15 Reasons Why Dean Ambrose Will Fail As WWE Champion

Dean Ambrose made his WWE debut almost four years ago as part of one of the most dominant groups in WWE history, The Shield. Throughout their time together, Dean Ambrose was often regarded as the voice and, more often than not, used for promos rather than fighting. Since their split in 2014, he has been widely considered to be the weakest member. This is mainly because of the fact that Roman Reigns is now a three time World Champion and Seth Rollins is a two time Champion and both have already main evented WrestleMania while Dean has been left in the mid-card in winless feuds with the likes of Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho. Ambrose was given World Championship shots when he feuded with Rollins for a number of months in 2015, but he was never given a chance against The Future of the Company and, by the time, Rollins became injured and Ambrose was made a part of the tournament to crown a new Champion, it was made apparent that Roman would be the one to take Seth’s place.

Ambrose hasn’t been given a shot for the title since he failed against his former teammate and he even failed at this year’s RoadBlock when WWE put him in a match with Triple H for a chance to do what both of his brothers had already done and main event WrestleMania.

Given this reasoning, it is hard to see Dean Ambrose keeping hold of the WWE Championship for very long, but here are 15 reasons why he will probably fail as the face of the company. For the most part, none of these have to do with Ambrose, but with the way WWE has treated him and how we think they might continue!

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15 His Appearance

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Dean Ambrose doesn’t currently look like a Champion, not by WWE's standards anyway. He doesn’t dress like a Champion and he doesn’t hold himself like a Champion. He is a rough looking star and he doesn’t actually wear what would be considered acceptable ring attire. Dean comes to the ring wearing a vest and jeans, which are probably uncomfortable to wrestle in and are not actually thought to be stable ring attire, since they could easily rip or become caught on something inside the ring. This is absolutely fine for his brawling lunatic gimmick and it's something that has allowed him to put over his character so well for the past two years, but as the face of WWE and the holder of their biggest title, it is hard to see WWE accepting such a rough appearance, especially since Ambrose would have to make a lot more public appearances now.

14 His Lack of Social Media Presence

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WWE has evolved over the past few years and one of the reasons for this evolution is the fact that they have taken advantage of the internet, something that has become a huge part of the way we live our daily lives. Social media is one of the biggest attractions that the internet offers and every WWE superstar has been forced to get on board and regularly post to keep their fanbase engaged... except Dean Ambrose.

The former United States Champion does have Twitter, but he has never actually tweeted, stating that he grew up in poverty, so he doesn’t actually understand the internet and refuses to use it, or anything related to Social Media for that matter, which is a bad example for the World Champion to set. Especially since much of WWE's current fanbase is on Social Media and like to contact their favourite wrestlers.

13 His Hardcore Background

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Dean Ambrose reminds many in the WWE Universe of Mick Foley, who was a WWE Champion, but was never considered to be one of the greatest of all time. He went to war with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania and leading up to the event he sought out Terry Funk and Mick Foley en-route to this match, as both men gave him their advice, which is the side of Ambrose that WWE are happy for the WWE Universe to see.

But if the Universe look a little closer into the background of Jon Moxley and see the matches that Ambrose was once a part of, it wouldn’t be considered PG and while many people think this isn’t considered relevant, look at Triple H’s reasons for not including Chyna in the Hall of Fame or not allowing Stephanie to have a fake mugshot. The Internet is a powerful tool.

12 Last Resort

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Roman Reigns has been getting booed out of the building for the past few months, he is out of his depth when he is put in the ring with Seth Rollins for a promo and he has completely failed to capture the excitement of the WWE Universe as Champion.

Add this to the fact that many still think that Seth Rollins is less than 100 per cent and it seems that Dean Ambrose really could have been a last resort, which means as soon as Rollins is 100%, he will be ‘reclaiming’ that title. While this does set up The Shield triple threat that fans have been wanting for the past couple of years, it opens up the question of what WWE will be doing at Battleground and how they will incorporate that into SummerSlam, but either way it doesn't look like Dean will be holding the title for very long.

11 His Move-set

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Ambrose has a fairly basic move-set and as a Champion this is unacceptable. Champions are in main event matches at the monthly pay-per-view events and it has already been made evident that if you are in a main event match, then your finisher doesn’t work on the first try and you need another move. Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds finisher is a rather basic DDT as well, which fails to stand out from many others, so unless Dean is set to change his finisher, then he is in for a rough time as a Champion regardless of how long he keeps the title because fans want something extra from the bigger stars in the company in the main event. AJ Styles has been well received because he brings a little extra to the PPV and unleashes some creative offense. Dean will need to emulate that to be a success.

10 Always Overlooked

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Ambrose has already built quite the resume, considering he has only been in WWE for almost four years. He only has to hold the Tag Team Championships now and he will have held all of the major WWE Championships, but the reason he was given the Intercontinental Championship would be because he was overlooked for the World Championship once again.

Ambrose has a history of being overlooked by the WWE, so it's somewhat hard to believe that the WWE are set to change this now and start allowing him to win matches as a Champion. Despite the fact that Ambrose was as much a part of The Shield as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, Ambrose was the one to have fared the worst out of the three competitors. Needless to say, it would be strange for WWE to suddenly decide to change the way they've booked Ambrose now after two years of booking him wrong. We can hope that they do change it, but we think it isn't likely.

9 Wrestling Ability

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It was speculated back in 2012 that Dean Ambrose was actually only signed to WWE because of his promo ability. Ambrose was never actually thought of as being a WWE level wrestler, which means that many don’t actually rate his in-ring work, though it's impossible to argue that he's greatly improved since arriving in the WWE. As already stated, he does have a pretty basic move-set with a lot of his moves taken from other superstars. To this point, this has fit in well with his hit and hope attitude, but will this work while he’s World Champion? It could, but it is most likely that it wont. Ambrose will have more eyes on him since he holds the WWE Championship, which means that he will be expected to step up his game. If that means changing the way he performs, then perhaps he will lose what makes fans adore him.

8 He Will Never Be ‘The Man’

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Seth Rollins was considered ‘The Man’ and Roman Reigns self proclaimed himself as ‘The Guy’ but sadly Dean Ambrose will never be able to call himself either one of these. Dean has been hit with the Dolph Ziggler and the Daniel Bryan effect, as he could be considered to be a mid-card B+ player and not the ideal candidate for a World Championship run, which leaves many WWE fans scratching their heads as to how WWE will deal with this situation and how long he will keep the Championship. Will Ambrose be a placeholder or will he be a long term solution?

The Lunatic Fringe brings a lot to WWE and many fans have speculated that Ambrose offers more to the WWE by putting other stars over, much like Dolph Zigger does, which is why many fans can't understand how he's managed to capture the biggest title in the business. Dean Ambrose has pretty much gone from mid-card to main event over night, but we doubt that they'll keep him there.

7 WWE Still Don’t Know What To Do With Him

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Many WWE Legends have spoken out that WWE really have no idea what to do with Dean Ambrose because they haven’t had a superstar like him before. Dean is pretty unique an has a very unique character, but how will WWE use this character as a Champion?

This was the reason why he was put in so many win-less feuds like the one with Bray Wyatt before he faced The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. That was never going to end well for Ambrose, but WWE literally had no other plans or ideas for him at the time. We don't have any evidence that they've figured it out, except for him winning the title. His last two feuds against Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar have been lackluster to say the least.

6 Too Much, Too Soon

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The Money in the Bank briefcase has only been cashed in at the actual event once before and that was back in 2010 when Kane cashed in on Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. This then left The Miz with the red briefcase for the WWE Championship, but this time there's only one case. This means that there will be no holder attempting to cash in and spoil the next few title matches at pay-per-views before they finally cash in and deliver one of the biggest shocks in WWE.

The WWE Universe have been denied this in favour of what transpired at Money in the Bank instead. Perhaps WWE failed to fully think this through before they allowed Dean Ambrose to run out and cash in on the new Champion, because now for the first time ever, they have to go through an entire calendar year without a briefcase holder. Fans will definitely not be pleased by this fact...

5 Rollins and Reigns 

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WWE have both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins waiting in the wings to cash in their rematch clauses, so it is hard to see Dean Ambrose holding onto his Championship for long or even being able to show the fans what he is capable of as Champion. It is thought that the only reason Ambrose has the title now is because WWE are setting up the long awaited Triple Threat match between all three former Shield members at SummerSlam.

The problem with this match is the fact that it has been building for so long, that it is hard to see how WWE will follow through with it. If Ambrose does keep the title until SummerSlam, then you have to feel that a lot of things would have to change within WWE so that he would be more accepted as a their current Champion.

4 The New Era

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As already stated, Dean Ambrose has been in WWE now for almost four years and unlike Reigns and Rollins he actually skipped NXT and was brought straight to the main roster, so he wouldn’t be considered ‘new blood’ in WWE’s new era. There have been rumours that many of the current NXT roster could be called up to the main roster as part of the WWE draft, which is set to return next month, and this would mean that Dean has a lot more challengers to his title than he had when he first won it.

When he was United States Champion, he always had The Shield behind him to back him up, but this title reign will be a true test of whether or not Dean Ambrose can be a fighting Champion who can routinely put on terrific matches that delight the crowd. We assume he can, but we're assuming that the powers that be in the WWE won't...

3 The Upcoming Brand Split

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WWE’s announced Brand Split in less than a month’s time has become one of the biggest talking points in company history, but as well as adding a lot of excitement to the show, it will also see another of the famous WWE drafts.

This draft will take place on July 19th and it could potentially see Dean Ambrose sent over to SmackDown, but will he be allowed to take the WWE World Championship over to another brand like before or will the title be forced to stay on Raw while WWE create a new one for the Tuesday night show? If WWE are hoping that SmackDown will be just as big a brand as Raw, then they need to ensure that there are some big stars on their roster as well, which means that for the first time in their careers, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns could potentially be split up.

2 His Record in Championship Matches

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Considering Dean Ambrose was once regarded as the weak link of The Shield, it is pretty funny that he has had more shots at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship than either of his other two former teammates. While he was feuding with Seth Rollins in 2015, the duo main evented almost ever pay-per-view event that year before he then faced Roman Reigns for the title after Rollins injury. The sad statistic here is that when the title was on the line, Dean Ambrose has only ever won one match, which was his cash-in. Will WWE really change their tune on Ambrose and allow him to win some big matches?

Also, considering his win/loss record for the past year on WWE TV is abysmal, it's really confusing that WWE will now expect the WWE Universe to believe that Ambrose is a genuine contender.

1 His Spontaneity

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As shown at the Money in the Bank event this year, Dean Ambrose has a character that doesn’t fully think through many of his decisions and action. He walked into a match with Brock Lesnar and was absolutely destroyed at WrestleMania 32, which shows that he is not an especially 'smart' (in character) wrestler. At Money in the Bank, he threw caution into the wind and decided to cash in his newly won briefcase on Seth Rollins on the same night that he won it. Despite the fact that he won the title and the gamble paid off, it would still be considered to have been a huge risk. With that in mind, if the WWE decided to flip flop on Ambrose, which they have done a variety of times in the past, they can easily have someone challenge Ambrose to a fight, which he'd stupidly accept, then have that wrestler beat him, as they've had a lot of wrestlers go over on Ambrose over the last two years.

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