15 Recent WWE Moments That Need To Be Erased From History

Every fan knows that WWE loves to outrageous stuff. Whether it’s a stipulation match, a segment, putting the championship on a wrestler, or a wacky storyline; they know how to push the envelope. Throughout the years, there’s been plenty of talked about WWE moments. Who could forget Trish and Lita main eventing RAW? The time when Brock Lesnar and Big Show broke the ring on Smackdown? Or Seth Rollins splitting from The Shield?

While those are moments that will go down in history, there are others that viewers wish they could forget. One wacky storyline WWE had during the Attitude Era was Mae Young getting pregnant by Mark Henry, then giving birth to a hand. That moment had fans cringing and is still shown until this very day. WWE’s knack for going all out continues to this day. Although, they’re more PG now, the company isn’t afraid to do outrageous stuff to bring in the ratings. With a new roster of wrestlers, WWE does all they can to get viewers invested in these rising stars. Sometimes their experiments are a success, while other times it’s a failure.

In recent years, WWE has produced some cringeworthy moments that had fans confused and voicing their dislike on social media. While these moments are still online for everyone to share, they should be erased from WWE history and never seen or talked about again.

So let’s take a look at 15 of the most recent WWE moments that deserve to be erased from history.


15 Jinder Mahal As WWE champion

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Throughout the years, WWE has put the championship on a number of stars, who many felt were undeserving. One recently crowned champion had fans question what the WWE writers were thinking.

Following the Superstar Shakeup in April 2017, Jinder Mahal was moved to Smackdown. A week later, he earned a shot at the WWE championship by winning a six-pack challenge. Mahal being the #1 contender shocked fans, who thought wrestlers such as Sami Zayn or Luke Harper deserved a chance at the championship. Fans would be even more shocked when Mahal beat Randy Orton for the championship at Backlash. The reason behind putting the belt on Jinder was due to WWE wanting to increase their exposure in the Indian market. Yet, their plan backfired as they soon found out they weren't getting exposure in India. While Jinder Mahal as champion was something different, his reign as champion wasn't that memorable.

14 Jason Jordan Is Kurt Angle's son

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Kurt Angle made his much anticipated return to WWE in 2017 when he was appointed the new GM of RAW. Yet, his job was put in jeopardy when he received anonymous texts about a secret he was keeping. Fans speculated it had something to do with the past love triangle between him, Stephanie, and Triple H.

But fans were baffled when it was revealed that Kurt’s secret was that Jason Jordan is his illegitimate son. At first, the crowd didn’t warm up to the storyline. Jason was viewed as having no personality and didn’t think he should be paired with Kurt. But now the storyline seems to be picking up the pace and rumours are they’re going to have Jordan turn heel and reveal he isn’t Kurt’s son. If the WWE goes this route, expect this storyline to disappear rather quickly.

13 Enzo In A shark cage

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2017 saw the end of the partnership of Big Cass and Enzo Amore, when Cass turned heel by attacking his former teammate. As the two entered into a feud, Big Show joined in the storyline by siding with Enzo. This lead to a match between Big Show and Cass at SummerSlam, and of course Enzo would be involved, but in a strange way. A stipulation was made to the match that Enzo would be locked in a shark cage above the ring.

Big Cass would end up scoring the victory over Big Show, but all eyes were on Enzo as he stripped down to his boxers and escaped the cage. The match was bad, but Enzo parading around in his underwear was worse. It's a moment fans wish they never saw.

12 Randy Vs Jinder In A Punjabi Prison match

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Throughout most of the summer of 2017, Smackdown’s main event scene consisted of the feud between WWE champion Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton. The Viper is one of the most ruthless stars on the roster, yet even he couldn't handle The Singh Brothers, who kept thwarting Orton's attempts dethrone Mahal as champion.

At Battleground, the odds would lean in Orton's favour as he fought Jinder in a Punjabi Prison match. Despite attempts from the Singh Brothers, Randy was on his way to becoming WWE champion. Yet, Mahal had another ace up his sleeve. As Orton was about to escape the cage, The Great Khali ambushed The Viper, leading to Mahal retaining his title. Between the Punjabi Prison and Khali’s one-time appearance, the match was just one of the reasons why Battleground was considered the worst WWE PPV of 2017.

11 Bayley Vs Alexa Bliss In A Kendo Stick On A Pole Match

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With the Women’s Revolution going on in WWE, they’re putting on a lot of stipulation matches you’d never see the female superstars participate in. At the 2017 Extreme Rules PPV, Alexa Bliss and Bayley faced off in the first-ever women’s kendo stick on a pole match.

Fans were immediately confused by the concept of the match, yet were willing to give it a shot since it was something different. The match was supposed to be a way to show Bayley’s ruthless side instead of the lovable character we’re so used to. However, the match didn’t do Bayley or Alexa any justice. Bayley never once used the kendo stick instead she suffered a beat down from Bliss and lost her shot at the Women’s championship. Needless to say this is one match that won’t be making history during the Women’s Revolution.

10 Roman Reigns Is The Last Entrant In The Royal Rumble

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Every year at the Royal Rumble, viewers anticipate what surprises await. We’ve seen the return of past superstars and even NXT wrestlers participate in the rumble at a shot to headline Wrestlemania. During the 2017 Royal Rumble, WWE surprised us with appearances by NXT star Tye Dillinger along with the return of The Undertaker.

As the clock began to wind down and the number 30 entrant was called, fans were on the edge of their seats wondering who it could be. When Roman Reigns came down to the ring, a chorus of boos filled the arena. Earlier in the night, Reigns was in a Universal Championship match against Kevin Owens. After losing the match, Reigns then entered the Rumble to regain another title shot, but came up short. It’s known by now that Roman Reigns is WWE's next top guy, yet moments like these are why fans are tuning out.

9 Emmalina Gimmick

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Every now and then, a star will switch up their gimmick. Sometimes the new gimmick is a success, while other times it’s a failure. One WWE star who tried to undergo a gimmick change was Emma. While recovering from a back injury, WWE decided to rebrand Emma. As she was cleared to return to the ring, WWE began airing vignettes for the character of Emmalina. Video packages showed Emma frolicking on the beach in a bikini, showing her new model gimmick.

For three months the vignettes aired until Emmalina made her debut in February 2017. Emma came out in an evening gown, then made the proclamation that there was no Emmalina and she was going back to being Emma. The failed Emmalina experiment was tossed due to Emma’s reluctance to get into the character. Let’s just say we can’t blame her, everyone knew the gimmick would bomb.


8 Brie And Nikki's feud

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The Bella Twins are two of the most popular female stars in WWE. Not only have they excelled inside the ring, but they’ve created lots of mainstream success due to their reality shows and businesses. Yet, there’s one area that the twins need some work on, acting.

In the summer of 2014, Brie and her sister were involved in a feud, which has been called one of the worst in WWE’s history. It all started after Nikki cost Brie her match against Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam. What should’ve been an interesting storyline turned into a cringefest. Nikki filmed a series of promos, which included the infamous line “I wish you’d died in the womb.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was also an in-ring segment featuring Jerry Springer, who got caught up in their brawl. After all their bad acting, it's no surprise fans weren't able to get behind this feud.

7 Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship Reign

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If there is one thing, WWE fans want to forget it’s Brock Lesnar’s reign at Universal Champion. The Beast Incarnate won title by defeating Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33, in a match that was somewhat better than the one at Survivor Series. Being a part-timer, Lesnar isn’t on the show every week. In fact, he goes up to three months before he appears on television to set up his next match.

He’s had some decent matches with Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman, but aside from that nothing about him or his title reign is exciting. Fans have gotten tired of the same routine with Brock and want a proper champion for the Universal title. While the company wants to continue to build up Brock as an unstoppable force and a great Universal champion, fans are ready for his reign to end, which should be happening very soon.

6 Baron Corbin Fails To Cash In

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Winning the Money In the Bank briefcase is one of the biggest honours in WWE. A majority of the stars who won the briefcase have successfully cashed in and won a championship. Although, there’s a few occasions where stars fail in their cash in. Just look at poor Damien Sandow, who lost in his match against John Cena.

Well, Cena would then prevent another star from cashing in their briefcase. Baron Corbin was one of Smackdown’s rising stars and as the winner of the MITB case was on his way to becoming a top champ. On an episode of Smackdown, Corbin cashed in his contract after Jinder Mahal’s match with John Cena. Yet, Corbin was distracted by Cena and ended up losing his title shot. Rumours swirled that the reason Corbin lost was due to backstage heat with management. If true, that's one big punishment for The Lone Wolf to take.

5 Randy Vs Bray In A House Of Horrors Match

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One of the top Smackdown storylines heading into 2017 was the feud between Randy and Bray Wyatt. After losing his championship to Randy at WrestleMania, Bray challenged The Viper to a House of Horrors match at Payback. The House of Horrors conception was something new for WWE and it appeared it had potential. However, on the night of the PPV, fans knew this would be a corny match and they were right.

To start things off, Randy arrived at the darkened house in a limo. Then when he proceeded inside, he and Bray would brawl throughout the house, which kept it’s horror theme with its grimy interior. The two fought in every room until they eventually made their way back to the arena, where Bray would win with an assist from Jinder Mahal. After Payback, let's hope there's no more House of Horrors matches for Bray.

4 Ellsworth Wins The Women's MITB

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In what was one of the historic moments of the Women’s Revolution, the Smackdown women’s division would be competing in their first ever Money In the Bank match. Natalya, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Tamina, and Carmella battled to be the one to capture the illustrious briefcase. The ladies put in all on the line as they kept one another from climbing the ladder.

Yet, like many moments in history, this one wasn’t without controversy. Ellsworth, Carmella’s boyfriend, climbed the ladder and retrieved the briefcase for his lady love. Outrage ensued among the women’s roster along with fans. But a week later, WWE decided to redo the match and this time Carmella was able to climb the ladder and successfully reclaim the briefcase. Yet, it will forever be foreshadowed by the first outcome of Ellsworth winning the case.

3 Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar At Survivor Series

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It was a match that was twelve years in the making. After their heated match at WrestleMania 20, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar would get a chance to face off again. Upon his return to WWE in 2016, Goldberg immediately began feuding with his old adversary. Their intense rivalry led to a match being book for Survivor Series. In the weeks leading up to the PPV, the feud began to heat up with Goldberg and Lesnar having a string of confrontations. This further amped up the fans' excitement for the match. However, they'd soon be disappointed on the night of Survivor Series.

As the two men stared each other down in the ring, fans were expecting one epic brawl. Instead they were treated to a one and a half minute match, which ended with Goldberg beating Lesnar with a spear. What should've been a huge moment turned into a dud due to the laziness of Lesnar and WWE.

2 The Old Day segment

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In the fall of 2016, two of WWE’s top teams were in heated feud over the tag team championships. The New Day are known for their humor and throughout the feud cracked jokes about Gallows and Anderson. Tired of the trio’s antics, Gallows and Anderson decided to get back at them.

During an episode of RAW, Gallows and Anderson referred to themselves as retirement specialists and vowed to beat The New Day so badly, the trio would be forced to retire. To prove their point they brought out The Old Day, a trio of imposters who wore grey wigs and riding scooters. Gallows and Anderson’s attempt at being funny backfired. It made the once dominant duo look like idiots. The segment was touted as one of the worst in WWE history. Maybe next time, Gallows and Anderson should leave the humour to The New Day.

1 Bayley's This Is Your Life Segment

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During the summer of 2017, RAW Women’s champion Alexa Bliss was engaged in a feud with Bayley, who was looking to reclaim her championship. In the weeks, leading up to their match Alexa began taunting Bayley by saying she was a goodie two shoes and wasn’t a real wrestler. To cap off her opinion on the huggable star, Alexa hosted a Bayley This Is Your Life segment on RAW.

Instead of having scandalous stuff like so many previous segments had done in the past, this one failed to intrigue anyone. Bliss introduced the audience to Bayley’s ex-boyfriend along with her former elementary school teacher. The acquaintances had nothing, but good things to say about Bayley. Needless to say the segment bombed big-time. Fans voiced their hatred online by saying it was the worst segment ever. Apparently, WWE felt the same way as they've started erasing the segment from history.


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