15 Ravishing Photos Of Lana That Would Drive Rusev Crazy

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana is no stranger to WWE fans. The blonde bombshell has made her presence felt in the world of WWE ever since she started accompanying her real life beau Rusev to the squared circle.

Born CJ Perry, the Florida-born Russian is the perfect valet. She talks with a Russian accent (although it isn’t real), she can be annoying when she wants to be, and she backs her man no matter what - usually serving as his mouthpiece while looking really hot doing so.

Lana’s presence isn’t just limited to WWE television shows like Raw or SmackDown, though; she’s a regular on E!’s hit series Total Divas, and she can be found online sporting skimpy bathing suits on WWE.com, partaking in a number of high profile photo shoots. She mostly stayed by Rusev’s side for the better part of her career, but Lana now finds herself backing Tamina on SmackDown, after a failed attempt at getting back in the ring. She just may not be ready.

With that said, Lana has had some ups and downs in WWE, yet one thing has always been certain - she’s looked incredible throughout all of them, and truth be told, she may be arguably the most beautiful woman on the entire roster. What is she doing with Rusev? Only she can answer that.

However, there has been a number of awkward moments Lana has found herself in, and she hasn’t skipped a beat in front of the camera. Here are some of the steamiest photos that her husband Rusev may not want you to see:

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15 Candid Beach Shot

via youtube.com

We start our list off with a photo that will probably make any red-blooded male go crazy. Here is Lana in all of her glory, posing in a candid beach shot. It looks as if she is relaxing on a deserted beach, with someone next to her taking the snap. It also looks as if this photo doesn’t belong anywhere else other than a cell phone, so it has us wondering if her better half Rusev took this photo, or if this picture was meant for the masses to see. Either way, we’re not really complaining, and better yet, we’d love to hit the beach with Lana.

Also, that bikini's color combination is quite wonderful, really bringing out the colors in both Lana's hair and facial features. But why is there nobody on that beach? Did the Ravishing Russian rent it out all for herself? It's really tough to say, but it is rather mysterious.

14 Black & White

via pinterest.com

An ode to being plain and simple, this pic looks as if the Ravishing Russian either just woke up to give her fans a little treat, or she just may be bored out of her mind. (Either or works for us.) With not much emotion to speak of on her face, this is a perfect example of how plain Lana could be, and she still looks better than anyone we’ve seen all day. You could see Lana about to smile in this picture, and you’ve got to wonder where she could be since the room she is staying in looks kind of like a vacation house. She's got luggage behind her, and a shower in the corner, making this somewhat of an open concept look, complete with wooden floors. Yes, Lana takes the cake in this picture by looking so gorgeous, but damn this residence looks really nice.

13 Rear End

We’ve got no idea why Lana would want to take a picture with this animal, but here it is. On top of that, we get what appears to be a goat’s backside, yet we’re still fixated on Lana’s incredible physique, as she sports a shiny bathing suit we could never get tired of staring at. This is a testament to Lana’s looks, since almost everyone would find this picture a little gross, yet the Russian vixen gives absolutely no you-know-what’s and poses anyway. How did Rusev feel about his lady in this photo, anyway?

Anyhow, it's somewhat ironic that Lana is looking so fresh in this photo, because this place must be filled with trash and donkey poop. I sincerely hope she's wearing good shoes, because if not, that's going to be one messy lady to have to clean up after.

12 Look Who’s Having Fun

via thebiglead.com

We know what you’re thinking - how could Rusev not want us to see this picture since he’s in it? The truth is if you look at Rusev’s face, it’s as if he’s pretending to be content while his wife is living it up at a pool party, and let’s go so far to even pretend that Lana may be drinking her butt off in the process. With that said, it looks as if Lana is having all the fun here, and Rusev is simply forced to stay by his lady’s side. Fellas, don’t pretend like we haven’t all been there, either. Plus, what would happen if he left Lana unattended for the flocks of men to approach her, itching to get her attention? You've got to feel for Rusev in this photo, though. After all, he's just an afterthought after looking at that exquisite body. Boy, does he look pissed off. I guess you can't blame him.

11 Young & Wild

via pwpop.com

This rare photo captures our lady Lana during her modelling days, well before WWE came knocking. She has brown hair, and hasn't done much to touch up her body just yet. This is maybe one of the purest photos you'll see of Lana, and to be honest, this is CJ Perry at her finest. Rusev may not want anyone to see early pictures of his wife, and we can't help but think that Vince McMahon and the rest of the WWE brass wants you to see this either. But considering what we're looking at, there's no way pictures like this are disappearing any time soon.

What's interesting about Lana's modelling photos is that these are the pictures that got her a big break in WWE, not to mention she's also an actress, and if her WWE career doesn't pan out, we could surely see her donning the screen in some lower-budget action hero movies, or even ones in the Marvel and DC quarters.

10 Rubber Ducky

In a fairly awkward photo, here is Lana in a swimming pool, with a giant rubber ducky. It's not like she was riding it or anything. At least we don't think so? This looks like a candid, after-dark photo that was only intended for a few people to see. But thanks to the glorious internet, we've got this one in full force. Lana looks a little bored here, but this also looks like this picture was taken in the wee hours of the night. Why else would she be on a duck? Also, Rusev was probably not the person who took this photo.

It's also kind of promiscuous that the Russian-American bombshell has the ducky's neck in between her thighs. Actually, that's a really, really long neck. I'm surprised this photo isn't all that popular, because that's quite the pose that Lana is dishing out there.

9 An Obscure Fan Photo

via PWMania.com

With all due respect, you've got to commend the pervert who took this photo at a live event. Here is Lana, probably at Raw, cheering Rusev on while at ringside. She's also bending over, and even though the valet has quite the backside, this photo's purpose is for you to look at nothing else. It's a little mischievous of the person who snapped this picture, yet it's not like we're going to look away. It's not like WWE stars can escape the limelight when they're performing live, but it's a little rude to be snapping a picture like this. It's not like there's a killer zoom or anything; but the picture is fixed on one of Lana's most prized assets. Either way, I'm sure there's worse photos on the internet when the paparazzi are involved. This person had one goal, and that goal was to take a picture of Lana's bum while she was bending over. That's all.

8 Money Shot Pt. 2

via fightsday.com

Well, this is a little bit of a different shot of someone's backside, unlike the animal we saw before on our list. Continuing with shot's of Lana's rear end, here is one for the ages. I'm not quite sure who took this photo of Lana, but if her reaction tells us anything, it's that the Ravishing Russian knows she's on camera, and she also looks very content being so. Something tells us that she can't help but post this picture the minute she has a chance to. Rusev would be irked to find out that Lana would have posted this herself, but that's not really our problem, now is it?

This also looks like a private pool party of some kind, hence the rope. Or maybe, this event featured some WWE stars, like Lana, and they didn't want any thirsty males getting too close. She also looks like she's about to pump the party up, but we can't tell if she's on the mic.

7 Right Into The Camera

via fightbooth.com

In this picture, Lana is sporting a bikini that is obviously too small for her. She's also looking right into the camera, and it looks like she's a little upset or something. This photo, perfect for Instagram, has Lana looking really sharp. We see a background of the beach, which makes us wonder how many vacations Lana can go on if she's working all the time. Also, the colour of her bikini perfectly accentuates this photo, matching her lips. To top it all off, she's looking quite good in those shades, too. Who can't get enough of Lana either?

This is the type of selfie we'd love to receive from our girlfriends any day of the week. It's really incredible how one photo can drive a man wild. The good news is there's six more on this list, and if you're not already sweating, you've got problems. What a smoke show.

6 All Tied Up

via heavy.com

Let's imagine Lana is on her way to a dinner in this photo. Wearing her usual pink, she gets picked up in a limousine by her husband, Rusev. They get out of the car, and Lana is already attracting so much attention, simply because her shirt looks as if it's going to tear away. Rusev can't be too happy about that one. I'm sure Rusev likes it that his wife looks great in all of these photos, but he's also a very jealous man. Lana going out without a bra can't be too good for his image. It's good for us, though.

This outfit really brings out some of Lana's best features, and her makeup is really good in this photo. Who knows, she could be posing for a magazine or going to the movies. That's how stylish and beautiful Lana is on a daily basis. Also, where does one find that shirt? Our local shopping mall, or is it made by Versace?

5 Sneaky Pic

via pwpix.com

Lana looks a little hot in this picture. Wearing another bikini (does she ever wear the same one twice?), Lana is taking a picture in front of a mirror, and it's tough to say what that picture is for. Does she want to post it on social media? Is she sending it to someone? Did she get hacked? (We hope not). Anyhow, looking at Lana here, you can't get enough of the blonde bombshell. She looks really cute in this picture, and her body...well, it sort of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

It's kind of funny that she looks like a cast member on Big Brother or the Real World, which just goes to show how intimate this selfie is. Also, that bathing suit might be a little small. You should stare at it a little while and be the judge.

4 Pretty In White

via pinterest.com

We've got to admire a woman that refuses to where anything underneath her shirt. Lana also looks relatively young in this photo, and this could be a picture of the Ravishing Russian during her first year in WWE. Her hair is even longer than usual, but we're also pretty positive that she's sporting extensions here. Lana also looks all dolled up for a special dinner, and if I'm Rusev, I'd be somewhat pissed off that there's so many pictures of my wife's chest on the internet.

Lana looks as if she's gearing up for a fancy supper, or even a red carpet event. She does look a little tame in this photo, yet those eyes aren't all that innocent if you ask me. She's got to be one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen on the WWE roster, and say what you will about her wrestling style, WWE would be foolish to ever let her go. She would find a job in the wrestling industry instantly.

3 In The Horizon

via wwe.com

If I was 13, this would be my desktop background. Here is Lana, without anything in sight except for the sky, looking like she's ready for some hot lovin'...ok, maybe that is going a bit too far, yet she does look like she's up to no good, right? You've got to love these WWE.com photoshoots for giving us some of the most candid photos of their ladies on the internet. We have no idea where this photo takes place, yet we'd kill to be right by Lana's side.

This photo could make any mens magazine, whether it be Maxim, Playboy, GQ or something else you could buy at your local pharmacy while killing time at the doctor's office. She does look extravagant in this photo, and it's one of the best ones on our list. Maybe I'm not too old to have this as my desktop picture? You can go ahead and do what you want with it.

2 Cute Bikini

via pinterest.com

This might be the most revealing photo of all...here is Lana in what appears to be a hot-pink bikini, which again, looks to small for her. Either that, or the contents are way too big...anyhow, this selfie is one that no doubt broke the internet when it was released. Lana sure likes to take pics of herself on vacation, doesn't she? It's also another pool pic, and at this point, you've got to wonder where Rusev is since Lana is the one taking her own picture. It's not like we need to see him, anyways.

Again, Lana is at the beach. This photo suggests she may be somewhere overseas, maybe in Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, or even Mexico. It's hard to say if she's working, and this is her day off, but man, would we kill to be at the beach with her...

1 Kissing DZ

via pinterest.com

We all remember the storyline of Lana falling for Dolph Ziggler, which also saw us watch Rusev start dating Summer Rae in one of the most cringeworthy storylines we've ever seen. Unlike our feature image, this shows Lana kissing Dolph Ziggler somewhere on vacation (probably Europe), and we can't help but wonder if Rusev was told about this. In an era where we thought kayfabe was dead, this brings protecting the business to a whole other level. Did Lana and Dolph Ziggler really need to sell their romance this hard? This photo must still drive Rusev mad.

You've got to credit both Lana and Ziggler for going through with this, but do you remember Matt Hardy and Lita, featuring Edge? What about Kevin Sullivan and Woman, featuring Chris Benoit? A storyline is a storyline, until it's not. WWE Superstars should be cautious about these things...mostly, Rusev should.

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