15 Recent WWE Botches You NEED To See

The road to WrestleMania is filled with some incredible build up leading to the show, but there is also a locker room full of nervous Superstars looking to make their mark. With so many emotions, a mistake is bound to happen. For wrestling fans, this can lead to some hilarious and unforgettable botches. A wrestling botch can include anything from a bad move, messed up line, or something that went wrong with the production.

Whether it’s a Pay-Per-View event like the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber, or even a live show like Raw or SmackDown, there have been a ton of mistakes that have occurred just in 2017 alone. These mistakes have come from rookie stars like Alexa Bliss and ring veterans like John Cena and Cesaro. Watch and see how these Superstars tripped, flubbed, and revealed some wrestling secrets while in the ring.

As the build-up to WrestleMania continues, there are bound to be a lot more mistakes along the way. It’s all about having a keen eye, sharp ear, and the ability to pay close attention to various details while watching. See if you remember any of these botches or if there are any that we've missed along the way.

15 JBL Tries to Save the King

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Jerry “The King” Lawler is a legend in the business, but he has no business stepping back into a WWE ring. On an episode of Smackdown Live, Lawler held a special edition of “The King’s Court.” During an interview with Dolph Ziggler, Ziggler decided to attack The King with a Superkick to the chest. Moments after this happened, Ziggler left the ring and JBL decided to go help his friend.

Unfortunately for JBL, he needed some help of his own after getting tripped up over some production wires. The embarrassing trip was caught on-camera and his fellow announcers even mocked him for it later in the broadcast. Just a few weeks later, JBL would trip again during his entrance for the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View.

14 John Cena Echoes in the Chamber

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The new Elimination Chamber structure was great for viewing, but maybe all of the chains created a little too much echo. Either that, or John Cena continues to simply call his matches WAY too loud in the ring. During multiple points of the match, Cena could be heard calling out moves to his opponents. He shouts directed to A.J. Styles were heard numerous times, even telling him at one point to climb up the side of the cage.

There was one point in the match where Cena did get really quiet. It was after he was eliminated and lost his newly won WWE Championship. If you re-watch the match and crank up the volume, it’s pretty easy to hear Cena, especially when the cameras are focused on him.

13 Cesaro Is Claudio

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Everyone knows that a majority of WWE Superstars have a ring name and a separate name in real life. It’s just kind of shocking when some of these stars have their real name used on television. It’s like the time Triple H just started calling Batista “Dave” with no explanation to viewers that it was his real name.

A similar and hilarious scenario happened on a recent episode of WWE Raw. During a tag team match where Enzo and Big Cass took on Cesaro and Sheamus, WWE Raw announcer Corey Graves got a little too comfortable at the table. Graves referred to Cesaro by his real name – Claudio. After doing this, he stopped mid-sentence, burst out laughing, and Michael Cole had to pick up the slack for him.

12 A.J.'s Pants Rip 

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One of the most classic botches in pro wrestling history has to be the wardrobe malfunction. Tightly fitted clothing mixed in with aerobics and muscle can led to some bad circumstances and, in this case, Styles felt the wrath of a malfunction during live TV. For what it's worth, it couldn't have happened to a better guy as A.J. didn't miss a beat.

The botch took place during a TLC main event match to add the cherry on top between Styles and Dean Ambrose. Once the botch took place, you heard the WWE Universe get a little more rowdy in the crowd. The WWE's camera crew tried their best to hide the malfunction, but it was impossible to avoid. To A.J.'s credit, he didn't slow down one bit, putting on another five star match despite the hole in his pants.

11 Brian Kendrick Sends Ali Flying

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WWE Main Event has become a filler show filled with forgettable matches. If you happened to catch a recent battle between Brian Kendrick and Mustafa Ali, then you were in for a treat. This was the first time Ali wrestled on the main Cruiserweight roster, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. As both Superstars crossed paths and sent each other across the ropes, Kendrick flung Ali’s body. Ali was probably supposed to catch himself and flip off the ropes, but he got tangled up like a caught fish instead.

Ali went crashing down to the mat. At first, he looked injured, but he was able to finish the match and try to put that horrible mistake behind him. Luckily, the Main Event audience isn’t that big and this botch will probably be forgotten about pretty quickly.

10 A.J. & Harper Botch The Finish

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Just a few weeks after the Royal Rumble, SmackDown Live held their own Battle Royal to determine who would be headed to WrestleMania to take on Bray Wyatt. Maybe it was fatigue from the original Rumble match, but things didn’t go so smoothly for this very important encounter.

Luke Harper and A.J. Styles were the final two participants in the match. Both men were hung up near the top rope when Styles got flipped over Harper’s back and tossed to the ground for an elimination. At least one second later, Harper followed, falling to the mat. Even though it was clear that Harper won, the referees proclaimed that both men had hit at the same time. This was clearly false, but they persisted and a one-on-one match was scheduled between the two. Instant replay, anyone?

9 Heath Slater Hugs An Uso

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The SmackDown tag team division has been filled with a lot of great teams. Because of so many teams, there are numerous times when matches involve multiple teams and a lot of chaos. During one of these bouts, Heath Slater was doing battles with one of The Usos when this botch ensued.

Slater waited on the top rope to attack The Uso, but he didn’t come quick enough. Slater awkwardly jumped off the top, got into some sort of bear hug with The Uso and then was pushed off and into the ropes. The whole segment had no flow to it and took a lot of momentum out of the match. When SmackDown used to be taped, parts like this could easily be edited out, but now it’s nearly impossible to eliminate them from the broadcast.

8 Mick's Teeth Fall Out 

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Let's be honest, Mick's run as the Raw GM is a total fail in comparison to his days as the Commissioner of the WWE back in the early 2000s. However, he has managed to elevate some Superstars, with one being Sami Zayn.

The two have gotten into some heated arguments both in and out of the ring. Foley has helped Zayn's underdog demeanor since taking over Raw. In this particular angle, things took a turn for the worst as the two were in a heated verbal exchange, but things got a little too crazy as Foley's teeth fell right out. Thankfully, Mick caught his teeth in mid-air, while Zayn should get a trophy for being able to keep a straight face throughout the incident.

7 A Premature Bell Ringing

The Montreal Screwjob delivered one of the craziest pre-mature bell ringings in history. The only difference with that and a recent early bell ringing at WWE Raw is that the Montreal Screwjob was intentional and ordered by Vince McMahon.

On the recent Raw episode, Nia Jax had Sasha Banks locked in a submission move. Banks gave no indication that she wanted to tap and the referee signaled nothing to the bell keeper. Despite this, the bell was still randomly rung and it indicated the end of the match. The confused referee tried to clear things up, but the match was declared over anyway. It was an awkward ending that made the referee look bad. At least Jax kept the submission move locked in to make it look legit.

6 The Green Sweater Guy is Edited

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No matter how hard the WWE tries, Roman Reigns will never be a top babyface for the company. During a recent Raw, Chris Jericho defeated Reigns to win the United States Championship. Even though Jericho had help to win, the crowd went nuts and cheered for their new champion.

One of the best crowd shots featured an enthusiastic fan in a bright green sweater. The fan was seen jumping up and down and celebrating Reigns loss. One week later, the WWE tried to rewrite history. After showing the end of the match, the cheering shot of the green sweater man was replaced with a shot of the man with a worried and concerned look on his face. The shot was clearly taken during another point in the match and showcased how WWE tries to manipulate their audiences.

5 Enzo Flips Himself Over the Rope

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When something messes up in the ring, it’s important for WWE Superstars to roll with it and improvise. In the case of Enzo, his improvisation looked absolutely embarrassing. During a singles match with Cesaro, Enzo was sent flying across the ropes. He was supposed to fling over the top and spill out to the mat outside the ring. Instead he bounced off the ropes and kind of stood there for a second.

A moment later, Enzo clearly grabs himself and throws himself over the top rope. He stumbled onto the floor below and acted like it was Cesaro that did that to him the whole time. The crowd openly laughed at the move and it is't one of the more shining moments in Enzo’s young career.

4 Gran Metalik Gets Hung Up

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We’ve seen plenty of Cruiserweight botches in the past. Sin Cara could have his own reel of botches if we wanted, but let's face it, he's no longer relevant. We're not sure if it’s the mask that blocks the view or the risks that they take, but masked wrestlers always seem to have some crazy botches.

Gran Metalik is a masked wrestler on 205 Live. During a match, he went for a leap off of the ropes for some type of springboard maneuver, but he ended up getting caught in them instead. His legs tangled on the ropes while his back and head went crashing to the mat. It wasn’t exactly the smoothest of moves and great ring work that we’re used to seeing in the WWE's Cruiserweight division.

3 Nikki Bella’s Ring Directions

Nikki Bella and John Cena make an ideal couple. They're both in the wrestling business, don’t mind their personal lives being exposed on reality television, and are a part of the SmackDown Live roster. One negative aspect that Nikki has seemed to take from Cena is her loud match directions which was recently on full display.

On a recent episode of SmackDown Live, Nikki Bella was in a Falls Count Anywhere match against Natalya. As the two competitors battled in the crowd, the camera guy got a little too close. He picked up their match directions, including one of the females saying “Good Job!” to the other. Nikki can also be heard saying that she's going to throw Natalya over the rail and back towards the ring.

2 Goldberg Really Screws Up

Goldberg loves to warm up before WWE appearances by smashing his head against the door. We guess that’s not the best decision to make, at any point of one's life. During the last WWE Raw before the Royal Rumble, Goldberg came out with a bloody forehead that occurred from his smash. After the fans chanted his name, it was Goldberg’s turn to speak, but he could barley get a word out.

Goldberg stuttered and froze every time he was supposed to say “Royal Rumble.” The botch is hard to watch, but Goldberg finally gets it right after getting his act together and composing himself in the ring. We think he’s finally learned his lesson about the consequences of smashing his body into doors in a wrestling locker room.

1 The Patriots Lost the Super Bowl

Talking Smack has become one of the most entertaining shows on the WWE Network. Instead of scripted promos or interviews, the talk show is a great way for WWE Superstars to reveal themselves and get a chance to shine in front of the camera. Unfortunately for Alexa Bliss, her shining moment did not come on a recent episode.

Sitting next to Daniel Bryan and Renee Young, Bliss fumbled over words, was trolled by Daniel Bryan, and was trying to explain why she lost the Smackdown Women’s Championship. She ended up saying that she was too tired and upset to wrestle because the Patriots had lost the Super Bowl. The always quick Daniel Bryan informed her that the Patriots had actually won. He then went on to mock her for several minutes in what turned out to be a great segment.

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