15 Recent Wrestling Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Memes have been floating around the internet and in popular culture for nearly the last eight years or so, and are a perfect snapshot of sarcasm in the world. Whether the meme is about a Grumpy Cat (who is a previous host of Monday Night RAW) or a Condescending Willy Wonka (who unfortunately has never been a host of a WWE program), it captures exactly what we are all thinking.

Naturally, wrestling fans have taken the time to put their spin on memes and inject them into the world of professional wrestling. Being able to poke fun at booking decisions, wrestling talent and the WWE in general is an excellent pass time, especially considering the amount of cannon fodder that WWE gives us to make fun of. The IWC has certainly stepped up their game in regards to memes, as there are many Facebook pages, websites and Twitter accounts dedicated to creating memes and poking fun at wrestling, the WWE product in particular. Fans are never short on meme material to peruse throughout the web, so picking just 15 was hard for us. But we've managed to put 15 together which will hopefully give you a few laughs and perhaps a pat on the back for being such a smark.

15 Too Sweet

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If you didn't know why this moment between Finn Balor and AJ Styles at TLC 2017 was significant, then we don't know what to tell you... As many avid fans of wrestling may be aware of, the WWE issued a cease and desist letter to the Bullet Club for using the 'too sweet' gesture that was popularized in WWE by The Kliq, as well as the nWo over in WCW. Being former members of the Bullet Club, Balor and Styles gave each other the gesture after Balor defeated Styles. The next night on RAW, Balor lost cleanly to Kane in a very anticlimactic match and his push has since been stalled, leaving many to question whether it was punishment for Balor performing this gesture. However the theory doesn't hold up with AJ Styles now holding the WWE Championship on SmackDown.

14 Braun Strowman Finally Gets Triple H To Apologize 

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So, apparently Triple H has a reputation for not putting over wrestlers during feuds with them when he should have. This is complete news to me because look at all of the wrestlers that he has made superstars during his time in the ring – didn’t he put over Curtis Axel? Or CM Punk? The Spirit Squad? During his time on top of the wrestling industry, Triple H never buried a single wrestler and is one of the most giving performers to have ever existed. Okay, enough sarcasm...

During Survivor Series this past year, Braun Strowman did not agree with this statement and threatened Triple H into exposing something – he revealed that during his feud with Booker T in 2003 (you know, the one that had quasi-racist remarks), that he should have put over Booker during their World Championship feud at WrestleMania XIX. This is preposterous! Triple H would never have held someone down like that. Would he? Say it isn’t so, Hunter!

13 Hulk Up, Brother

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If you were a wrestling fan in the 1980s and did not take the time to say your prayers and take your vitamins, then you were an 80s child that I do not want to know (you were probably really in to listening to WHAM! or something). If you used to play-wrestle as a kid with friends, and one of you wrestled like Hulk Hogan, undoubtedly you would do his “Hulking Up” and begin no-selling your opponent. Someone who certainly appreciates the fact that someone called out Hogan for his lack of selling is Shawn Michaels, who has first-hand experience with Hogan’s “wrestling style”, and responded to it by hilariously overselling for him during their match at SummerSlam 2005. Never got to experience this hilarity before? Enjoy it here, and watch just how hysterical it is to watch Hogan deal with Michaels selling his big boot like he has been shocked by a taser.

12 Eva Marie vs Mandy Rose

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At the time of this writing, two separate women’s factions have debuted on RAW and SmackDown in the past weeks filled with female wrestlers from NXT including Ruby Riott, Sonya Deville and none other than “The Golden Goddess” Mandy Rose. For those that are not aware, I have a certain tendency to gush over Mandy Rose when she is mentioned (don’t believe me? Check out my article about Mandy Rose here), so when I came across this meme comparing her wrestling ability to Eva Marie, I had to share it.

During her time with WWE, Eva Marie sure did try hard to improve as a wrestler, but really never showed much improvement and should never have belonged in the ring. Rose on the other hand has the potential to be the future of the Women’s division, and has already shown that she has much more in-ring presence and skills in her left foot than Eva Marie did in her entire body.

11 The Reason Behind Jinder's Push

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Vince McMahon’s proclivity for muscle-bound men has been well documented - which is why his one and only greatest love is the mirror in his bathroom because it is able to show all sides of his muscular arms – stemming all the way back to his relationship with Hulk Hogan, and being tracked all the way to Braun Strowman’s current push as an absolute monster-heel. One recent event that probably made Vince a very happy man was to see Jinder Mahal’s transformation from an average-joe of a wrestler to a genetic-freak almost overnight. Can you just imagine Vince when he saw Mahal return to WWE as a muscle-bound maharajah? I’m sure he was ready to not only hand over the WWE Championship, but was ready to reinstate the King of the Ring just to give Mahal something even more special.

10 Booker T Nonsense

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There are only a few things that can make me turn off WWE programming when I am in the middle of watching a show – one of them is an appearance by Doink the Clown (I absolutely despise clowns) and the other is nonsensical commentary. Fortunately for me, Doink does not make many appearances. On the other hand, Booker T has a permanent place at the commentary table, which gives me far too many headaches on a weekly basis. It is well known that WWE commentators have an ear-piece where they are being fed lines and are directed to move the commentary in certain directions, but I think that someone needs to check the connection on Booker’s, because he spouts out so much gibberish every time he is on television that it can’t possibly be coming from a producer. Unless that producer is in fact Doink the Clown, because if it is, then I quit.

9 Randy Orton Promos

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He hears voices in his head, they tell him speaking monotone is entertaining, they are wrong. We have had the “pleasure” of watching Randy Orton deliver promos since he first debuted in WWE television, partnering with Bob Holly and looking like the most generic wrestler on the planet, and I can say with confidence that his promo-delivery has not changed in close to 15 years. Orton’s dry and slow way of speaking is not entertaining and had turned more people off of wrestling than seeing The Big Show in a sumo outfit at WrestleMania.

Even when he is delivering a promo about something incredibly exciting (like burning down a wooden shack in the forest, for instance), he conveys it with the excitement of preparing to have a root canal procedure done at the dentist office. Orton will be the only wrestler to have an entire audience fall arena asleep during his retirement promo.

8 Austin “Banana” Aries

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There is a trend in the WWE Universe (shudder) right now where high profile acquisitions from the independent circuit, such as Sami Callahan, Neville and now Austin Aries, would rather return to the ranks of independent wrestling than stay with the WWE. There has been a multitude of reasons given for this occurring, such as a lack of direction for their characters or not enjoying the corporate structure of WWE, but it all started back with one of the most legitimate rebellious wrestlers that has ever worked for WWE – CM Punk is to date one of the loudest examples of someone that has left WWE, and then voiced their reasoning very publically. The statement of “Fix your attitude or leave” applies perfectly here, because both Aries and Punk know themselves as professional wrestlers well enough to pack up and leave instead of compromise their characters.

7 Samoa Joe at WrestleMania

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This meme is just salty, so very salty. Poor Samoa Joe has worked so hard to achieve his level of success before finally making it to the WWE roster in January 2017, but this meme has just cut him down. Wait, Joe debuted in January? But isn’t WrestleMania in April? So what you’re saying is, there was over three months to properly build a program to give Samoa Joe a spot on the WrestleMania card but it wasn’t done? This is preposterous! WWE would never drop the ball by letting one of the most talented performers of all time be left off the WrestleMania card, especially when wrestlers like Simon Gotch and Curt Hawkins were featured in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, this must be fake news. Don’t worry indy-darlings, I am sure Joe had a match on the WrestleMania pre-show that we all were collectively taking a bathroom break for.

6 The Attitude Era

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The Attitude Era has a special place in many wrestling fans' hearts due to the loving and warm memories they have about all of the things the era was about – the violence, sexuality and forgettable performers from WWE’s mid-card (don’t ever forget about The Oddities!). At this point, The Attitude Era is so protected in the minds of wrestling fans that if a fan references it incorrectly, they get a snap reaction and are inches away from having a Stone Cold Stunner being snapped on them. It may be considered as wrestling’s greatest time by many which makes everyone so protective over it, but let’s not forget to appreciate just how awesome of a time we are in now for wrestling (and we don’t even have to deal with seeing wrestlers like Meat or Just Joe).

5 The Curious Case Of Roman Reigns

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Boo, let’s all hate Roman Reigns! I hate wrestlers that are presented as popular on television, it makes me want to boo them every time I see them, even though they are actually entertaining me! Boo, hiss! In all seriousness, I am in the minority of wrestling fans that believes that Roman Reigns is actually good for WWE business, and that all of the hate on him from fans is not stemming from their belief in his ability as a performer, but has only developed as a mob mentality. Most of the fans that jeer him during events are following the trend, when in actuality Reigns has been a positive force in the WWE, and the hatred for him being “over pushed” is not founded in reality. Keep up the good work Reigns, don’t let the incredibly loud boos from arenas that you visit across the country get you down.

4 Kurt Angle is a Real Boy

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The one probably made me laugh the loudest out of any meme that has been posted about professional wrestling in 2017. Let me set the scene for you – here you have two recent WWE Champions in Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as recently reformed team members, looking like two of the fiercest men on the planet, ready for an absolute fight to the death, and willing to put their bodies and lives on the line to achieve victory. Then you have Kurt Angle, looking like he is about to take a trip into the McDonald’s play place before going down for a nap. It is as if they were about to leave the house, but then their mom shouted from the top of the stairs, “Make sure you take your brother with you!” and then Kurt came down the stairs in his own little vest, and both Rollins and Ambrose groaned and shoved him in the back of the car with them. I know that Angle is one of the most legitimately tough men on the face of the Earth, but this is just hilarious.

3 Ivan Drago vs Mahal

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Jinder Mahal makes two appearances on this list! Except this time it is for a match that unfortunately did not happen. While Mahal was scheduled to face Brock Lesnar in a Champion vs. Champion match at this year’s Survivor Series, complete with Mahal publically challenging Lesnar on a recent Smackdown, booking plans were changed when Mahal lost the WWE Championship to AJ Styles prior to the event, which put Styles into the match with Lesnar. While the Lesnar/Styles contest was very entertaining, I was actually very excited to see Mahal work with Lesnar – Mahal actually has the size and muscle that he could have looked like a legitimate contender to beat Lesnar, while Styles is not near his size so he looked like an underdog the entire match. Not to say that Mahal would have won because that is very unlikely, but it would have made for an interesting contest, even though Mahal would have been close to death afterwards.

2 Elias World Tour

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I currently did not understand the love affair that WWE Management was having with Elias and why he was featured on RAW every week while other wrestlers were left off of the show consistently, until I started to listen to the crowd during his music performances. People are actually getting behind Elias’ singing gimmick and look forward to him running down their city in song before his match, but he is constantly getting interrupted by his opponent before he can finish his song. Now that I am converted into an Elias fan, I say that we bite the bullet here and give Elias an entire two-hour set on RAW without interruption. No matches, just Elias on a stool singing for all of his fans in attendance. I don’t think there is a precedence for musical performances being featured on wrestling programming doing poorly in the ratings, is there WCW and KISS?

1 RAWR, Braun Strowman!

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Here he comes to save the day! Strowman’s push into the main event level on the RAW roster has been a legitimate breath of fresh air for the company. Initially - and I think we are all guilty of this thought - I believed that Strowman would end up falling into the category of wrestlers like Mason Ryan or Nathan Jones, who just would not be able to cut it on a television program as a wrestler and that we would easily see right through his lack of skills, but Strowman has pleasantly surprised me and is succeeding in his role. This moment here where the ambulance pulled up the ring on RAW and Strowman burst out of it to an outstanding ovation has been one of the best moments on RAW in recent memory. Kudos to you Mr.Strowman for exceeding expectations, keep up the great work.

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