15 Recent Must-See Pictures Of Torrie Wilson

Advances in technology have made the internet a wonderful place and, in turn, have made it possible for someone to spend literally all day on their phone without becoming bored. You can creep your closest friends - and enemies - on Facebook, yell about politics and other things you have no idea about on Twitter, look up recipes, book vacations, or even spend hours upon hours looking at puppies. Better than all of those? Torrie Wilson's Instagram account, which also contains puppies - actual dogs and the ones Jerry "The King" Lawler often squealed about.

One of the most popular - and beautiful - Divas in WWE history, Torrie Wilson debuted for the company in 2001 after a stint in WCW. She graced our TV screens on numerous occasions, often dressed in only a bikini during the ever-competitive contests held in the squared circle. She only spent seven years in the WWE, which is unfortunate because at 41-years-old she still has a leg up on most of the women in the WWE, both in terms of beauty and athleticism.

Fortunately, however, her Instagram account exists, where she frequently posts photos showing off her sculpted body and highlighting her dedication to fitness. It's mostly promotion for her fitness and healthy eating website torriewilsonfit.com, but we can't argue with that marketing strategy. Here are 15 recent photos you're going to want to see; if you're smart, you've seen them already.

15. Puppy Love

The Queen and her Mommy ❤

A post shared by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

We have to start with one of Torrie's most recent posts for a number of reasons. First of all, we promised puppies, so here they are. This time, it's her dog and former member of Vince's Devils, Chloe. The Queen, as Torrie refers to her, is no longer interfering in Diva matches, but appears happy in retirement.

Chances are the dog isn't the first thing that your eyes came across and that's fine - you're only human. Looking happy as ever, Torrie's defined body is on display here complete with incredibly toned abs and enough bare skin to send Buffalo Bill into cardiac arrest. Her signature long, blonde hair is a perfect complement to her tanned body, while the smile is enough to brighten up anyone's day.

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13 Rock The Red

This was taken and posted on Torrie's Instagram account about a year ago, but we feel it deserves mention here. Again, say what you will about the incredible body she has, but there's nothing better than her smile and that's the case here. The beach alone is enough to make one happy, but when you can dress like that and confidently strut through the sand with your hair blowing in the wind and sweat beads dripping off your chest and ... wait, where were we again?

Right. Torrie Wilson is hot. The interesting thing about this photo, however, is the extra straps on the bikini; we're not sure what their purpose is or if they're truly needed - it even hides a fraction more skin than we'd like - but they somehow make her even sexier at the same time. Fashion, right?

12 Jump Around 

If there's any photo of Torrie on this list that needs to be made into an action figure, it's this one. The gold pants hug tight to her incredibly-sculpted legs, while above the waist she opted to go shirtless, appeasing the thousands of male - and female - fans that follow her on Instagram. She's covering up her breasts, naturally, but it's enough to entice some very imaginative thoughts.

But let's get to the height on the jump. For anyone doubting that Torrie might not be in better shape today than ten years ago, look no further than this picture, which was posted only four months ago. We do also have to address the #DirtyFeet hashtag at the end of the post, which, depending on your interests might be a good thing (we have zero idea how foot fetishes work).

11 Confidence 

What's clear when going through Torrie's Instagram account is that she has no lack of confidence and why should she? If she's spending eight hours a day sculpting her incredible body, which it sure seems like - why not flaunt it?

She posted the above photo seven weeks ago, highlighting her toned core, arms, and shoulders, while wearing some form of bikini that we'd love to get our hands on - and off of her. The popular photo, which has over 14,000 likes on Instagram, is captioned: One thing I've learned is that confidence looks good on everybody. And when you fake it, you eventually start feeling it. #StandTall. But we won't blame you if you can't stand tall for another few minutes after scrolling through this list.

11. Band Promotion

There's a lot to like in this post by Torrie, made seven weeks ago. Besides making us all feel inadequate with those calves, biceps, and well, everything, Torrie is a whole other kind of sexy here. We definitely don't mind the scantily-clad photos that occasionally pop up, but there's just something special about a woman working hard at improving her strength and fitness - at least up until the point that she's able to kick your ass, which Torrie is well past, but we'll let it slide.

In a sense, the post is no more than an advertisement for the fitness bands she's using in the photo, but it works (I just bought 26). As for the exercise ball, we're going to refrain from the obvious jokes and allow you, the reader, to let your imagination run wild.

10 Leg Day  

More than four months ago Torrie gave us some incredible advice which we won't soon forget: Don't skip leg day. Some prefer skinny..I prefer #Strong. Unfortunately, her message hasn't reached the masses, because gyms worldwide are still filled by dudes with scrawny legs carrying giant shoulders, arms, and biceps. However, we appreciate the sentiment - and the photo.

Rocking what looks to be the bikini from two photos ago (it's a favorite of ours), Torrie is checking out her muscular legs, which look like a set of lethal weapons. Some might prefer the long, skinny legs of Stacy Keibler, but there's more than enough to like about Torrie's strong, powerful legs. And we're not quite sure why, but the lack of color in the photo somehow makes her even more hot.

9 Hammer Me 

What's sexier than a hot blonde in knee-high socks and short shorts hitting a giant tire with a sledgehammer in what looks like the grittiest workout space in North America? Well, apparently the eight pictures that follow this one, but still, Torrie is looking great here, leaning into a tire smash while her hair flows in the background. If Barbie dedicated her life to fitness, this is what the popular toy would look like.

We mentioned her calves in previous pictures, but her leg strength is on full display here as her quads look to be popping out of her skin. We'll even forgive her for writing how the workout makes her feel especially badassy, which isn't a word, but should probably become one very soon.

8 Country Look  

It's not all just fitness and bare skin on Torrie's Instagram page. Well, a lot of it is, and even the pictures that aren't kind of are, but hey, nobody's complaining. Even in one of her non-fitness inspired photos from two weeks ago, Torrie just happens to have forgotten to wear pants. It's either because she was longing for summer as suggested, or she's in complete agreement with Homer Simpson's "don't ya hate pants" comment.

Either way, the look certainly works. The unbuttoned plaid shirt being pulled down past her lady parts is a classic sexy-but-not-too-sexy country girl look and it's one that fits her well. Throw in her inviting smile, messy hair, and a simple field background and you've got a recipe for a popular post.

7 Dat Smile 

We're going to get away from frothing at the mouth while looking at sexy pictures of Torrie for a second. Okay, so this one is still pretty sexy, but for different reasons. We've talked about the smile in quite a few photos, but nowhere is it more prevalent than in this photo from nine months ago. Torrie genuinely looks happy and satisfied in the moment, and it's definitely nice to see.

More than that, the photo promotes a powerful and positive message of positivity and happiness as Torrie captioned the photo: Just let it all go. Do not give 1 more precious minute of your life to someone or something that does not promote happiness to your heart & soul. Be silly. Be sweet to strangers. Be what you envision happy to be. Love yourself first. 

6 Tree's Company 

If it's possible to look super comfortable while wearing close to nothing at all, then Torrie has perfected it. The Idaho native is reminded of her hometown in this post, which sees her leaned up against a tree and flashing a beaming smile into the camera. The country lifestyle seems to suit her well, even if she had to add what apparently are the most comfy pair of socks ever.

Her brown tank and blue plaid shorts match well with the open-field background, while Torrie's hair looks as though she just got out of bed. Naturally, it's a stunning result that has us thinking a lot more positively about Idaho. She has an effortless girl-next-door beauty to her here, if only the girl next door could also kick your ass.

5 Abs Of Steel 

At first glance, it appears as though Torrie is standing naked in the open field, only covered by a jean jacket and cowboy boots. Were that the case, the photo would have been removed from Instagram and you would have all seen this picture by now. Instead, she found a way to provide her followers with a portrait that leaves little to the imagination by wearing a skin-colored bra and a slighty-too-small-but-were-not-complaining bikini bottom.

Oh, and then there's the incredible abs that most of us can only dream of having. In the caption, Torrie claims the secret to great abs is more about putting in work in the gym instead of eating a healthy diet, which is great if you're willing to work as hard as she does. There's a reason this is one of her most-liked photos on Instagram; it has received over 20,000 likes in one month.

4 Booty Fit 

Use the beach as a backdrop for any photo and you're instantly at least twice as hot. That didn't necessarily have to be the case for this photo, as Torrie could have made her firm booty the subject of a photo taken in a war-torn area and we wouldn't notice. She doesn't do so regularly on Instagram, but a few months ago she posted the above photo captions relating to the importance of squats.

She noted that Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" isn't her theme song, though we agree to disagree. Torrie might not be blessed with the bountiful booties of Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, but it's clear she's put countless hours of work into sculpting it. She added the hashtag #MaybeAHugeAssBootyIsntInTheCards, which might be accurate, but we'll take firm over big.

3 Four Eyes 

#SundayMode 👻👻👻 #FitBody #FitMind #Fitness #Health #Love #LoveYou

A post shared by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

This photo isn't recent in terms of months - it's over a year old - but it's one that we had to display as it disproves any idea that women are less attractive with glasses. There's also the trendy nerd look which many women try to pull off simply by wearing glasses to make themselves more cute, but if that's what Torrie is doing here it isn't working. There's nothing cute about the above photo; rather, she's downright sexy with her exposed shoulder as she undresses herself.

The black-rimmed glasses give off the sexy librarian look, not the I-just-bought-these-so-you'll-think-I'm-adorable look. And if you look closely on her neck you can just barely see what appears to be a pearl necklace; speaking of which ... you know what, never mind.

2 Side Boob

☀️ days and sandy toes... 📷leelhgfx 💄@karenpangmua

A post shared by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

It was only a matter of time before some side boob appeared on this list. Wearing a baggy, sleeveless shirt and seemingly nothing else, Torrie shows off what some side boob experts are calling one of the best in the United States (before you check, that isn't actually a real thing).

As great as side boob is, there are other elements of the photo worth discussing. Her contemplative face looks pretty as ever as she looks down, likely acknowledging just how damn fine she is. There's also the pointed tips of her shirt at the chest area, which you've likely noticed well before bothering to read this section. The summertime picture was taken when Torrie was 40-years-old, but she looks much, much closer to 20.

1 Lookie Here 

Perhaps it's the lighting and the environment, but Torrie looks like Jennifer Aniston in this picture; or at least what Aniston would look like with an incredibly toned core and a stomach on which you could eat a full meal. White can be seen as a plain, run-of-the-mill color for a bra, but it works quite well on Torrie.

Sure, there are women of Instagram who offer up more skin than she does in this picture, but it's the implication that makes this her sexiest post. Christmas was just under a month ago, but this photo should put you back in the spirit, wanting to complete the unwrapping job Torrie is doing on her skirt. Although, she looks just as eager as any of our readers might be.

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