15 Retired Female Wrestlers That Should Consider Posing In Their Birthday Suit

The days when women pro wrestlers are asked to pose in the buff for magazines are over. WWE is rated PG and women's wrestling is to be taken seriously, or at least as seriously as people take men's wrestling, which is to say it is not to be taken very seriously by all, but still.

The female wrestlers on this list have faded away from the spotlight. In most cases, they were released from their WWE contracts. Up until recently being released by WWE was something of a career death sentence for female wrestlers. Before all female wrestling organizations such as Shine, Shimmer and WOW (it is not clear why their names illiterate so well with each other) a fired Diva or female wrestler had nowhere to go.

What the women listed in this article need is a little PR boost. Some type of newsworthy bit of coverage that gets their name back out there. Perhaps that is all that would be needed to get these females back in the pro wrestling world. In all seriousness, a photo-shoot where they show their goods really would reinvigorate the careers of the 15 female performers who appear on this article. Here are 15 retired female wrestlers, who might want to seriously consider posing in only their birthday suit. Enjoy!

15 Kelly Kelly

Posing in her birthday suit would only be a touch farther than Kelly Kelly went during her Extreme Expose segments in 2006 which introduced her to the WWE universe. She got about as naked as television censors would allow back then.

Earlier this year it seemed as though Kelly Kelly was on her way back to WWE. The promotion posted an interview with her in the buildup to WrestleMania 33 and seemed to imply a return to the company was inevitable. Then WrestleMania came and went with no sign of Kelly Kelly.

Real name Barbie Blank, she married hockey player Sheldon Souray in 2016 and has been a part of the reality television show WAGS as in "Wives and Girlfriends" of pro athletes. Recently Kelly stated she had $50,000 stolen from a storage unit, so she could use a little extra money.

14 Eva Marie

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Go ahead and make Corey Graves' day Eva Marie! Posing in her birthday suit would be exactly the conclusion to her pro wrestling stint that fans want.

Eva Marie had everything it took to make it in the world of pro wrestling. Except one crucial component, she couldn't wrestle to save her life. The company would have been far better off playing to her strengths, and her strengths did not include having matches. Just have her come out and give a stunning entrance, be crazy hot, and work as a valet. Why WWE would go through all the trouble of teaching her to wrestle is beyond most fans.

After failing a wellness test last year, Eva Marie was suspended. She would never return. WWE and her came to terms on a release from her contract earlier this summer. A WWE return could still be in the cards for Eva, though, we'd settle for nude portrait instead...

13 Cameron

Former Funkadactyl', Cameron, was released from her WWE contract last year. The 29-year-old could use something to push her name back in the spotlight, so why not a good old naked photo-shoot to drum up some controversy?

While Cameron has stated she would like to return to WWE one day, she's currently running the risk of becoming the Marty Jannetty of the Funkadactyls to Naomi's Shawn Michaels.

It perhaps didn't help Cameron's standing in WWE when she was arrested in 2012 for driving under the influence. It definitely didn't help her case when she was also caught trying to bribe the police officer during the incident. Cameron was suspended for two weeks by WWE after her arrest.  The writing was on the wall for Cameron late last year when she was sent down to NXT. She'd finally be released in May of this year.

12 Stacy Keibler

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Enough is enough Stacy, some of us have been waiting decades for a naughty magazine pictorial of Stacy Keibler! All of these years, we have been following those legs up and how crushing would it be if we never find where they lead?

The 37-year-old is now a mother, having married her longtime friend in 2014. She had previously been in a relationship with George Clooney, but when that ended Keibler turned to her back-up plan, who presumably had been waiting patiently in the friend-zone while he hoped Clooney would lose interest. Perseverance paid off for one Jared Pobre, and now he's married to Stacy Keibler as a result. Well done sir!

Keibler appears to have abandoned her acting career in order to start a family. Up until 2013, Keibler had been appearing in bit roles on sitcoms and reality TV programs.

11 Rosa Mendes


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Rosa Mendes officially retired from the WWE earlier this year. Previously, Mendes was still signed to WWE while on maternity leave. She gave birth to a child early last year.

Before WWE, Mendes had been a successful model, and there is no reason why the 37-year-old Canadian couldn't go back to that line of work. She would make her biggest splash by jumping back into the modeling pool while wearing only her birthday suit of course.

In 2004, she won "Piel Dorada" which is a Latin America modeling contest. Mendes became the first North American participant to win the competition. WWE fans may remember an incident in 2014 when we basically saw Mendes in her birthday suit. A wardrobe malfunction occurred in a match with Layla which saw Mendes' backside fully exposed.

10 Sara Lee

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Sara Lee's story is an interesting one. It's also a story we're hoping eventually involves a risque photo-shoot. If she posed for such a pictorial, she would certainly launch her name back into the mainstream.

Although not the typical WWE female performer, Sara was a big hit with fans of Tough Enough season 6. She would end up winning the competition and a one-year contract with WWE. The problem was, WWE didn't seem to see much in her. They eventually released her from her contract last year. The same day WWE cut ties with her, she announced that her and Wesley Blake were expecting a child. She would give birth earlier this year.

Don't think that Sara Lee has given up on her pro wrestling dream just because WWE gave up on her however. Since giving birth, she has picked up her training with the Team Vision Dojo.

9 Melina

Melina took a sabbatical from pro wrestling in 2011 after having been released from WWE. It appeared as though Melina was calling it quits on her pro wrestling career. She would briefly appear in Lucha Underground's season 1, interfering on behalf of her former partner Johnny Mundo. Now that Johnny Mundo has moved on to his fiancee Taya Valkyrie, Melina's ties to the wrestling business are starting to slip. She returned to the industry last year but has failed to make inroads towards a WWE or major promotional return. Perhaps a risque photo-shoot might be just what she needs to drum up some renewed interest in her work.

The 37-year-old turned heads as the manager of MNM back in her day. She's also a former five-time World Champion. Currently, she is the MCW Women's Champion in Maryland. Given her leaked photo release, such pictures would be welcomed.

8 Victoria

It might be time for Lisa Marie Varon to bite the bullet and just pose nude already. She's had a series of unfortunate events occur in her life recently, and it's likely she could use a big windfall of cash.

Victoria had formerly owned the Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago until it closed down among a flurry of rumors and drama. She had been married to a man who also worked at the restaurant, although there are rumors he engaged with an affair under her nose. Not long after the rumors broke, Victoria moved back to California, and the restaurant officially closed down this April.

Victoria and her former partner have been involved in business ventures before. The couple came under some scrutiny in 2010 when their customs car shop burned down in a fire the authorities deemed as suspicious.

7 Sable

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Unfortunately nowadays, the only rare glimpse we get from the former WWE Diva is candid shots next to her man Brock Lesnar. It appears as though Sable has put those glory days behind her, enjoying life as proud mother and rarely being seen of or mentioned by the WWE. She was never the most social Diva and that's doubled since parenthood.

For that very reason, just imagine the reaction to such pictures. Even though yes, she had posed in a birthday suit before, just imagine doing so in her 50s, admit it, you're a little intrigued? With diehard wrestling fans being all about nostalgia, Sable would definitely atop this list. Being a happy mother and married to Brock, don't hold your breathe however! At least we have the memories right...

6 Kaitlyn

In 2014, Kaitlyn retired from pro wrestling. It was a surprising move considering how popular she had become in her short career. According to her, however, she wanted to focus on her marriage and business ventures. In February of this year, Kaitlyn announced she was getting a divorce splitting up with her ex-husband after under three years of marriage. Perhaps her divorce is exactly what she needs to get back into the wrestling business. It might also be what is needed to happen for us to get a risque photo-spread of the 30-year-old former Divas Champion.

Kaitlyn appeared on the Ross Report podcast with Jim Ross recently and stated she has thought about going back to WWE, but expressed some hesitation about once again competing inside the squared circle. She likes to focus on her fitness modeling, which usually involves photo-shoots, where she's pretty much nude already.

5 LayCool

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Layla and Michelle McCool once jointly held the WWE Divas Championship together, a photo-shoot of both of them in nothing but their birthday suits would be a stupendous way to celebrate their previous accomplishments.

Of course, the one rather large obstacle standing in the way of this happening is Michelle McCool's husband, The Undertaker. Although considering how immobile big 'Taker has become in recent years, there is a good chance he simply isn't quick enough to stop it from happening.

At only 37 years of age, McCool could still make a comeback. The problem is her husband is old enough to get a senior's discount most places he goes. Layla also married a wrestler when she wed Ricky Ortiz in 2014. Layla is now 40 and officially retired from wrestling as of two years ago.

4 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle has already posed nude for Playboy in 2006, but fans of the former GoDaddy model would love to get an updated version of said photo-shoot. Let's see how "things" are keeping together after 11 years.

Shoulder injuries eventually took their toll on Michelle, limiting the time she spent in the ring. Eventually, WWE released her in 2009. She'd start having children the year after and now has three daughters.

You can still find Candice Michelle at various events and personal appearances. She still looks just as good as ever too. Candice continues to follow wrestling and tweeted out a photo of her and her daughters watching WrestleMania this year. At 39-years-old, some would say Michelle is past the age where she should be working as a model. Those people clearly have not see how well Candice Michelle has taken care of herself.

3 Lita

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Despite consistent pleas from her fans, Amy Dumas (aka Lita) never caved and posed for Playboy. Not only would Lita have the opportunity to earn some extra money by posing nude, she could completely reinvigorate Playboy's operations too.

Lita was always the alternative Diva, the one who dressed like a tomboy, wrestled like the boys, and didn't do things the conventional way. This would inspire a generation of female performers who adopted a similar attitude. Many female performers that have come after Lita have listed her as an influence. AJ Lee was a huge Lita fan growing up, although the two have found themselves at opposing sides of a CM Punk love triangle at one point.

Nowadays, Lita just finished up working alongside Jim Ross as a commentator for the Mae Young Classic. Lita is often used as a women's wrestling legend on WWE programming.

2 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson has already posed for Playboy, but as with Candice Michelle, fans could use an updating on this photo-shoot. Let's see how well Torrie Wilson has kept in shape over the last decade.

According to her numerous fitness products and videos, it seems Torrie Wilson has kept herself in tremendously good shape. Now that her WWE career has ended, Wilson makes a living selling workout related content to people who wish to look just as good as she does in their 40s.

Wilson had been married to current WWE Producer Billy Kidman, but the couple would divorce after only a few years of marriage. She was also once involved with Alex Rodriguez, but that relationship ended as well.

At one time, Torrie Wilson was the hottest woman in wrestling, both in terms of her popularity and physical attractiveness. It would be fun to see where she's at today.

1 Trish Stratus

Some people will say that Trish Stratus is above posing nude. Nuts to that! Nobody is above posing nude. Stratus was a fitness model before being signed to WWE, and many of her previous photo-shoots involved a lot of skin. Going full nude would not be that much of a stretch.

Stratus also came into WWE during the Attitude Era when everything was T & A. In fact, Trish got her start in WWE managing a tag team named "T & A", as in "Test and Albert". There were plenty of things Trish did on-screen that were far more objectifying than a tasteful nude photo-shoot would be.

Nowadays, Trish runs her yoga studio in Toronto and raises a family. At only 41 years of age, Trish could return to WWE someday still.

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