15 Real Life Romances WWE Wants You To Forget About

WWE is a company that employs many new male and female superstars every day. So it comes as no surprise that there are many relationships made in WWE that don't work out.

Sometimes it's the fact that working together and being in a relationship is too much. Sometimes it's because the two stars want different things, and sometimes it because egos get in the way.

There have been many Superstars who have gravitated towards each other when they perhaps shouldn't have done. These are the relationships that WWE likes to forget ever happened, as well as the fact that it was there fault they ended up together.

Many of these relationships wouldn't have happened if these stars were not stuck in the same environments for days at a time with only each other to converse with. Some relationships between WWE superstars have been successful, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan have to be the poster couple for WWE right now, but for every good couple there is a bad one, or so the saying goes.

Here are 15 real-life romances/relationships/hookups that WWE could wish they could wipe from the internet so that fans are never aware of them.

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15 Kelly Kelly And Chris Jericho

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Chris Jericho has been married to his wife since 2000 and they look like your quintessential happy family. Jericho is also the father of three children, so when pictures of Y2J and Kelly Kelly were leaked online, it was about to ruin his squeaky clean image.

Kelly Kelly had something of a reputation in WWE with Randy Orton once remarking that the former Divas Champion had slept with at least 10 different guys who worked in and around WWE. The photos were quite damning since they did show the pair kissing and holding hands, Jericho's wife can't have been too happy about it and surely WWE will want to forget a married family man was caught cheating on their watch. Luckily Kelly Kelly left the company not long after, so it seems WWE sorted it their own way.

14 Christy Hemme And Vince McMahon

This one is another rumored fling between Vince McMahon and one of his many female employees. but it is thought that this was actually more of a relationship than a fling. Christy was the Diva Search winner back in 2004 and she was gaining a lot of attention on WWE TV including being put in a WrestleMania match with Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship. and that could have been down to a secret relationship with Vince.

Vince's daughter Stephanie McMahon was said to have found out about what she thought was a fling and Christy was then forced to leave the company. Obviously, she went on to find fame in TNA for a few years after, but WWE has never commented on the release or the reasons for it. Fancy that, WWE trying to keep a secret to cover up for Vince...

13 JoJo And Randy Orton 

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JoJo along with Eva Marie was the winner of the 2013 Diva Search that allowed her to then receive a place in Total Divas. JoJo was just 18-years-old when she was first introduced to the WWE Universe. Around this time, Randy Orton had just divorced his wife and then met JoJo.

The two had a very brief fling, something that not many of the Superstars or even the two involved will talk about. With a 14 year age gap between them, it was never really going to work out. When Justin Gabriel dated JoJo he said that she acted too much like a child. WWE should have protected her since she was just 18-years-old, and a person that was not used to the dynamic within WWE. Randy has since moved on now and remarried.

12 Mickie James And John Cena

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The infamous relationship that many of the WWE Universe think cost John Cena his marriage when it was actually Cena who filed for divorce from his wife, not the other way around. Either way, Cena was married and Mickie James was engaged. The duo had no reason to end up with each other and stupidly Mickie became attached.

When her fiance Kenny Dykstra found out he caused all sort of problems and was released from WWE, while Mickie was then transferred to SmackDown to keep her away from John. Probably should have signs up backstage warning people what happens then they cheat? WWE really should have stepped in before this ended up costing Kenny his job. Luckily, all three are now members of the SmackDown brand once again, which probably isn't awkward at all.

11 Melina And Batista

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Another of those infamous backstage flings in WWE, and once again Melina was in a relationship with John Morrison at that time and Batista was married. This was something that WWE had written into their SmackDown script and it actually led to a fling between the couple.

Both stars have stated that they regret it and it could be claimed that if WWE didn't put them into that position, to begin with, then there might not have been much of a problem. Batista's marriage broke down whilst Melina managed to salvage her relationship, only for it to end a few years later anyway. It's another one of those sad stories where two people are together and they forget about the world around them. As already stated, WWE wrote it into a script and got the ball rolling to start off with.

10 Debra And Stone Cold Steve Austin

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This one is perhaps a relationship that all three parties would rather forget ever happened as well. Obviously, Debra and Steve Austin met when they performed together in WWE and decided to marry in 2000.

Their marriage was short lived and was definitely one that was full of drama with reports stating that the police were called to the couple after Debra was beaten by Steve Austin and he was then arrested and charged with domestic abuse following the incident. The couple never got back on track and divorced not long afterward. Debra stated that this happened three times and was a result of 'roid rage' and that WWE knew about it and worked to cover up the bruises on her face rather than stepping in and doing anything about it.

9 Lita and Edge

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Let's be honest: this is another one that the whole world wants to forget about, but it happened and it happened once again, because of WWE. Matt Hardy and Lita had been teaming together for a few years when Matt suffered an injury and was forced onto the sidelines.

WWE then decided to put Lita with Edge for a while instead and obviously when a man and a woman are put together, sparks fly. Edge was married at the time and this ended up costing him his marriage. Lita was with Matt Hardy and at one point Hardy was released by WWE rather than releasing the man who decided to cheat on his own wife with someone else's girlfriend. It was a crazy scenario and definitely one that WWE are glad is behind them.

8 Lita And CM Punk

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Add this one to the pile of cheating, and given the fact that WWE is open to completely forgetting all about CM Punk as of late, they probably don't even remember that this relationship existed.

Punk was a playboy for many years before he met AJ Lee and decided to settle down. Lita was the final woman before AJ and it is reported that Punk and AJ were actually seeing each other why they were together. It was also stated that if Punk didn't walk away from WWE when he did then Lita wouldn't have gone into the Hall of Fame that year because there was a lot of bad blood still there between them. Both stars have left WWE now and have moved on, so if WWE has forgotten, then it's perhaps better than way.

7 Lana And Rusev

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This couple met during their time down in NXT and decided to marry recently, but it seems that it hasn't been all plain sailing for Rusev and Lana. When they were first promoted to the main roster together Vince McMahon decided that Lana was too attractive for Rusev and tried to split them up in real-life by aligning her with Dolph.

Vince was furious when this didn't work and the couple publicly announced their engagement. This happened part way through a storyline, so it then had to be scrapped and the couple were punished as a result. Obviously, they have remained together on WWE TV ever since so it seems that WWE have accepted it now, but they will want to forget how hard they actually tried to break them up.

6 Sunny And Shawn Micheals

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Shawn Michaels was in a dark place during the 1990s and he did a lot of things he wasn't proud of, one of them was a rumored affair that HBK had with the original Diva Sunny. It is reported that Sunny was in a relationship with Chis Candido at the time and the whole locker room knew about it, but no one told him.

HBK was addicted to a lot of drugs at the time and probably can't even remember what he was doing much of the time, but Sunny was well aware and has had fun bragging about it in books ever since. If WWE knew about the relationship why didn't they stop it or at least do something about it? Especially since Sunny obviously had Michaels in her sights and wouldn't stop until she got him.

5 Velvet Sky And Bubba Ray

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While this has to be one of the strangest pairings that involves a WWE Superstar, it was actually TNA who were the main cause for this one. Chris Sabin was once again the poor soul who was left in the dark whilst the rest of the world knew that his girlfriend had eyes for someone else.

Sabin found out the hard way and rather than tell his girlfriend behind closed doors that he knew about the affair, the couple argued back and forth on Twitter for the world to see. Sabin had the final say by telling his former girlfriend to 'cut the sh*t' before they seeming went their separate ways. Both Chris and Velvet Sky have now left TNA while Bubba has also walked away from WWE.

4 Alicia And Wade Barrett

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This was a mismatched relationship from the start. While the couple looked seemingly happy together, during episodes of Total Divas, Alicia showed that Barrett had really messed up her head. Wade then easily moved on to the next girl without a second glance at Alicia.

While it is thought that these two were a real life couple, it is hard to tell if a lot of it was just for the cameras of Total Divas. What is known though is that Alicia has been pulled back into the WWE picture since Barrett has been released, after months of sitting on the sidelines? It also taught her not to date where she works. Hopefully, the heartbreak has ensured that she has learned her lesson and she never goes down that path again.

3 Nancy And Chris Benoit

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There's not much really to say about this relationship. It's been ten years since the infamous Benoit incident and WWE are still yet to mention Chris or his accolades on WWE TV. The company has forgotten everything that Chris did while he was with WWE so his relationship with fellow wrestling personality Nancy will have also been wiped away.

Nancy and Chris looked like they had the perfect relationship from an outsiders point of view, and a seven-year-old son named Daniel. It seems that no one actually knows what goes on behind closed door and that everything you know can change in an instant. Everything that this couple was before July 2007 has been forgotten and only bad memories are left, which is sad because as stated above, these two seemed perfect together after Nancy's previous relationship with Kevin Sullivan.

2 Chyna And Triple H

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Chyna and Triple H were an on-screen and off-screen couple in WWE during the late 1990s until Stephanie McMahon came along and turned Triple H's head. The Game then cheated on Chyna and broke up with her and when she voiced her problems with this, she was released from the company.

WWE left Chyna out in the cold penniless and after she passed away last year it was revealed that she never got over the heartbreak that she suffered when Triple H cheated on her years ago. This pushed her towards drugs and the only place where she could make money was the adult entertainment industry. WWE certainly wouldn't want the WWE Universe to remember how they destroyed a woman they once called the Ninth Wonder of the World, would they?

1 Paige And Alberto Del Rio

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The former Divas Champion and former World Champion have become one of the most talked about WWE couples in history over the past year. Not only were Paige's parents against their daughter getting engaged to Alberto Del Rio last summer, but WWE actually tried to break the couple up by putting her job on the line, and by splitting them up during the WWE Draft.

Del Rio was still married when the couple initially got together, stating that he was waiting on his divorce, before accepting a marriage proposal while still waiting on the papers to be filed. Del Rio also had a fling with Charlotte before he moved onto Paige as well, and while you can understand why WWE wouldn't want these two together, they shouldn't really have a say in any of their Superstars' personal lives.

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