs. What's left of the jersey Sasha has on looks phenomenal. Any outfit that shows her ripped stomach goes in the good books! Sticking out her rear end and puffing up her chest has Sasha Banks melting hearts once again.

1 Knockout

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Ring the bell it's over! Sasha Banks is the epitome of a knockout. The scorching hot superstar has already achieved so much in just a few years some already say The Boss is future Hall of Fame material. Sasha's whole career is built around being the best and being a boss while doing it. When you step to Sasha she steps back and that's part of what's made her a three time WWE champion. It's no secret The Boss could probably out spar most men. In any sort of fight the smart bet would be to put your money on Banks, the outlandishly gorgeous wrestler is in disgusting shape and strong as most of the male talent. This picture proves Sasha Banks is not just an amazing wrestler but one of the most beautiful women to grace the WWE Universe.

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