15 Pre-Wrestling Photos The WWE Doesn’t Want You See Of Mandy Rose

If you're a casual observer of wrestling who needs to be enticed by beautiful blonde women, look no further than Mandy Rose. The 26 year old, whose real name is Amanda Saccomanno, finished second on WWE Tough Enough in 2015, was subsequently signed by the company and joined the cast of Total Divas while training in NXT. While she has certainly improved her in-ring skills over the past two years, she'll have to become one of the most talented wrestlers of all-time for people to look past the fact she just might be the hottest woman on the entire roster; for my money, it isn't even close. Yet, despite being a beautiful blonde bombshell, Rose is equally believable as a member of Absolution, given her background as a fitness competitor.

Make no mistake, she's not just a pretty blonde; Rose has won multiple fitness competitions and was crowned the 2014 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Competition and you'll see why in the photos below. Fortunately for fans of her incredible physique, she has an Instagram account that includes photos of her days as a fitness competitor as well as hundreds of provocative selfies. In fact, she still posts the occasional racy photo for her 800,000-plus followers.

15 Gains, Bro

Sunday workout complete! 💦💪🏼

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There's a few recurring themes you'll notice in these photos, one of which is that Mandy Rose is a fitness freak, which shouldn't be surprising given her background. She's often in the gym and likes posting photos of her workouts. Another is that she likes showing as much skin as possible when working out, because, why not when you have that body? She has a finely-toned six-pack abs, and, as you'll notice in later photos, one of the most impressive backsides in the WWE. She also loves slightly pulling down her trunks with her thumbs to slightly tease her male fans.

This photo was taken slightly after she signed with WWE, but long before she was well-known as she had yet to even appear on NXT TV, and highlights the physical gains she has made even in the past two years.

14 Bodybuilding Shoot

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As previously mentioned, Rose was once an accomplished fitness competitor and, as such, she was featured in multiple blogs and publications. And why not? She had/has a body that countless women aspire to have, not to mention one men enjoy looking at. We noted how she looked great in just about every attire and add fluorescent colors to that list.

She really has no physical flaws and that much is evident here. Her perfectly-toned body is complemented by her beautiful face and long, blonde hair - what more could you ask for? We'll ignore the fact that the photo is likely photoshopped considerably, because even without any touch-ups, Rose has proven herself one of the best-looking women in the WWE. Would it kill her to sweat a little if she was indeed working out, however?

13 Throwing Up That Peace Sign

#deuces ✌️ 📷 // @seeleyfoto

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Since debuting in NXT and joining the main roster as part of Absolution, Mandy Rose has been known for her gold attire; in fact, in an episode of Total Divas, she even discussed the idea of a red and gold tag team with Eva Marie, which we're thrilled was scrapped in favor of her joining Absolution. Rose looks simply stunning in gold, but the above photo is a reminder that she's great in whatever she's wearing; and, if it's posted to her Instagram, chances are she isn't wearing much.

The peace sign and duck lips might not be the most unique pose of all-time, but Rose could - and would - look fantastic in just about whatever clothes and pose she decides. And to think: this is only the 14th-best entry on our list!

12 Take Me Back To Summer 

Just before signing with WWE, Rose was lamenting the end of the summer with this photo from 2015, in which she again proves she can look phenomenal in any setting or with any attire. Here, she's rocking a blue bikini, which brings out her beautiful eyes, and again performing the thumb on the bikini waist trick that she loves oh so much.

If you're viewing this picture in a warm climate area like California or Florida, you can probably head to a beach and see women looking like this right now. But for those of us who live in the Northeastern United States or Canada, looking at this photo can bring about both a positive and negative reaction. Sure, staring into her eyes and viewing her perfect body can warm even the coldest soul, but it's also a reminder that we've got at least another five months of waiting before we can see anything like what Rose is wearing above.

11 Tough Enough

Is Mandy Rose aware of the fact she's not only one of the sexiest women in the WWE, but on the planet? And is she above using her looks to earn votes in a potential popularity contest? Yes and no. In this photo from the summer of 2015, when she was competing on Tough Enough, Rose showcases her perfectly-defined abs in two distinctively-similar side-by-side photos, because two is better than one, obviously. She was asking for votes if she finished in the bottom three and, without even watching the episode, you would have voted for her based on these photos.

Few current WWE Divas showcase their body on Instagram as much as Rose does now, but the former Tough Enough contestant was even more willing to do so during and before her stint on the show. The glasses are a nice added touch as well.

10 Just Do It

via WWE.com

It's no secret Mandy Rose likes wearing Nike. A quick Google search of "Mandy Rose Nike" returns a whole list of jaw-dropping photos that you should probably view once you're finished with this list. We're not certain if she has an endorsement deal with the popular apparel company, but she should be paid royalties for her work in modeling for the company. Honestly, who wouldn't rather see Rose show off Nike products instead of LeBron James?

By now, you already know she likes showing off the body she worked so hard to sculpt and the above photo is no exception. She isn't rocking the thumb on the waist trick, but you can start to gain an appreciation for her bountiful backside that will become more evident in later photos. Thank you, Mandy, for deciding to "Just Do It" when asking if you should post this photo.

9 Little Pink Riding Hood 

Showing as much skin as possible while not violating any of Instagram's terms of agreements? Check. Double image that differs no more than her head and hand placement? Check. And finally, the thumb slightly pulling down her shorts? Check. But that's not all that's great about this photo; Rose is rocking pig tails, which is not something she often does. She also happens to be wearing the most unnecessary top of all time, but again, who's complaining? The hood is a nice touch and we can certainly appreciate the effort to roll her shorts up as much as possible.

We mean, honestly, why not just wear bikini bottoms at that point? Chances are the WWE would be just as approving as they would have of this photo, which was posted in March of 2015, months before she was on the company's radar.

8 Even Better In Yoga Pants

There's seriously something mysterious about yoga pants in that it can actually make a booty look even better. There is no clothing item designed for the upper body that makes certain body parts look more appealing; no man in their right mind is going tell a woman to put her bra back on because her breasts look better. Yet, why does Rose's - and anyone for that matter - butt look so much better in this photo than the previous one?

The tight-fitting pants work wonders, but it's obvious that isn't the only reason for Rose's backside looking so great. This picture was taken during her training with Tough Enough and is another example of her ability to attract male fans to help advance her budding career.

7 Farmers Market Ready

Clearly, pigtails is a look that Rose should try bringing to the WWE in the near future, perhaps during a face turn, because she can pull it off with ease. In fact, if she wanted to do a whole new character rebranding in which she was a farm girl, that would be fine too. Let's be honest, she looks like an upscale Nidia in the photo above; similar farm/trailer-park inspired outfit, but pulling it off infinitely better.

It's easy to spend so much time admiring Rose's beautiful face, finely-toned upper body, and plump backside, that you can forget she also has legs that could rival Stacy Keibler. While they may not be as long, they're strong and toned and equally as intimidating. There's also something special about a beautiful woman rocking a pair of Nikes.

6 Making Denim Look Good

#GuessJeans 💙 How do we feel about this look? 👍😏 -- @leelhgfx 📷

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We've covered workout gear, swimsuits, the farmer's market look, and others, but it's hard to top the provocative denim low-cut top that Rose is rocking in the photo above. She slyly asks in the caption, "How do we feel about this look," knowing damn well how we feel about this look - and every other look she has. It's a unanimous Perfect ten that would put a room full of Tye Dillinger fans to shame.

The fact that Rose can kick ass in the ring definitely makes her more attractive, but this photo is a reminder that she could easily be just as prosperous as a model. If you had any notion that Rose isn't a committed wrestler, the fact she's even pursuing a career in the industry when she could be on magazine covers as a model is proof enough that she is indeed committed to improving her in-ring abilities.

5 Hard Work Pays Off 

It should be no surprise by now if you've watched Mandy Rose throughout her career or just scrolled through this list, but she makes "#BootyGainz" a major part of her workout regiment. In fact, the comment sections on her posts are one of the few places you can find someone stating "I want that butt" and be unsure of whether or not they're male or female.

Rose's booty is the result of years of hard work, as she details in the post above, noting that, as of 2013, she had been focusing on more "glute isolation exercise." If her career in professional wrestling falters, she clearly needs to release some sort of training manual detailing those exercises because that backside is simply a thing of beauty.

4 Two Is Better Than One

Night Xo 💚💚 -- Image // @harrylhgfx 😺

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Now do you believe? Bayley and Naomi especially receive a ton of attention for their "assets," but they have new competition in Mandy Rose, who has worked incredibly hard to round out her glutes and doesn't mind showing off the result of said hard work. The soft lighting of the above photo might make her a tad more appealing, but honestly it isn't even needed.

If you grew up a fan of Trish Stratus, this photo might resemble some of her classic shoots and Rose can certainly hold her own compared to Trish in her prime. For some reason, she loves the side-by-side photos, but there's no reason to complain in this instance as it provides the appearance of a "rounded" view of her voluptuous booty.

3 Sup, Bra?

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There's nothing like sending out a racy selfie for affirmation that you're a beautiful goddess desired by literally every warm-blooded, female-desiring individual alive. Honestly, if your heart isn't beating an extra tick by looking at the above photo then you may have to re-evaluate who are you as a person.

With a well-manicured face and thick, full lips to go along with a perfect body, Rose looks almost like a Barbie in this photo, but not to the point of it being weird and creepy - you know those girls. The bra covers just enough that she can even get away with posting the photo, but it's certainly not something the WWE would like her promoting today - maybe two decade prior it would have the bill.

2 Buns of Steel

via fitbeatz.com

We have a feeling that if Mandy Rose was asked to stand in line to be identified as a suspect, she would rock one of the three poses above, and the dude identifying the suspect would probably ask for a little more time. We're used to the two-Mandy photos, but the three different poses in one image is rarely used by the Absolution member. Yet, we're thankful she did here.

Take the first photo on the left for example. She looks fantastic (the red and gold is an exciting realization of a once-proposed tag-team gimmick), but wouldn't you find yourself wondering how her butt looks? Wonder no more, because BOOM! There it is right smack dab in the middle. The sneakers are an excellent touch as well.

1 Swimsuit Drive

There's an unfair perception among men that women can't drive (when, in fact, everyone else is an awful driver in the mind of the person behind the wheel), but the truth is if all women looked like this when driving then men would have no business being on the road.

There's a Seinfeld episode in which Jerry crashes his car after Kramer points out a woman walking down the street while only wearing a bra under her opened jacket. Can you imagine driving around town and every second or third car had a beautiful blonde rocking a bikini? We're willing to bet that Rose, at the very least, caused quite a few near-accidents during the times she used to drive around like that. There should even be an insurance policy to cover any damage resulting from staring too long.

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