15 Recent WWE Incidents You Won’t Believe Took Place Behind The Curtain

The backstage environment of WWE creates fascinating stories that the writers would never be able to come up with. While fans are complaining about Raw and SmackDown starting to get boring with a stale product, the juicy details behind the scenes are becoming more interesting than the television show. There have been quite a few stories to break in recent months regarding the lives of various Superstars backstage. WWE drama is nothing new as the culture creates hostility between wrestlers, displeasure towards management and other instances of tension backstage.

We'll look at some of the stories going around when it comes to shocking WWE reports behind the scenes. Various careers will be affected in the aftermath of these stories. It shows just how tough the life of a WWE Superstar is in every facet of the job that comes with it. The in-ring work is often the easiest as dealing with the politics backstage and other personal issues tend to be harder work. We can only hope the careers here will all benefit in the long run with the incidents not hurting anyone. These are fifteen recent WWE incidents to happen behind the scenes that are almost impossible to believe.


12 John Cena Getting Sued By Ford

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John Cena doesn’t have many vices and that helped make him more valuable to Vince McMahon. Cena didn’t care about alcohol, drugs or any of the other things that ruined the careers and lives of wrestlers before him. However, there is one spending addiction that Cena has had throughout his career. Cena loves expensive cars and owns many of them that reside at his mansions.

Ford recently allowed Cena to purchase the the new Ford GT. This car is only allowed to be purchased if Ford approves the person that wants it making it one of the rarest cars to get right now. Cena sold the car just a few weeks after getting it from Ford to make a profit. Ford is suing Cena for breach of contract to send a message that they are not meant to be taken advantage of.

14. Chris Jericho Getting The "OK" by Vince for New Japan Match

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Chris Jericho once again shocked the wrestling industry when it was announced that he would be facing Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom in early 2018. This dream match will take place in New Japan on their biggest show of the year. Omega and Jericho both expressed interest in this match through their mutual friend Don Callis. Jericho made the decision when his contract with WWE expired and NJPW reached a one shot deal with him.

Many insiders felt Vince McMahon would be upset at Jericho for wrestling outside of WWE for the first time since signing in 1999. Jericho however has confirmed that he called McMahon to discuss this decision. Vince reportedly understood and accepted why Jericho was doing this. The conversation also featured McMahon saying Jericho will always be a WWE guy meaning there is no heat regarding the match. It may be another story if Jericho takes a selfie with the Bullet Club.

11 Vince McMahon Threatening to Freeze Out Neville

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The career of Neville is currently in limbo after his request to leave WWE. Neville grew frustrated due to being forced into the Cruiserweight Division which means less money and potential to move up the ladder. Vince McMahon was not pleased about Neville wanting to pull a Cody Rhodes by becoming a success outside of WWE after a frustrated time with the company refusing to do better by him.

The recent reports all indicate that McMahon refuses to allow Neville out of his contract. McMahon wants to freeze Neville out by making him sit at home. Unless Neville agrees to return to WWE, Neville is going to sit at home until his contract expires. McMahon is not going to let Neville improve the standing of any other promotion like Rhodes and others have done.

10 Jerry Lawler Believes The Undertaker Is Returning For Another Match

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Survivor Series featured legends like Kurt Angle, Triple H and John Cena making rare appearances in the main event. Three legends were also backstage watching the show together. Jerry Lawler revealed on his podcast that he hung out with The Undertaker and Kane watching Survivor Series together. Undertaker and Kane made no appearances on screen but showed up backstage to witness the show.

Lawler stated that John Cena walked into the room and was impressed at the rare moment of three legends breaking down a show together. Another comment from Lawler regarding the meeting saw him claim that he got the feeling Undertaker was returning for another match. Lawler said Undertaker is in great shape and may not be retired after all. Time will only tell what the future holds for Undertaker.

11. Baron Corbin Cursing Out WWE Doctor and Vince Ending His Punishment Early

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Baron Corbin’s failed run holding the Money in the Bank briefcase was one of the biggest WWE stories of the summer. The fact that Corbin lost it in a matter of seconds to Jinder Mahal showed how far he fell. WWE did this to punish Corbin for cursing out a WWE doctor during a meeting about concussions. Corbin insulted the doctor in front of the locker room.

WWE had him lose his title shot and get destroyed by John Cena on PPV the following week. Corbin was scheduled to be punished for the rest of the year as a precedent that wrestlers can’t harass the other employees backstage, especially doctors. Vince McMahon however ended that early by making Corbin the United States Champion and giving him a strong push just a few weeks later.

9 Vince McMahon Crushes Kevin Owens' Spirit at WrestleMania 33

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The new WWE 365 series featured a year in the life of Kevin Owens as the story in the first episode. Fans were given a glimpse at the crushing moment Owens experienced at WrestleMania 33. Vince McMahon hated the match between Owens and Chris Jericho for the United States Championship. Cameras caught Owens asking if the match was good and Vince coldly saying things weren’t good.

Owens looked helpless realizing the boss was not pleased with his performance on the biggest night of the year. The special showed that Owens felt rattled with lows for the next few months struggling to get a new Face of America character across. This was one of the most surreal experiences captured by WWE cameras as McMahon crushing a wrestler’s confidence is usually not meant for fans to see. Things are better for Owens today as he was able to head butt Vince on television as a nice trade off.

8 No More "One Fall" Chant

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British independent wrestling fans created a fan interaction moment when they would yell “one fall” after the ring announcer said it during introductions. This carried over to the United States slowly and eventually became a consistent part in WWE. SmackDown ring announcer Greg Hamilton even started intentionally pausing for fans to get their chant in.

WWE recently stepped in and decided that enough was enough. Hamilton was flat out told to stop doing this as an effort to try to stop the “one fall” chant. WWE believes ring announcers should not have any gimmicks unless it is specifically used to get over a wrestler. It is no longer allowed in WWE and ring announcers will likely be punished if they try to get the fans involved in the “one fall” introduction.

7 Enzo Amore Getting His Own Locker Room

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The heat of Enzo Amore reached a peak earlier this year during the summer. Roman Reigns kicked him off of a tour bus during a United Kingdom tour for being abrasive and disrespectful to the other wrestlers. The WWE wrestlers reacted to Enzo failing to get humble by kicking him out of the locker room. Enzo was forced to dress elsewhere due to others not wanting him around them.

A recent interview saw Enzo get asked about his status with the locker room now that he is Cruiserweight Champion. Enzo claimed that he had his own locker room and still hasn’t made peace with the other wrestlers. While this private locker room likely means a small room in the building, it shows that he feels he has won out and doesn’t need to prove anything to the other wrestlers in WWE.

6 Vince McMahon Mocks Jimmy Jacobs

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Chris Jericho’s recent Talk is Jericho podcast interview with Jimmy Jacobs revealed a lot of information about the life of a writer in WWE. Jacobs admitted he was unhappy about the lack of respect he received from Vince McMahon. The job apparently required the writers to be blamed for bad ideas and get no credit for the good ones.

Jacobs’ unique look also made him a target of McMahon. At one point, McMahon mocked the way Jacobs would stand by telling Jericho to stand like that in the ring to get heel heat. Jacobs’ flamboyant style was restricted from showing in WWE, and it is one of the reasons he was happy to get fired for taking that selfie with the Bullet Club. The concept of a workplace environment being a high school lunchroom run by a 70 year old jock seems like torture for many.


5 Nia Jax Getting Body Shammed

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Nia Jax made a comment in a recent interview that is starting to get attention. According to Jax, she has dealt with body shaming by the people she changes in front of. Nia has been in WWE for the past few years making it obvious that the fellow wrestlers she works with are the ones seeing her change. Jax stated that she has been the victim of insulting comments due to her larger size.

This could be a huge problem for WWE given their stance against bullying and trying to prove they are for women’s empowerment. One of their most diverse ladies being attacked by the rest of the roster undermines everything the company is trying to present. If the names of the women insulting Nia ever got out, there is a good chance they would end up being released sooner or later.

4 Dolph Ziggler "Hates" His Role in WWE

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We have been hearing rumors about Dolph Ziggler wanting to quit WWE for the past few years. Ziggler is still under contract and a part of the SmackDown brand. However, he is anything but happy when it comes to his job these days. Ziggler appeared on Edge and Christian’s podcast and shared some brutally honest comments about his role in the company.

The anger of Dolph seems directed as the lack of opportunities to move up the card and prove that he belongs in a main event spot. Ziggler admitted the job of putting over new talents and having no character depth is disheartening for any athlete that wants to be the best. The fact that he used the word “hate” to describe his WWE status means the rumors of him walking away soon may be valid after all.

3 Weird Simon Gotch Incident Got Him Fired

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Simon Gotch was fired from WWE earlier this year under some truly bizarre circumstances. The unpopular nature of Gotch backstage made him an enemy of many before this even happened. Gotch however revealed that the final tipping point in WWE choosing to get rid of him came due to a weird backstage interaction with some other employees.

This took place at WrestleMania 33 when Gotch’s chair collapsed backstage and he wanted to have fun at the embarrassment. Gotch demanded a technician pin him like a match but the random employee was just confused at what was going on. For some reason, Gotch got up and punted the broken chair to try to get a laugh. It didn’t impress the technician or WWE as it resulted in him ultimately getting released.

2 Finn Balor Upset With Vince McMahon

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The recent report of Vince McMahon pulling Finn Balor out of a major Royal Rumble match against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship would crush the confidence of most wrestlers. Balor has however shown a humorous side regarding the rumors of McMahon viewing him as not being over enough to warrant facing Lesnar for the title.

The social media pages of Finn have seen him constantly take shots at McMahon by using the word “over” in every day messages. Balor has a snarky sense of humor going all the way back to his time in New Japan leading the Bullet Club. Finn has kept it pretty standard on social media since coming to WWE. This seemed to be the tipping point as Vince insulting him has led to these sub-tweets on a daily basis.

2. Goldberg and Triple H Becoming Pals

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The recent WWE 24 special about the return of Goldberg helped give an insight into his return and what was different this time. Goldberg clashed with both Triple H as a talent and Vince McMahon as a boss back in 2003 for his failed stint. His return was completely different as Goldberg was more open to connecting with others in the business.

This was shown following Triple H’s match with Seth Rollins and before Goldberg’s match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. Goldberg was filmed congratulating Triple H on his match and sharing smiles before he walked out to the ring for his match. The comment of Goldberg saw him ask his former enemy Triple H if he ever saw him smile backstage before to which Triple H colorfully said never.

1 Chris Jericho Argues with Triple H About Festival of Friendship

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The Festival of Friendship segment earlier this year that featured Kevin Owens turning on Chris Jericho was viewed as arguably the best segment in 2017. Most fans loved it and it helped set their WrestleMania match in the best way. However, it almost was a different segment due to Vince McMahon missing this episode of Raw.

Triple H tried to change the plans Jericho and Jimmy Jacobs confirmed with Vince McMahon. The thought process of Triple H was that the reveal of Owens’ list would be too comical and not get the reaction desired. Jericho claimed he had an intense debate with Triple H before calling Vince to get his way. It turned out being for the best and Triple H admitted to Jericho that he was right about it.


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