15 Pictures Vince McMahon Doesn't Want You to See

There are a lot of things about the WWE that are taken as common knowledge by most of their fans. Vince McMahon has a preference for pushing male performers who are huge, whether that means a lot of muscles, being tall or overweight. Vince McMahon has one of the weirdest walks in the history of the world. Vince McMahon prefers female performers who look like models and is more than happy to attempt to train sexy ladies with little to no experience. Vince McMahon rules his company with an iron fist and makes the final decision on everything we see on his television show.

In that spirit, it just seems incredibly obvious that he would want to control everything about how his company’s fans see the men and women he employs. As a result, we put together this list of photos that we believe that Vince McMahon wishes he could eradicate from the internet. Photos of his performers looking as though they are heavily inebriated, dissing their fans, suffering a wardrobe malfunction, and injuring themselves while working are just a few examples of the types of things we looked at. So, without any further ado, let’s look at some pictures Vince McMahon wishes ceased to be.

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15 Breaking Character

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It may seem like a far-out concept at this point but for the majority of the WWE’s history, it was incredibly frowned upon for the workers to be seen out of character. Sure, someone like Triple H couldn’t be expected to travel in the regal clothing he wore to the ring but he wasn’t to let fans see him socializing with his foes. That is why a photo like this one, where members of the roster who were good and bad guys are seen having fun together, was so frowned upon.

You may be saying to yourself, but guys, things have changed and now you have footage of villains like Rusev taking part in charitable events broadcast by the WWE on their television shows. To that, we say good point but we think you’re missing something. Smack dab in the middle of the pictured party sits the man known as The Undertaker. As we mentioned earlier, he is probably the most respected man in the history of the business and one of the few that mostly refuses to be seen out of character. A shot of him at his prime, seen alongside members of The Kliq, whose escapades at the time are seen as juvenile and at times vicious, gives an impression Taker and Vince would want to avoid even today.

14 John Cena Holding A Purse

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The WWE is a company that is typically built around a single star. Whether it was the Rock “n” Wrestling era that was built around Hulk Hogan or the Attitude Era which had Steve Austin at its core, the WWE clearly prefers to base its business around one bankable star. For more than a decade now, John Cena has unquestionably stood at the top of the WWE as the undisputed face of the company. A massive man who’s created a character based around never giving up and never surrendering, his persona is a combination of humor and unflinching toughness.

For that very reason, we’re guessing Vinnie Mac wouldn’t be a huge fan of the apple of his eye standing in wait while holding his girl’s purse in public. A burden that almost all men can relate to, and let’s face it most of us are annoyed by. Just because we lowly peasants get stuck holding the bag doesn’t mean the WWE’s Superman should.

13 Fan Who Jumped The Barricade

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Like most businesses that operate in the public space, the WWE depends on its fans to pay for their services, in this case coming see their superstars in action. Also a pivotal part of the show, TV viewers will often take their cues from the responses of the live crowd. When the crowd sits on their hands WWE programming becomes dull and lifeless. That is why fans regularly are given opportunities to meet, shake hands or take a photo with the people we see on TV each week. They want us to feel personally invested in their wrestlers. Whether it is in the form of an autograph session, pre show meet and greet or standing along the aisles as the stars exit, wrestlers are more touchable today than ever before.

That is what makes the recent rash of fans jumping the barrier and entering the fray in one way or another so surprising. As of late, Seth had a fan accompany him down the ramp, Dean Ambrose was attacked by a fan at ringside and several other incidents have taken place. An awful trend, Vince clearly would prefer to curtail it so any aggrandizing of those who do so, including pictures of them in the ring among stars, is counter-productive.

12 The Oldertaker

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Possibly the most respected wrestler in the locker room and amongst the fans ever, The Undertaker has managed to create a legendary character. Sticking with the WWE through thick and thin, he has been employed as a talent by his current boss for more than twenty-five years straight, a feat in the wrestling industry that we may never see again. A sure fire first ballot WWE Hall of Famer, he has won a litany of titles in his career but his greatest accomplishment has to be the fact that he has won the hearts of the WWE audience for so long. The perfect marriage between a gimmick and the man who brings it to life, The Undertaker is a supernatural character that is known for his incredible toughness and ability to remain relevant no matter how long he sticks around.

That is why nobody involved with the company would probably like us to see anything that takes away from the carefully crafted mystique that has made him a star. Then you have this photo, where Taker, despite his pose, looks years if not decades older than the character has ever appeared in WWE footage. A shot that was so shocking to fans that saw it many started to believe Taker was about to retire, Vince must wish it didn’t exist or could be erased.

11 The Rock & Roman Reigns

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Two members of a legendary family, even if The Rock isn’t actually a blood relative of the famed Anoaʻi family, the WWE would clearly love it if Roman Reigns could become a star of the caliber of The Rock. The biggest crossover star the company has ever had a hand in creating, The Rock became a massive wrestling star and has managed to transition and become massive in Hollywood. Never forgetting the place he once called home, Rocky has made several wrestling appearances in the last several years, one of which is pictured here.

The closing moment of the 2015 Royal Rumble, this shot was designed to mark the beginning of the reign of the new company headliner, Roman Reigns. Instead in a single moment, fans were treated to a hilarious expression that epitomized the level to which the fans rejected the new heir apparent. Booing his victory with all of their hearts, despite the presence of the rarely seen and much beloved Rock, it is evident that the returning star isn’t used to being booed and is amazed by what is taking place. A moment that should embarrass everyone behind the scenes, we certainly hope Vince would prefer we forget it.

10 Unmasked Rey Mysterio

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One of the few Latino stars the WWE has managed to build; Rey Mysterio is a huge figure in the history of the company. Incredibly beloved by people of all races because of his incredible wrestling skills, awesome look, and inherent likability, Rey could make a difference if he ever returns to the WWE. Whether that means participating in matches, being inducted into the Hall of Fame which is an accolade he deserves or mentoring younger performers, Rey still has a lot to give.

A former employee of the WCW, Rey’s rise to prominence began down south where he was also able to stand out in the incredibly stacked cruiserweight division. Nicknamed the Giant Killer when he defeated Bam Bam Bigelow, Scott Norton, and Kevin Nash, the story culminated with him losing a mask match to Nash and revealing his face. Seen as a formidable talent and warrior, fans were now faced with an image of Mysterio and his baby face. Ultimately brought into the WWE years later, they wisely pretended that never happened and his highly marketable visage returned. It, therefore, stands to reason they wish they would love to wipe the internet clean of pics like this.

9 John Cena Spittle

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As we mentioned before, John Cena is the man in the WWE. A former fifteen-time world champion in the biggest company in the world, he has fought hard to earn the love of the company’s younger fans and the respect of the older. Booed mercilessly for several years, it wasn’t until recent times when the company finally began to back off of his never ending push that the adult males in the crowd began to embrace him. Aided in large part by his United States Title Open Challenge, that series of amazing matches made many forget or forgive years of corny jokes.

Finally, given the respect his years of sacrifice and incredible matches arguably deserved, John and his boss, probably want to move past his history of horrifically unfunny promos. A moment that took place in the midst of his feud with The Rock, when John revealed he would team with The Rock for the first time ever, he had a slip of spit. Shooting saliva in a pretty gross manner on top of a microphone, the fact that the spittle remained connected to his mouth for a moment makes this photo worse and more detestable for a man like Vince.

8 Steve Austin Mugshot

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A record-breaking star who sold more merchandise and tickets than anyone else ever has, when he stood atop the industry, Steve Austin was simply the man. A rebel who stood in defiance of his bosses machinations and mostly did the right thing, even if he wasn’t friendly about it, Steve earned his fans’ respect. A member of the WWE extended family to this day, he and the WWE enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship to this day. Serving as a semi-regular podcast host on the WWE network, he is also known to make occasional appearances on WWE’s main programming as a legacy star.

Seeming like the type of dude that you’d like to have a few Steveweisers with and share a few laughs, it’s safe to say that fans unaware of his criminal past would be shocked by the events behind this pic. Shortly after he walked away from the WWE, when he was set to wrestle Brock Lesnar on RAW with zero build up, Steve’s personal life became worse than his professional one. Arrested for domestic abuse after his wife at the time, and former WWE performer Debra claimed he struck her on the head, back and legs, he would eventually get off with probation. A dark and shameful moment for the celebrated star, Steve, the WWE, and Vince McMahon have made attempts to put the incident behind them, something that would be easier without the mugshot hanging around.

7 Announcer Rules

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For many, many years now, critics of the WWE’s product have cited their belief that WWE’s management team exert too much control over their performers. Principally focusing on the promos we see every week, many fans feel like the verbiage the wrestlers actually use feel stunted, staged, and forced upon them. We shouldn’t forget one of the other major issues some fans have had with the WWE’s weekly broadcasts comes in the form of the announcing we get. Whether it is their awful staged laughter, lack of discussion of the actual moves, repeating of empty phrases or the oddly specific terms used, the voiceover at times takes away from the broadcasts for some.

Despite that, it turns out that our instinct to blame those involved, especially Michael Cole and JBL, may be poorly placed. In July of last year, photos of a several page document containing exact policies that the announcers must follow hit the internet and left fans aghast. Explicitly stating that words like interesting and hospital (instead say medical center) can’t be used, that they should only call high spots, the document is a bible of what sucks about modern wrestling commentary.

6 Sunny And Her Webcam

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At one time, Sunny was one of the biggest stars in the business including claims that she was most the most downloaded woman on the internet, her contributions changed the way the industry used women. A WWE Hall of Famer, for a time she was used in almost every facet of the business. A former wrestler, announcer, manager, model of merchandise and host, her gorgeous looks, and infectious personality made her an invaluable member of the roster. Unfortunately, since her time at the peak of the industry, her life hasn’t exactly gone the way she would have liked.

Arrested multiple times over the last several years, diagnosed with cancer, and suffering from substance abuse, she has found herself in a precarious financial position. Relying on the notoriety she built and the legions of fans that were delighted at the prospect of seeing her in the buff, Sunny has turned to her body as a major source of income. While she has taken part in an adult website, offered fans photos in bed with her and even starred in a full-fledged adult film, we still think that snaps of her web shows are the most alarming for Vince. Opting to sell her time to fans of hers, she would go on her webcam and treat them to an X-rated show, which is far more personal than any of her other offerings.

5 Chyna At WWE Headquarters

via wrestlezone.com

Another former female WWE employee with a history in the porn industry, Chyna, is sadly no longer with us. A founding member of arguably the most celebrated, homegrown faction in company history, D-Generation X, that alone should have assured her an exalted place in company history. Also a ground-breaking performer, we’ve never seen another like her and she is the only female Intercontinental Champion ever. That is to say nothing of her work in the actual women’s division, which is also impressive.

Her downfall, in a lot of fans eyes, was the fact that her former fiancée, Triple H, left her or cheated on her to be with Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of the man in charge. Unceremoniously dismissed, she would go on to suffer from substance abuse, have several public meltdowns and find little success as a part of the business she loved. Despite the nature of her departure, allegations of abuse from Hunter and other unfortunate situations, she remained hopeful that she would eventually be welcomed back into the WWE fold. Taking part in a documentary in her final days, she pleaded in online videos to get a meeting with Hunter and Vince where she hoped to put the past behind them. No such meeting ever took place, yet after her demise, Stephanie and Hunter have made statements that praise her impact on the industry. Evidence of her desperation to be included in the WWE family, this single out of focus photo of Chyna at WWE headquarters, just prior to being asked to leave, serves as a sad reminder of her rebuked dreams.

4  4. CM Punk’s Back

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At one time, during the height of the Summer of Punk, it seemed as though CM Punk was poised to usher the WWE into a new era that started with a ground-breaking storyline. During a “pipe bomb promo” where he threw real life barbs at Cena, Vince, Hunter, and Stephanie, Punk set the wrestling world on fire because it seemed all too real. Fast forward a few years and he would end up walking away from the industry as a whole the day after a Batista’s Royal Rumble win, never to return. Remaining silent in the months that followed his departure, Punk would break his silence in a highly listened to podcast with his friend Colt Cabana.

Making a number of claims about his time in the WWE, there was one story in particular that would result in a lawsuit that as far as we know continues to this day. Saying that he suffered from a staph infection during his final days in the company, he claimed a WWE doctor refused to treat him, putting his life in danger. Afterward, the WWE and the doctor in question sued Punk and Cabana, then the WWE went so far as to post a video of him in his final appearance, they claimed showed the bump he contested existed wasn’t there. Responding to the suit and video, Punk lifted up his shirt during an appearance on the Opie and Anthony radio show revealing a scar that potentially backs up his claims. No matter who you believe, there is little question this picture muddies the water of what happened, putting the way WWE treats its employees in question.

3 Chris Benoit Tribute

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Chris Benoit was a wrestler out of Canada who’d put together the type of career that any wrestler would be envious of. A highly respected worker, he plied his trade all over the world and even managed to work in all three of the companies that played a part in the much-vaunted Attitude Era. Managing to win the World title in both WCW and the WWE, despite his relatively small frame and less impressive promo skills, he was even set to win another prestigious belt just prior to his death.

The subject of a tribute show put together by the WWE after they discovered he had died, there was something off about the show and the testimonials included. Turns out that as the show was airing information of the manner in which he died began to come to the forefront, making the show extremely ill-advised. Killing his wife, young son and himself in grisly fashion over a span of three days, Chris would become the rallying call for anyone who thought the wrestling industry was a home for drug abuse. An unmistakable photo of Vince paying his respects to a confirmed killer is obviously something a public figure would want to disappear.

2 Jimmy Snuka On Trial

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An early inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame, Jimmy Snuka was once so loved in the wrestling world that he accompanied Hulk Hogan to the ring during the first WrestleMania’s main event. A man who has also been cited again and again as an inspiration to wrestlers who followed, most notably Mick Foley, for his death defying leaps, Snuka was a wrestler like no other at the time. The father of current WWE superstar, Tamina, up until 2015, Jimmy remained under a WWE Legends contract, even though he was in his seventies.

Then the shit hit the fan. More than thirty years after a woman he was involved with, Nancy Argentino, died in his presence, Jimmy was charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Due in large part to his changing story of what led to her death, law enforcement took another look at the case and felt that they believed Snuka was responsible. Ultimately ruled unfit to stand trial, Jimmy has still skirted his day in court to this day but Vince has cut all ties with him. The subject of a wrestling urban legend, many believe that Vince had a hand in helping to cover up the crime. While we find those stories unsubstantiated, it still seems clear to us that Vince would want to stamp out any discussion of the matter, whether it is because of his long-term employment of a potential murderer or more criminal reasons.

1 Stephanie McMahon Wardrobe Malfunction

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A program that is often broadcast live, the WWE has been the home of a number of wardrobe malfunctions over the years. Considering the skin tight and flesh revealing outfits that most of the people who call a ring home wear, it seems like a foregone conclusion that somebody would reveal more than intended. The sheer magnitude of those who’ve felt that pang of embarrassment though is likely to surprise many. While women like Cameron, Aksana, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, both Bellas, Jackie Gayda, and Lita are but a few examples of those who know that reality all too well, for Vince one has to hit closer to home.

Stephanie MchMahon, the only daughter of the man this list is based around, the billion-dollar princess has had parts of her breasts revealed on two separate occasions. The lesser of the two, during a wedding segment, only featured a nip slip as she rolled around in her wedding dress and was probably pretty mortifying. It still managed to pale in comparison to a moment when she was set to receive a pedigree from Triple H. With her arms grasped by Hunter, Steph stood bent over while one of her breasts slipped out of her top for several seconds. What father wants the world to see a moment like that in their child’s life?

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