15 Rare Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Stephanie McMahon You’ve Never Seen

Born on September 24th, 1976, not even Stephanie herself could have predicted the profound impact she would have on the company. She started off as a shy girl backstage and would grow larger and larger in the ranks. After she began to date Triple H, her power in the company would start to exceed expectations. Following her leave of absence from multiple pregnancies, Stephanie would return for good in 2013, taking up a huge role both on and off screen, as an Authority Figure and Chief Brand Officer. She continues to thrive in those positions today.

When you ask the casual fan her legacy is heavily debated. Some respect her vision, while others fault Stephanie for a lot of the bad in the company. As the Brand Officer, Steph’s role has been facilitated with the PG rating. Along with that, many blame Stephanie for the terrible writing as it was her initial idea to bring in Hollywood type writers, ending the role of the Booker for good. The reactions are mixed and they’ll likely continue to be that way.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some lesser known Stephanie pictures, spanning from her days as a merchandise model to her behind the scenes encounters nowadays with the likes of Renee Young. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 rare behind the scenes of Stephanie McMahon you’ve never seen!

15 Pregnant Stephanie

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During the early 2000s, Stephanie continued her reign of power atop the WWE, whether it was working alongside Triple H or as the GM for SmackDown. Following her runs on top, Stephanie would start to appear sporadically for the company and that was because she set her sights on a new horizon, motherhood.

From 2006 all the way until 2010, Steph’s time on WWE television was limited. During that window, McMahon gave birth to three of Triple H’s daughters. The picture you see above is of a very pregnant looking Steph as she watches on alongside Triple H. The couple’s first daughter was born on July of 2006, while the last (the third), was brought into the world in the summer of 2010. As of 2013, Stephanie would return to television and reprise her role as the villainous heel.

14 A Candid Shot

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Unlike her father Vince and brother Shane, Stephanie lives a very public life and she’s been spotted in candid situations several times before. Many pictures have surfaced online of Stephanie out in public, while pictures of Shane and Vince are few and far between.

Travel is something Stephanie has done plenty of in the last couple of years since her permanent return to the company. Since 2013, Stephanie has done it all from working live events as an authority figure, to working back in Stanford at the head office, to touring the world as the company’s Chief Branding Officer, which entails promoting the company on a world-wide platform. Looking at the state of the company today, there aren’t many putting in more hours than Stephanie.

13 Chilling With Renee

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Steph’s relationships within the company have been few and far between, however, it seems like she’s taken a liking to Renee Young. Whether it be through Snapchat or candid pictures, it seems like the two of them get along and that certainly bods well for Renee, who continues to climb up in the company’s ranks.

The evidence clearly speaks for itself, as Renee began on the main roster as a backstage interviewer and has driven up the ranks as a host of various WWE Network shows, including the popular Talking Smack and Unfiltered With Renee Young. Along with that, she’s on Total Divas and has even been involved with on-screen antics as she got into it with both The Miz and Maryse. One can assume her friendship with Stephanie might have helped to speed along the process as she continues to climb up the WWE ranks.

12 Backstage During Her Commissioner Days

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An underrated part of Stephanie’s career was her babyface run as the General Manager of SmackDown. Although we praise Stephanie for her brilliant villainous ways on-screen, we can’t help but acknowledge her fantastic contributions as a face as well.

She was a fan favorite while leading SmackDown from 2002 to 2003 and during that time, SmackDown was peaking, enjoying its greatest run in the history of the show. Stephanie’s character was the polar opposite of what you see today, as she used her sex appeal to please the crowd. Wearing short skirts and low cut tops, it was a Stephanie the male demographic got on board with. She was eventually written off the show as Steph was set to marry Triple H in real-life. From then on, she would appear sporadically until her run as Raw’s GM in 2008.

11 Wedding Photo

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October 25th, 2003 was an important date for the McMahon family, as Stephanie tied the knot with Triple H. The ceremony was private, but some pictures did manage to surface online of the wedding. One of the more noticeable parts of the event was Triple H’s groomsmen, as the crew was loaded with wrestling stars. Shawn Michaels, William Regal, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Kevin Nash and even Shane-O were all by his side. As for his best man, Triple H made the honorable decision to choose his father.

The wedding added to a brilliant 2003 for Hunter. It was arguably his best as he dominated the WWE, enjoying a 280 day run with the title before dropping it in September of 2003 to Goldberg. Not to worry though, in typical Triple H fashion, he’d have the last laugh, defeating Goldberg at Armageddon in December and closing off 2003 in style as the champion.

10 Steph, Torrie and The Hef

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Back in the early 2000s, the WWE was a very different place with very different rules. In the picture you see above, a happy looking Stephanie poses for a picture alongside Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and former WWE star Torrie Wilson. During the WWE’s 14+ TV rating, the company was getting endorsed by edgier companies. Don’t expect the same to happen nowadays, with the WWE trying to be squeaky clean.

Torrie would pose for the magazine in March of 2003, appearing on the cover of the issue. Wilson’s star grew even larger in the WWE and the magazine sales skyrocketed, making it one of the best selling issues in the magazine’s history. Despite her limited in-ring abilities, Torrie would continue to be popular with the WWE Universe.

9 Steph With The Title

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The Attitude Era was a wacky time period in the world of sports entertainment. While a lot of good came out of it, there was a lot of bad as well, which some fans tend to forget about. One of the bad parts took place when Stephanie was crowned as the Women’s Champion, despite the fact that she had absolutely no wrestling ability. McMahon defeated Jacqueline for the title and held on to the belt with a pretty lengthy run of a couple of months, before finally dropping it to Lita on an episode of Raw.

Thankfully, Stephanie wouldn’t hold the title at any point following that run. However, she would re-enter the ring another time, when taking on Brie Bella at SummerSlam. It's remarkable how relevant she’s stayed despite the fact that she hardly wrestles.

8 Steph Selling Merch

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We've all got to start somewhere and for Steph, that somewhere was as a merchandise model for the WWE. She appeared in various magazine spreads, rocking various t-shirts and caps, like the t-shirt she's wearing above of The Rockers.

The McMahon family encouraged Steph to get a proper education and she did just that, graduating from the University of Boston with a degree in Communications. Following her graduation in 1998, she would join the head office, taking up positions as a Receptionist and Accountant Executive. Everything would change for Steph in 1999 when Vince Russo made the bold decision to put her on television. She began as the sweet innocent daughter of Vince, but would blossom into one of the most hated heels in company history. Not bad, not bad at all.

7 Candid Shot With Hunter

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This is a rare candid shot of the power couple during their earlier days together. The candid shot was taken in New York City, one of the WWE’s favorite hot spots. Who can forget the days of WWE opening a wrestling shop, WWE New York, in the heart of Times Square. Don’t lie, you know you went and stayed for supper too. Or was that just me?

They began as a power couple on-screen during the late 90s, but would get more control off screen as the years went by. Following Stephanie’s return in 2013, the two have been a major part of guiding the WWE into the future. Once Vince steps down, it seems more and more evident that Hunter and Stephanie will be looking over the future of the business.

6 Steph & Eva

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A picture that hurts the souls of wrestling fans, Stephanie is seen here alongside Eva Marie in this rare behind the scenes image. Although Stephanie plays the part of a mean spirited person on the air, don’t be fooled, as she’s nothing like that backstage with the talent. McMahon is a sweetheart and by far the most approachable of the entire McMahon family.

It's not too surprising that Eva gets along with Stephanie, as she’s done absolutely nothing since coming into the business, yet remains employed by the company. Obviously, she’s doing something right backstage. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for Eva, as some believe we’ve seen the last of her talents while a minority believe one last run is in the works.

5 Stephanie With Lita & Trish

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This behind the scenes photo took place during Lita’s Hall of Fame induction. Stephanie made it a priority to induct the two pioneers you see in the picture above as soon as possible. Stephanie was close with both talents, so much so that she was bestowed with the honor of inducting Trish Stratus into the Hall of Fame. The very next year, Lita was welcomed into the Hall, getting inducted by Trish.

Without a doubt, Stephanie respects the accomplishments of both WWE Superstars who were well ahead of their time, putting an emphasis on their in-ring work. Today, Stephanie has used that mantra to help re-create the women’s division, which is now focused on in-ring work.

4 With Hunter & The Nature Boy

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Following the end of WCW, The Nature Boy took an eight month leave from the wrestling business. Triple H, who was a huge fan of Flair, was instrumental in welcoming him back to the company. Following the Invasion angle, Flair was brought back to the company, as a co-owner in a new storyline.

From there, Hunter would use Flair in the Evolution stable, completely rejuvenating his career. The group took the company by storm, with Flair winning the Tag Titles alongside Batista. The run helped to add extra years to his career and his popularity would eventually grow back to its previous heights. Both Stephanie and Triple H remain close with Flair, as his daughter Charlotte continues to shine on Raw, helping to prolong the family’s legacy for years to come.

3 Steph Looking Ready To Pop

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The picture you see above is a rare candid shot of Stephanie looking like she’s ready to burst at any second. A makeup-less Stephanie looks on with her giant belly and, at that point, wrestling was the furthest thing from her mind.

As we stated earlier, the happy family has three children today; Aurora Rose, Murphy Claire and Vaughn Evelyn. It's pretty crazy that Stephanie had three girls while her brother Shane had three boys. During her time off, Stephanie loves to spend time with her children, like the good mother that she is. Both Steph and Hunter have been keen on protecting the identities of their children, as we rarely see their faces.

2 Behind The Scenes Shot Of The Couple

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This picture pretty much sums up the couple's relationship. Stephanie is flasing a smile while Trips is not really acknowledging anyone. As the old saying goes, opposites definitely attract.

The relationship between the two was one that should have never really happened. Vince was very strict when it came to talent relationships, especially when it came to his children, who were forbidden to date wrestlers. Shane understood his dad loud and clear, while Stephanie obviously did not. She began to date Hunter while he was still with Chyna, although that would end and Chyna wouldn't be re-signed to the company.

1 With Cena Behind The Scenes

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Rising to superstardom in 2003, nobody could have predicted the profound impact John Cena would have on the WWE. Aside from The Rock, no wrestler has a greater mainstream impact than Cena in recent memory.

This picture shows Stephanie alongside John behind the scenes. With Stephanie as the Chief Branding Officer, the two have worked together pretty often as Stephanie has brought along Cena for various meetings. John is a terrific ambassador for the company and a face the WWE wants to expose on a global stage. Whether it be his Make-A-Wish charitable contributions or his poise when put on the spot, Cena remains the top brand ambassador alongside Stephanie McMahon. You can expect this relationship to only grow as the years roll along. as Cena’s contributions both in and out of the ring certainly make him one of the greatest of all-time.

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