15 Pictures The Foley Family Doesn’t Want You To See

After Mick and his buddy hitchhiked to MSG to witness Jimmy Snuka dive off the cage, everything changed for Mick Foley. After that moment, he decided to become a pro wrestler and he absolutely ran with it. He paid his dues early on, working the indie scene for various years along with pit-stops in WCW and ECW. Although Vince wasn't all that sold, Mick would end up signing with the WWE and his career took off. He peaked in the 90s, winning the WWE Championship and becoming a mega fan favorite. His contributions set the WWE apart, allowing the company to slay WCW once and for all.

Following his initial WWE departure back in 2001, things took some weird twists and turns for Foley. In this article, we'll document some of those moments in depth and as they're moments Foley and his family don't want us to see nor remember.

We'll also take a look at other Foley family members, like Noelle, and document some photos she and her family probably wish had never made it to a mainstream audience.

From Mick`s brutal in-ring injuries to Noelle stunning beauty, these are 15 pictures the Foley family doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy the list and let us know which picture you enjoyed the most!

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15 Mick’s Teeth Flying Out On Raw

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The reviews have been mixed in regards to Mick Foley’s run as the Raw General Manager. Some believe he’s fit in well with the role, while others believe Foley's delivery is way over the top this time around in his second stint in power.

Well, he definitely went a little over the top during a promo with Sami Zayn on Raw. It caused a moment Foley wishes nobody caught, but, of course, WWE fans catch absolutely everything and this was no exception. During the heated in-ring promo, Foley got a little too excited and spit out his fake teeth, which went flying out his mouth during the exchange. Foley swiftly caught his teeth and put them into his pocket, continuing the promo on the fly. Somehow, Zayn was able to keep a straight face as the segment continued, but at the end of the day, it’s a botch Mick and his family wish you never saw.

14 Frank Resting on Noelle’s Pillows

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The Foley family is not entirely sold when it comes to Noelle’s current boyfriend, Frank, who is a WWE super-fan. His everyday job, however, is something that Mick is none too pleased with, as documented on Holy Foley, as he plays a clown in his everyday life. Like any father, Mick wants what’s best for Noelle, so you can understand why he's a little on the fence about the relationship.

Despite his displeasures, the couple is still going strong as Noelle loves her man. Mick has done his best to approve the relationship, although pictures like this make it a little harder for a father to actually digest the couple. His lovely daughter is seen in the picture with her guns out, while her boyfriend is laying his head on them. Surely, the family wishes this picture never saw the light of the day, but it did...

13 Mick’s Weight Gain

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For several long time pro wrestlers, the realization that your time in the business is up isn’t all that easy to deal with. Some hang on for way too long and this was the case for Mick Foley, who departed several times from the WWE throughout his career. Wrestling since the mid 80s, one can only imagine the struggle Foley underwent.

While he was gone from the WWE, a noticeable change saw Foley gain several pounds since his days in the Attitude Era. This picture demonstrates the peak of Foley’s weight gain. Thankfully, Mick has lost over 100 pounds today, alongside former WCW and WWE Superstar DDP. Foley has lost a lot of weight with DDP Yoga and looks to be in the best shape of his life at the age of 51.

12 Mick’s Days as a Commentator

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Throughout his journey with the WWE, Foley has played a variety of roles within the company, from the three faces of Foley, to an authority figure, to even a color commentator at one point in time. During one of his returns to the company, Foley was a color commentator back in 2008. Although that sounds fine, the end result wasn’t and it led to Foley parting ways with the WWE on bad terms.

Foley expressed just how bad the commentating gig went, as according to Mick, Vince was yelling in his ear during every telecast. Mick had enough as he was frustrated with the WWE’s creativity at the time, along with his boss yelling in his ear every week. It led to Tazz scoring the position from Foley, while Mick left the company and wouldn’t return for several years.

11 Foley’s Stint With TNA

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Following his bitter WWE departure, things would only get worse for Foley as he joined TNA. This was yet another moment Mick and his entire family want you to forget about during his lengthy career. Even greats like Ric Flair expressed their disgust with working for the promotion at one point in time. Flair calls it the biggest regret of his entire career and that’s truly saying something.

Foley didn’t express the same amount of displeasure, but he also expressed some level of unhappiness. Mick joined the company in 2008 and he would ultimately win the TNA World Championship. His run continued with lackluster feuds against Abyss and Eric Bischoff. During his run, it was clear that his days in the ring were over, but TNA kept with it, trying to bank off of his name. Ultimately, in 2011, Foley would ask for his release and head back to the WWE for the final matches of his career.

10 Noelle Being A Fan Of CM Punk

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One factor the WWE Universe loves about Noelle, aside from her good looks, is her love for the WWE. She's a super fan and she's not afraid to show it. Noelle has posted several pictures of herself at WWE events, along with numerous pictures side-by-side with WWE Superstars.

Her crush is Randy Orton, but her favorite WWE star was CM Punk. Back in Punk's WWE prime, Noelle posted various pictures wearing Punk attire. She even has pictures side-by-side with Punk and, according to rumors, the former WWE star is quite fond of both Noelle and her boyfriend Frank.

Punk is gone and pretty much blacklisted by the WWE, so she better hope these pictures don't make it to Vince. With Noelle trying to get into the company, her CM Punk love has subsided a little and that's not too surprising. The Foley family hopes it stays that way as long as she's employed by the company.

9 Mick's First Departure

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Without a doubt, Mick Foley's contributions during the Attitude Era remain amongst the most underrated in the company. Coming through the ranks of ECW, Foley emerged as a star with the company despite McMahon's initial worries about his look. Over time, Mick would blossom into a massive babyface and it was his antics that separated the WWE product from WCW's. Foley's WWE Championship win on Raw flipped the war on its head as Raw emerged victorious against Nitro on the night. In addition, his tribute to The Rock (the This Is Your Life segment) drew a record breaking audience, bringing in 8.4 million viewers on September 27th, 1999.

With all these great accomplishments came the downslide of his career. With injuries piling up, Foley would put into in a lesser role. His final act of duty from his initial run came in a lackluster and forgettable position as a special guest referee during an Invasion match featuring referees Earl Hebner and Nick Patrick. He played a part in one more PPV and left the company because of creative frustrations.

8 Foley's ROH Pit Stop

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Leaving the WWE multiple times throughout his career, Foley has made some questionable decisions when leaving the company. His TNA run could have tarnished his legacy, but, thankfully, he'd return to the WWE. However, before that TNA ordeal, Foley would join the indie scene from 2003 till 2005, a time period the family probably isn’t all that proud of.

His most noteworthy role took place with ROH, as he signed a deal with the company. During the time, Mick appeared in a non-wrestling role, whether it be as a ref, manager or special guest for various indie promotions. His final ROH cameo was alongside A.J. Styles, playing the role of his manager. He would proceed to leave the company and re-join the WWE in 2003, serving as a special guest referee for a match between Kevin Nash and Triple H, which took place inside a Hell in a Cell at the Bad Blood PPV.

7 Noelle's Initial WWE Cameo

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In a perfect world, Noelle would debut as a performer on an episode of Monday Night Raw, but that won't be the case due to a regrettable cameo alongside her father.

If you've watched Holy Foley, you're well aware that Mick has a weird Christmas obsession. His love for the holiday is so overblown that he even has his own Christmas room. Oh Mick. So, it's not too shocking that the WWE would use Mick to play the role of Santa on television while promoting WWE merchandise. What was a little surprising, however, was his daughter's involvement in the segment, playing the role of his lovely, little helper. This was the first time the WWE Universe got a peak at his daughter on television, something the family might regret today given all of her fame.

6 Mick Losing His Ear

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It's safe to say Foley's career wasn’t injury free. Hus struggles began back when Mick was working as an enhancement talent with the WWE in the mid 80s. One injury resulted in Foley being unable to chew food for a week after he received a brutally stiff clothesline by The Dynamite Kid. He'd continue to find new ways to get injured, but this one was certainly one the most gruesome from his entire career.

During a match against Vader, which is considered one of the most brutal in WCW history, Foley lost his ear. After a botched hangman spot, Foley tore his ear off and underwent surgery, where it was deemed that Mick actually lost two thirds of his ear in the brutal incident. As you might already know, Foley's freak injuries would only continue to pile up and this next entry is yet another example of that.

5 The Tooth in Nose

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Along with losing his ear, Foley has sustained various tooth injuries throughout his career, which is why he needs fake teeth today.

What many people don’t realize is that Mick's teeth difficulties began long before his HIAC clash with The Undertaker. Foley actually lost a pair of teeth during his indie days back in the 80s when he was involved in a car accident. The incident resulted in both of his front teeth falling out.

The injury would get magnified during Foley's 1998 clash against The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. After an unplanned angle of Foley going through the cage, he laid unconscious in the ring. Even The Undertaker thought Foley was dead after the unplanned spot. Mick somehow would end up surviving the incident, with the camera zooming on the wrestler who had his tooth stuck in his nose. Although the scene was iconic for WWE fans, it was a traumatic experience that both Mick and his family are still haunted by today.

4 Noelle's Halloween Outfit

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First it was Brooke Hogan, now it's Noelle Foley. The WWE Universe seems to take a liking to the daughters of pro wrestlers, and Noelle is the talk of the town today.

Although her WWE exposure was limited before the unveiling of Holy Foley, Noelle managed to stay relevant with the WWE Universe due to her heart racing social media photos. With photos ranging from casual selfies to modelling pictures, Noelle has dazzled the fan base with her good looks.

Although it helped to skyrocket her career with more than half a million followers on Instagram, it surely wasn’t the easiest thing to digest for her family. This is another picture that might not have gone so smoothly in the Foley household, with Noelle dressing like a ravishing Princess Leia. Don't expect Noelle to wear a similar attire if she ever debuts for the WWE inside the squared circle.

3 Noelle, Dewey & Colette Crying Ringside

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The Foley family features three boys and one girl. Both Dewey and Noelle were born back-to-back in 92 and 93, meaning they got to see their father wrestle during the Attitude Era.

A piece of footage that the Foley family wants you to forget about as filmed for a wrestling documentary; Beyond The Mat. The documentary showed the brutal footage from Foley's bout against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. The I Quit match was one of the most brutal in company history and featured Mick eating a variety of chair-shots throughout the bout. Mick's family was in attendance during the match and were startled at the scenes sitting ringside. Noelle cried in her moms arms and even Dewey watched on in shock.

2 The Selfie

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Noelle has posted a plethora of fantastic selfies and pictures since her rise to fame, but this one in particular turned more than a couple of heads.

Noelle decided to show off her slim figure by lifting up her shirt for the photo. The only "problem" was that she was wearing no bra under. So as she posed for the picture, fans got a little tease of the goods. Surely, eye sockets bled on that day.

Looking at just how revealing the picture was and given the current PG WWE climate, we can pretty well guarantee a similar picture won’t take place anytime soon, as long as she's under contract with the WWE. One can imagine her family gave her a talking to after the picture went viral.

1 Bloodied Up With the Family

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In one of the most iconic pro wrestling pictures you'll ever see, a bloodied Mick Foley walks backstage alongside his wife and startled children, Noelle and Dewey. Mick is covered in red following his brutal match against The Rock. Both children still appear startled as they look at their father with great concern. All those death defying stunts eventually caught up to Mick and his career was eventually cut short. Today, Mick is still feeling the effects, as he plans to undergo hip surgery in the future. Although fans wanted to pay for his treatment, Mick was against it.

His career was personified by these insane stunts, but one can only assume Mick would do it differently if he could go back in time. This image is the epitome of that as his family stood by his side while he looked his absolute worst.

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