15 Rare Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Brock Lesnar (That The WWE Wants To Keep Hidden)

Brock isn’t the biggest fan of people, but that might not be entirely true as you’ll see in this article.

The beauty of Brock’s character is that we are to believe he’s just as ruthless in his everyday life than he is inside of the squared circle. Could it be the WWE is playing us? Well, that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch especially when you asses Paul Heyman’s career in the business, the guy loves to play the kayfabe card both on and off screen, so why not do the same with Brock? Making us believe this has only added to his overall allure but truth be told, there’s more to Brock.

He isn’t the biggest fan of people, but that might not be entirely true as you’ll see in this article. Away from his WWE life, Brock is residing out of Saskatchewan, living a completely different life spending his days as a family man on a farm. As you’ll see on this list, he also enjoys outings like everyone else. So maybe, just maybe, we’re being duped by the WWE and Lesnar himself.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. From attending auctions in overalls to smiling at a concert, these are rare pics of Brock you thought you’d never see. We begin with an ensemble you likely would never picture Brock wearing in a WWE ring!

15 Auction & Overalls


This is likely the last thing the WWE would want you to see, especially with Lesnar’s next opponent slated to be the dominant looking Braun Strowman. Just imagine the company setting up a highlight package with this picture. Three things to point out here, one, Brock’s wearing overalls, which is laughable in itself, two, he's at an auction which is pretty random cause like, since when does the Mayor of Suplex City need to attend such events. And finally, he’s smiling in the picture - Lesnar simply does not smile, especially around people in candid settings.

Truth be told, he’s a different person out in the Canadian farms living his private life but of course, the WWE would rather keep that aspect of his life hidden.

14 Rodeo Show Fun 


Just imagine this scenario for a second, Lesnar beats The Undertaker at WM XXX and pulls out that exact hat as he rides off giving the legend his first ‘Mania defeat? No just no, such a hat wouldn’t work in any walks of life, except, for when you attend a Rodeo show that is. Brock was spotted with his family (those aren't his kids in the picture) in the audience at Stampede 101, which sounds like a WCW or NWA PPV name. Thankfully for those in attendance, nobody took a trip to Suplex City as Lesnar just took in the event and was all smiles even posing for pictures with the fans on hand.

Some of you might be scratching your heads as Lesnar is quite hostile when meeting WWE fans but hey, maybe he’s just trying to keep kayfabe alive thanks to his manager Paul Heyman, who basically lives by the formula. Family man in Saskatchewan Brock seems to be much friendlier!

13 Fitness Candid


When searching for candid Brock Lesnar pictures, it shouldn’t be too shocking that most of the photos take place in a gym setting. Although he’s got private accommodations when travelling, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s got access to private gyms worldwide as well. Instead, like the others, he’s got to visit a local gym in the given area that the show is at.

In this picture, Brock is snapped in a photo at a gym out of the New Jersey area. Once again, it’s pretty surreal to see Lesnar smiling but after lifting hundred pound dumbbells over his head and smashing them on the ground, it isn’t too hard to understand why The Beast is all smiles after a workout. We here on The Sportster wonder if he practices German Suplexes on dumbbells or a medicine ball? Probably not, he likely settles for fridges and other heavy appliances such as couches and dinner tables.

12 Corporate Brock?


This is a rare picture WWE fans are currently blinded by as Lesnar actually cleans up quite nice. For once, he’s not wearing those darn Adidas track pants and Suplex City top. The dude looks like he literally comes out of his basement and to the ring with such a look but hey, it’s worked wonders so who are we to judge.

He’s rarely undergone any type of gimmick change and that’s not too surprising given the perfection of his persona as a reckless butt kicker. However, if he were to join the Authority and go Corporate, such a look would be used. New gimmicks have been few and far between though some have been pitched to The Beast in the past, who can forget the potential “male loving” character he was supposed to use at one point in time?

11 With His Other Boss


This is a rare photo of Lesnar alongside his other boss, one Dana White. Of course, for obvious reasons, the WWE would not want you to see such a great personal photo given the rivalry between the two companies. However, this photo is truly brilliant as the two are seen partying it up.

Despite Brock only taking part in nine total fights, it seems as though he’s been there an entire lifetime given the slew of high profile fights he’s undergone. With a record of five wins, three loses and one no contest, Lesnar has overachieved in the sport and turned himself into a must see attraction in both WWE and UFC. Yes, Dana profited nicely from Brock but so did the WWE, with his resume in real combat sport, Lesnar took his WWE character to another level.

10 Backstage With Billy Gunn


This is a rare image as Lesnar posing for pics behind the scenes isn’t something we necessarily see every day. Brock himself admitted that when he’s at a show, he basically “clocks in and clocks out”, without making much discussion with his peers. It seems as though Billy Gunn was the exception as the two pose for a picture, they’ve got some things in common as Gunn also likes to lift heavy objects which aided in their bond we can only assume.

Again, keeping kayfabe alive, the WWE would rather this rare picture stay behind closed doors. The company loves the fact that Lesnar is as ruthless off-screen than he is on, so keeping that truth alive is essential for the company. If it’s up to the WWE, they pull a Matt Hardy and “Delete” this backstage picture from the archives.

9 Another Auction For Brock


Looking at his personal life, The Beast Incarnate should be renamed to “Bargain Brock” since he has such a love for attending auctions. In all likelihood, Lesnar loves old school antique items, which translates into his love for auctions which is the norm in country side of Saskatchewan. Without a doubt, he’s adding some vintage pieces to his farm collection. We wonder how Sable feels about Brock’s love for the auction?

In this candid pic, Lesnar isn’t really all smiles and instead, he’s got his game face on. There’s nothing more irritating than a candid pic without the person even knowing, Lesnar would have likely taken the person down to Suplex City had he known this picture was snapped in the first place. In any event, it’s another rare insight on the life Lesnar lives outside of the WWE circus.

8 Throwback With JBL


Brock hugging any human being is inexplicable, unless he tosses them over his head for a suplex but other than that, it’s a rare sight we hardly ever see. For such a rare picture, we went back to the archives for this throwback shot featuring a young babyfaced Lesnar, along with JBL, who’s rocking long hair (remember those days). Of course, JBL had his favorites despite the fact that he tortured most of the young talent, however, Lesnar was a special dude and different from the rest. For the reason, both took a liking for one another early on.

The throwback shot was taken during a tour of Helsinki, you can tell how long ago it was given Bradshaw’s wardrobe choice alone rocking the WWF New York logo. Remember that place?

7 Post Concert Picture


This picture is pretty significant for a variety of reasons. One, it shows us that Brock is human and enjoys music as the shot was taken following a country music concert. Lesnar loves his hats outside of the wrestling ring as you can see. The picture is also significant for another reason as Brad Wall is in the picture. Who the hell is Brad Wall you ask? He’s the Premier of Saskatchewan since 2007, so yea, the picture is pretty important and it shows just how valuable Brock is to the community.

More importantly than all of that, Sable is also shown in the picture. The WWE never mentions her nowadays, however, it’s nice to see she still looks like one heck of a smokebomb as evidenced by the pic.

6 The NFL Days


A forgotten part when thinking about Lesnar’s career as a once in a lifetime type of athlete was his brief run trying to crack an NFL roster. The WWE never really sheds a light on it and few even remember that it took place, but it did.

Leaving the WWE after WrestleMania XX, Brock took his talents to the camp of the Minnesota Vikings as he tried out for the squad. Lesnar was impressive in his short stint but was eventually released by the team. The Vikings instead opted to send him overseas to play in NFL Europa to get some seasoning, though Lesnar rejected the offer wanted to stay in North America. He would switch his radar to the world of mixed martial arts shortly after, putting his brief NFL days behind him for good.

5 Local Farm Show


Posing for a picture alongside a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer (yes that’s the proper term and yes, they still exist), Lesnar is spotted at a local Farm Show in this candid picture. He spends numerous hours on his farm, so it isn’t too surprising that he spends most of his time doing what he loves while away from a WWE ring. We credit for Brock for once again, pulling a half smile in the picture. The only way Vince would showcase such a pic would be if it was followed up by an F-5 or heck, even a suplex would suffice.

Lesnar’s love for the farm life began during his youth as he was raised on a farm by his parents. It seems like he’s carrying on that tradition in his new life as a proud family man nowadays.

4 Brock The Hunter


Along with farming, Brock loves to hunt during his time away from the ring. He’s a big advocate and member of the National Rifle Association, Lesnar as even spoken out for the group discussing his love for the hunting lifestyle.

However, hunting has gotten Lesnar into some hot water in the past because of legal issues. Back in 2011, Lesnar faced a severe penalty during a hunting trip in Alberta, which is nearby Saskatchewan. Brock pleaded guilty to “improper tagging”, which means the way he killed the animal was incorrect and not in accordance to the rules. As a penalty, he was forced to fork over a little less than two thousand, which is change for Lesnar, along with getting his hunting licence revoked for half a year.

3 The Year Book Photo


This photo is likely the most well known pic of the bunch as it has been posted on social media time and time again. WWE representatives’ likely cringe at the sight of such a picture as Lesnar looks a long way from the Beast Incarnate. Growing up, Lesnar took to amateur wrestling a little late in his life, so that’s the reason for such a hilarious photo the company wants to burry in the past.

It was amateur wrestling that put Brock on the map with the WWE. He began at the high school level with Webster High School and he would take his talents to the NCAA Divisions a little later. Following his incredible 106-5 record, the WWE came calling and in 2000, he joined the developmental brand formerly known as OVW.

2 More Youth


It’s hard to believe, but there was a point in Brock’s life when some actually probably thought they could have taken him in a fight but in truth, don’t let his frail look fool you as he was starting to wrestle at that point, meaning, he could of likely taken most folks down quite easily.

With a love for the gym and consuming endless amounts of calories, Lesnar quickly filled out and his look would land him a contract with the WWE. Who can forget his debut, the dude’s traps literally looked like wings attached to his body, man was he something else when first appeared. At the age of 40, Lesnar is still going strong and performing at an incredible rate. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds once his WWE contact expires in the near future.

1 The Mugshot


With a squeaky clean WWE nowadays (that is no non-sense when it comes to controversy outside of the ring), the last thing they want to bring to the forefront is this rare picture of Lesnar arrested from back in the day. Rarely do we ever hear about this story and the WWE with Brock have done a great job in suppressing it over the years.

The charges still remain unclear, though, most of the rumblings indicate that Lesnar was arrested due to possession of illegal steroids. Given his history with enhancement products, some are led to believe that the story is true, however neither the WWE or Brock have ever confirmed. In terms of rare photos the WWE wants to keep hidden of Brock, this one is easily at the very top of the list.

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15 Rare Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Brock Lesnar (That The WWE Wants To Keep Hidden)