15 Pro Wrestlers That Did “Adult Things” On Camera

The world of pro wrestling or, as the kids call it today, sports entertainment is certainly unique and unlike any other. The fan base is loyal to a tee and the political landscape of the business is kind of insane. For us the fans, it’s all fun and games, but for the performers, this is their livelihood and way of life we loosely discuss.

Some wrestlers enter the business with a backup plan in place, while others smartly save their money. A select few make it in another industry, while some make curious decisions to join unlikely lines of work.

This article specifically highlights some of those cases as we take a look at some former and current WWE stars that did 'adult things' on camera. Some got paid to do so and chose it as a career path, while others did it in the amateur form. We even have a trio of wrestlers on the list that performed behind the camera working as adult directors. Hint, one of them was still wrestling with the WWE in 2016!

So without further ado, let us begin the article and take a look at some of the known and lesser known names to do adult things on camera from the world of pro wrestling. Enjoy!

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15 Bubba Ray Dudley

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Thankfully for our eyes, Bubba Ray appeared behind the camera while directing an adult film in the past. During an interview with Chris Jericho, Dudley admitted to working in the adult industry back in the day. According to Bubba, he had three dreams as a kid; to be a pro wrestler, to be a rock star and work in the adult industry.

When he met wrestling promoter Rob Black, his dream would become a reality as Black had connections to the industry. Bubba worked three films total and even cast Ron Jeremy in one of his projects. When asked about the names of the adult films he worked for, Bubba simply claimed he wasn’t able to list the titles on the air. His days of adult work are behind him for now at the age of 45.

14 Shelly Martinez

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Nowadays, with a new PG climate, it seems impossible for the WWE to take on a wrestler with a background in the adult industry. However, back in 2005, the climate was still somewhat edgy and the company welcomed in Shelly Martinez, who had a history of working adult films. Shelly had worked in various softcore adult films, although this did not bother the WWE at the time.

Her gimmick was decent, but the WWE did not feel the same way as Martinez grew irrelevant rather quickly under her alias of Ariel, working as Kevin Thorn’s manager. She worked on the ECW brand, but her run would be short-lived after a backstage argument that took place with Batista. Martinez was later released, but, for what it’s worth, she did end up making up with The Animal after she left the company.

13 Hulk Hogan

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We can all agree we thought we’d never see Hogan on a list like this. Unfortunately, it’s true and Hogan was filmed doing adult things on camera, despite the fact that he knew nothing about it.

Following the footage being leaked in April of 2012, showcasing Hogan engaging in adult activity with Heather Clem, Hulk would take Clem and Bubba to court. After a settlement was reached, Hogan took out his anger out on Gawker, suing the company for leaking the private footage to the masses. Hulk would win the case, earning millions from privacy damages inflicted by the tape. Gawker would never recover from the incident and would be forced to close the company down. Your winner, Hulk Hogan.

12 Mickie James

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It's great to see Mickie James back in the WWE at the age of 37. She left in 2010 on bad terms and we're glad she was given another shot with the company.

She began to wrestle in 1999, hitting the indie scene, but before that, she partook in some projects she surely wants her fans to forget about, especially considering she’s a mother today. Mickie took an unlikely route, entering the adult business at one point in time and taking some edgy pictures which were quite revealing. Thankfully, Mickie changed fields and she became known for her outstanding in-ring skills. Her legacy with the WWE made her previous work an afterthought and something most fans don’t even know about.

11 Buff Bagwell

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A massage therapist turned pro wrestler, Buff Bagwell made a name for himself as a member of WCW during the 90s. He had a fantastic look and marketable charisma, but the problem was that he was terrible in the ring and this prohibited his career from blossoming even further.

Once WCW went under, Bagwell fell to obscurity, working the indie scene. However, he would manage to recapture some fame after his appearance on the adult program, Gigolos. Bagwell had a brief cameo on the Showtime program during Season 5. It was there where the world found out about Bagwell’s new life as a successful Gigolo. We warn you, however, if interested, his services aren’t all that cheap. Spending a full week with Buff can cost you around $25K. Yikes!

10 Gangrel

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Thankfully, this is another wrestler that appeared behind the camera and not in front of it. In 2007, Gangrel took on a new career as an adult film director, inking a 12 film deal. Since he signed the contract, Gangrel has published a variety of adult films, leaving his WWE Hall of Fame induction possibility as a major question mark at this point.

Along with his new career working the camera in the adult entertainment business, Gangrel remains in the wrestling business, working indie shows as an active performer at the age of 47. Along with wrestling, Gangrel frequently appears at wrestling conventions, signing autographs and chatting up some his fans who watched his contributions during the 90s as the leader of The Brood.

9 Amy Weber

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We now turn our focus to a lesser known name that had a brief run with the WWE in the mid-2000s. Amy Weber played the role of JBL’s Image Consultant and was out the door rather quickly, as she was uncomfortable with the WWE’s working environment. She called the backstage locker room a frat house, which was one of the many reasons she decided to depart after such a short stint.

Aside from her wrestling career, Weber enjoyed more success in the entertainment world, working on various TV shows and films. She even had a decent musical album which hit the stores back in 2012. Along with that, she also briefly appeared in the world of adult entertainment, starring in a couple of adult films of the softcore nature. Today, at the age of 46, Weber is quietly enjoying motherhood.

8 Candice Michelle

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Debuting in 2004, the WWE made it quite clear that Candice entered the business as eye candy early on, as she became one of Vince’s Devils. For those that did their research at the time, they knew that Candice came from a world of modelling (appearing in Playboy) and working the adult industry, being involved in several softcore adult films. Her initial WWE run went the same way, as she partook in some steamy segments with Vince. Somehow, someway, she would change that image, becoming a Women’s Champion at one point in time.

Nowadays, at the age of 38, Candice is enjoying her quiet life alongside her children and spouse Ken Ehrlich. You can still find Michelle at wrestling convention, as she still appears meeting the fans and signing autographs from time to time.

7 Major Gunns

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Another factor in the implosion of WCW was the fact that the company had absolutely no clue what to do with their women. This was well documented when the company chose to hire Tylene Buck, aka Major Gunns, back in 1999. Buck had no history in the pro wrestling field and, instead, had an extensive background working in the adult industry. Gunns worked several adult films, along with appearing as a camgirl at one point in time.

With such accolades, you can only assume her run in the wrestling business was short-lived. Once WCW went under, the WWE chose to release Gunns from her deal. She remained on the indie circuit for a little while and proceeded to head back to the adult industry.

6 X-Pac

via thetomorrowshow.com

Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac, had a lengthy stay in the wrestling business. X-Pac was one of the only wrestlers who can say they joined both the WWE and WCW during the hottest time in pro wrestling history, the Monday Night Wars. Waltman chose wisely and left WCW, joining the WWE in 98. Three years later, WCW went of business proving Waltman’s decision was a good one.

Following his 2002 departure, X-Pac made a variety of poor decisions and, sadly, one of them was turning to drug use. Along with that, X-Pac starred in the adult film 1 Night in China, along with his ex-girlfriend. Thankfully, his run on camera doing 'adult things' was short-lived. Several rehab stints helped X-Pac get clean and he seems to be doing quite well today at the age of 44.

5 Lizzy Borden

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No relation to Steve Borden, aka Sting, Lizzy Borden is a name few wrestling fans are familiar with. She did not perform for WCW or WWE during the late 90s, but was instead a part of the XPW promotion, feuding with the likes of Sunny, Nicole Bass and the previously mentioned Major Gunns. Her most prominent role with the company came working alongside long time wrestler Shane Douglas.

Along with her pro wrestling days, Lizzy had an extensive background in the world of adult entertainment. The former XPW wrestler even directed several adult films behind the camera. The former director/actress is 39 and set to enter her 40s at the end of the year in December.

4 Chyna

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An icon and pioneer in the wrestling business, Chyna opened several doors in the WWE, becoming a dominant in-ring performer and perhaps the greatest of all-time amongst females. Her time in the company came to an abrupt end in 2001 when she was faxed her release papers while at home. From that point on, Chyna imploded, turning to drugs and pursing a unlikely career in the adult industry. The former WWE star worked six adult film, spanning from her debut alongside X-Pac in 2004 until her final adult film in 2013.

With such a background, the WWE neglected Chyna since her departure and, sadly, she’d pass away on April 20th, 2016. Despite her troubled past, most fans hope her in-ring contributions will be rightfully acknowledged by the WWE with a Hall of Fame induction.

3 Beulah McGillicutty

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Beulah was a big part of the ECW brand during the mid 90s. While the WWE and WCW promotions were battling it out, ECW was holding its own as a unique brand that catered to the edgy, hardcore style. Beulah ended up leaving ECW, growing tired of the industry. However, she would return in 2004 and remained active on the indie circuit until 2014. She appeared for her husband's, Tommy Dreamer, House of Hardcore promotion. The two are happily married since 2002 and have a pair of children together.

Her resume seems quite normal and you would not expect McGillicutty to have participated in adult things in front of the camera, but she did back in the day. Beulah appeared solo in front of the camera working an adult video. The situation was a one-time thing and Beulah would completely change focus, entering the world of children’s books in 2012, publishing Gertrude the Great.

2 Sunny

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Chances are, when you read the name of this article, the first pro wrestler you thought of was Sunny. It’s no secret that Sunny has worked several adult works in the past, from solo performances, to amateur work, to actual in studio films, recently signing a deal with a major adult film company.

Aside from her work in the adult industry, Sunny persists on selling her name in the pro wrestling world, despite the fact that she left the WWE back in the mid 90s. To her credit, however, Sunny is a major hit at wrestling conventions and continues to make a fortune because of it. Whether it be an autograph or photo, Sunny maintains a great deal of popularity. She also makes frequent cameos at local stores and indie events across the United States.

1 Maryse

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Following the lackluster Diva Search competition, the Montreal, Quebec native was signed to a WWE deal back in 2006. After a strong developmental camp, Maryse debuted on the main roster, having a strong impact. Taking time off with an injury in 2010, Maryse was released by the WWE.

After she departed, Maryse would branch out in several other areas of entertainment, like working films and TV shows. She even started her own jewelry line, along with earning a realtor licence in the Los Angeles area.

Along with those projects outside of the WWE, Maryse also has a shocking history of appearing on camera doing adult things. The video she appeared in was a one-time thing and was by no means an adult production. The adult things caught on tape were purely of the amateur nature.

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