15 Posts These Wrestlers Quickly Deleted

Social media is truly the gift and the curse, and for all the good it has contributed to our daily lives, there are many negative aspects that cannot be ignored. While social media is great to connect with others and share our opinions, it also brings out the worst in some people.

It has become crucial to use in every industry, including wrestling, as WWE always promotes its social media platforms as well as those of its wrestlers. The company has policies when it comes to the use of social media, and wrestlers are expected to follow them at all times.

But that doesn't mean that everyone will always do so, many have broken the rules over the years to gain heat with WWE officials. While some wrestlers such as Kevin Owens will call out some fans on Twitter due to their behavior, others will flat out belittle them and we can't imagine WWE approving of such actions.

You also have figures who will break kayfabe by posting something that WWE wouldn't want to be made available to the public. In some instances, it's not the company that's pulling all the strings, but the wrestler who regrets publishing a post and comes back to their senses by removing it.

Most of these wrestlers have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers, so you can expect a backlash whenever a controversial post makes its way on a social media platform. Today, we take a look at 15 social media posts by wrestlers that were quickly deleted.

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15 Daniel Bryan Gets Fans Too Excited For A Match WWE Won't Let Happen

At SummerSlam 2017, Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle met backstage for a segment revolving around which brand would steal the show, which eventually turned into a shouting contest with Angle screaming "YES!" while Bryan countered with a "NO!" When the official Twitter account of WWE tweeted the video, Bryan quoted the post with a comment "#BryanvsAngle" and all fans were intrigued by a potential bout between the two.

Kurt Angle hadn't wrestled in WWE since 2006 while Daniel Bryan's health forced him to early retirement, making it a dream match for all fans. Everyone began speculating whether it was a build up for a future in-ring meeting, but the tweet was gone shortly after. It's likely that WWE didn't want fans to build up expectations for a dream match and asked Bryan to remove it. The segment was probably meant to foreshadow the current battle between Raw and SmackDown.

14 JBL's Search History Pops Up

It's always a good idea to examine a picture before you publish it on social media. JBL learned the hard way when he tweeted a photo of his NXT Takeover stream without paying attention to his open tabs. When JBL took a screenshot of his stream, he was meaning to praise Paul Ellering by calling him an all-time great, but fans were quick to notice that he had another tab open: "Katka Kyptova nude" and hilarity ensued.

The topic of the tweet was suddenly forgotten as fans commented on JBL's recent search and as one would expect, the memes started rolling in. When JBL caught up with everyone to notice the tab, he deleted the tweet and posted it once again. This time, he had cropped out his tabs leaving only the stream to be seen but it was a little too late as everyone had already seen it.

13 Dolph Ziggler Takes A Shot At WWE Management

via wwe.com

Everyone was happy to see the returning Shane McMahon, including Dolph Ziggler who took the time to reminisce about the time he assisted Team Cena in defeating Team Authority at Survivor Series 2014. But it was the last part of the tweet that had everyone talking with some believing it's a work while others were convinced that Ziggler was simply ranting.

Despite his great in-ring talent, Ziggler has struggled to find an identity to make him one if the major names in WWE. But that's not the only reason, the company has dropped the ball on several occasions which would have allowed him to reach greater success. The tweet wasn't up for long, Ziggler might have regretted publishing it or he was ordered to delete it.

The post was followed with another tweet that stayed up: "Ugh. You've got to be kidding me." At this rate, you can expect Ziggler to tweet that out once again with no hope in sight for his WWE career.

12 Scott Hall Spreading His Own Kind Of Christmas Cheer

via sportskeeda.com

Scott Hall was feeling the Christmas spirit when he decided to share a photo of his tree with his Instagram followers. It's safe to say that The Bad Guy earned his nickname with his post, as his TV was displaying an adult movie as partially seen in the photo (the original post includes the full screen). We wouldn't put it past Hall to have done it on purpose as a joke or to gain attention. But we're going to act as if he simply missed that minor detail when taking the photo of his Christmas Tree.

His Instagram followers were quick to point out the ongoing action in the background, and as one would expect the post wasn't up for too long. Hall likely removed it once he realized that he had shown a little more than he intended, which is probably a good thing considering Instagram's strict policies. Otherwise, the post as well as his account would've been deleted due to the adult content.

11 Randy Orton Insults A Fan

via twitter.com

For as long as he's been in the WWE, Randy Orton has remained a controversial figure with some moments of madness that others wouldn't get away with. He has earned a reputation as a jerk due to his antics involving other wrestlers, such as losing his temper in a match against Kofi Kingston. As for fans, he's been involved in many incidents where he belittled them, going as far as throwing someone's camera away.

His behavior has also transitioned to social media, where he went off on several fans with the most infamous case being the tweet above. Orton would justify his words by claiming that the fan had been stalking him for a while. While it's understandable that he may need privacy, it doesn't excuse his choice of words. Orton went out of his way to put her down, and it wasn't long before he took down his post.

10 Melina Reveals Her Boyfriend's "Performance Enhancers"

via wrestlingforum.com

John Morrison's push wasn't the only thing held down, according to a photo tweeted by Melina in 2015. It showed a prescription for Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction under Morrison's real name, but the post didn't stay up for too long. It's likely that Melina was doing it to spite Morrison as the couple had always been through tensions that threatened their relationship. During their time in WWE, Melina had multiple affairs while dating Morrison and he was aware about her adventures with the likes of Batista.

Many have said that it's the reason why Morrison never received a main event push after losing the respect of many WWE officials. That tweet might have been one of the factors behind their final break up, as both have moved on since then. Was it the final nail in the coffin for them? One would have to think so.

9 Chris Jericho Defends Bill DeMott

via twitter.com

Bill DeMott came under scrutiny from fans and many Superstars for his methods of training, and while plenty were petitioning to have him fired, other Superstars came to his defense. Among them was Chris Jericho who referred to DeMott as a great friend and trainer while encouraging those who complain about his style to quit the wrestling business.

Fans didn't react positively to Jericho's tweet, noting all the allegations against him from homophobic slurs to racist comments, and abusive behavior. The tweet would disappear from Jericho's Twitter feed, while Bill DeMott went on to resign from his position.

With more details being revealed, Jericho probably realized that he was better off not being involved and opted to not comment again. It's a little too late since screenshots had been taken by fans before he took down the post.

8 Curtis Axel Challenges Nakamura

via wwe.com

When Nakamura won the NXT title at Takeover, he received plenty of support from fans and co-workers alike. Among them was Curtis Axel, who only congratulated the new champion but also issued a challenge for his belt. The tweet was removed once Axel came to his senses, realizing that he sounded like a child with his statement. Or maybe it was WWE officials who put in the word for his own sake and the company's image.

WWE stars don't have the right to issue a challenge on social media unless it's part of a storyline, otherwise you would see jobbers calling out Brock Lesnar. Most fans laughed off the tweet and mocked Axel, so it's probably for the best that this deleted tweet has been forgotten. Since then, Nakamura has went on to join the main roster to compete for Jinder Mahal's title while Curtis Axel continues to watch from the sidelines.

7 Lana Brings Up Old Heat With Paige

Every now and then, a feud breaks out on social media between two Superstars that has everyone wondering whether it's true or just a work. That was the case when Lana and Paige went at it with back and forth tweets, as the former claimed that she was bullied by Paige during her stint at NXT.

Paige didn't hold back at all and attacked Lana by claiming that she lies all the time. Following several tweets of both wrestlers trading insults, Lana deleted many of her posts which Paige was quick to point out. It seems like the WWE intervened to put a stop to the public feud, which didn't appear to be apart of a storyline. WWE has standards for wrestlers to protect its company image and expects its wrestlers to maintain professionalism on their social media accounts.

6 Ryback's Mantra: Eat, Tweet, Delete, Repeat

via wrestlingforum.com

Ryback probably holds an all-time record for deleted posts, building a reputation for deleting tweets shortly after publishing. During his time with WWE, he used to pop up from time to time to call out someone. From speaking out against the company to John Cena, and even critics, nobody was safe from being put on blast.

CM Punk is another name who was on the receiving end of an attack from Ryback. To be fair, he was only defending himself in that instance before he deleted the post in typical Ryback fashion. During a podcast with Colt Cabana, Punk had accused him of being careless in the ring that led to some injuries as a result of botched moves. Nicknamed "The Big Guy" in WWE, Punk was referring to Ryback as "The Steroid Guy."

Ryback responded to Punk by calling him insecure and fragile before he went on another rant of his own. As usual, the tweets didn't stay up for too long.

5 Naomi Breaks Cena And Kane's Kayfabe

via pinterest.com

Wrestlers are never supposed to break kayfabe, it's one of the main rules of the industry. Some figures like The Rock may be an exception to the rule, but others are guaranteed to face the consequences. Unfortunately for Naomi, she landed on that side of the spectrum when she uploaded a photo with Kevin Hart who was a guest on Raw. Although her post wasn't offensive nor did she throw WWE officials under the bus, she did break kayfabe since the photo also included John Cena and Kane in the background.

They appeared to be chatting in preparation for a segment, and Naomi's followers quickly noticed them in the back. She deleted the photo only to re-upload it by blurring out Cena and Kane. Her mistake created some heat between Naomi and the company with many officials being upset about her careless posting.

4 Titus O'Neil Hanging Out With Faces And Heels

via thesun.co.uk

A few months ago, Titus O'Neil tweeted the photo above with a caption "Today has been pretty cool In Rome?tonight we work… @WWE LIVE #WWERome." Fans were shocked to see the photo since it featured Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman casually hanging out after having beaten up each other for weeks. They were involved in one of the main feuds at the time, but that detail seemed to have slipped O'Neil's mind when he posted the photo.

While most fans are aware that wrestling is scripted, WWE attempts to not break kayfabe as much as possible, although it's hard in today's digital age. O'Neil deleted the photo shortly after, and probably lost a couple of supporters backstage. A year earlier, he also got in trouble for his actions towards Vince McMahon at the end of Daniel Bryan's retirement, so one must think that O'Neil is on very thin ice right now.

3 Michael Cole Calls Josh Matthews A Homophobic Slur

via reddit.com

Michael Cole has been the voice of WWE for so long and has displayed professionalism throughout his stint with the company. But it seems like he had a slip up on Twitter to prove that nobody is perfect. In 2011, he tweeted a homophobic slur towards Josh Matthews, and the post didn't last long. To his credit, he owned up to his mistake and didn't resort to claiming that he was a victim of a hack.

Cole issued an apology, implying that he meant it in a playful manner but it was understandably not taken that way. The incident has been mostly forgotten by now although it received coverage from major outlets such as TMZ. WWE also released a statement to apologize while enrolling Cole in some programs to avoid it from happening again. Maybe it's the reason that Vince McMahon is always in his ear during commentary.

2 Kevin Nash's Account Posts A Steamy Photo

via instagram.com/grantland.com

It seems like Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are truly brothers for life as the latter isn't the only one to publish a post without paying attention to all details. In 2015, Nash tweeted a photo of a nude woman laying on a bed with no caption or anything, and it received hundreds of retweets and favorites before being deleted.

The next day, Nash tweeted to apologize about the photo claiming that his account was hacked. While that may be entirely possible, how likely is it for someone to hack Nash to post a random picture of a nude model? As it turns out, the fitness model in question is named Jennifer Micheli and appears to be a fan of Nash with several tweets about him. He had also previously welcomed her to Twitter with a tweet, so there may be more to it than a hack.

1 Lio Rush Makes Light Of Emma's Release

via twitter.com

In the latest scandal involving a deleted post, Lio Rush landed himself in hot waters after making a joke about Emma's release from the WWE. Rush alluded that it was the result of her challenge against Asuka, who had defeated Emma the previous week. Fans didn't find it funny while Superstars ganged up on him by publishing a series of tweets about his unprofessional behavior.

Figures like Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt called him out with some harsh words, referring to him an idiot for kicking a fellow co-worker while they are down. His name was a trending topic on Twitter with plenty asking for his release. However, there were some names such as William Regal and Mick Foley who stepped in for his defense, noting that everyone makes mistakes and his tweet doesn't warrant such heavy backlash. Rush took down the tweet and issued an apology to Emma and the fans.

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