14Chyna – Belly Dancer

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It’s somehow fitting that the Ninth Wonder of the World would have a pre-fame career as exotic and creative minded as belly dancing. Chyna was never anything like the typical female wrestler, and the specialized form of performance art she used to practice naturally fits in with that perception. Belly

dancing was actually only one of dozens of odd jobs Chyna took prior to deciding to become a wrestler, spending time with the Peace Corps, waitressing in a strip club, singing for a band, studying to become a flight attendant, and predicting her post-wrestling career, offering her voice to a phone sex company. She never spent much time in any of these professions, always gravitating towards her side interest in bodybuilding and fitness. This passion eventually lead her to Killer Kowalski, who trained Chyna to become the legendary wrestler who changed the world for female superstars.

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