15 Pre-Wrestling Photos The WWE Doesn’t Want You See Of Alexa Bliss

Some WWE Superstars such as Paige, Sasha Banks and Bayley grow up wanting to do nothing else aside from pro wrestling. However, that's not entirely the case with every female WWE star. Alexa Bliss, who's currently the top female talent, had other plans prior to her WWE days - she thrived in track sports along with carving out a passion for cheerleading. She would eventually change horizons and enter the world of bodybuilding which led to a couple of modelling gigs.

In this article we take a look at Alexa's life before the WWE and pro wrestling in general. Photos to be featured include steamy amateur modeling photos, Alexa's cheerleading days and some lesser known pictures from her teens. For the most part throughout this article, these are pre-wrestling photos the WWE would not want us to see and you'll understand why once you scroll down the list.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 pre-wrestling Alexa Bliss photos the WWE doesn’t want you to see. We begin with a rare photo taken from her Myspace account prior to her WWE days as a teen. Let's begin!

15 Rebel Teen Days

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Born in Columbus, Ohio, Alexa lived the life of a regular teen. Although she makes the claim that for her gimmick, she imitates the mean girls from back in her day, these throwback photos suggest otherwise as she doesn’t necessarily look like the nerd nobody wanted to talk to. Bliss was a cheerleader during her high school days so one would assume she was at least pretty well known in her ranks. Past Myspace pictures also seem to agree with this notion as you’ll see in the “Not So PG” shot above, one which the WWE would likely rather young girls did not see.

Oddly enough, at the time of the photo, a career with the WWE was not on the horizon. Who would have thought that less than a decade later after the photo was taken she’d be one of the main faces of a billion dollar company...

14 Short Dress Selfie

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One can imagine the size of that dress, perhaps it was stolen off of a doll. Okay we joke but seriously, Alexa's petite frame is perfectly captured in this shot during her pre-WWE days. She's got some glitter on as well perhaps forecasting what was to come. Ironically Bliss would use similar glitter during her lackluster Fairy character. Alexa was going nowhere with the gimmick working as a babyface that would simply put over other female talents. Given her look at the time with such a small frame, the WWE had no other choice but to put her in such a position.

Working hard in training, she started to fill out and so to would her role with he developmental brand. She was placed with Blake and Murphy, a move that kick-started her career as a tremendous heel. We really got a taste of her potential under the villainous persona and she would shatter the glass ceiling once Alexa would get the call up to the main roster.

13 Not So PG Photoshoot

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Perhaps in the Attitude Era such a picture would be the norm among the likes of Sable, Sunny and later Trish and Torrie, to name a few. However, such photos are a rarity within the WWE confines, the only way you’ll take such pictures nowadays is outside of the WWE realm.

Like numerous others in the past, before making her way to the WWE Alexa Bliss had a brief stint in which she pursued the world of modelling. Coming from a bodybuilding background, it’s a route we’ve seen several females take in the past. The shot above came from one of Alexa’s steamiest photoshoots ever, which evidently took place prior to her WWE days. From the skimpy outfit to the lollipop in her mouth, this is not a picture the WWE would want to flaunt around in showcasing their current Women’s Champion.

12 The Early Days

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An unfortunate part of life is the fact that we all go through a stage as youths in where we’re growing into our bodies - resulting in a pretty bad look. Everyone goes through it and perhaps Alexa went through these circumstances in the picture above as she rocked the braces along with an ensemble that appears as though it was put together by her mother. Don’t lie, your mom used to put your clothes on the bed and you’d put it on without thinking twice.... It seems as though this was the case with Bliss as well.

She remained extremely active during her teens, among other sports Bliss took part in softball, track sports and even kickboxing. Given her experience in various sports, the WWE was likely thrilled with her athleticism from the past.

11 School Girl Outfits

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Oh the days of Myspace, it looks like Alexa was a former user with a plethora of photos available online consisting of her high school and college days. The photo above was every parent’s nightmare as we assume Bliss was dressed up for Halloween as a school girl, hopefully she didn’t attend class with such a look on the regular. Bliss rocked the short school girl skirt along with a mini top - enough to leave her stomach completely uncovered and also enough to give her parents a minor heart attack looking at such an outfit.

We can imagine Bliss rocking a similar outfit within the WWE confines just a decade ago and heck you can even argue a couple of years ago. The WWE was all about gimmick matches prior the Women’s Revolution - one of which catered to the school girl fantasy. Who can forget Trish in the same ensemble?

10 Not So PG Leopard Print

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Here’s another rare photo you likely won’t see again, unless well the WWE heads into another TV-14 era. Bliss rocks a stunning “Not So PG” outfit, from top to bottom the skimpy attire has us drooling a little bit. A noticeable difference you might notice is her different figure prior to the WWE. Before entering the company, Bliss was extremely thin. A big part of that is the fact that she suffered from an eating disorder during her teens. Thankfully the world of bodybuilding aided in her recovery as the diet part was an element she needed in order to fully get back on track.

Now in the WWE, Bliss has filled out a lot compared to her pre-wrestling days. Bliss loves the WWE style diet as it allows her to eat a lot more calories compared to what she was consuming during her bodybuilding days.

9 Prom Queen

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A big time plus for Alexa Bliss is the fact that she was raised in a big time family friendly environment, so much so that the WWE put up an entire gallery showcasing rare photos from her childhood – something the company hasn’t done with the other female talents which really goes to show how they feel about Bliss.

One of the pictures posted in the throwback gallery featured this shot of Alexa alongside her father before prom. Once again, Bliss looked fantastic throughout her teens and the following photo is a perfect representation of that. At that point in her life, gymnastics was still a major focus of hers along with cheerleading. Her wrestling days would only come later into her 20s.

8 Tire, Heels and A Swimsuit

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Once again at this point Bliss was a long way away from a career as a WWE Superstar. Instead, she was looking to make an impact as a model given her tremendous physique which is on full display in this picture. Bliss took part in several shoots of the amateur nature including this one that featured a tire, heels and oh yes, a smoking bikini.

Bliss would eventually make the jump to pro wrestling and her way of getting there was certainly an unorthodox route. Bliss admitted that she applied online for a WWE contract to join the Performance Center. Given her background in cheerleading and gymnastics the WWE gave Alexa a call back and once the developmental brand changed to NXT, she was offered a position.

7 The Early Bodybuilding Days

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The photo above is a shot of Alexa during her earlier bodybuilding days, as you'll see a little later in the article she would develop a much more defined figure when competing at the Arnold Classic. However, she still looks quite lean in this shot that was taken during the early portion of her career.

Bodybuilding turned out to be Alexa's new passion following cheerleading. As we mentioned earlier in the article it also helped in allowing Bliss to overcome an eating disorder. Filling up her diet with healthy foods and high amounts of protein, Bliss was able to overcome past issues. It also helps that nowadays she's eating even more calories in an attempt to fill out her figure, let's just say she's pounding down a lot more calories and carbohydrates nowadays as opposed to her pre-wrestling days.

6 Throwback – The Bliss Look

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The WWE would love for us to believe that the signature Bliss look of disgust was discovered in the WWE, however, that is not the case as evidenced by this rare throwback photo prior to her wrestling days. While serving as a cheerleader back in high school, Bliss pulled off her signature look of disgust long before her WWE days. Who would have thought that she'd be putting the same look over one day in front of millions watching at home every week. Perhaps not even Alexa could have imagined such a scenario.

Although some are skeptical pertaining to her passion (cough, Sasha Banks, cough), Bliss continues to impress as the longest serving Raw Women's Champion to date. Getting booked ahead of the likes of Bayley and Sasha throughout 2017, you can tell how into Alexa the WWE really is.

5 Tiny Bikini Body

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Simply put, Alexa Bliss looks like a toy in this throwback "Not So PG" photo taken prior to her wrestling days. Not only is the bikini top and bottom incredibly skimpy but her body also follows the same mantra. If you look closely to the picture you can even see Alexa's darn ribs, heck we'd be surprised if she was barely over 100 pounds in this rare photo.

Nonetheless, we can't take anything away from her obvious beauty which is once again on full display. The true hero of the photo is that million dollar smile, something we rarely see on WWE TV, though we have seen that look behind the scenes and boy what a spectacle it is. Perhaps once a babyface run takes place we'll be seeing more of that smile.

4 Short Skirt & Fishnet Top

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If Bliss made her debut during the Attitude Era or in the late stages of WCW, she would likely wear exactly what you see in the photo above, a skimpy skirt along with a revealing fishnet top. In this era however, such attire or photos simply do not fly.

Speaking of attempted gimmicks, the Fairy look wasn’t Alexa's only failed character attempt. In trying to turn her heel, Bliss also took part in a trailer park type character alongside another NXT Superstar struggling to find a persona, Scott Dawson. The two worked several promos together however it simply wasn’t meant to be. Thankfully, that proved to be the right decision as Bliss would thrive as a villainous tag manager while Dawson himself would also find his way alongside partner Dash Wilder.

3 The Cheerleading Squad

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Several current female WWE stars have a plethora of photos showcasing their love for pro wrestling as children. Bayley's got a laundry list of photos rocking WWE memorabilia, heck she even dressed exactly like the Hardyz at one point during her teens. The likes of Paige and Sasha Banks grew up with a similar mentality.

A common knock on Bliss and something the WWE doesn't want you to know is the fact that pro wrestling pics from her youth are few and far between, instead, it seems as though her real passion was cheerleading with a plethora of past photos dawning the uniform. Despite the lack of photos, Alexa has stated that she was big fan of the business growing up watching shows alongside her dad and performing wrestling moves with various family members.

2 The Shortest Shorts

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Nowadays, Bliss is known for having the best backside in all of the WWE. In fact, the company has even tried on numerous occasions to push the slogan "Biscuit Butt", though it really hasn’t caught on, when will the WWE learn that interest grows organically, WWE fans don't want things shoved down their throats!

Nonetheless, she's got one heck of a booty but judging by past photos, that wasn’t always her top asset. The photo above tells us otherwise as her legs are the main talking point in the photo above. Of course, once she would come to the WWE that would start to change once she filled out and well, the increased calories would go to her booty. However pre-wrestling, her legs were her main assets.

1 Bodybuilding Prime

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As we discussed earlier, Bliss would eventually reach her prime in bodybuilding and the picture above is what her best on-stage package looked like. In terms of past competition photos, this is Alexa's best performance by far. Heck she even competed at the Arnold Classic which goes to show how legit her body really was.

Her bodybuilding background would help immensely in getting her employed, she isn’t the only current worker with a history in the field, even Mandy Rose was a tremendous fitness competitor before her WWE days. It appears as though both used the fitness stage as a platform for something greater. Both Mandy and Alexa are enjoying tremendous success and what's even more remarkable is the fact that both are still insanely young in their mid 20s.

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