15 Recent Photos Of Lana Revealing Too Much

This list divulges 15 extremely hot pictures of Lana "revealing" too much (although I'm sure these pics are a pleasure for most of our eyes).

"The Ravishing Russian" Lana (even though she isn't Russian at all), is by one of the top three or so hottest Women in the WWE today. If there's a current WWE Diva that fits the description of a "blond bombshell", look absolutely no further than Lana. Not only is Lana a blond bombshell and one of the hottest women in the WWE currently, she will also go down in the history books as one of the hottest women in the company's history. Lana has a gorgeous face, beautiful hair, an obviously extremely attractive physique and best of all, she has the confidence and attitude to go along with all those flattering traits.

Rusev, "The Bulgarian Brute" is a lucky man that's for sure, and every WWE fan knows it. One of the obvious reasons as to why so many fans despised Rusev is because of his hot girlfriend (now wife) and manager, Lana. She's basically the epitomy of what we all consider to be a hot woman now a days. I think it's clear that most fans believe Lana to be way out of Rusev's league, as let's face it, Rusev just isn't that good looking (although Rusev's looks have improved drastically as the "handsome Rusev" versus the old "Bulgarian Brute" who made tons of extremely unflattering faces).

Even the "Bossman" Vinnie Mac tried breaking Rusev and Lana up because he too thought Rusev was nowhere near Lana's league. (Sorry Vince, you're already married so stay out of your employees business!) Relationship aside, Lana is extremely hot, and as you would expect, countless photo-shoots call her name on a regular basis. Unsurprisingly, Lana was a model at one point, so she's definitely comfortable in front of a camera. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 extremely hot pictures of Lana "revealing" too much (although I'm sure these pics are a pleasure for most of our eyes). With that said, let's begin!

15 Lana Showing Off Her Curves To The WWE Universe


This picture captures Lana wearing her now infamous red and revealing outfit (it's also extremely tight which further drives fans nuts). You can see by observing Lana's expression in this photo that she thoroughly enjoys taunting the fans with her incredibly hot presence. You can also see it in her eyes that Lana enjoys all of the attention she receives every time she wears an outfit like this to the ring.

Judging by how revealing and extraordinarily hot Lana looks in her classic tight outfit, it's no wonder why the WWE Universe would chant "we want Lana" during Rusev's matches when she wasn't ringside, (or even during totally unrelated segments because the fans love the Ravishing Russian that much). We are currently amidst Lana's impending SmackDown Live debut, and I for one can hardly wait until Lana graces our televisions with her presence. Expect Lana to be shot up to the top of the SmackDown's Women's Division within very short order.

14 An Extraordinarily Revealing Angle


Oh boy, the fans who were were sitting in the front rows during this episode of RAW were treated to an extremely revealing angle of Lana now weren't they? One of the hottest discussed topics regarding Lana is in some way related to her incredibly sexy legs and her "booty." The tight outfits that Lana used to wear on a regular basis accompanying Rusev around as his manager definitely showcased Lana's incredible hotness. Lana's legs and booty are certainly sights to see, and this fan-captured photo allowed them to be shared with the entire WWE Universe to see (and obviously stare at).

Lana Fact: When Lana turned 17, she moved back to the United States (she lived in New York for the first bit of time), and she danced for many companies/schools such as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Broadway Dance Center, Ballet Hispanico and the Martha Graham Center Of Contemporary Dance.

13 Lana's Sensual Couch Pose


We now move to an extremely sensual picture of Lana posing on a couch with the expression that she's thinking about something thoughtfully. (Maybe this picture was taken before Rusev got his infamous haircut, and perhaps Lana was thinking of ways to pitch the idea to her husband without setting him off). Jokes aside, Lana looks unbelievably stunning here, and I seriously can't knock a single fan for having a crush on her, that's for damn sure! It almost seems like Lana doesn't even need to try to look attractive or photogenic, she just does so naturally.

Lana Fact: Lana, the eldest of four siblings, was born in Gainesville Florida, but she spent several years of her childhood living in Latvia (Eastern Europe) which is where her father worked as a Christian missionary.

12 Lana Holding A Strawberry In A Revealing Outfit


Here we have a picture of Lana holding a strawberry without a care in the world, all while posing in an extremely seductive (and revealing) outfit. It's hard not to admire Lana's physique as she just looks truly phenomenal. One of the interesting things about Lana is the fact that she still looks super attractive despite wearing no makeup, so with makeup, you can expect her to look nearly flawless in every aspect.

I still find it hard to believe that Rusev somehow managed to weasel his way into Lana's affections, because he really does look like the last possible candidate. However, with a haircut, Rusev now suddenly looks like someone who's closer to being in Lana's league. It's crazy how something as simple as a haircut can totally change a persons appearance, isn't it?

11 Lana Looking Like A Total Bombshell


Without question, Lana looks absolutely gorgeous in this very revealing picture of her. The Ravishing Russian's sensual outfit, her makeup, her perfectly positioned hair, the photos lighting and the crisp white background all helps make this photo stand out as a truly flattering picture of Lana, and one that would surely be enough to drive any fan who has any sort of affections for her go absolutely crazy! I'd go as far by saying that Lana is one of the top 5 hottest Divas in WWE history, and I'm sure after taking a good look at this stunning photo, you're probably thinking the same exact thing.

Lana Fact: At a very young age, Lana had aspirations to follow in her mothers footsteps of becoming a ballet dancer. She attended the Riga Choreography School, and by the age of 14, Lana began dancing with the Latvian National Ballet.

10 Try Not To Stare Pose


Let's call this the "try not to stare" picture of Lana, because as I'm sure you can clearly see by looking at the pic, that is definitely not the easiest thing to do considering how flattering (yet revealing) this photo of Lana is. She looked absolutely breathtaking in this picture as her pose, the outfit, her expressions and of course the lighting really makes this photo "pop." Show this pic to anyone you know who has the "hots" for Lana, and see if they can pass this "try not to stare" challenge, but I'll willingly bet right now that they'll fail (and pretty miserably too).

Regardless, Lana is definitely photogenic and almost every picture you can find of her on the Internet are flattering and hot in one way or another. There really isn't a "bad" Lana photo out there that I'm aware of, and that truly speaks volumes as to how hot Lana really is. I'm sure that there are many fans out there hoping and praying for Rusev to screw things up somehow, so that an opportunity may arise for them to get with the Ravishing Russian. However, I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon, so for all of you that are wishing for that to happen, keep your hopes low!

9 Lana's Bright Smile


Here we have an extraordinarily hot picture of Lana, and she's posing in a way that's definitely giving the viewers an eye-popping view. She looked fantastic here, and that angle, well let's just say that "revealing" would certainly be one of the words that could be used to describe it. Lana's smile here looks bright enough to light up an entire room. She really looks like she was having a great time at this photo-shoot, which only adds to the hotness of this picture.

There's nothing hotter than a woman posing both sexily and genuinely at the same time, and as I'm sure you're aware, a lot of the time women look like they're forcing themselves to smile or look pleasant in pictures because they're not enjoying themselves. It's definitely noticeable both ways, and in this case, we can all admire how confident and happy Lana is giving her fans some "eye candy" to stare at. Confidence is definitely one of the hottest traits any woman can have, and Lana certainly possesses it (and a lot of it to boot).

8 Brilliant Beach Pose


I'm pretty sure that "bombshell" has to one of the first words that would come to mind after looking at this absolutely stunning and incredibly hot picture of Lana. Everything about this pic screams bombshell, and Lana truly looked gorgeous in every possible way. Her sensual expression, her perfectly positioned hair (which looked golden because of the sunlight), the super vibrant and eye-opening bikini, and of course, Lana's tanned and toned sexy physique all help make this picture truly stunning.

To all those fans out there that believe Nikki Bella is the hottest WWE Diva, take a good look at this photo and tell me if you still feel the same way. Of course there's no right or wrong answer, but in my opinion, there really is no comparison between the two. Even Maryse, an extremely hot blond bombshell in her own right pales in comparison to Lana. I'm sure Rusev gets a ton of enjoyment out of the fact that he can refer to Lana as "his wife."

7 Lana Posing In A Sexy Pink Bikini


This picture of Lana is undeniably hot in every possible way. Lana's expression, her incredibly hot pink bikini, the lighting, and of course Lana appearing to be sweating a bit from the sun all contribute to the pictures sexiness. Considering Lana can talk and talk with the best of them, the only thing that Lana needs to prove to convince SmackDown Live fans of her worth to the Women's Division roster is her wrestling ability.

Lana appears to be in phenomenal shape right now, and she also seems to be very flexible and athletic from the glimpses we've seen thus far, so I don't think it will take a very long time for Lana to become comfortable as an in-ring Diva. If Lana can prove that she's solid in the ring, then I will say that Lana will go down as one of the most well-rounded Divas of all time (with a perfect mix of stunning looks, the mic ability and to be determined, wrestling talent). Of course it's still early, but I think she'll prove the doubters wrong. A Successful career is upon the horizon, that's for sure!

6 A Revealing Seflie


What's not to like about this hot and revealing selfie of Lana? This picture definitely reveals Lana's famous "booty" in all of its glory (as well as the rest of Lana's fantastic physique). Also, judging from this photo, Lana doesn't appear to be wearing any (or very little) makeup which showcases how beautiful she is despite that. Very few WWE Divas pictured without makeup resemble a fraction of what they look like while on television, but in Lana's case, she looks very much the same, and gorgeous at that. Personal selfie or professionally taken picture, Lana looks great in them all, and you certainly can't teach that!

Lana Fact: Prior to pursuing a pro-wrestling related career, Lana was involved in the music industry. In 2009, Lana, real name CJ Perry joined the group "No Means Yes" which was a girl group of four signed to famous singer Ne-Yo's record label. As a group, they released one single titled "Would You Like That", and they also recorded a couple of other songs before the group disbanded one year later in 2010.

5 Lana In A Vibrant White Bikini


This picture showcases Lana posing sensually in a very revealing and eye-pleasing vibrant white bikini. It's certainly hard not to appreciate Lana's incredibly sculpted and curvy body. She truly looks absolutely fabulous! Out of all the Divas in the WWE, I don't think you could name one who has a better collection of photos than Lana. It seems like nearly each and every photo that she poses for is eye-caching and unforgettable.

The one worrisome thing about Lana pursuing an in-ring career for me, is the fact that Rusev will now be out a "ravishing" manager and talker. Although Rusev isn't the worst talker on the mic, he's also far from being great so that worry's me a little. Also, if you've since forgotten, Rusev seemed to always be the most irrelevant without Lana by his side (or when Summer Rae replaced Lana which was disastrous in every way). However, we'll just have to watch the show and see how things turn out for the both of them I suppose.

4 Summer Rae Exposing Lana's Glutes


If there's one thing that we can be thankful for when it comes to Summer Rae, then this revealing picture of Lana definitely has to be a candidate for that one thing. During the hideous in every possible way feud between Rusev/Summer Rae and Dolph Ziggler/Lana, one interesting bit of television we got out of it included the brawls between Summer and Lana, and by looking at this picture, the WWE Universe definitely got an eye-pleasing view of Lana and her booty during this brawl.

I would say without a doubt, this is one of the most revealing pictures of Lana you can find because there's no way that her skirt was supposed to ride up that high during this "cat-fight" segment. Most of the WWE fans in attendance and watching worldwide were happy, but the WWE itself? I'd probably say not so much considering we're still in the "PG Era", and that segment was anything but 'PG".

3 Lana From A Front Row Fans Perspective


Here we have a revealing (and obviously hot) picture of Lana taken from a fan perspective in the front row. If you've ever seen fans taking pictures during a Rusev match, don't automatically assume that they're trying to get a photo of Rusev making an unpleasing facial expression while he's got a wrestler in The Accolade. Because most likely, they're trying to get a good photo of Lana in her tight skirt to show all of their friends. This hot Lana picture made its way onto the Internet for all of us to see, so take a good look my friends! I'm sure that there are plenty of fellow WWE Superstars who are extremely jealous of Rusev, mark my words.

Lana Fact: As a dancer in the mid 2000's, Lana went on to be utilized as a backup dancer for famous performers including the likes of Keri Hilson, Nelly, Usher, Akon, Pink among others. Aside from her various dancing gigs, Lana's also had a glitter of Hollywood as she has appeared in television shows such as The Game and Banshee, as well as in movies including Pitch Perfect 1 and Pitch Perfect 2.

2 Another Revealing Lana Picture Taken From Ringside


Here's yet another fan-taken picture of Lana which shows the glamorous Diva showing off her undeniable curves. The funny thing about Lana and Rusev is the fact that before Rusev was at all established in the fans eyes as a legitimate talent deserving of a good position on the card, the fans basically only cared about Lana and her sexy outfits that she'd wear.

It's almost scary to imagine how things could have turned out for "The Bulgarian Brute" Rusev had Lana not been around in his corner as his manager and talker. It's very possible that Rusev would not have climbed to the heights he has in his career thus far (even though he hasn't achieved that much yet) without Lana, who undoubtedly completes Rusev and his gimmick. Rusev and Lana are truly a "match made in heaven" in pro-wrestling.

1 WWE's True "Blond Bombshell"


In my opinion, despite the fact that the likes of Alexa Bliss, Maryse and Carmella are all somewhat considered to be "blond bombshells" in their own right, the number one "blond bombshell" in the company is undoubtedly Lana and it really isn't even arguable. (Okay maybe it's arguable in Alexa Bliss's case, but let's just praise Lana in this article considering it's about her today). Lana looked breathtakingly stunning in this picture with the perfect lighting, perfect background, expression, makeup, pose, hair et cetera. It's truly a great (and clearly revealing as I'm sure you can see) photo of The Ravishing Russian, Lana.

Lana Fact: Before marrying the now self-proclaimed "Handsome Rusev" back in July of last year (2016), Lana was formerly in a relationship with actor/former football player Isaiah Mustafa who is widely remembered as the main character in the Old Spice commercials.

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15 Recent Photos Of Lana Revealing Too Much