15 Real-Life Photos These WWE Superstars Want You To Unsee

Soon enough, the younger generation of the WWE fans will start walking in similar footsteps than us, the veteran viewers of the WWE. After getting familiar with the WWE product, we wanted more and our source for more wasn’t the WWE Network, but instead - the World Wide Web. Along with various dirt sheets websites, we searched for candid photos of the wrestlers outside of the ring. Diehard fans love to see Superstars outside of their gimmicks and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this article. The WWE loves to keep the integrity of their performers' gimmicks in check, making these photos pics they’d want us to unsee.

From inappropriate live candid pics, to party photos to even public malfunctions, we’ve truly got it all in this article. Also, in terms of star power, we’ve go no shortage from the likes of Triple H and Vince, to the new school characters which include Seth Rollins, Sasha and Bayley. Get ready, cause this article has a wide variety of images.

Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass this article along to a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 real-life photos these WWE Superstars want you to unsee. We begin with the boss himself, Vince McMahon!

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15 Rare McMahon Candid

via pwpix.com

At the age of 72, the boss Vince McMahon is still going strong. Now don’t be fooled if you don’t see him on-screen as much, the boss man is still very much active behind the scenes at the Gorilla Position and still putting in countless hours at the WWE HQ. The guy is all about WWE and is showing no signs of slowing down into his 70s.

A rarity throughout the years however, is the minimal amounts of candid photos taken of McMahon alongside a fan. He’s got a slew of backstage pictures with celebs, but when it comes to the fans, photos have been few and far between. This one is a rare shot and given the mystique factor Vince McMahon loves to portray, he probably wishes we could unsee the candid fan pic. The photo was taken during the 4th of July as Vince was spending a well deserved day off alongside family.

14 Maryse & Swagger ?

via tinypic.com

Looking at this picture today, you likely scratch your head given the fact that both are now happily married and in completely different places. Now we’re not going to speculate that the two were an item, but they do seem rather close in a couple of club pictures that were taken early on in their careers. Before reaching the main roster, both had stints with the WWE’s developmental territory in 2006. By 2008, both turned into regulars on the main shows.

Nowadays, things are drastically different for both. Then, perhaps nobody could have predicted that a decade later Swagger would be joining Bellator while Maryse was taking time off awaiting the arrival of her child, in which the baby daddy is Miz. Yup, it’s a crazy world folks. Given today’s circumstances, this is a pic both would want us to unsee.

13 Inappropriate Candid Shot Of Sasha Banks 

via pinterest.com

Banks is the perfect example of someone that caught serious heat due to landing on the right gimmick. Developing the persona of The Boss, Sasha became an NXT favorite despite her heelish character. She’s not being booked with the same intensity nowadays, however she remains one of the most over female Superstars nonetheless.

It also helps that she’s pretty darn good looking. Particularly watching Sasha during live events, you’ll really appreciate her fine look. In this photo, a fan might have taken things a little too far snapping a real-life photo of Sasha’s backside. Call her Sasha Back... Of course, given the “Not So PG” nature photo of such a pic, she’ll want us to unsee it. She likely probably also wants us to unsee the Twitter account dedicated to her booty as well...

12 Ambrose At The Gym

via twitter.com

Let’s just go out and say it, poor Dean. In terms of candid pictures with the fans, Ambrose is by far one of the top in the entire company. From 711s, to truck stops, to on the street, to even at a gym, Ambrose has been flagged down by numerous fans in the last couple of years. To his credit, he never rejects a pic, even if he doesn’t look the happiest when taking the photo. Nonetheless, we applaud Dean for caring about the people that pay his bills, even if it does breach his privacy in like an airport, another place he’s taken several real-life pictures at.

The gym area is without a doubt a touchy place to take a pic with a wrestler as the testosterone is building up. We hope the dude waited for after the workout.

11 Mickie’s Days With Kenny

via proboards.com

It’s hard to believe, but basically, Mickie pulled a Sunny during her relationship with Kenny of the Spirit Squad. While the two were together, James was exploring others, but rumor has it he was an invisible man..... Okay all jokes aside, James was getting it on with Cena during her relationship, similar to Sunny getting it on with Shawn while she dated Candido.

Things did not end well for both Mickie and Kenny. Once it was determined that Cena wanted no part of James, Mickie’s days with the company were numbered. Kenny was also disposed of, all in order to protect the face of the company John Cena. This picture is a reminder of Mickie and Kenny’s time together, a photo both of them want us to unsee.

10 The Nikki Malfunction

via thesun.co.uk

In terms of “real-life”, there isn’t a single WWE Superstar that has done it better than Nikki Bella. Nikki has turned into a reality show giant, whether it’s her exposure on Total Divas, Total Bellas or her various other platforms that includes several social media accounts along with her YouTube channel which has received rave reviews. Nikki’s thriving outside of the company nowadays.

With so much real-life exposure, something was bound to slip for Bella and in this case, that’s literally what happened. While shooting a live video for her fan base, Nikki’s revealing top merely slipped off while she was playing with the family dog. Those enhancements just couldn’t stay put... In all likelihood, Nikki wishes a little “you can’t see me” action took place in that instance – though others would beg to differ.

9 A Roman & Seth Candid

via therichest.com

We get to see the WWE Superstars in all their glory on-screen, however what we tend to forget about is everything that goes on in between. That’s the not so glamorous part of the business, the part the WWE doesn’t want us to see. In this candid photo, both marquee WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns don’t look too impressed with the candid photo. After sitting on a plane with all those bumps and bruises, taking a photo isn’t exactly ideal. Judging by their faces, both Shield brothers will want us to unsee this photo.

Despite their unhappiness with this particular photo, both are class acts with the fans, even Rollins who isn’t the biggest advocate of candid interactions; however he doesn’t turn down fanfare which is a major plus.

8 Bayley’s Candid Behind

via twitter.com

She became an NXT sensation - similar to Sasha Banks, it was a persona change that shifted Bayley’s popularity. Unfortunately, nowadays, she’s floundering on the main roster and although improvements have been limited since her departure from NXT, there is a certain “asset” she’s improved on... We’ll give you a hint, it’s the first three letters in the word asset...

Yup, Bayley’s got booty and social media as pounced all over it, well, not literally but in terms of inappropriate candid pics. Like Sasha, Bayley has an account dedicated to her booty and let’s just say the account is quite merited, given well the growth in her derriere. Being one of the most PG personas in WWE history, she’d rather such photos did not make the rounds as intensely as they have been.

7 Undertaker & Sting Candid

via pintrest.com

Sadly, this is the closest we’ll ever get to a Sting and Undertaker encounter. Many of us would dream of such a match back in the 90s, and unfortunately, such a marquee bout would never take place. According to Sting, he put the offer on the table however, in a surprising twist, the Stinger admitted that ‘Taker wasn’t really into the match. With Sting retired and ‘Taker pretty much retired as well, the ship has sailed for such a match.

What’s made both characters so great is how much both company’s (WWE and WCW) protected their gimmicks during their prime runs. For that reason, such a real-life pic is something the WWE wants us to unsee, even if it took place during the later portion of their fine runs.

6 Flair Passed Out At The Airport

via wrestlepundit.com

After just nearly escaping death, the world has been celebrating Flair’s existence just a little bit more as of late. With his recent 30 for 30 film coming out, the Nature Boy is basking in the limelight nowadays. Footage you likely won’t see anytime soon, is Flair’s odd encounter with the authorities a little while ago when he was found completely passed out in a public setting.

What happened exactly at the Boston Airport is still a little bit skewed, Flair was bleeding and lost a lot of blood, however many that witnessed Ric made the claim that he was acting as if to be extremely intoxicated. Some even caught him rambling on by himself. In any event, no matter what went down, it’s a real-life moment both himself and the WWE will want us to unsee.

5 A.J.’s Malfunction

via dailystar.co.uk

Truly nothing can faze the great A.J. Styles, not even a wardrobe malfunction during a main event title match at a PPV. Yes, that’s exactly what happened when Styles took on Dean Ambrose in the main event of the TLC PPV. In an embarrassing moment, Styles ripped his pants and the area that was compromised wasn’t the best section, located on his derriere. Social media was abuzz with numerous fans posting real-life photos of the malfunction.

To A.J.’s credit, the pro that he is, he wasn’t fazed by the attire gaff one bit. The WWE did their job with excellent camera work avoiding the malfunction while Styles didn’t miss a beat during the TLC match. Ultimately, the botch was forgettable and a moment the WWE will want us to unsee, but the match itself, still somehow did not disappoint.

4 Soft Kevin Owens

via twitter.com

Here’s a real-life pic you never thought you’d see and that’s particularly because of KO’s reckless ways inside of the ring as one of the best heels in the entire company. What’s truly shocking is that out of the ring, KO is an absolute family man and a lover of animals as well. In keeping kayfabe alive, the WWE would rather you didn’t know about this, especially when seeing such photographic evidence.

Along with animal photos, KO is also fully invested into his other role as a proud parent and husband. Owens and his wife (who’s quite the smokebomb) share a great relationship and one that’s been documented through social media, particularly on her account. Without a doubt, the WWE will want us to unsee that side of KO for programming purposes (or at least until he remains a heel).

3 The McMahon Arrest Incident

via tmz.com

Vince has made several questionable decisions in the past and that’s been well documented, particularly with the WWE product nowadays. However, he’s also made some bizarre choices with his own character as well. Who can forget the time he killed off his character, leading to a firestorm online with several outlets believing his apparent “passing”.

He was at it again in this instance. On the road to WrestleMania and attempting to put Reigns over, Vince took part in several segments. This particular ordeal ended with Vince getting physical with the "cops" when they wanted to take his daughter to jail (oh Vince and his outdated storylines). The angle ended with Vince getting arrested. Apparently, the segment was a little too real as the local police department received a plethora of calls pertaining to Vince’s whereabouts and actions. This was an incident that turned into real-life drama, and one he’ll want us to forget about.

2 Cena & His Grind Game

via wittyfeed.com

When it comes to the top pics of Cena outside of the ring, this one will forever reign as one of the top, even if Cena and the WWE don’t want us to “see it” (pun definitely intended). In fairness, that isn’t a random grinding up on John, it’s actually his ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. The two shared a brief marriage from 2009 till 2012. During their time together, Elizabeth was said to be quite wild and a pretty big party animal. Ultimately, both moving on was best for business.

Being the face of the WWE and an inspiration to millions of children around the world, such a real-life pic is among the very top that the WWE would want us to unsee. Thanks to the internet however, we’ll have this pic to our disposal till the end of time, sorry John and sorry Vince.

1 Trips With A Drink & Chick!

via proboards.com

In terms of shock value, this one takes the W. Triple H with a chick in a photo is odd enough, however an even bigger surprise might be the fact that Hunter’s holding a beverage in his hand, one that appears to have alcohol in it.

According to stories from back in the day, Hunter rarely drank, usually having to be the driver of the Kliq. Man stories have been told of Hunter at parties being the dude that’s making himself a sandwich while everyone else is boozing away. He’s also the dude that talked everything WWE while the others, were in another Universe and no, not the WWE Universe. So yeah, seeing him with the drink is something he’ll want us to forget about. Being alongside another female just adds the cherry to this photo both he and the WWE want us to unsee.

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