15 Recent Pictures Of WWE Divas You Totally Forgot About

The Divas Revolution has not only been a breath of fresh air for the WWE, it's also long overdue. Despite the fact Trish Stratus and Lita seemingly revamped the Women's Division during the tail end of the Attitude Era by proving themselves skilled in-ring performers and taking part in the first women's match main even of Raw, the company took a step backwards in its use of women once they both left. Divas/Women's Champions such as Beth Phoenix, AJ Lee, and others all had a decent amount of talent, but were hardly used correctly - if at all - by the company. The void felt similar to the company's lack of a Women's Division after Alundra Blayze left for WCW; for a two-year period, really until the arrival of Chyna, women had little to no presence in the WWE outside of being ringside eye-candy.

Several Divas came and went following the Attitude Era up until the Divas Revolution to the point where it's hard to really recall many of the women and their accomplishments. It's a shame for that era, but at least the company is finally realizing the strength and potential of its Women's Division. While the current women wrestlers are beautiful in their own right, Divas of the not-so-distant past (as well was others you might not have heard of yet) are looking better than ever.

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15 Paige

I've never felt more ready to tackle my future. Can't wait for things to happen.

A post shared by Saraya Bevis (@realpaigewwe) on

Paige is one of the most interesting women to compete in the WWE in a long time. Though she didn't affirm to the stereotypical beauty standards of past WWE Divas, she's nonetheless an incredibly beautiful woman in her own right. The former NXT Women's Champion became the youngest ever WWE Divas Champion in 2014 when she defeated AJ Lee on the episode of Raw following WrestleMania.

She has been away from the company for over a year, during which time she has been involved in headlines for all the wrong reasons - a leaked tape and a rumored abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio. However, she was reportedly cleared to return to in-ring competition in September, while Del Rio told The Sun that her return is "days" away on November 6. Given that knowledge, could she be hinting at a Survivor Series return in the above post? After all, there is still one spot open on Alicia Fox's Raw team.

14 Torrie Wilson  

At the age of 42, Wilson is somehow in better shape today than she was back in her prime with the WWE. Torrie is leaner than ever before and if you don't believe us, just take a quick look at her Instagram account and you'll be baffled to see how stunning she still looks nowadays.

Away from the WWE, Wilson still sells her past fame via various wrestling conventions nowadays. To her credit, Wilson remains one of the most sought after figures at the conventions due to her high end fame from back in the early 2000s. Along with appearances, she's regarded as a fitness guru preaching her ways of life dedicated to working out and eating well. Looking at the 42 year old - whatever she's doing, it's working!

13 Kelly Kelly 

I left my apple at home 🍎

A post shared by Barbie Blank (@thebarbieblank) on

It's been a while since Barbie Blank has blessed us with her presence on WWE programming as Kelly Kelly, but honestly, who could really forget the not-so-talented, but incredibly-hot blonde bombshell? The male Superstars of the WWE certainly couldn't, as Kelly has been linked to John Cena, CM Punk, and a host of other wrestlers. She recently settled down and married retired NHL defenseman Sheldon Souray, but the marriage lasted less than a year and she's now back on the market.

If her Instagram account is any indication, she's not being exactly subtle about her intentions to get back out there and showcase her sexuality. In the above photo, she opted for a sexy "Eve" costume; it's too bad for Sheldon that he's no longer around to have been the Adam to complement that costume.

12 Michelle McCool 

What a special night... #NatureBoy #ESPN30for30 #blessed 💙

A post shared by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

The inaugural WWE Divas Champion and former two-time WWE Women's Champion, Michelle McCool also earned Diva of the Year at the 2010 Slammy Awards. Her rise to prominence in the ring is rather unprecedented as she was once a middle school teacher before successfully auditioning for the Diva Search, only to work primarily as a manager before becoming the first Divas Champion two years later.

She spent roughly five years in the company before leaving in 2011, a year after marrying The Undertaker. That's a strange sentence to even type, but apparently the beautiful blonde and the Deadman make a great pairing. In the photo above, the two are pictured together at the premiere of ESPN's 30 for 30 Ric Flair documentary in which The Undertaker is featured in an interview segment.

11 Cameron 

While the previously-mentioned women actually had a decent run in the WWE with title opportunities, Cameron is a Diva you might actually have trouble remembering, although the photo above should certainly jog your memory. The 30 year old is not only looking sexy, but bad ass while doing so. There's obviously a reason why she has nearly one million followers on Instagram despite having a forgettable stint in the WWE.

She was best known as one-half of the Funkadactyls along with Naomi, who has obviously gone on to bigger and better things. Since leaving the WWE in 2016 after a return to NXT, she has tried her hand at establishing a career in film, television, and music. It has worked to little success as of yet, but she is scheduled to compete in a special for the MTV reality series The Challenge, which debuts later this month.

10 Maria Kanellis 

Maria is actually currently signed to WWE, but you wouldn't know it if you regularly watch SmackDown Live. Despite being a member of that roster, she has been off screen for the past few months due to a rehab stint of her husband Mike Kanellis, who she was managing. It was big news when the company signed the two as Maria was once a big star in the company (okay, not really, but she was super hot and male fans adored her), but Mike's absence, coupled with the fact Maria is now 19 weeks pregnant, has stalled the little momentum they did have, which included a win over Sami Zayn.

However, if you have forgotten that Maria is indeed back with the WWE, the above photo will not only ensure you never forget about her again, it will also serve as a reminder that she's still one of the sexiest women in the WWE while sporting a baby bump.

9 Ashley

via twitter.com

Ashley Massaro came to the WWE as a result of its efforts to reinvigorate its Women's Division in 2005 through the Diva Search. She had the look and appeal of what the company wanted from its Divas (she later appeared in Playboy, which was almost expected among Divas at that point), but lasted only a couple of years before leaving the company in 2008 to look after her daughter, who was sick at the time. Her daughter is now 17 years old, if you needed a reason to feel incredibly old.

Massaro, who was previously linked to Matt Hardy, had quite a bit of sex appeal while working with the WWE and that hasn't changed as she approaches her 40s. The 38 year old is perhaps in better shape than ever and certainly just as hot. She prominently works as a model, which shouldn't be a surprise.

8 Melina


A post shared by Melina Perez (@realmelina) on

Debuting in the WWE as the manager of MNM, Melina went on to have a successful singles career as a three-time WWE Women's Champion and two-time Divas Champion, not to mention the fact she was ranked as the third-best female wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2009. Despite having been away from the WWE since 2011, she sporadically shows up on the independent circuit to this day.

Melina was one of the more talented in-ring workers during the "Divas Depression," as we'll call it, but she was also criminally underrated in the looks department. The majority of the women in the company at that time were hired for their looks, but Melina had both, and looks even better at 38 years old, at least judging from the above photo.

7 Eva Marie

The recently-departed Eva Marie stood out in more ways than one during her time with the WWE. She was one of the more high-maintenance and troublesome women on the Total Divas cast, was one of the weaker in-ring workers in the company, but had incredible sex appeal thanks to her bright red hair that would probably look disastrous on just about any other Diva; instead, Marie pulled off the look quite well.

Now that she's free from the character she portrayed in the WWE, she has gone back to a more normal hair color and we couldn't be bigger fans. The red hair came to define her so much that you almost wondered if it was the reason she was so gorgeous. Spoiler alert: it isn't.

6 Gail Kim

If you're a fan of wrestling in general and not just the WWE, there's no way you've forgotten about Gail Kim as she recently competed in her final match with Impact Wrestling at Bound for Glory and won the Knockouts Championship. You can also attest to the fact that the 40 year old native of Toronto, Ontario is still one of the most talented in-ring workers outside of the WWE; she was the first female inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2016 and is a former WWE Women's Champion.

Kim's stint in the WWE was far too short and she was certainly misused, particularly in her return from 2008 to 2011, so you can't fault her for leaving the company when she did. Even at 40, as evidenced above, Kim still has it in the looks department.

5 Kaitlyn

You can try and deny it all you want, but the truth is there's nothing more sexy than a beautiful woman showing skin and eating a chicken wing, or in the case of former WWE Diva Kaitlyn, a slice of pizza. We're not kidding. The above photo has it all; it's endearing to men who want a woman to just hang out with and eat chicken wings, but it also highlights the sex appeal of not only Kaitlyn, but her friend Laurin Conlin, who, judging from other photos on her account, eats more than her fair share of Booty-O's.

You might have a hard time remembering Kaitlyn's stint with the WWE, but she did in fact hold the WWE Divas Championship for five months before retiring in early 2014. She's now a professional bodybuilder and model based in Boca Raton, Florida. Kaitlyn recently stated her desire to return to pro wrestling - a WWE return is possible for the 31 year old.

4 Maxine

You might be asking yourself, "Who the hell is Maxine, aside from one of the hottest women on this list?" Her real name is Karlee Perez and the 31 year old is actually best known for her work outside of the WWE as Catrina. She presently wrestles with Lucha Underground and also had a brief stint with TNA, but from 2009 to 2012 worked with WWE's development territories in FCW and NXT.

She had feuds with both Kaitlyn and her former mentor Alicia Fox during her time with NXT, but was never really given an opportunity to move up to the main roster. She did once compete in a tag match on an episode of Raw with Natalya against Kelly Kelly and Layla, but that was it for her WWE career.

3 Victoria 

Lisa Marie Varon, better known to WWE fans as Victoria, is now 46 years old, but you'd never know it by looking at her. The beautiful and fit dark-haired babe recently divorced her husband of 21 years a couple of years ago and appears to be doing just fine on her own, even wrestling sporadically on the independent circuit. A two-time WWE Women's Champion and five-time TNA Women's Knockout Champion, Victoria spent nearly nine years with the WWE and four with TNA.

All those years add up to a lot of bumps and bruises, but, as you can see from the photo above, she wouldn't trade in the experience for anything. Unlike some former Divas who mostly post sexy selfies (which we can appreciate), Victoria's timeline is mostly filled with photos of her and her fans. Respect.

2 Summer Rae

Friend: Omg your crush is walking by... Me:

A post shared by 🔹Summer Rae🔹 (@daniellemoinet) on

Oh to be the crush of Danielle Moinet, better known as the WWE's Summer Rae. If that's her reaction to seeing her crush, imagine how she is when she really gets to know someone. The 33 year old was never really regarded for her in-ring abilities, but she provided some memorable moments throughout her career, including her 2013 debut when she appeared as Fandango's valet and dance partner as well as ... Okay, that was probably it. Let's be honest, she was a below-average in-ring performer and mediocre as a manager. It wasn't a surprise she was recently released by the WWE.

Fortunately for her fans, she's still active on Instagram and other social media platforms. In fact, if the above photo wasn't enough, there's an oddly sexy video on her Instagram in which she is digging through a pumpkin and rubbing the seeds on her chest set to the tune of the Smashing Pumpkin's Bullet with Butterfly Wings.

1 Trish Stratus 

If you live in Canada, consider yourself lucky that you got to watch Trish Stratus back on TV where she rightfully belongs, even if it was only for a day; if you live outside of the country, keep an eye on CBC for future streaming opportunities if Trish ever returns to co-host The Goods. It's not the WWE, but it's great to see her back in the public eye in some capacity.

Arguably the greatest women's wrestler of all time in regard to talent, draw, and looks, Stratus is a seven-time WWE Women's Champion who currently resides in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario, where she operates a yoga studio and is a passionate community supporter; she recently earned a community service award from the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame. She's now 41 years old and has ditched the blonde hair, but is somehow even better looking.

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