15 Pictures The Flair Family Doesn’t Want You To See

As we’ve seen in every aspect of life, especially in entertainment and sports, with success comes downfalls, no matter who you are. For the Flair family, although their legacy in the world of pro wrestling is absolutely spectacular (aside from David that is), they still have some moments they probably aren’t too proud of and we’re here today to discuss those very moments.

Whether it be Charlotte and Ric’s combined six failed marriages (four for Ric and two for Charlotte), multiple arrests (to Ric, Reid and Charlotte) or even lackluster wrestling cameos (David, David and David), these are images the Flair family would surely love to press the delete button on. Thankfully, these images did not tarnish the family’s legacy as Ric remains one of the most respected faces in the industry while Charlotte continues to dominate the landscape of women’s wrestling, asserting herself as the very best in the business. Heck, even David got out of the business and is enjoying success elsewhere.

That’s the good, but this is the bad. Enjoy The Sportster’s list of 15 images the Flair family doesn’t want you to see. Let us know your favorite choice from the list, oh and WOOOOO.

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15 Flair Finance

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I know what you're thinking, "why the hell did I not sign up or know about Flair Finance?"

Yes, that’s right, The Nature Boy opened up his very own finance business called Flair Finance back in 2007. Shockingly (sarcasm), his business venture went under in less than a year and Ric was forced to file for bankruptcy on his new business venture. Ouch.

It wasn’t the first time Flair faced tough financial times. Even ROH filed a lawsuit against Flair, claiming The Nature Boy owed the company 40K for not showing up to events. Highspots Inc. also took Flair to court for violating contract terms. An arrest warrant was issued for Flair in May of 2011 and Ric would end up giving the company the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for collateral along with an unnamed source paying for the rest of Flair’s debts (probably Vince). Yikes.

14 Charlotte’s First Marriage

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Like her father, Charlotte has already had her fair share of failed marriages at the age of 30. Her first, as you see in the picture above, came from a marriage which took place in 2010 to Riki Johnson. The relationship took place prior to the launch of her WWE career and ended up coming to a close just as she signed her first WWE deal in 2012, when she reported to NXT. The couple was officially divorced in 2012 and, surprisingly enough, Charlotte would end up getting married once more just a year later in 2013, but we’ll have more on that relationship a little later in the article.

With all of her amazing success in the WWE, it seems like the best option for Charlotte at the moment is to stay single and focus on her in-ring career, which is absolutely red hot today.

13 David Flair’s WCW Stint

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You know things are pretty bad when your own family probably doesn’t want the fans to remember your stint as a member of the WCW roster back in the late 90s. Yes, David Flair’s run was really that atrocious, as he tried to climb up the company’s ladder after his 1999 debut. To his credit, despite his lack of experience, the company actually pushed him pretty heavily, resulting in two unlikely title runs, one as a Tag Champion and the second as the US Champion, the same title held by the likes of Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page.

What made it all so awful was the fact that Flair didn’t have a clue what he was doing. His matches were terrible and he, along with the company, was simply banking off of his last name. Not surprisingly, the WCW fell apart during this era and never recovered.

12 Charlotte Doing Diva Things

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Working in arguably the WWE’s most prestigious era for women, Charlotte has blossomed and become a top heel for the company. She hasn’t drawn heat through sexual antics like they did in the 90s. Instead, all the heat she generates comes from the microphone and from inside the ring with her fierce, technical abilities. For that reason, Charlotte has received huge praise and defines everything women’s wrestling is about today.

With that said, the company is surely picky with everything in regards to Charlotte. One aspect they probably regret is taking a photo shoot of Charlotte, along with the other NXT ladies, in bathing suits acting like a bunch of 'Divas.' With Stephanie praising and promoting women, this might be something the company and the Flairs would like you to forget about Charlotte. With the current climate of the company, their all about professionalism and less about sexism.

11 Botching The Main Event Finish

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On October 30th, 2016, the WWE made history by giving Sasha Banks and Charlotte the keys to the main event match as the two closed the Hell In A Cell PPV in a one-on-one HIAC bout. The match was historical as it was the first time in the history of the WWE that two women closed the show on a WWE PPV. The bout was also given plenty of time to shine, as it lasted over 22 minutes. However, in terms of match length, it finished third on the night behind Roman Reigns and Rusev along with Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship.

The match told a great story, but you could tell they both were a little nervous, messing up a couple of spots. The worst error came in the closing of the match as Charlotte whipped Sasha threw a table twice, only to see the table still stand in one piece. Flair proceeded anyway and hit Natural Selection for the victory. The Flair family wants you to remember it was her third Championship win, but not the way it all played out with a botch followed by a random finish that had the fans confused.

10 Flair & His Ex-Wives

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Along with arrests, divorces are another staple of the Flair family and something they would like you to forget. Ric alone leads the charge with four failed marriages at the moment, with his latest ending in an arrest alongside his ex-wife Jackie Beems. The two officially divorced in 2014.

The picture above shows Flair with another one of his ex-wives, this one being Elizabeth Harrell. He had one relationship prior to that, which was quite lengthy in comparison to his last two. His first marriage came in 1971 to Leslie Goodman. The couple lasted more than a decade before ending things in 1983. Finally, his second marriage took place quite abruptly in 1983 to Elizabeth Harrell. After 20 plus years of marriage, the two were separated in 2006. Again, Flair remarried the same year following the divorce to Tiffany VanDemark. The two shared a brief, three year relationship, which spanned from 2006 till 2009.

9 Charlotte’s Mug Shot

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Adding to the family tree of arrests, the most unlikely Flair arrest on this list goes to Charlotte Flair and her arrest in the 2000s. Most fans don’t know about the arrest, simply because it took place prior to her WWE days.

In 2008, Charlotte was still a couple of years away from signing her very first WWE contract. Her life was quite different during that time period and it even led to an unlikely jail sentence. In September of 2008, Charlotte was arrested in North Carolina for multiple offenses, including the assault of a police officer and a charge involving a fight with her boyfriend and dad (WOOO?). Charlotte faced up to more than a month in prison, but the charges were later dropped as she served probation time along with a minor fine.

8 David Flair After WCW

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In an ideal world, David Flair would have joined the WWE like his father following the closing of WCW, enjoying a lengthy career with the number one wrestling promotion in the world. Sadly, only half of that happened as the WWE inked Flair to a developmental deal. It didn’t take long for the WWE officials to realize that he didn’t belong, as he was quickly released from his deal and only made minor cameos to promote his father's WrestleMania X8 bout against The Undertaker.

He continued to flop from that point on, joining TNA and the indie scene, while showing no signs of improvement. Wisely, David left the wrestling business in 2008 and would end up starting Seal Wire Company (no not another Flair Finance company) out of Shelby, North Carolina. Wise choice David, wise choice.

7 Ric Celebrates With Sasha

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For Ric, it was truly a dream come true. He managed to find a new role in the business, managing his daughter as she became the most dominant female on the roster. Wisely, the WWE cut ties between the two as Charlotte branched off away from her father to become a mega heel in the company.

Flair’s services would be called upon once again later on, but this time the circumstances were pretty awkward and something the Flair family probably won't want you to remember in the end. In a Falls Count Anywhere Women's Championship match on Raw, Sasha defeated Flair’s daughter, reclaiming the Women’s Title. The final scene was truly surreal as Ric raised Sasha’s hand in victory while his daughter cried her eyes out outside of the ring. That truly was a scene none of them want to remember... unless you’re Sasha.

6 Charlotte’s Second Marriage

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We touched base on Charlotte's first marriage, so let's now discuss her second failed marriage, which was actually to a former WWE Superstar, Bram. After finalizing her divorce in 2012, Charlotte quickly remarried in 2013, tying the knot with a fellow wrestler in Bram. The marriage came during Charlotte’s time with NXT, so you can say she was quite busy during that time. Bram was also in the WWE as a member of NXT, but his time was ultimately cut short with the company after he was arrested for a second time while being under contract with the WWE.

The two would end up finalizing the divorce in 2015. Bram, who is still young at the age of 30, is currently employed with TNA Wrestling and has been with the promotion since 2014.

5 Ric Loses His Trunks

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It's remarkable to look at Flair’s body of work since his debut back in the early 70s. Whether it be in the ring or outside of it, he has managed to stay relevant in the business since that very day, something not many wrestlers can say.

Along with making the occasional WWE appearance, Flair has made a ton of money making public appearances; whether it be signing autographs or even giving a seminar, discussing his earlier days in the business.

Another avenue Ric loved to go to was performing in the ring, even in his advanced years. In 2011, Flair was still wrestling as this picture above shows an old Ric Flair along with Hulk Hogan, competing in a match. It looks like Hogan got a little too excited and pulled down Flair’s pants as the public got a nice shot of his backside. In typical Flair fashion, he was in no hurry to pull up his trunks as there were ladies were present on that night.

4 Ric’s Mug Shot

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We saved the last of the arrests for the man himself, The Nature Boy Ric Flair. Some of you probably remember his arrest in 2005, which saw Ric get thrown into jail for a road rage incident. According to the evidence, Flair violently pulled the other man out of his car, which led to charges of assault and battery. The WWE had a laugh at the situation and poked fun at Flair when Edge recreated his act on WWE television during their feud.

Flair would get into more trouble after an altercation of battery took place in his most recent failed marriage. He was also apparently arrested following his infamous airport incident, but we’ll have more on that a little later in the article.

3 Charlotte’s Other Career

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Becoming a pro wrestler wasn’t always in the cards for Charlotte Flair, who tinkered with other career possibilities before getting signed to a WWE deal. At a young age, Charlotte became an excellent volleyball player, using her genetic superiority to her advantage. Charlotte was the captain of her high school team that ended up winning two NCHSAA 4 A-State Championships in high school.

After obtaining her University degree in Public Relations, Charlotte changed paths, becoming a personal trainer in the field of fitness. She loved training from a young age and still emphasizes the importance of it to this day. Her past careers were put aside for good when she signed with the WWE in May of 2012, reporting to the company’s developmental branch of NXT.

2 Party Boy

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Along with his ability inside the squared circle, Ric is also notoriously known for living the party life outside of the ring. In the 70s, Flair played the role of The Nature Boy both in and out of the ring, living life to the fullest, as his life outside of the ring contained plenty of women and alcohol.

Ric continued this trend throughout his career. He was apparently completely wasted during the infamous Plane Ride From Hell, walking around in a robe and flashing the stewardesses on the plane. He took things a step further, showing up to a WWE promotional event for a 2K video game heavily intoxicated. The ordeal wound up getting Jim Ross fired; that’s how bad and unprofessional it was. This picture is a flashback to Ric’s party days alongside Batista. Knowing the havoc these two caused outside of the ring, they’d probably want you to forget this picture exists and keep those memories to themselves.

1 The Airport Incident

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Thankfully for Ric, this incident went under the radar or, knowing the current landscape of the WWE, his journey with the company could have came to an end. TMZ posted footage of Flair surrounded by police looking like he was drunk. Initial reports claimed he was arrested for public intoxication but that changed quickly.

Despite the fact that witnesses claim Flair was acting drunk, police would state that he was not, but suffering from a cut on his hand. It was later changed to a cut on the top of his forehead. The Nature Boy was granted permission to take his flight despite the bizarre incident. It’s best for both the WWE and Flair that this situation is forgotten about, no matter what actually took place.

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