15 Reasons Why WWE's Women's Division Will Never Change

The WWE Women's Division will always be one that is under fire. Recently WWE tried to combat the fact that the females rarely have TV time and are never given the same opportunities as men, by not onl

The WWE Women's Division will always be one that is under fire. Recently WWE tried to combat the fact that the females rarely have TV time and are never given the same opportunities as men, by not only unveiling the new WWE Women's Championship, but also by beginning a 'Divas Revolution'.

The revolution was widely considered a failure because it didn't manage to create much of a buzz for the women and it seems WWE have reverted back to their old tactics following the end of said a 'revolution.'

WWE always seems to fail to push the women that the WWE Universe wants to see, as Charlotte was the one who was given the first Women's Championship at WrestleMania when many fans would have preferred to see Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks in that spot.

Thankfully, the Women's division has changed over the past few decades because the females who are currently on WWE's main roster can wrestle now and are not used as 'eye candy' anymore. However, despite that, there are still many steps WWE needs to take to improve the current women's division and right now it seems that the company will always fall back to the same idea or scenario, which is the main reason it is always doomed to fail.

15 Women Are Not Given The Same Opportunities As Men


The saddest thing about WWE is the fact that the females are rarely ever given the same opportunities as the men. Many of the women on the main roster currently have the same (or better) ability than their male counterparts, like Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch, and could easily be a part of many main event, hard hitting storylines, but are not. When was the last time the women closed out a show in the main event? It was at NXT TakeOver: Respect when Sasha Banks and Bayley had an IronWomen match that could rival Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. Before that? When Lita and Trish Stratus main evented an episode of Raw. The women of today are as good as those two trailblazers and should be given the same chances.

Until the women are given the same chances as men, it seems they will always be doomed to fail since they are always stuck in the same box.

14 Brand Split


The upcoming Brand Split could be a big problem for the WWE women's division, especially since some reports are suggesting that the Women's Division could end up being on just one show. Back at the beginning of the first Brand Split, the Women's Division remained solely on Raw and that was the way it stayed for many years until there were two titles. The problem with this format is that there are a lot of women on the main roster who rarely play their part on WWE TV and if there are even less places, then this means that there will be even less opportunities for these women. Of course, it is impossible for WWE to include all the women all of the time, like they did with the stables during the Divas Revolution, but having the whole division on one show does seem like a bit of a mistake to begin with.

13 Diva Search Rumors


Shockingly, after many years without a Diva Search. there were rumours last year that WWE could be bringing back the female reality show for the WWE Network in the coming months. The Diva Search was one of the worst parts of the Women's Division because it proved that the WWE typically only wanted women for their looks rather than their wrestling ability. The fact that they were the put on WWE TV despite their lack of ability would just bring down the women who were well trained and talented members of the roster. The Network obviously does need new shows, but to decide to bring in another female into a division that is overrun with talent would be considerably harsh to all the women involved.

However, if they were to bring this show back and make it about wrestling, that could be interesting...

12 Looks over Talent?


This is one of the biggest fall backs of WWE's Women's Division and it was hoped a long time ago back when bra and panties matches were removed from the programming and women were told to dress differently, that WWE had moved forward and were ready to give divas a chance. The fact that the likes of Eva Marie and Lana are allowed on the WrestleMania card and given a WrestleMania moment when there are other women who have been fighting for that chance their entire career is quite shocking. While Eva Marie has shown improvement in the ring, Lana had never had a wrestling match and had no previous experience. It is pretty clear that if it wasn't for the way she looked, WWE would never have given her those kinds of opportunities. Lana is a terrific valet and if she'd like to become an in-ring competitor, that work should take place at the performance center and she she only get in the ring when she's developed!

11 Respect


When females retire from the company, they are not given the same respect that the male superstars are and they can sometimes seem forgotten about. Only one woman a year is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside many other men. Why can only one woman a year have a place? We know that there haven't been as many female performers, but there have been a great deal of them and they could easily have a couple in a given Hall of Fame class.

Why can't the women have farewell speeches when they depart like Ric Flair? The last female departure that WWE recognised was Trish Stratus' over a decade ago which is shocking to say the least.

10 Lack of Championship Defences


This is a huge issue and has been for a long time now, ever since Nikki Bella's title win. Despite being the Divas Champ, she was put in tag matches at pay-per-views instead of having Championship defences, WWE seem to have become complacent with the women's division and seem to often opt for tag matches rather than Championship defences, seemingly as an excuse to include more women in matches. Nikki became the longest reigning Divas Champion because there wasn't a lot of defences in her 301 day run.

Charlotte will have held the title for a year in September and it seems that this could mainly be because the Championship isn't defended, as often as many of the others on the show, which is unfair since there are many females in the backroom that would love to have the opportunity to have a five star match with that belt on the line.

9 Too Many Women, Not Enough Places


As already mentioned, WWE can only have so many women in the title picture at any given time, which means that when a female is not being used as part of the title picture, then more often than not they are removed from TV. Just like at Paige before the last few weeks.

At one point, WWE had three female storylines running all at once between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella, Paige and AJ Lee and Naomi and Cameron, but WWE couldn't maintain this and, more often than not, there is only one main story line and this can only include around six women. During the Divas Revolution, there were nine women involved but many of the matches only included three of them and it seemed that WWE were finding it hard to book matches for nine women. Honestly, it could have been one of the main reasons why the Divas Revolution failed.

8 NXT Women's Division


There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the Divas/Women's Revolution began in NXT, as the women down in the development territory started something that became absolutely unstoppable. Despite the fact that three of the four horsewomen that began this revolution were promoted to the main roster, which left only Bayley behind to continue to fly the flag, NXT is still doing incredibly well with their new recruits. Some of the women down in NXT right now have shown incredible improvements and could definitely be future contenders, but sadly the main roster women will always be compared to NXT because of the level of talent that was first in display there when it began a few years ago. WWE need to stop making it a competition between these women and have the main roster step up so they are both on the same level.

7 Adapt or Perish


The Women's Division has failed to adapt over the past few years. NXT saw the first ever IronWomen's match back at NXT Takeover: Respect last year, while WWE's main roster has failed to offer anything near the same level, with the exception of the terrific triple threat at WrestleMania 32. There have been rumours of a Women's Tag Team Championship belt much like TNA's, that could have helped WWE somewhat during their Divas Revolution, but these rumours have failed to come into fruition.

There were also rumours of a Women's Money in the Bank ladder match this year, that would have added excitement to the division, but once again this never happened. Both of these ideas would have shook up the Women's Division and finally given fans a reason to get involved with the matches, but it seems WWE consistently overlooks their women and this is one of the main reasons many people prefer to watch NXT.

6 Total Divas


Total Divas has been a hindrance to the women's division ever since it was first aired in 2013, A it is hard to believe that these women hate each other when they are shown week after week as friends on a TV show that seems to undermine everything WWE has told us about the women. Paige being added to the show was a big mistake because she was known as one of the most talented women on the roster and the fact that she was completely unknown worked really well for her much darker character. Now the WWE Universe knows everything about her life and it is hard to look at these women the same way when you see them outside of the ring in a completely different light. With Total Bellas coming out soon as well, it seems that this could become considerably worse, but with Brie Bella already retired and Nikki Bella unsure if she will return, it could be a different case all together.

5 Revolution?


The biggest reason the Divas Revolution failed was because WWE kept mentioning that it was a revolution and decided to make everyone aware of it. The women should have concentrated on putting on a show and let the revolution happen by itself. The biggest things that WWE needed to change was the length of the women's matches and the fact that women rarely had enough time for a storyline to flow, but none of this truly improved during this time. The main roster inherited some incredible wrestlers but all we have seen over the past year is that WWE's main roster writers have no idea what to do with superstars who can actually wrestle. Sasha Banks (to a lesser extent) and Becky Lynch have been mishandled and it is hard to see where they go from here.

4 Heritage


It is worth mentioning that this isn't just the women's division, this is an ongoing trend throughout WWE. Nia Jax is becoming a big star in NXT, but the big reason why she has gotten to the top of the company so quickly is because her family has roots in the WWE. Charlotte said that she wanted to be known for her own accomplishments rather than her fathers, but she's named after his hometown and they had him accompany her to all of her matches for a time. Charlotte is not the most talented women in the division, but many believe that she was pushed because of who she is and because Ric Flair is her father. The women who fought hard to be where they are deserve those shots just as much and if WWE want to see the division improve, then they should probably learn to make the same observations.

3 Comeback Queens


The one thing that WWE has failed to do to revitalize the current division is bring back former Champions. Trish and Lita are two of the most idolized women's wrestlers of all time and they have both stated that if the match was right, then they would definitely return to the company for another one. WWE does this with male superstars all the time, so why should bringing back a former Women's Champion for a high profile match be any different? It would be interesting to see how the current women would fare against the women from 10 years ago and if WWE set it up, then it would see viewers for the women's division rise. This begs the question as to why WWE has not yet done it and what the WWE Universe has to do to make it happen.

2 Tag Team Obsession


As shown during the attempted Divas Revolution, WWE has an obsession with putting the women into tag teams and then reforming other teams to continue a pointless storyline that never amounts to anything. Right now Charlotte and Dana Brooke have joined forces and it seems former foes Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have followed suit, but when 75% of the women in this rivalry want the Women's Championship, it hardly makes sense to put them in a tag team where the bond is considerably shaky. WWE needs to have more multi-person matches like triple threats and fatal-four-ways, so that more women are included and the division remains fresh.

1 Only One Title


This is something that will hopefully change if WWE set up the Brand Extension correctly, which is the fact that there are around 15 women currently fighting for a title that many of them will never hold. The likes of Naomi, Summer Rae, Alicia Fox and Tamina Snuka have all gone missing from WWE TV recently and must be fully aware that a Women's Championship shot in the near future is increasingly unlikely. WWE needs to split the women's division onto separate shows again and give more women a chance at screen and ring time, as well as Championship gold, which is why it is hoped that two titles are formed again after the upcoming brand split, that is due to take place in July.

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15 Reasons Why WWE's Women's Division Will Never Change