15 Pictures That Will Get You Excited About Nikki Bella On Dancing With The Stars

Nikki Bella has several assets that help her stand out from the crowd. It's her large fan base that has perhaps made her an ideal candidate for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. And while reports have surfaced in the past that Nikki had turned down the offer, the tides seem to have shifted with new reports saying Nikki will be lending her talents and good looks to the show.

Fans of either the WWE or Dancing With The Stars may remember when Stacy Keibler took third place in the competition back in 2006 and we're sure you're ecstatic to see how Nikki does.

But regardless of how she moves on the dance floor, the photos we have for you below are surely going to be enough to get you excited. Included are also quotes that help gives further insight on who Nikki is as a person, including what her biggest turn-on is and how much she paid for certain assets to get enhanced. She'll even tell you the best time to try and hit on someone!

While we have a special emphasis on some outfits that may be similar to what she may be wearing on the show, all 15 photos below help also prove why Nikki is considered so gorgeous and why Dancing with the Stars producers must be ecstatic to have her along for the ride.

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15 Getting Ready To Belly Dance?

via pinterest.com

We're not too sure if Dancing with the Stars features a week where the contestants engage in some belly dancing, but after seeing the above photo, we sure hope so!

It's not like Nikki is shy about showing off some of her midsection and something tells us that her hips also don't lie. You may be interested that Nikki learned to love her body due to another Latina girl who also wasn't afraid to shake her hips,

"I was going through puberty and was much curvier than other girls, which made me insecure. Then I saw J.Lo on the cover of Latina magazine, and she embraced those curves and was proud of who she was."

We guess it'll only be a matter of time before we learn if Nikki is as talented a dancer as JLo is.

14 Holy Abs Batman!

via topsy.one

The above photo should make it extremely clear just how amazing and in shape Brie has looked. You don't get muscles like that without throwing some serious weight around though. When talking about her workout regime, Nikki gave a special shout out to the importance of weight lifting,

"Lifting is what's made me stronger and made me look better. Not only does it burn fat amazingly - and I think it's really honed my body - it's also given me the strength in the ring to lift girls up."

We're sure those muscles also come with a great deal of endurance. Something that will surely bode well as she's trying to learn all the different dance moves.

13 Glittering In Silver Dress 

via pinterest.com

When you consider the fact that Nikki Bella may find herself in several different dresses when she takes to the stage of Dancing with the Stars, you can perhaps understand why dresses are definitely an appropriate addition to a list like this. Especially when Nikki is wearing a dress that hugs her body like the one we selected for you above.

But while Nikki may be potentially spreading her talents to other mediums, she's reiterated in past interviews about her passion towards the WWE

"WWE is my home, and I will always stay with the WWE in some part, whether it's an ambassador, or maybe one day you'll see Nikki Bella as a GM, and no one can touch me."

We'd love to see her no matter what capacity she finds herself in.

12 Selfie Gym Skills Are Also Fantastic

via wrestlingforum.com


You wouldn't be the only person who can't help but notice all the sexy women that go to the gym. And naturally, given that Nikki is in tremendous shape, she is no stranger to throwing some weights around (and looking damn sexy while doing it).

But if you see a gorgeous girl at the gym, you may want to take heed of Nikki's advice. When asked about the best moment to approach a girl for a date, Nikki said

"I think the best time to approach a woman is after her workout. When you're working out, you're playing your jam, you're in the groove, and you don't want to be interrupted. So guys, wait until she's done getting her sweat on."

Hard to argue with that logic!

11 Dancing With Brie

via gotceleb.com

There is no denying that there is a close bond between Nikki and her sister Brie. They both know how to put on a match, but when talking about their relationship in real life Nikki gave some insight

"Naturally, Brie and I bicker, like every 10 minutes about everything in life." But to be fair, we're sure none of their bickerings ever turns into anything serious!

We do have to apologize however if getting to stare at a photo of Brie as well as Nikki leaves you wishing that Brie was also making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars. The photo was taken back in 2016 when both sisters were selected to be on the cover of Latina magazine.

10 Can She Always Be Wearing This Outfit?

via redditery.com

There is no shortage of celebrities and athletes who have succumbed to the pressure and undergone plastic surgery - which they later go on to regret. Some are fortunate enough, however, to know that their decision to alter their body was one that they were incredibly happy about.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that at least two....assets on Nikki are far from real. Something that we hope doesn't slow her down when shaking her booty as she dances.

But when talking about her enhancements, Nikki admitted she was proud of her decision and paid $6,500 for them. We're sure if she elects to undergo surgery again in the near future that she'll have plenty of support from her partner, John Cena.

9 Wearing A Skin-Tight Dress For Teen Choice Awards

via pinterest.com

Part of being a celebrity is understanding that you are going to have an incredibly busy schedule. On top of your own obligations, there's a good chance you'll spend a solid portion of your year attending various red carpeted events for award shows.

The benefit of that if you're a fan of Nikki Bella, is that she has plenty of opportunities to wear dresses that fit snugly to her body. Which may explain why she's feeling confident enough to keep her Instagram page filled with photos to leave her fans entertained.

The above photo was shared back in August and gave another look at the dress that Nikki wore to the Teen Choice Awards.

8 Revealing Her Biggest Turn-On While Rocking Gym Attire

via twitter.com

Nikki Bella has several features going on in the above photo that may be jumping out to you. But regardless of what your favorite feature may be, you may be surprised to hear what Nikki's number one feature on a person is.

"There's something sexy about a man or a woman when they have definition in their shoulders and arms. When I'm at a restaurant, whether it's a man in a sleeveless top or a woman, I can't help but look."

Nikki definitely gets plenty of time staring at men and women with well-defined muscles, including her beau John Cena. Something tells us that she will also find herself surrounded by plenty of good looking men and women when she appears on Dancing with the Stars. 

7 Looking Good While Displaying Her Pride For America

via wwe.com

Nikki Bella was born in San Diego, California. She has clearly embraced her love of America with the photo we selected for you that features her standing in front of a flag and giving a salute. So even if you may not be feeling too great about America at the moment (Thanks, Trump), here's hoping the photo will help you embrace your patriotic side.

In a past interview when Nikki was talking about growing up, she also opened about her love of her Latina side and the role that it had in helping her form her identity,

"I'm so proud to be a Latina. Growing up and being Latina and growing up with my father and getting to do a lot of the Hispanic traditions, I loved it."

6 Showing Off Her Muscles And Talking Wonder Woman

via youtube.com

We're not too sure if Nikki Bella's grip strength is going to come in handy when dancing up a storm, but she still looks mighty impressive in the above photo as she grips hold of those rings. Perhaps if her career with wrestling or DWTS doesn't pan out that her future ventures may find her competing on American Ninja Warrior?

In a past interview Nikki has said "I truly feel like I'm a living Wonder Woman" and with muscles like that, we definitely aren't going to argue with her!

Here's hoping her ventures outside of the ring are as successful as Gadot's take on the iconic character, even if those are pretty big shoes to fill.

5 Dropping Your Jaw With Her Love For A Different Sport

via wwe.com

Nikki Bella may be showing off her dancing skills on Dancing With The Stars, but when you see the above photo, you have to understand why it was included on our list. Even if it does seem like Nikki is embracing her love of basketball!

Granted when you consider the outfit on, we're sure she isn't going to go and get her sweat on anytime soon. It wouldn't be a huge shock to hear that Nikki is a fan of basketball though, especially because really she just seems like a fan of competitive sports

"I've been an athlete and competitor my whole life, and there's nothing I get off on more than competition," said Nikki in a past interview.

4 Cooling Off In A Sizzling Red Dress

via wwe.com

We wouldn't blame you if by the end of this list that you find yourself also needing a fan to cool off from all the hotness you've uncovered. The photos may make it clear that if Nikki wanted to make it as a model, that she'd definitely have a strong chance.

But in a past interview, Nikki revealed that it was that perception of being "just a model" that she sought so hard to fight against,

"I feel like there was always this perception of my sister and I that we were just models, but we were actually never models. We were soccer players. We were athletes....It’s funny the perception people make of you. Brie and I couldn’t be further away from what people thought of us."

3 Looking Great In The Ring

via wwe.com


This list is going to be full of photos from various walks of Nikki Bella's life, so naturally, we need to include at least one photo of her looking sexy in her ring attire. Especially because at the end of the day, wrestling is always going to be Nikki's biggest drive in life.

"To me, nothing is more fun than being in that ring. That ring is just my heart; it's my passion," said Nikki in a past interview.

It's clear from her expression whenever Nikki got in between the ropes that she was willing to do all she could to leave her fans entertained. If she can take that passion to the dancefloor, watch out!

2 Can You Believe What She Wore To The MMVAs?

via hawtcelebs.com


Nikki Bella looks tremendous in a variety of outfits. But when you consider she is going to be rocking out in some dresses for Dancing with the Stars, you can understand why those had to be taken into special consideration for our list.

But even if this was a list that had nothing to do with the show, how do you finish a list about tantalizing photos of Nikki and not include the one above?

Bella wore the outfit to the Much Music Video Awards back in June 2017. We're sure anyone in attendance made sure not to stare at her too overtly or it may not have been long before they found themselves on the receiving end of a knuckle sandwich.

1 Showing Off Her Assets With Cena

via wrestling-edge.com

Nikki Bella is always going to turn heads on her own. But there is no denying that the man on her arm, famed professional wrestler John Cena, isn't also going to garner some attention. For Nikki, their relationship has also required her to speak out about the allegations that she may be a gold digger,

"Because my man is handsome and successful, that makes me a gold digger? First of all, I pay my own bills and I still pay my own bills. But if your man is gonna give you a gift, you're gonna accept it. I'm not gonna be like 'No can you please take back the Louis Vuitton purse?' Absolutely not."

We're sure her positive words won't detract her haters, but at least she seems confident in herself. Here's hoping Cena can make an appearance on the show too!

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