15 Pictures Vince McMahon Doesn’t Want Us To See Of His Children

Looking at the WWE today compared to the late 90s, you’d think it was a totally different product nowadays. Back in the day things were quite different, WCW was struggling to keep up with the edgier moments because of their network deal while the WWE was throwing everything but the kitchen sink providing the viewer with a program edgier than ever. Nowadays, with the WWE being the only act in town, they’ve changed their ways in order to entice worldwide investors. In strictly a financial standpoint it has helped and the company is now more global than ever. However, the on-screen product has suffered, and now the likes of ROH and New Japan are beating the WWE in terms of on-screen product the same way WWE beat WCW, by putting on an edgier program. We’re not suggesting these companies will ever surpass the WWE, like ever, but the content has certainly exceeded the company.

In this article, we celebrate the reckless times that the WWE was at another level of entertainment. Although it was great for us, the same can’t be said for Vince looking back at some of these moments that involved his children out of all people! From low cut tops to Shane getting his nether regions electrocuted, these are 15 pictures Vince doesn’t want you to see of his children. The stipulation for this article, NO DQ, ring the bell and let’s begin!

15 His Daughter On Halloween

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Since her debut way back in 1999, let’s just say Stephanie McMahon has undergone some changes to her on-screen character. For the last couple of years, we know Stephanie as The devastating Authority figure. However, she played a similar role more than a decade prior, however that time, it included some serious edge in terms of the “heat factor”.

While GM of SmackDown back in the early 2000s, the WWE was a weird place when it came to women. Raw, was trying to use women as pro wrestlers, while SmackDown, used the likes of Torrie Wilson and Sable to continue the “sex selling”. Stephanie conformed to this mentality as well wearing some of the edgier attire you’ll ever see from her career. This one ranks as one of the very top as she wore a revealing witch outfit, something papa Vince wants the masses to forget about!

14 Shane Goes Against His Dad

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Looking at Shane’s in ring career, it’s hard to find a match better than this one. His bout against Kurt Angle earned him the respect of his peers as the wrestlers gave both Kurt and Shane a standing ovation following the brutal bout. You’d figure papa Vince would be the first in line congratulating his son, however, it was quite the opposite.

During the match, Vince was irate at the brutality involved as his son didn’t tell him how hardcore the bout would get. Shane even made the claim that his did almost came out during the match to stop the contest because Shane went against his authority. Nonetheless, cooler heads prevailed and although Vince was very upset with his son, he still congratulated him on the epic display he and Kurt put on. Overall however, looking at the PG state of the WWE, Vince would rather keep this match in the past.

13 Vince’s Daughter Gets Crucified

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Hard to believe such an angle ever took place but remember folks it was the Attitude Era, seriously, it was no holds barred in every aspect. This forgettable segment took place shortly after Stephanie’s WWE debut. ‘Taker was going through a weird career transition as a type of voodoo artist of sorts and it culminated when he crucified Stephanie, in the middle of the ring. Austin ended up saving Stephanie, something that sounds impossible nowadays, but most of us just remember the segment for what it was, Stephanie getting crucified and something we’d rather forget about.

The entire angle just got even worse once Vince was believed to have been the mastermind behind the act. Not surprisingly, Steph would turn on her father and join Triple H at Armageddon. Seriously, do you blame her!?

12 Shane’s PPV Company

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October 2009 was a shocking month for the WWE as Shane McMahon announced his departure from the company. Father Vince was sad about the decision, although he respected the fact that Shane was willing to branch off on his own.

Looking back, the decision to leave didn’t really payoff for Shane-O and the results were quite disastrous. Shane attempted to start a PPV type of service overseas in China only to see the idea fall flat on its face. Shane was eventually bought out of the company and he’d return to the WWE in February of 2016, working as a replacement opponent for The Undertaker. The wait was truly worth it as Shane received a thunderous ovation from the Detroit crowd. That was truly memorable but his reason for initially departing was not!

11 Steph In The XFL?

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Looking back, it’s still quite surreal to think that Vince McMahon attempted to start his own football league. His agenda was quite simple, sell sex with the cheerleaders and have storylines in the games, like backstage news. The problem was, nobody was buying it and Vince went from a television genius to a delusional human-being rather quickly.

Another forgotten aspect of the XFL was how it was also littered with faces from the WWE. Jim Ross was appointed as the new head commentator for the prime time games and even Jerry Lawler took part in the action in his color position. A forgotten part was Stephanie being involved as she worked as a sideline reporter from time to time. At the end of the day, everything about the league was something Vince doesn’t want us to see, especially when it relates to his children!

10 His Son Gets Knocked Out... For Real

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Shane coming back to the WWE has been well received. Despite his age, the guy can still move in the squared circle and that’s been evidenced by some great matches including his bout against ‘Taker at ‘Mania, and his recent WrestleMania clash against A.J. Styles.

This moment however wasn’t so memorable and one the WWE rarely discusses. It took place at Survivor Series in Toronto in a match that featured team Raw against team SmackDown. Typical Shane wanting Roman Reigns to shine, he attempted a spot of getting speared in mid-air. Unfortunately, the spot went a little too well and Shane was completely knocked out, he even accidentally kicked out of the pin. After his elimination, Orton told his kids who were sitting ringside that daddy was okay. It was a scary moment Vince doesn’t want us to see surely!

9 His Daughter Looking & Acting Not So Pg!

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This was really the Stephanie prototype outfit of her era as the GM, although in this picture, the cleavage seems to be quite tame compared to other shots, especially the number one entry. However, the intent was the same as it was meant to entice the viewer by you know, “selling sex”. The segment actually kicked off an edition of SmackDown as the camera slowly but surely zoomed up Stephanie’s leg onto her booty and the rest of her body. It just goes to show how important such segments were at one point in time.

This moment was forgettable but one that could have been worse was a Vince and Stephanie incest angle. Yup, pitched by Vinnie himself, McMahon wanted to use Stephanie’s pregnancy as a storyline claiming he was the father. Oh thank the good lord Stephanie said NO!

8 Kane Goes For Shane’s Junk

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During his time in the WWE, Shane had some memorable feuds and matches. He was best served as the smaller underdog throughout his career, which is why his best bouts took place against the likes of bigger men like The Undertaker and Kane.

However, what wasn’t the best was a part of the buildup for one of his bouts against Kane. This took place during Kane’s unmasked era as he turned into a wild and reckless presence. Poor Shane felt the Big Red machine’s wrath more so than anyone else as Kane attached cables to Shane’s junk.... Yes people, that actually happened as you can see in the picture above or through video evidence available online. This would make for a great match at the upcoming “Great Balls of Fire” PPV. In all seriousness, the PPV name is worse than this incident...

7 Spank Your Daughter At Work Day

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Not sure what’s worse here, the fact that Stephanie got spanked on television, or the fact that that perpetrator would go on to become the face of the business, John Cena. It might have been done to elevate John at the time, but looking at what both would become, its better that such a moment stays in the past. Cena is now the poster boy of the WWE, while Stephanie is the Chief Branding Officer. We know John’s formula to success is “never give up”, but spanking his boss took this quote a little too far!

Ironically following the forgettable segment, Cena would rise in the company, while Stephanie, would slowly transition out of it. Today, both are regarded as the most pivotal faces in all of the company.

6 Steph’s Cringeworthy 9/11 Comments

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September 11th is now remembered as a day that America united as one. The WWE was one of the first companies to stand up against the terrorist act putting on a fantastic show which kicked off with a great speech from Vince McMahon himself. The show was well received worldwide, however, it did include one forgettable moment that happened to feature the boss’s daughter.

While discussing the act of terror, Stephanie inexplicably compared it to her dad getting taken down by the US government back in the day. The comparison was truly horrifying and one that Stephanie never commented on. Thankfully, it took place on such a great night so it was kind of overlooked. However, now that we look back, it’s a moment Vince wants to forget and never look back at.

5 Father & Son Brawling It Out

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Looking back at the on-screen relationship between Vince and Shane, we mostly remember it for the hatred shed between the two. Whether it was Shane buying WCW behind his dad’s back or Vince breaking a picture of the two in front of a live audience, we mostly remember the relationship for being a negative one and not the most lovable affair that’s for darn sure.

What’s truly baffling is the fact that Vince has changed the program to something much more family friendly nowadays. It was unthinkable to visualize the WWE as a PG product, but that’s the reality of it all today. With an emphasis on family and clean cut storylines, bouts against his son isn’t necessarily something Vince wants us to remember!

4 Stephanie Slaps Her Mother... And Shane Helps

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Hard to believe this one, but it actually took place on multiple occasions, both in the ring and during a backstage segment. It was meant to draw some heat on Stephanie but let’s just say the company took things a little too far on this one.

Stephanie herself admitted she was reluctant to go with the angle. Steph calls that act one of the hardest and most regrettable of her entire career. She even labelled her kiss with Eric Bischoff as the second worst, seriously though can you blame her?

Looking at Linda’s high powered status with Donald Trump and working in the political field, it just becomes that much more forgettable. Without a doubt, you won’t be seeing any type of similar footage nowadays on the family friendly WWE product.

3 The Stephanie & Test Romance

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Many forget about this, but the initial purpose of the Stephanie and Test romance was meant to elevate Test into the upper echelon of the company. Vince always loved the bigger wrestlers and what made the late Test so special was the fact that he could have actually moved quite nicely inside of the ring. Ultimately, his persona and charisma never really excelled which ended the push. Instead, Stephanie would get elevated for her character work, later joining forces with Triple H.

When it comes to non wrestler roles, you’d be hard pressed to find two great talkers than Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon. Truly surreal that Steph' has gained all the heat without ever wrestling. It just goes to show the power of a stellar promo folks.

2 Father Chokes Daughter

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At times our entry titles can be a little misleading but in this case, that’s exactly what took place, father was actually choking daughter, live and on PPV for likely $29.99, the WWE’s old price point. The feud between Vince and his daughter was meant to write Stephanie off but surely, something less violent could have taken place. The feud peaked at No Mercy with a father-daughter I Quit Match, the first and more than likely last ever time such a match took place.

The scenes in the bout were quite brutal, the picture above is a little snippet of the distasteful moment. The bout ended with Linda throwing in the towel once Vince started choking Stephanie with a lead pipe. Ah man, you can’t make this stuff up people. No much more needs to be said.

1 Cleavage For Days

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We end the article off by riding into the sunset with this tremendous cleavage filled picture of Stephanie McMahon rocking an insanely low cut, black top. Take a good look folks, cause you likely won’t see a similar sight any time soon as Steph’s now a happy mother of three beautiful daughter, the Chief Branding Officer and, officially in her 40s (which doesn’t mean anything, but like, you know).

Going back in time for a second, Stephanie made headlines in the early 2000s once her chesticles appeared to be a little bigger. No, she wasn’t eating her vitamins and drinking her milk, instead, she got a little surgery done to enhance the area. It was a big talking point and one her father, Mr. McMahon wants us to forget about!

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