15 Recently Released WWE Divas: Where Are They Now?

The women’s revolution in the WWE has made the female roster more relevant than ever. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley are just four of the popular stars in the company today helpi

The women’s revolution in the WWE has made the female roster more relevant than ever. Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley are just four of the popular stars in the company today helping usher in a new era of women’s wrestling. WWE is trying their best to brand the female performers as equals to the men with more television time, credible matches and the chance at bigger opportunities. Sadly, this didn’t apply to the women of the past with the division being treated like a joke for many years. The era right before the women’s revolution will be forgotten in history due to the awful booking.

Many of the top female stars opted to leave WWE or were released over the past few years. The world of pro wrestling finds performers going in and out through the years to keep things fresh. It’s a never-ending cycle and no one is exempt. Life has changed drastically for some of the ladies to leave the WWE with their attention being changed towards other fields. Quite a few of them are continuing their wrestling careers in other promotions. We’ll take a look at all of the stories by looking at what the most popular recently released WWE female wrestlers are doing today.

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15 Brie Bella

Brie Bella is one of the bigger names to recently leave the WWE. The Bella Twins are polarizing in the wrestling community, but you can’t argue with their success. Brie and Nicole found success by developing a huge fan base in the young female demographic. Any live event or television show would see the Bella merchandise among the hottest sellers.

Brie chose to leave the industry due to the hopes of starting a family with her husband, Daniel Bryan. The happy couple is about to experience their dream as Brie is currently pregnant and expecting to give birth to a baby daughter in the spring of 2017. Brie still works as an ambassador for the WWE and is a huge factor on reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. After giving birth, Brie wants to return to the ring, so she definitely isn’t done just yet.

14 Sara Lee


2016 is apparently the year of female wrestlers leaving WWE to give birth to their first child. Sara Lee won the women’s competition on the reality show Tough Enough in 2015 to earn a contract with the company. Lee spent the majority of her time in the Performance Center and didn’t show enough progression to make it to television like her peers, Mandy Rose and Daria.

Sara's shocking release came in October. It was revealed shortly after that she was dating fellow NXT talent Wesley Blake and the two were expecting their first child. WWE didn’t see Lee evolving into a noteworthy talent and the pregnancy just gave them the excuse to end her time in the wrestling industry. Sara is still going through pregnancy and likely done with wrestling forever. At least she found her significant other in the crazy world of wrestling.

13 Lilian Garcia

The most popular WWE ring announcer in recent years would definitely be Lilian Garcia, as she was a fixture on Raw for many years. Garcia’s familiar voice has been missed ever since she left the company earlier this year. Unlike many others on the list, there was no drama involved in Lilian leaving WWE, but rather a family situation.

Garcia’s father has been dealing with two different forms of cancer. She chose to leave the spotlight to dedicate her time in helping out and spending time with her father. WWE's travel schedule and the live shows made it impossible for her to keep an active home life, so she chose family first. Lilian is still keeping relevant with her new podcast Making Their Way to the Ring on Afterbuzz.

12 Devin Taylor

Devin Taylor spent the majority of her time in the WWE as a backstage interviewer in NXT. The most memorable moments of her tenure featured Dana Brooke patting her head as a running gag. Taylor also trained at the Performance Center with the hopes that she would become a full-time wrestler. Injuries prevented her growth as a wrestler and WWE chose to release her with the sad moment coming on the reality series Breaking Ground.

Following her WWE release, Taylor has tried to continue her career in the world of acting and modeling. The most high profile thing she has done was appear on The Bachelor back in 2015. That wasn’t enough to keep WWE interested in her. Taylor probably won’t ever return to the wrestling business, but you may find her in forgettable acting gigs.

11 Zahra Schreiber


The controversial Zahra Schreiber has been in the news numerous times, but sadly never for her wrestling ability. WWE signed her to train at the Performance Center after she was trained by Jimmy Jacobs and Truth Martini. Seth Rollins was involved in a scandal when he allegedly cheated on his fiancé with Schreiber causing the jilted fiancé to leak nude photos of both from his phone.

Fans found old Instagram uploads of Zahra making highly offensive comments about multiple minority groups that became a huge story on the internet. Schreiber never appeared bound to have the talent to back up the problems and she was released from the WWE. The news also broke that she and Rollins broke up shortly after. Schreiber is still trying to continue her wrestling career, but makes very rare appearances likely regrouping after all of the drama.

10 Cameron

Cameron naming her favorite match to Steve Austin will always be her most memorable quote in wrestling. Cameron stated Melina vs. Alicia Fox was the best bout she ever witnessed leading to Austin humorously reacting with utter confusion. Her lack of in-ring talent made her one of the least favorite wrestlers of the WWE community. At one point, Cameron tried to pin her opponent when the other wrestler was face first on the mat. Yeah, it was that bad.

WWE hoped to market her talents on Total Divas, but it only saved her for so long until they released her this year. Cameron showed support for Ryback speaking out against the WWE on social media and that played the biggest role in her firing. Despite never being the best at wrestling, Cameron appears at conventions to sign autographs and is trying to get her acting career off the ground.

9 Vickie Guerrero

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No one would have expected the timid widow of Eddie Guerrero to become one of the better heels in the wrestling industry. Vickie Guerrero entered WWE in storylines involving Eddie’s friends Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. Eventually, Vickie turned heel and played an authority figure on SmackDown dating top villain wrestler Edge. Fans absolutely loathed Vickie, showering her promos deafening boos every single week.

Vickie's success allowed her to work in the WWE for many years as a personality. She maintained her heel character throughout her tenure until leaving the company in 2014. Vickie decided to leave the wrestling business due to the traveling schedule and lack of stability. Today, she is currently in school studying medical administration and living life with her new husband. Wrestling fans can still find her at the occasional convention for photographs and autographs.

8 Layla El

Layla El was the winner of the 2006 WWE Diva Search competition when the company used the concept to find new female talents. Her look and personality stood out in the contest among lesser talents, but she failed to stand out in the WWE. Layla never progressed in the ring or stepped up to be one of the top names.

Despite typically being a background player in the women’s division, Layla remained employed for almost a decade in the company. She decided it was time to leave the company in 2015 when announcing her retirement from the wrestling business. Layla is married to former WWE wrestler Ricky Ortiz and the two of them are currently living together in Arizona. Unlike most former wrestlers, Layla has removed herself from posting on social media and is essentially living off the grid.

7 Aksana


The original NXT show in the WWE featured developmental wrestlers competing in a silly competition on television for the chance to earn a main roster contract. AJ Lee, Kaitlyn and Naomi were among the bigger names from the all-female season. Aksana is a forgotten name from the show, but she was once a top prospect in the company.

WWE called Aksana up to the main roster and she rarely did anything of note. Her most compelling storyline featured her dating Teddy Long and dumping him for a relationship with Cesaro. WWE cut bait with her in 2014 when many names were released from their contracts. Aksana has not continued wrestling and appears to be trying to return to her former career in the fitness world along with convention appearances.

6 Brandi Rhodes

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Brandi Rhodes is the real life wife of Cody Rhodes and spent many years as a ring announcer in the WWE. Under the name of Eden Stiles, she was the primary ring announcer of SmackDown and the live event loop. Brandi however always had the desire to be a wrestler or at least an on-screen character involved in storylines. Following Cody requesting his release from the WWE, Brandi did the same and hit the free agent market.

The happy couple has appeared at various independent wrestling shows together and she has started training once again to become a full-time in-ring performer. TNA signed Brandi and she is currently involved in a storyline with Maria Kanellis. Brandi is also trying to progress her career in the acting and modeling fields.

5 Beth Phoenix

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The highly underrated Beth Phoenix is one of the better former female wrestlers that could have fit in perfectly today. Phoenix was ahead of her time, having good matches in an era where talented female wrestlers were few and far between. Wrestling fans appreciated her work, but she had little help around her to provide compelling matches.

Beth retired from the wrestling industry in 2012 for family reasons. A surprising turn of events saw her connect with Adam “Edge” Copeland and the two would get married earlier this year. Copeland and Phoenix have two children. Beth’s days are spent being a mother and wife with a few appearances at public events. She is still a wrestling fan sharing her thoughts about various WWE related topics on social media.

4 Maxine

The talented Maxine had great potential from day one in WWE developmental and the late great Dusty Rhodes was her biggest supporter. Rhodes believed Maxine could have been something special in the WWE, but the company never did anything with her. The NXT competition show featured Maxine exhibiting a great heel personality that allowed her to earn a spot on the main roster.

WWE still refused to push Maxine and she asked for her release in 2012. The decision turned out to be the best move for her career. Lucha Underground hired her in the early stages of the show being filmed to portray the character Catrina. Along with John Morrison and Prince Puma, the show was heavily promoted around her being a main character. Her character depth has made Catrina one of the best performers in the industry today and it's also helping her progress in the acting field.

3 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn won the aforementioned NXT competition and went on to have a successful career on the main roster for a couple of years. Her athletic background and sense of humor provided a great combination to help Kaitlyn stand out on television. WWE believed in her improvement enough to make her the Divas Champion for a couple of months. It culminated in a great storyline with her real life best friend AJ Lee.

Her career ended faster than anyone imagined when she requested her release from the company. Kaitlyn wanted to work on her own projects to better her future rather than wait until WWE decided to cut bait. Under her real name of Celeste Bonin, she has returned back to the fitness world, working hosting gigs at various events. The majority of Celeste’s time is spent working on her women’s workout clothing line Celestial Bodiez.

2 Eve Torres

My loves.

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Another former Divas Champion that achieved a great deal of success before surprisingly leaving the WWE was Eve Torres. The stunning Eve used her athleticism to get by in the ring and eventually improved enough to become a great heel character. Torres’ final years were the best of her career. Eve received great heel heat and her matches were passable, which was good enough at the time.

WWE received the news of Torres wanting to leave the industry in 2013 and she retired from the industry. Eve had her first child with husband and jiu-jitsu legend Rener Gracie. The fighting skills run in the family with Torres teaching a self-defense class to women using the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy skills. Most importantly, Eve appears to be very happy with her new life following the drastic decision of leaving a great spot in the WWE.

1 AJ Lee

The most successful female wrestler before the rise of the women’s revolution was AJ Lee. Fans rallied behind Lee and made her one of the more unconventional choices for the Divas Champion. Lee helped contribute to the early stages of the women’s division changing for the better with passion and talent winning out over looks (despite the fact that AJ is stunning as well).

CM Punk is the real life husband of Lee and she decided to leave the company about a year after he walked out. AJ clearly had a poor relationship with Stephanie McMahon and the awkwardness of life in the WWE without Punk likely contributed to her departure. Her life today consists of her giving time to female empowerment and animal activist projects. AJ is also releasing her autobiography in early 2017 and it will likely include many more controversial WWE topics.

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