15 Real-Life Photos The WWE’s Shield Members Did NOT Want To Take

Building new Superstars, that’s the goal of this current era. Whether the WWE has succeeded in doing so remains up in the air, though, the biggest draws tend to be those with an already established resume nowadays. Getting a certain Superstar over from scratch is really difficult. The last we can think of are the three members of The Shield we feature in this article: Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

The WWE made the group with the intent of creating three major stars and that’s exactly what transpired. You’d think the company would use the faction route more often given the positive results, but hey, Vince will be Vince as the boss isn’t the greatest fan of teams or partners in general.

Since the group broke up, all three have gone on to bigger and better things. The group is now reunited and the fans are loving every minute of it. What makes their bond so unique is the genuine real-life connection the three have. In this article, we’ll take that a step further by showcasing the three travelling together. We’ll also take a look separate pics of the group members in public settings. What do all these pics have in common? The fact that they would have rather not taken them... From airports to 711s, we’ve got every inappropriate candid photo in this article of the group members. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend!

15 Rollins & Reigns At Baggage Claim

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The life of a pro wrestler in the WWE isn’t all that glamorous and this picture of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns clearly shows that as the two seem a little bit rattled likely just coming out of a long haul flight. Note to fans out there, the last place you wont to approach or photograph a wrestler is at baggage claim, after a long flight and being seated in the same position for a couple of hours, these WWE Superstars are likely a little more aggravated compared to before the flight. With nagging injuries and soreness everywhere, steer clear of them after flights.

Clearly, both Rollins and Reigns feel that sentiment in this picture. Just look at Seth’s face, the dude looks repulsed and seriously, do you blame him?

14 Dean & Renee In The Liquor Section

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In terms of the most inappropriate settings for candid pictures, Dean Ambrose takes the crown out of his Shield buddies. Residing out of Las Vegas, Nevada, the probability of Dean getting spotted is quite high, unlike his faction member Seth Rollins who lives way from the limelight in the Iowa area.

This is one of the many pics that features Dean in a public setting, to his credit, the dude is somehow always smirking and ready for the picture, major props to him in that regard cause not many WWE Superstars would feel the same way. Alongside his wife Renee, the two pose for the picture next to a beverage fridge, just imagine strolling along and seeing Dean and Renee just casually there. Admit it, you’d ask for a picture also....

13 Dean With The Apple & Undershirt

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We weren’t kidding when we said poor Dean gets approached in the very worst public settings and for this one, it appears as though the picture is snapped at the very worst possible time as well. We assume Ambrose was stopping at a rest stop 711 establishment while on the road. Heck, he looks like he just got out of the ring rocking his signature black undershirt along with those jeans that he’s known for wearing inside of the squared circle.

We feel for Dean but this photo is truly hilarious. Ambrose looks like a mess as he waves to the camera while holding an apple. His hands were full as he had three beverages along with the healthy fruit. Maybe he was travelling with his Shield brother as they waited for him in the car. Not a wise decision to send the guy who still has ring attire on to fetch the drinks.

12 Seth Smiling On The Outside (Pain On The Inside)

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Had this not been a young fan, we have reason to believe Rollins would have turned down the public photo. Seth isn’t the biggest fan of interaction with the WWE Universe outside of the ring, he’s also said he specifically hates when its planned or at an airport. Also, steer clear from hotels cause Rollins likely won’t sign. The dude loves his fans but he also has boundaries, you’ve got to respect him for that.

It seems like children are the exception as Rollins poses for the candid picture at a clothing store. Seth seriously looks like hell in this throwback photo with eyes bruised and his hair looking like an absolute mess. He’s smiling on the outside, but likely, not on the inside for this photo.

11 Roman’s Not Impressed

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Unlike Seth Rollins, Reigns hasn’t really commented when it comes to candid experiences with fans. However, he has taken shots at “wrestling marks” while claiming he does what he does for the younger audiences. Despite his claims, Roman is a class act out of the ring, it’s hard to find a candid pic of his that he seems totally uninterested, this one is the closest however.

The fan in the picture looks like he’s auditioning to become Roman’s manager, like a Paul Heyman or something pointing at his client. Roman however, looks far from that animal inside of the ring rocking those glasses, he looks like he works in banking or something, especially with that watch and his hand causally in his pocket.

10 Ambrose & Reigns Looking For Late Night Snack

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Like normal human beings, WWE Superstars need to eat and at times, that’s a lot easier said than done. In this instance, a WWE fan got the opportunity of a lifetime as both Shield members Ambrose and Reigns approached the fan asking him where they could have gotten some food. What makes the situation that much better is the fact that it was midnight, just imagine those two approaching you at that time with such a request?

Turns out the fan’s advice was probably a good one as the two members of the faction also posed for a picture alongside the fan. Whether it’s the night before landing at a destination or driving to it, or once their done a show, WWE Superstars typically crave food, so always be on the lookout if they’re at a destination near you.

9 Cranky Rollins

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Judging by Seth’s facial reaction, you’d think he was pulling another type of finger in this candid photo alongside a fan. This pic really makes no sense as Rollins looks like he’s in a daze wanting no part of this picture, yet, he still manages to point to the fan like it’s his Shield brother. Once again, Seth like his other brothers is out and about looking for some food. After getting spotted a couple of times in candid situations, we have reason to believe the faction members started packing their own meals. Heck, Rollins even promotes a meal prep company which now seems to make perfect sense.

Like they say in the wrestling business, experience is everything and it looks like Seth smartened up when it comes to the public meal outings.

8 Dean In Line At The Airport

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It seems like Dean was a long way from home in this candid shot as signs of Qantas Airline surround Ambrose. We did some digging, and that’s an airline out of Australia, meaning, the WWE Superstar did a boatload of travelling on that day. We did a little more snooping and the estimated flight time from Ambrose’s home in Vegas to Sydney, Australia is an estimated time of 18+ hours. We seriously hope the former WWE Champion didn’t take this flight alone and that his partner Renee was somewhere close by. You’d think someone as erratic as Dean would lose his mind on such a long haul flight all by his lonesome.

At the very least, the trip was paid for by the WWE, in terms of travel accommodations; they at least always pay for flights - one of the minor perks of a WWE contract.

7 Rollins & Reigns At A Truck Stop

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Okay, so we can blame Roman for the two getting spotted in this candid scenario in where they both look absolutely miserable. Rollins, who as we said isn’t the biggest fan of public photos, wisely puts on his hoodie along with hat, looking decently unrecognizable. Roman however, did not take the same route which likely resulted in the two getting spotted. Roman was full pin not covering his identity, that massive tattoo is enough to get spotted on its own.

We hope the Starbucks kid at least gave the duo a discount as food on the road is not covered by the WWE. They do however cater food before every live event. One a side note, major props to Rollins with the selection of those fries infusing his body with some late night carbs. As for Roman, WHAT’S IN THAT BAG! TELL US ROMAN! That Starbucks kid knows, and he seems to be flaunting about it.

6 Another Dean & 711 Picture

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Once again, Ambrose is holding three drinks in this photo, which appear to be the same as the last photo we saw. Dean is once again spotted in the 711 type of establishment, this picture is truly hilarious as the kid posing for the picture can seriously pass as Ambrose’s son. Both rocking black jackets and wearing almost the same jeans, not to mention their identical hair color, we can easily spread a rumor of Ambrose enjoying some time with his boy. However, the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) is just too sweet, we mean, too wise (please don’t sue us Vince for using that trademarked phrase) for such a rumor.

On another side note, major props to kid for his hilarious hand signal, what he’s trying to do is truly beyond us, which makes this candid photo that much better.

5 Seth & The Money In The Bank

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While carrying around his Money in the Bank briefcase, Rollins was spotted by a slew of fans which seriously isn’t too shocking. Just go online and look for yourselves, a bunch of fans have posed for airport pics alongside Rollins with the briefcase. You can just imagine the amount of attention he drew with the briefcase. With WWE stressing the importance of Seth having it with him at all times, going unnoticed was pretty impossible. Not to mention getting past security with that thing, Rollins shared numerous stories about the struggles of carrying the briefcase across any security station at an airport.

Although it was a struggle, it was all worth it as Rollins provided us with quite the moment at WM 31 cashing in the contract and winning the championship for the first time in his career.

4 Dean & Renee Post Flight

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Once again, as we said earlier in the article, baggage claim isn’t the best place to approach a WWE Superstar. However, major props to Dean and Renee for still managing to pose and slightly smile for the picture. Rollins and Roman on the other hand looked a lot more miserable in the photo above on this list.

Dean and Renee are seriously the model WWE couple as we’ve rarely seen the two together on-screen, or rarely have we heard of anything pertaining to the two behind the scenes. Sticking with that theme, the two quietly got married as this wedding flew under the radar compared to other WWE Superstar weddings. The couple made it official on the down low, and they’re now residing out of the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Born in Canada, we assume Young is excited to learn about the Vegas NHL expansion team now in the area.

3 The Shield’s NOT Impressed

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In terms of hilariousness, this picture of the entire group is one of the absolute best as every member of the team looks absolutely repulsed. Once again, Seth is hardly identifiable, while even Dean seems to be pretty well disguised. However, once again, Roman looks absolutely open for business rocking the Under Armour shirt.

Every member of the faction looks absolutely disgusted in the photo. Ambrose looks like he just saw a ghost, Roman has that “but why” face and Rollins, well, he’s pulling that “yep, okay, you good bro” kind of look. Most of you probably didn’t even notice the poor fan in the pic who’s putting his fist in the air like The Shield, however the group prefers keeping their hands in their pockets for this one, keeping those fists for television.

2 Ambrose & The Fan With The Sign

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Oh yes, the WWE Universe is quite creative when it comes to signs in the audience. Nothing will ever beat the signs we witnessed back in the Attitude Era as it seemed as though for every fan, came a sign. Nowadays, the same notion is much less and that’s largely because of the WWE and their rules. If they don’t like a sign, they have the right to take it away and even if they don’t confiscate it, they still edit it out after a telecast. Who can forget the WWE editing that “When it Reigns it bores sign”, hilarious the lengths they’ll go to in order to protect a certain WWE Superstar.

In this photo, ever Ambrose seems to have a chuckle pertaining to the young fan’s sign, even if it is “Not So PG” in nature, we credit that fan for her weird sense of humor.

1 Roman & Dean With The Stewardesses

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We truly saved the best for last in this article as we showcase this hilarious candid photo of Dean and Roman alongside the two flight attendants. Seth isn’t in the picture, though we’re hopeful he’s the one taking the photo. Dean gets the award in this picture as he holds the head and embraces the flight attendant like a proud son would do to his mother. Oh Dean.

Judging by this article, what makes these three so great together is the simple fact that there so close in real-life. Travelling alongside one another during their prime Shield run, you can just imagine the bond these three created. They all remain very close today and again, judging by their reunion, the three haven’t missed a beat together. We look forward to their return match at the TLC event.

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