15 Possible Wrestling Relationships That Could Be Happening Under The Radar

There are a number of WWE couples who have been officially unveiled by over the past few years. Mostly because WWE now cashes in on many of their couples by including them on their E! Network reality TV show Total Divas.

Despite there being quite a few couples, there are also a number of stars who have been linked together but haven't actually been officially revealed as a couple. This means that the WWE Universe has begun speculating that there could have been something going on with certain stars backstage.

Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman were recently revealed to be having an affair despite the fact that JoJo was in a relationship and Bray Wyatt was married with two young children. The WWE Universe never saw this one coming, but it has allowed them to begin to speculate all about couples that could be much more than just friends backstage.

The following list looks at hook ups that could have already happened or could be currently happening backstage in WWE. But remember, this is purely based on speculation from the WWE Universe and could include any wrestler currently on the circuit regardless of their current relationship status.

15 Nia Jax and Braun Strowman

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At one point, it was confirmed by many members of the WWE Universe that Braun Strowman did have a Tinder profile under his real name, which shows the kind of woman that Braun is looking for. Many of the Universe were already under the impression that Bruan and Nia were together, and were actually shocked with it was revealed that Nia had a boyfriend.

Many of the women in WWE have stated just how much fun Braun is backstage and how they would definitely date him. So there is no reason why Nia and Braun haven't been much closer than friends and that is perhaps where this speculation first began. Braun is set to become a huge star in WWE over the next few years, so this would be the perfect time for any woman who wants to push her career further to start dating Braun.

14 Bayley And Finn Balor

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It was once a well-known rumor that Finn Balor and Bayley were actually dating. But the WWE Universe forgot about the fact that Bayley is engaged to independent wrestler Aaron Solow.

While Bayley and Finn were wrestling together down in NXT, Bayley was the Women's Champion and Finn was the NXT Champion and the duo did have a number of cute moments together as part of live events with the brand these included dancing to the Dirty Dancing theme and copying each other's entrances so well that the WWE Universe were convinced that there was something going on between Finn and Bayley backstage. This was even pushed to the extent that the WWE Universe tweeted Aaron to inform him of the duo because they actually felt bad for him.

13 Ruby Riot And Sonya Deville


Sonya Deville is WWE's first female wrestler who has stated that she is a lesbian and truly proud of her sexuality. WWE is using that as part of her character as she is slowly becoming one of the heavy hitters in the NXT Women's Division.

Ruby Riot portrayed the character of a lesbian Superstar for a number of years and this has led to the WWE Universe thinking that there was a reason that Ruby was so convincing in this role. The duo seem to be popular with the WWE Universe as the fan fiction supporters amongst the fans continue to try to pair up members of the WWE Universe and 'ship' them in what seems to be their own version of a soap opera.

12 Billie Kay And Elias Samson

Billie Kay is one-half of The Iconic Duo down in NXT. And while Billie is working her way up in the NXT Women's Division, it seems that she has also been getting quite close to former NXT star Elias Samson.

Elias has recently been moved over to Raw. This puts Billie and her friend Peyton in the same position as they watch the boys in their lives promoted ahead of them. Elias has recently lost his last name on Raw and could be set for a huge push. Perhaps if Billie continues to work hard on the NXT roster then one day she will be at the same level as Elias and it will be finally known if this couple really is an item backstage.

11 Carmella and Enzo Amore

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Carmella is confirmed to be dating Big Cass while Enzo Amore is rumored to be in s relationship with NXT star Liv Morgan. Many of the WWE Universe have commented on the fact that Liv is just a copy of Carmella and that Carmella has an obsession with forcing James Ellsworth to dress like Enzo.

Is the couple actually foreshadowing because they want to be with other people? Big Cass, Carmella, and Enzo were all great together down in NXT but all of their fortunes have changed since then and they have all gone in different directions. Enzo and Carmella are on different rosters, but so are Enzo and Liv so that doesn't really cause that much of a problem to many of the WWE roster.

10 Mickie James and Jeff Hardy

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Mickie James and Jeff Hardy are known to have once dated when the duo were in the early stages of their careers with WWE many years ago. And now they are finally back where they started together. That being said, Mickie and Jeff were together in TNA for a number of years as well and they have followed each other back to the company where they both made their names.

Both Mickie and Jeff are now married with children, but it seems that their careers will always be linked together and many fans have put together the fact that they have moved and worked together a lot over the past few years, which has left many fans wondering if there really is still a spark between the two former friends.

9 Lana And Dolph Ziggler

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Lana is married to The Bulgarian Brute Rusev right now. But when Vince McMahon found out that Lana and Rusev were dating, he tried his best to split up the duo and this then led to a short storyline that put Lana and Dolph Ziggler together.

It is hard to believe that nothing happened between Lana and Dolph given The Show Off's track record and the fact that he has had so many women confess sex stories about him. Lana and Dolph are on the same roster again and could just be friends now that Lana is married. But that doesn't mean that they weren't more than friends when they were working together on WWE TV. Perhaps this one will be a story that will come out in the future when the duo feels more comfortable talking about it.

8 Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins

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It was one of the strangest rumors that the WWE Universe began. But when Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins were working together as part of The Authority, the WWE Universe was pretty certain that things were more than just professional between the two stars.

Stephanie is obviously married with three children to former WWE Champion and current WWE COO Triple H. And something like this with someone like Seth would be complete career suicide for both stars. These facts don't seem to bother many of the WWE Universe who feel that the tension between the two stars whenever they came head to head was much more than just acting. Perhaps much of it was interpreted wrong, but the WWE Universe went as far as making memes about this and saying that this was the real reason Triple H turned on Rollins last year.

7 Becky Lynch And Finn Balor

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Becky Lynch was trained by Finn Balor when she first decided to pursue a career in the wrestling business and has admitted herself that she was in quite a bad place at that point in her life. Finn changed her life and the duo have remained close friends ever since. And even though their careers went in different directions, they have remained close and are finally back in the same place again.

Becky often becomes emotional when she talks about Finn and the way her life was a few years, which has led many fans to speculate that at one point these two were more than just good friends. Becky is in a relationship right now with UFC fighter Luke Saunders, but this could have easily been a relationship that happened a number of years ago.

6 Alicia Fox And Noam Dar

Alicia Fox And Noam Dar were once a couple on WWE TV. As were Alicia and Cedric Alexander. But after Cedric and Alicia decided to go their separate ways, Alicia moved on to Noam Dar.

The WWE Universe bought into the relationship between the duo on 205 Live that they actually now believe that Alicia and Noam were a real couple and are actually dating outside of WWE. Alicia shared a number of cute photos of the pair on Social Media, which would perhaps explain why the WWE Universe is now 'shipping' the couple and are not impressed that Alicia and Noam are no longer together on screen as part of 205 Live. So instead they have their fingers crossed for them to get together off screen.

5 Charlotte Flair And Shinsuke Nakamura

Charlotte Flair and Shinsuke Nakamura are finally on the same brand and have shared many images on Instagram over the past few months that has proved how close both stars have become. It is well-known that Charlotte was once part of an affair with Alberto Del Rio, an affair that didn't come to the WWE Universe's attention until Del Rio and Paige confirmed that they were in a relationship.

Charlotte knows how to keep a secret, so even if she was slowing getting closer to the King of Strong Style, then the only way the watching WWE crowd would ever find out about it would be if Charlotte wanted the WWE Universe to know. Charlotte is yet to move on since the whole Del Rio saga so if she is more than friends with Nakamura then good for her. She deserves to move on with her life.

4 Sasha Banks And Seth Rollins

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Sasha Banks is married to current WWE costume designer Sarath. Seth Rollins was once engaged to Leighla Schultz but this relationship with his fiance of five years came to an abrupt end when it was revealed that Rollins had been having an affair with NXT star Zahra Schreiber back in 2015, which shows the kind of opinion Rollins has when it comes to loyalty and commitment.

Sasha and Rollins had a back and forth on Social Media for a long time when Sasha was attempting to show the WWE Universe that they should ship her and Seth as a couple. Many fans got really angry with Sasha because of this because they knew that she was married and thought that she took this game too far.

3 Peyton Royce and Tye Dillinger

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Tye Dillinger was brought up to the main roster following WrestleMania 33 and has since been part of the SmackDown Live after spending a number of years down in NXT. While he was down in NXT, Tye and one-half of The Iconic Duo became much closer than friends, to the extent that many fans now think that the duo is together outside of WWE.

Peyton and Tye have been part of a number of cute photos but much like many of the other "hook ups" on this list, they are not yet willing to come out and tell the WWE Universe that they are together. Many stars prefer to keep their personal lives as private as possible and it seems that this is another one of these incidents.

2 Cathy Kelley And Finn Balor

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Cathy Kelley is WWE's Social Media correspondent and can often be seen as part of WWE's YouTube Channel. Earlier this year an image began circulating online of two people who looked like Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley, but could easily have not been the couple in question. This then began a lot of speculation that suggested that the duo were a couple but the two stars in question are yet to confirm or deny these rumours.

Both stars are happy to keep their private lives, privat. And even if they were really dating behind the scenes, the couple wouldn't tell the WWE Universe and open themselves up to the amount of abuse that Renee Young and Dean Ambrose received when they first confirmed that they were an item.

1 Nia Jax And Byron Saxton

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When it comes to Nia Jax, she definitely isn't "Like Most Girls." And despite the fact that she has a long time boyfriend who is also a professional wrestler, the WWE Universe enjoys speculating that Nia could be hooking up with a number of stars backstage.

When Nia appeared alongside Corey Graves and Tom Phillips on WWE Ride Along, a phone call from WWE commentator Byron Saxton has given the WWE Universe another star to speculate about when it comes to her personal life. Byron did seem rather forward on the phone and even talked about inviting Nia around for dinner to give her "apple pie that would make her toes curl." This could just be the friendly banter that Nia and Byron have, but Nia seemed quite uncomfortable when talking to Byron whilst Tom and Corey found the entire call hilarious.

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