15John Cena – Limo Driver

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Now that John Cena is the franchise player of World Wrestling Entertainment, it would be reasonable to assume that if he were to get inside a limousine, it would be in the back seat. Long before he was a superstar, he needed any job he could take, though, and that

meant sitting behind the wheel of a high-class vehicle and transporting wealthy clients while he trained to become a wrestler. Given Cena’s later success in life, it might also be fair to guess he was a decent limo driver, but by his own admission, he was actually kind of horrible at the job. This was in a time before GPS was widespread, and Cena didn’t have the best sense of direction, upsetting his clients enough that he wasn’t going to be driving limos for long. Lucky for him, his side job working at a gym was proving a lot more promising, leading him to a career in wrestling that would soon see him revolutionize the industry.

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