15 Released Wrestlers Who Will Eventually Return To WWE

“Never say never.” It’s an old saying that used a lot in sports, usually for teams that are down big but manage to make a great comeback. It also pertains in wrestling as folks you thought were done for good somehow manage to come back. In WWE, there are plenty of people who leave the company on bad terms and you figure that’s it, they are never ever coming back. Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Bret Hart were all workers who left on terrible terms and spent years bad-mouthing Vince McMahon constantly. Yet they ended up making grand returns and were able to overcome the past issues for great success. With the WWE Hall of Fame offering a better shot at fame and lasting legacy, many workers are willing to return to the company for another shot.

While it seems unlikely, some workers do have a chance of returning to WWE more than others. Even guys who have gone to fame in TNA and other companies still have a shot of coming back to Vince McMahon one day. Time does heal all wounds and many guys are able to come back for a return that most thought would never happen. Here are 15 released wrestlers who have a great chance of coming back to WWE one day and prove anything really can happen in wrestling.

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15 Santino Marella

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This is a great case of a guy who had a bad start but more than made up for it. A “fan from the crowd” who won the IC belt off Umaga, Santino didn’t click as a babyface. But then he transformed into a goofball idiot heel who massacred the English language and the fans couldn’t get enough of him. While he had a good ring style and runs as champion, Santino was better as the comedic figure fans loved to laugh with. He was released in 2016 after talking of retiring due to a bad neck injury and thus it's unlikely he would return as a full-time worker.

However, the man is a comic master so getting his own WWE Network show remains a possibility. He’s clever on the mic, able to get fans laughing and thus his presence in any segment of TV would make him a good addition to keep things rolling in a nutty way.

14 Rob Van Dam

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RVD’s runs with WWE have always been tricky. He broke out huge from ECW to become a fan favorite in 2001 but kept seeming unable to get the push they wanted to the championship level. He finally got his shot in 2006 as both WWE and ECW champion but in just a few weeks, ruined it with his arrest. RVD has bounced between WWE and TNA and still can showcase a fantastic style, highly popular with fans and terrific in his fun attitude. He left again and turned down offers in 2016 but it’s likely another return is coming. RVD loves the big stage and WWE gives him the chance to really cut loose for fantastic battles with huge spots. It’s unlikely he’d get another title run but even a brief showcase for his talents can remind folks how “the Whole F----n Show” remains truly one of a kind.

13 Cody Rhodes

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A case that seems unlikely given that Rhodes has been quite vocal against WWE since leaving earlier this year. A great worker who held the IC and numerous tag titles, Cody had last been stuck with the idiotic “Stardust” gimmick that he clearly hated. It’s not surprising he seems happier in TNA and the indies rather than WWE ignoring his input. Yet the company is part of his family’s lifeblood with father Dusty and brother Dustin both having spent so much time there. That Cody can continue to ignore it all his life seems highly unlikely given the man is a great worker. It might take a while as Cody would want to build more of a reputation so that when he does return, he gets more say in his character. But the man started in WWE and likely he’ll finish there just to remind them all how he could get by on his own without the need of a stupid character.

12 Alberto Del Rio

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Some may roll their eyes at this one as surely Del Rio has used up his chances. His initial run was criticized as WWE trying to push him too hard and while he did have good matches, his ego and attitude turned fans off. He did get sympathy for being fired after fighting back against a racist remark and proved himself back in Mexico. There were hopes for his big return but it never quite worked out despite some pushes.

He complained about WWE not living up to promises of his pushes and that led to his departure in 2016. However, Del Rio remains a top performer and with WWE still eager to get at Latino audiences, he can be a draw under the right circumstances. It might take a while for attitudes to change on both sides but it’s likely Del Rio will try again and a third time could be the charm for him to finally take off as the star he kept promoting himself as.

11 John Morrison

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Starting off as Johnny Nitro, Morrison was clearly the star of MNM, a great worker who shined in their matches. When they split, he soon showed off in singles work as IC champion and wowed fans with his high flying and parkour skills. His fun attitude and ring entrance got fans going too and led to epic feuds with major stars and a great tag team championship with The Miz. He left in 2011 over creative issues and has been busy with the indies and Lucha Underground.

Yet a WWE return seems to be in the cards as Morrison loves the bigger stage and thus might be pulled back into returning. He can still go in matches and with the brand split offering more opportunities for a main eventer of his size and style, he can finally get the big run most thought he should have had before. WWE is a bit different now than when he left so this might finally be the opportunity for Morrison to shine brightly.

10 Ken Kennedy

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It’s rare to find a man who had “next big thing” written over him only to get massively undone by circumstances. Kennedy was pushed hard by WWE, winning Money in the Bank and the US belt, really set up for the next level. But every time he was set for a push to a title or a big angle, Kennedy would be injured or suspended and ruin his drive. He finally journeyed to TNA as Ken Anderson for runs as champion and although injuries hampered him there as well, he at least had a better run.

Having left that company under a cloud, Kennedy might well make a return to WWE. It’s up in the air but the fact he can deliver great promos would make him a standout commentator and at least earn more of a push than he had before. It might be risky but Kennedy had the personality ready for WWE and it'd be nice to see him get a second shot at making it there.

9 Bobby Lashley

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WWE really pushed Lashley in 2006, wanting him as a new monster face. That included him as Donald Trump’s representative in the “Battle of the Billionaires” and holding the US title. He was hampered by injuries and some bad moves that led to him being slammed by fans (him as the face of ECW was never well received) and he was soon gone. TNA has actually done great with Lashley, building him up as a monster figure who’s reigned as champion and is improving in the ring.

It’s likely Lashley can use that for a WWE return as Vince does love the big men and Lashley still has that aura around him. He has more experience now in the ring and is able to work a better match. He isn't too bad on the mic either. He’s at least more believable as a big bulky champion than, say, Roman Reigns which makes a chance at a comeback in WWE likely for the big man.

8 Rey Mysterio

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The “Biggest Little Man” was one of WWE’s most dependable performers for over a decade. A sensation in the ring, Mysterio had runs as Cruiserweight, tag team, US and even World champion and was highly popular with Latino audiences. He was also a huge merchandise mover as fans loved buying replicas of his masks and cheering him on. Mysterio was hampered by injuries, especially in his later years, which contributed to his eventual release but remains strong with AAA and Lucha Underground. But Mysterio loved his time in WWE and it’s likely he will make a return thanks to how they’re pushing the Cruiserweights so much now. He can still provide a great match and one easily can see him wanting to go out with a WrestleMania battle to remind everyone why he’s one of the best of all time.

7 Melina

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This one seems more unlikely than others as Melina apparently took the “Diva” mantle a bit too seriously. Starting off as the manager for MNM, Melina got attention for her sass, outfits and that very memorable split-leg ring entrance. She soon transformed into a great worker, winning both the Women’s and Divas titles on multiple occasions and was a fan favorite for her outfits. But she got into trouble backstage a lot with her ego rubbing folks the wrong way and causing conflict. She was released in a cloud in 2011 and hitting the indie circuit as well as Lucha Underground.

She’s bad-mouthed WWE a few times yet the idea of a return is out there given her amazing skills and beauty. She does love the spotlight and thus a grand entrance for WWE would be great. If Mickie James could come back, Melina can as well to remind folks why she was over in the previous generation.

6 Carlito

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As the son of Carlos Colon, it was natural Carlito got into wrestling himself and did a great job in WWE. He had reigns as IC and US champ and he and brother Primo held the tag titles as well. He was a great worker and terrific on the mic with his “Carlito’s Cabana” interview segments getting big attention. However, Carlito’s reliance on painkillers got him in trouble as his continued refusal to seek help for his addiction led to WWE releasing him. He’s continued his work on the indie circuit and has even returned to Puerto Rico to be a champion.

He seems to be better off now, free of some of his past problems so a return to WWE looks open to him. Still good in the ring, Carlito remains a great talker and is a character that could get major attention and could fit in well with either brand. Having him back would be a cool bit on its own and boost him back to prominence.

5 Jeff Hardy

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This one truly seems inevitable. Hardy is of course known for his bad behavior and more than once has let WWE down with a poorly timed injury or an arrest when he should have been getting a big push. But this is still one of the most fantastic daredevils alive who loves performing on a huge stage. WWE has that for sure and while Hardy has done a great job in TNA, the idea of him never returning to WWE seems unlikely. This is a man who’s provided some thrilling battles in ladder matches and other great encounters.

A return to WWE looks very likely as Hardy can still do some major stuff and would want to end his career where it started to settle his place as one of the best daredevils the company has ever known.

4 Drew Galloway

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WWE did a bad thing with Drew McIntyre, pushing him far too much as a “chosen one” so fans didn’t accept him. He had runs as IC and tag team champion but never really clicked like the company wanted. After leaving WWE, Galloway spent time back on the indies under his real name. That’s led to success in TNA as World champion, impressing fans with his work and showing the big star he could have been.

With TNA’s future up in the air, a WWE return makes sense as Galloway can come back under either that name or McIntyre again. He clearly has a better drive, is much more skilled and confident, and is far better on the mic. His run on the top at TNA proves he can handle a bigger role and this can be a great way for him to stand out more. He may have faltered in his first run but Galloway can do much better this time around to be the main eventer WWE wanted in the first place and prove second chances can work.

3 Evan Bourne

via chicagotribune.com

After time in various indies, Bourne finally got his shot in WWE and did a great job there. He reigned as tag team champion with Kofi Kingston and his fantastic high-flying moves wowed fans. However, Bourne got into trouble as he failed the wellness test several times, leading to him being released in 2014. Now going more by his real name of Matt Sydal, he’s spent time in Japan and did a great job in ROH although his tenure in New Japan likewise ended poorly.

Still, Bourne is a sensational athlete who’s improved in his time away and with WWE now pushing cruiserweights again, he has a better chance at really standing out. Bourne may have some personal issues but is still a sensational performer and having him back would be a great push to the division to enhance how high-flying these guys can get.


via theonlywayissuplex.com

Many were surprised when Montel Vontavious Porter suddenly quit WWE in 2010. The man had been a great performer, rising high as tag team and US champion and seemed to be getting more of a push thanks to his flashy promos and drive. He explained his leaving as just feeling burned out and wanting to recharge for a bit. Since then, MVP had runs in Japan and then got a major push in TNA with plans to make him World Champion altered by a sudden knee injury. However, that ended quite badly when he was caught in a contract dispute between TNA and Lucha Underground and left in a major cloud.

That Lucha bit also ended when he interviewed guys for his podcast against company rules. Thus, a return to WWE seems to be likely as MVP is still a great performer with a wicked side and might want to prove he can still impress in the ring. If nothing else, he’d be a great commentator and it'd be nice to see him do his best to live up to that fancy name of his.

1 CM Punk

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Yes, this does seem totally impossible. Even when he was with WWE, Punk was brutally outspoken on how he hated the company’s creative direction, what they were doing with him and their overall attitude. It’s been worse since they broke it off, with WWE handing Punk his release papers on his wedding date and basically whitewashing him from their history.

Punk has been just as strident bad-mouthing them as he’s tried his hand at UFC. However the possibility of a Punk return is still out there. He’s much like Brock, leaving on bad terms for a UFC run but coming back as an even bigger star. Punk loves being a performer, that’s obvious and the idea of making a grand return to WWE has to appeal to him somehow. It may take a long while for things to settle down but Punk can make a grand return one day, still proving to everyone he has what it takes and cement himself as one of the best of all time.

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