15 Real Life Wrestling Interviews That Went Insanely Wrong

Want to know how to aggravate a professional wrestler in an interview? Well, you’ve come to the right place. An interview can make or break a journalist’s career. If you ask the right questions then the interview may be a success. There are also a lot of things that can go wrong with an interview. If you don’t know your subject, you may look like a poor journalist.

If you ask questions with no relevance or direction, you may end up with a terrible story. A bad interview however doesn't always have to be because of the reporter, it can also be blamed on the subject. They may not like the questions or they’re just completely bonkers. As a journalist, it’s their job to steer the direction of the interview and make sure they have enough information to give an accurate and complete story.

Having interviews in the wrestling business can be a tricky idea. Will it be a kayfabe type environment or a real shoot? Sometimes the journalist doesn’t even respect the wrestler, which can lead to physical violence. This list will show you how an interview can go wrong. Whether it’s the journalist’s fault or the subject's, it still makes for great entertainment for those who enjoy this type of content. We hope you enjoy.

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15 Terri Runnels - Highspots

via youtube.com

The beautiful Terri Runnels loves to look good. Let’s not kid ourselves, she was more popular for her looks than her wrestling skills. In an interview with Highspots, the interview starts without a spotlight on Runnels. Runnels knows a good light can make a woman look even more beautiful, so she was a little bit ticked off when they turned the spotlight on mid-way through the interview.

“Are you kidding me, this entire time I looked like crap,” said Terri when the light came on. When Terri raised her concerns about her looks, the interviewer quickly went on the defensive and said she looked fine. For that moment in time, you can tell Terri was really annoyed with the amateur production. She then lightens the mood up and said she’s going to charge an extra $1,000 for the interview.

14 New Jack - Independent Journalist

We’re cheating a little bit here because the interviewer doesn’t get chewed out, however, it’s still one of most insane shoot interviews ever. How is this insane you may ask, first will get to the background story. In 2004, New Jack appeared at Thunder Wrestling Federation and had a match with independent wrestler William Jason Lane. After getting a stiff hit to the eye, New Jack pulled out a knife and proceeded to stab Lane into a bloody mess. It was basically witnessing an attempted murder and New Jack faced charges.

Lane dropped the charges because New Jack promised he would train him, which never happened. Fast forward to the video, New Jack proudly says he would stab him again and tried to rationalize that stabbing someone nine times isn’t the same as 14 times (which the cops said). What’s insane is his comfortable demeanor when he talks about stabbing into flesh and saying he would do it again.

13 Big Show - Video Game Journalist

For someone seven feet and over 300 pounds, Big Show can have an intimidating presence without speaking a word. A video game journalist had the opportunity to interview Big Show several years ago (when he had hair) and it was a cringe-worthy piece of content. You can tell right off the bat the journalist didn’t know his subject because he literally asked what have you done in the past four years.

Big Show was visibly annoyed right off the bat and it only got funnier. The journalist then said, “what are you going to do when you come back [to the ring]?” Big Show replies, “Im going to pick my fu**** nose.” Even though Big Show was laughing about it, you can tell he wanted to strangle the journalist at one point.

12 Virgil - Sam Roberts

Professional wrestling media personality Sam Roberts and an unknown interviewer were asking Virgil questions in this video, but the former bodyguard of Ted DiBiase wasn’t having it. He noted Roberts didn’t give him money for the interview and asked for some more chedda several times. When the other interviewer asked to lengthen his answers, Virgil shot back asking if he ever did an interview before. He then proceeded to explain how to conduct a good interview by interacting more.

Virgil later said to Roberts he needs to practice his interviews more. Apparently, it must have worked out because Roberts is one of the biggest wrestling journalists in the business. Virgil then called the interview cow manure and said it won’t be worth anything. Roberts and Virgil would be reunited several years later in another epic interview on Roberts' SiriusXM show.

11 Ron Simmons - Highspots

Damn! No, Ron Simmons didn’t say “Damn” in the interview, but we would have loved it. If you follow the behind the scenes of the wrestling industry, you would know there are politics that could get in the way of your favorite wrestler being pushed. The wrestling business could be a cut-throat atmosphere. but if you don’t specifically point out what you’re referring to, it can be very confusing. Case in point, this Simmons shoot interview.

Ron was asked, “How political was WCW at this time.” Simmons puts on an annoyed look and curses before asking the interviewer back, “In what manner, politically what?” We bet this interviewer didn’t offer Ron a six-pack before the interview. Regardless, Simmons went on to say everything is political, even today.

10 Necro Butcher - RF Video

via youtube.com

Mr. Butcher never made it to the grandest promotion of them all, but he still left his mark on the wrestling business before his retirement this year. He notoriously won the CZW Tournament of Death IV, was involved with indie promotions such as Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and traveled all over the world promoting his brand of hardcore. If the name didn’t fully explain his style of wrestling, Necro Butcher is one of the most hardcore performers of his generation.

In this three-hour shoot interview, Necro wasn’t digging any criticism from the interviewer on the way he constructed his sentences and thoughts. “Do me a favor, you can expand, but try to keep your answers concise,” said the interviewer. Necro may have had a few beers swirling around in his belly at this point because it was clear to us he wasn’t taking the interview that serious.

9 Spike Dudley - Highspots

Who’s Aaron? You mean A-A-Ron? No, Aaron. Apparently, Spike Dudley had a beef with some guy who worked with the ring crew named Aaron. When the interviewer couldn’t specifically tell Dudley who Aaron was, he pushed on to the next question. Dudley wasn’t having any of it and decided to stay on the topic. Dudley reminded the interviewer he was on ring crew duties for two years and would know anyone with the name Aaron.

It turns out the interviewer was referring to Crash Holly. After realizing who the interviewer was mentioning, Dudley in a hostile tone said, “Now let’s rephrase the question, because I know what you’re talking about.” Basically, Dudley was telling the interviewer to work on his journalism skills. Spike may not have been the angriest guy in the ring, but he did look heated in this interview.

8 CM Punk - Michael Landsberg

Every wrestling fan knows CM Punk, but not every wrestling fan knows Michael Landsberg. He was the television host of Off The Record, which aired on TSN in Canada, and you can say his style is a bit like trolling. He likes controversy and isn’t shy to make his guests look stupid. If you know CM Punk, you know he can have a passive aggressive attitude towards these things.

In 2014, when it was announced that Punk would fight in the UFC, Landsberg pushed him on his show, asking about Punk’s credibility and commitment to the sport. Punk did not take it wel', even though he looked composed. “You try to be friendly, you try to act like my friend, but then you get me on camera and you try to act like the cool kid in school,” said Punk in the interview. We all know how Punk’s UFC career debut turned out, but it’s a great interview to watch.

7 Chris Chetti - ECW Fan

via youtube.com

Tazz's cousin isn’t one of the most well-known ECW wrestlers, but he did pay his dues and was an integral part of their success. To be in the ECW you had to have a certain kind of attitude. Chetti had that attitude, especially with his New York personality. When a fan asked him a question before Cyberslam 2000, Chetti decided to mark his territory.

The fan asked Chetti if he thought he was going a little over his head by challenging The Impact Players. Chetti did what most New Yorkers would do, not answer the question at first, but let that person know you can beat them up anytime, anyplace. Chetti was dead serious when he said he would beat that guy anywhere in the hotel and we kind of wish we got to see that.

6 Nick Gage - Smart Mark Video

via youtube.com

Nick Gage is a hardcore legend that never made it to the big leagues. You can say he’s a founding father of CZW, which is one of the most hardcore wrestling promotions ever created. One word of advice, don’t make Gage mad. The interviewer seemed in the wrong in this session, as he asked a certain question that Gage couldn’t answer.

“Well, I guess I can’t ask you,” said the interviewer. “Ask me,” said Gage. This is where it gets heated. The interviewer's tone in his voice gets stronger as he says “Well you don’t even know.” Gage then tells him to lower his voice in a calm manner, however, you can tell he would have broken off his foot in the guy's backside. The interviewer wasn’t expecting that, but it did happen. The interviewer seemed like he was walking on egg shells after that verbal sparring contest.

5 Vader - Japanese Journalist

It’s very easy to make fun of someone in the professional wrestling business. Think about it, a 300-pound man wears a mask and walks around like a berserker from the Viking Age while in tights. There are countless jokes to be made, however, the same scrutiny of a professional wrestler is never talked about in other entertainment fields, such as theater or the movies. One such Japanese journalist in 1995 from the show, Sports Today, thought Vader was a joke.

Vader was in street clothes and thought the interview would be conducted in a cordial manner. After Vader promoted his match, he asked the journalist to leave. The journalist wouldn’t leave until Vader started cursing at him. Vader also realized the journalist was making fun of him. If that journalist was in that room for five more seconds, he would have been lunch.

4 Ernest "The Cat" Miller - Highspots

via youtube.com

Ernest “The Cat” Miller neither won a lot of matches nor held any prestigious titles, however, he did have the charisma that may be lacking in a lot of wrestlers these days. He made his mark in the industry and was featured in the hit movie The Wrestler when he transitioned to Hollywood. In this shoot interview, The Cat talks about students he taught in his days as a karate instructor, teaching the likes of Eric Bischoff’s son.

As he gives a list of names, it seems the interviewer isn’t listening and is just saying the word “okay.” The Cat goes on and talks about a student still calling him Mr. Miller. The interviewer laughs and you can see a small fire in Miller’s eye. The Cat then says with a serious face, “You don’t believe that b*tch?” Engage the awkward silence right after and the interviewer saying he believes him.

3 Ole Anderson - RF

A major rule when interviewing a wrestler is to actually know about the subject at hand. You don’t want to go into an interview without any knowledge of the person. If you go into an interview unprepared and the guest gets a sense of this, then it’s not going to be a smooth ride. Ole Anderson is one of the great wrestlers from the territorial days, who knows his industry very well.

The interviewer asked what the NWA thought about Ric Flair when he went to work for Vince McMahon in 1991. Anderson said no one cared and asked the interviewer who cared promoter wise? “Dusty,” said the interviewer. “Piss on Dusty, what promoters do you know that was in the NWA at that time?” The interviewer shot back, “Ted Turner owned it.” Ole let out a big sigh and asked any other promoters to which the interviewer couldn’t answer. Ole told the interviewer to stop being dumb and basically chastised him the rest of the interview.

2 Vader - Kuwait Television Show

In 1997, The Undertaker and Vader went on Good Morning Kuwait to promote their match. “They say this wrestling is not for real,” said the interviewer, Bassam Al Othman. After a pause, The Deadman spun it right back at the television host and calmly explained his question was unoriginal. While The Undertaker was visibly annoyed by the question, he answered in a polite, but passive aggressive way. Vader, on the other hand, was ready to bring down hellfire on the host.

Vader explained he isn’t as diplomatic as The Undertaker and that the question was offensive and rude. As the host began to say it wasn’t his question, Vader snapped up, smacked a table over, and grabbed the host by the tie, asking if this feels fake. While this drama played out, elevator music can be heard in the background and The Deadman just calmly sat in his seat.

1 David Schultz - John Stossel

Arguably the most epic shoot interview ever conducted in the history of professional wrestling, David Schultz literally slapped reporter John Stossel so hard, he still feels it today. When the 20/20 host interviewed Schultz in 1984, you would think everyone would play it cool to promote the industry. This was not the case.

Right off the bat, Schultz seemed to be protective as well as sensitive to his occupation. Stossel smelled blood in the water and flat out told the behemoth that he thinks wrestling is fake. Schultz, working for the WWE at the time, blew a gasket and slapped the daylights out of Stossel. The reporter alleged to The New York Times that he lost hearing in his ear. The incident is considered The Slap Heard Around The World.

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