15 Rare Behind The Scenes Pictures Of The McMahon Family

For years, the McMahon family has ruled the landscape of the WWE on television. Whether it be Vince, Stephanie or even the recent involvement of Shane, the McMahon’s are extremely present in the product.

As much as we nag and complain, the family makes for compelling television. Heck, even the USA Network urges the family to appear on the programs as much as possible.

They’ve dominated things on-screen, but off it the family is private when it comes to their personal life. We haven’t seen Linda in a while, Shane’s wife is omni-present and Vince’s grandchildren are hardly ever showcased. This a part of the family they like to keep away from the public eye.

Tension has also made headlines pertaining to the family, as Triple H grows greater in power since being molded by Vince to pave the way for the company in the future. According to former WWE stars like Bret Hart, there is a real tension between Hunter & Stephanie against Shane. Whether that’s true or not still can’t be confirmed.

In this article, however, we ease up on the tension and take a look at some of the lesser known moments that took place behind the scenes. Pictures stem from father and son-in-law bonding to Stephanie, CM Punk and Paul Heyman all enjoying a laugh together. These are the 15 rare behind the scenes pictures of the McMahon family, enjoy!

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15 They Even Dress Alike

via wrestlingnews.net

For years, Vince McMahon has urged his son-in-law to take off his darn wrestling attire and trade in those tights for a nicely fitted suit and a spot behind the scenes.

After numerous requests, Hunter finally obliged and slowly transitioned away from the ring into his new role. Vince has molded Hunter into the future of the business behind the scenes and McMahon later rewarded Triple H by giving him the keys to NXT, which is not only a platform for him to improve but something that he holds close to his heart.

Aside from NXT, Hunter is also alongside McMahon during episodes of Raw at the gorilla position and, according to this picture, he is required to wear the same colored suit, tie and shirt as his fatherin-law. How cute.

14 Doing It For The Troops

via ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com

As glamorous as the life of a WWE Superstar seems to be on television, it really isn’t always the case. The WWE puts on shows around the world in some of the tougher venues and areas. One show in particular takes the cake and that’s the live event the company holds overseas for the troops.

The picture above shows the tough conditions as McMahon and Hunter are all cooped up at the “gorilla position.” Seeing the two together proves a couple of things. For one, Hunter is willing to go wherever and do whatever for his father-in-law and the WWE. Secondly, it shows how close of a bond these two share behind the scenes.

Based on the pictures surfacing online, you’d think Hunter was Vince’s real son and not Shane.

13 Steph and The Horsewomen

via twitter.com

Despite the hatred pockets of wrestling fans have for her, we certainly cannot takeaway anything from Stephanie McMahon’s work ethic on and off the screen. On-screen, she’s become one of the greatest heels in the industry, taking her Authority role to new heights. Off-screen, her contributions speak for themselves as the WWE’s Chief Branding Officer.

Not only has she thrived when expanding the WWE’s repertoire worldwide, but she continues to contribute with the product creatively as well. Along with her husband Triple H, the two have made it a priority to completely revitalize the WWE’s women’s division. Looking at the state of both classes on Raw and SmackDown, we can safely say that the movement has arrived and will continue to thrive for years. Fans can thank Stephanie for this massive overhaul, which seemed impossible years ago.

12 Stephanie & Andre

via wrestlingforum.com

This iconic picture sees a miniature Stephanie McMahon all cuddled up alongside the legendary Andre the Giant. As a child, Stephanie was constantly surrounded by WWE Superstars and grew close to a few of them. Andre was one of her first friends and, according to her family, Stephanie would go around telling others that Andre was her best friend. The two grew very close, even if Stephanie was just a child.

Her involvement would only grow soon after as she began to work as a merchandise model for the company when she was in her teens. Her role would later expand working as the company’s receptionist and later as an Account Executive for the sales department which resided in New York at the time.

Who could have possibly predicted that this little girl in this picture would have such a profound impact on the business.

11 McMahon and Jerry Jones

via totalprosports.com

Here’s a picture of a couple of dudes that know how to make a couple of bucks. Jerry Jones has a net worth of $5 billion while Vince McMahon has a cool net worth of over $1 billion. Rumor has it that conversation topics between the two ranged from money to money to money.

In all seriousness, the two have remained acquaintances for quite some time now as members of the billionaire club. Just this year, McMahon held his WrestleMania event in the monumental home built by Jerry Jones; the AT&T Stadium located in Arlington, Texas. In terms of revenues and attendance, the show was a massive success crushing the previous record with an attendance rate of 101, 763 WWE fans.

As for the quality of the show itself...

10 Vince Is Always Watching

via imgur.com

At the age of 71, some rumors have circulated that Vince has begun to delegate his powers in order to facilitate his role with the company. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth as McMahon is still a crazy workhorse behind the scenes. No matter what the belief might be, Vince still keeps in touch with all of his products, including NXT. At the end of the day, it’s all about Vince!

Those who know McMahon personally claim that the guy simply does not sleep or take days off. According to Paul Heyman, even on the weekends while he’s home, McMahon holds phone conferences with his creative writers that last for hours. His son-in-law Tripe H also made a claim that Vince trains at 3 AM at times.

At the age of 71, it’s pretty clear that Vince still has no idea what it means to take a day off.

9 Hollywood Walk Of Fame

via givemesport.azureedge.net

This picture shows Vince McMahon posing alongside his son and son-in-law for a rare public appearance which saw the WWE’s CEO get honored with a spot on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Again, both sons are supporting the same colored suits and shirts as their father, which is pretty odd. After looking at some of these pics, it’s pretty clear that Vince loves his boys to match whatever he wears.

The picture also shows Hunter and Shane together, which seems to be a rarity, especially nowadays. Some people believe that tension does indeed exist between the two. Even WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart acknowledged this fact when he was backstage at a WWE event, claiming the tension was rather high between the two. Still to this day, we cannot confirm if this tension is real or not.

8 Paul & Steph Share A Laugh

via imgur.com

Over the years, Paul Heyman has had a rocky relationship with the WWE. It has led to several controversial situations which included Heyman getting fired for listening in on a phone conference and Paul waking out of the company in another situation after he and McMahon clashed because of creative differences.

Despite the tension, Heyman remains in good standing with the company today. The WWE still employs the legendary manager and founder of ECW, although he works on a part-time basis nowadays managing Brock Lesnar and spending most of his time working back home in New York. Many believe he is still in the company because of his relationship with Stephanie, as the two grew very close when they were working side by side creatively for the SmackDown brand back in the day.

7 Cena & Stephanie Backstage

via therichest.com

John Cena made his debut in June of 2002, looking average at best. Years later, he’d transform into the face of the business and one of the most respected WWE stars of all-time.

Behind the scenes, his relationship with the McMahon’s is solid. The word backstage is that Cena and Vince have a father-son type of a bond. According to CM Punk, the two have even clashed over creative differences in the past.

Despite the little battles, McMahon loves Cena’s passion and dedication to the business. When Cena's on the card, chances are he’s watching the entire show from the gorilla position, something other wrestlers rarely do. His commitment has formed a formidable bond with every McMahon family member, including Stephanie who appreciates all his hard work with various charities, including Make-A-Wish.

6 Family Picture with Linda McMahon

via twitter.com

In terms of immediate family, Linda seems to be the only one looking at the company from a distance. Shane, Stephanie, Hunter and Vince all play a prominent part today while Linda remains virtually non-existent nowadays when it comes to WWE programming.

Despite her being off television, Linda still appears backstage at events from time to time. She managed to create several formidable bonds in the 90s, which included a relationship with the late Ultimate Warrior, who regarded her as a mother. Before his passing, Warrior discussed how much Linda meant to him and his WWE career, which was refreshing to hear after years and years of Warrior bashing the WWE.

These days, Linda remains active in the world of politics and has no intention on coming back to the company anytime soon.

5 Enjoying A Laugh

via baltimoresun.com

Although Vince has an insane work ethic, that doesn’t mean he isn’t opposed to having some fun. It's actually the opposite, as McMahon is actually known to be a prankster behind the scenes and loves to have a laugh or two with the talent and in this case, with both Shane and Hunter.

McMahon has some great stories behind the scenes. One of them includes taking down Kurt Angle from behind and teasing him about for the next couple weeks. Angle finally got some revenge on Vince only to be choked out by The Undertaker who didn’t understand that the situation was a joke. Once again, Vince got the last laugh, something he is notorious for, as you probably know by now.

4 The McMahon’s Love Celebs

via dailywrestlingnews.com

When Vince took over the WWE in the 80s, he made it a priority to switch the company's focus from pro wrestling to a form of entertainment which would be later classified as "sports entertainment."

McMahon needed a poster boy for this concept and pushed Hulk Hogan in 1984. His decision would pay off immediately as Hogan rose to superstardom not only in the world of pro wrestling, but globally as well. A year after the relationship between Vince and Hogan, the company held the first WrestleMania. The event was held in a sold out Madison Square Garden Arena. The show was littered with entertainment stars including Billy Martin, Muhammad Ali, Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T, who competed in the main event match alongside Hulk Hogan.

Since that night, McMahon has kept with the theme of involving celebrities in the show, as you can see in this picture with iconic television host, Jerry Springer.

3 Shane’s Wife

via shane-mcmahon.tumblr.com

For years now, Shane has kept his personal life behind closed doors unlike his other family members. McMahon married Marissa Mazzola in 1996. Mazzola actually worked for the WWE at one point. She worked a few other minor roles with the company that included a co-host position on the WWE show LiveWire, though she never once stepped foot into the ring, and a spot on various WWE films internally.

The two are still happily married today and have three children, Declan James, Rogan Henry and Kenyon Jess. The trio was seen accompanying their father to the ring during his entrance for his WrestleMania 32 clash against The Undertaker. What a thrill that must have been for both his sons and Shane as a proud father.

2 Father & Son-In-Law At Gorilla

via cagesideseats.com

We often discuss how Triple H hit the jackpot in terms of his status with the McMahon’s. but we fail to realize how big of an asset Triple H really is to all of the McMahon’s. Hunter is a dream child for McMahon, as he loves the business, breathes the business and has kept a cool and consistent head throughout the years, something that would seem like an impossibility, especially when you factor in the people Triple H used to hang around with.

Vince now has the perfect candidate to mold into the next boss. This picture clearly shows Vince and Hunter working well alongside one another for yet another WWE telecast. Vince can sleep easy when his time comes to leave the company, knowing that Trips is more than of navigating the ship.

1 Stephanie At The Gorilla Position

via cagesideseats.com

As much as we love to discuss how hard Triple H and Vince work, we typically fail to mention that Stephanie in that equation.

Like her husband and father, Stephanie has a huge role in the company that gives her little time to do anything else. Stephanie is not only the Chief Branding Officer within the company, but she is also the on-screen Raw commissioner. Along with those titles, Stephanie takes care of talent behind the scenes and typically works the gorilla position alongside her father.

As if that wasn’t enough, Stephanie is also a mother to three daughters. Oh, and like Triple H and Vince, she also finds time to train late at night.

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