15 Retired Wrestlers With The Hottest WAGS

After a point in time, retirement becomes the only option for a professional wrestler as their aging body or the damages they've suffered over their wrestling years take a toll on them and forces them

After a point in time, retirement becomes the only option for a professional wrestler as their aging body or the damages they've suffered over their wrestling years take a toll on them and forces them to bid adieu to the field of wrestling. While some ride quietly into the sunset, others continue to maintain their celebrity status and stay involved with the wrestling product in some form.

These wrestlers sometimes move into the entertainment business and look to bring back the spark in their love lives as well, as they stay married during the length of their wrestling careers but mostly get divorced as the years wear on. Some of them start dating after going through the divorces and manage to woo some really sexy women because of their name and star power, often marrying them after retirement.

Because of their duties from wrestling being relieved after retirement, the wrestlers have a lot of time in their hands to rebuild their often broken personal lives with some new women and make for a happy retirement for them. Let's have a look at who these 15 retired wrestlers are dating right now.

15 Corey Graves (Amy Polinsky)

Corey Graves had one of the saddest endings to his wrestling career just when he was managing to gain ground in NXT, as some bad injuries to his body forced him to retire from the ring at a very early point in his career. But good guy Triple H gave him a contract as a commentator and he has been relishing that opportunity ever since, becoming one of the best commentators in WWE right now and a refreshing heel character on the commentary team. His personal life is also going really well, as he's married with three children, a son and two daughters and his wife Amy Polinsky seems to have the same hobbies as her husband. She's a tattoo fanatic like her husband and has maintained a really hot figure all these years, as she's the rock which has kept Corey from derailing in his career and is a prime reason why he's so successful right now.

14 Diamond Dallas Page (Brenda Nair)


Diamond Dallas Page was a sensation in the 90s when he was a top star in WCW, but when WCW folded up, he decided to take a new turn in his life after realizing that wrestling was done for him. Having successfully transitioned from wrestling to a brilliant yoga trainer, DDP had some topsy-turvy years when it came to his personal life as he divorced his wife of 14 years in Kimberly Page in 2005, but started dating after recovering from that. He found a lovely woman in Brenda Nair who, in spite of her age (50), looks to be in quite amazing shape. The two tied the knot in 2015 after dating for a long time and have been living happily ever since, as this new chapter in DDP's life has reshaped his broken personal life and made for a happy family yet again.

13 Daniel Bryan (Brie Bella)


When Daniel Bryan tragically announced his retirement last year, many were shocked that an amazing athlete like Bryan would not be able to wrestle inside the WWE anymore and poured in their support for him. When he needed the most support, his wife Brie Bella was at his side whenever he needed her as the Bella twin could feel the pain which Daniel was going through and decided to focus on their life as a family. The beautiful Brie also took retirement herself to have a child with the Smackdown GM and has remained with him in his highs and lows in the past few years and is the best partner anyone could wish for, being a rock at his side as he has gone through some roller-coaster years in the WWE.

12 Santino Marella (Anna Babij)

Santino Marella might have been the laughing stock of the WWE in his time in the company, but he did make for some really entertaining stuff throughout his career which saw him win the IC, US and tag team titles as well. While Marella called it a day in 2014, he focused on making a happy retirement life as he quickly got engaged to Anna Babij, whom he was dating for quite some time before retiring. Marella might have bid adieu to wrestling after many years, but he seems to be focused on spending some more time with his family and loved ones and has got quite the partner in Babij, who will definitely make his post-retirement life an enjoyable one, making sure he doesn't miss wrestling even for a bit.

11 Bret Hart (Stephanie Washington)


Bret "The Hitman" Hart was arguably the best wrestler in the world during the 90s and had the ability to put on a good match with just about anyone, as he enjoyed some success in the WWE before moving to WCW after the Montreal Screwjob. But WCW would also make for the end of his wrestling career, as some bad injuries suffered in the company forced him into retirement with the turn of the century, leaving him to become a bitter old man. While he had the sad end to his wrestling career, his personal life has improved a lot in the recent years as he married Stephanie Washington, a beautiful woman much younger than him in 2010 and has been enjoying life outside wrestling with her ever since. He thanked her for taking care of him during his time recovering from cancer, as the Hitman has quite the beautiful wife who has been taking good care of him for some years now and he'll live out the rest of his life with this caring woman.

10 Charlie Haas (Jackie Gayda)


Charlie Haas enjoyed quite a bit of success in the WWE in his time, as the talented Haas was part of The World's Greatest Tag Team and won the tag team championship on multiple occasions with Shelton Benjamin. Haas' singles career however never really took off, as he was let go by the WWE in 2010 and spent the next couple of years in the Indy circuit before announcing his retirement in 2013. The reason for that was to focus on his personal life with wife Jackie Gayda, who can be remembered for being a WWE Diva herself during the Ruthless Aggression era. They have their own nutrition shop in Texas and are parenting 4 children now, as they look to raise them and have sacrificed their wrestling careers to make sure that the kids can grow up with their loving parents behind them as Haas and Gayda make for quite the lovely couple together.

9 The Rock (Lauren Hashian)


The Rock's rise in popularity over the years has been a phenomenal journey for him, who started out as a low-key face in the WWE and is now the highest paid actor in the world. The Brahma Bull had to retire from wrestling to make for his acting career, as he left the WWE towards the early 2000s and has since been part of some superhit films which has turned him into one of the most recognizable guys in the world. The Rock has been dating Lauren Hashian since 2007, as the beautiful girlfriend of The Rock is a singer herself and has sacrificed quite a bit of her career in order to support him through his highs and lows. She has been the rock to his corner all these years, and has played a bit part in him becoming such a renown star as Johnson has got quite the sexy girlfriend who is not only pleasing to the eye but also the much-needed support he needs to become successful.

8 Al Snow (Jessica Gousha)

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Al Snow might be vividly remembered for his antics during the Attitude Era, where he was the main star of their Hardcore Division and won the Hardcore Championship multiple times in the time as well. But after he left the WWE, his career went pretty downhill as he had to wrestle in the Indy circuit before finding himself in TNA, which he left from and retired from wrestling last year. Snow has been since dating Jessica Gousha, a stunning massage therapist and personal trainer who has quite the amazing figure to herself and Snow has probably retired to enjoy the rest of his life alongside this beautiful woman who has been with Al for quite some-time now and they seem to share a very intimate bond which will continue till the rest of their lives.

7 David Otunga (Jennifer Hudson)


David Otunga had quite the forgettable in-ring career in the WWE, as he only rose because of being a part of The Nexus and somehow won the WWE Tag Team titles during that time as well, and declined pretty hard after the group disbanded and he was to go his singles way. Otunga retired from wrestling to become a panel-analyst and is now a full-time commentator and even though he might be a failed wrestler, he's quite the lucky guy in his personal life. Otunga has been dating and engaged to Jennifer Hudson for almost 9 years now and also has a son with her. Hudson is of course the renowned singer/actress who has been mesmerizing people for quite some-time now and the beautiful Hudson is now the partner of the Harvard Law graduate who is quite the lucky man in real life.

6 Edge (Beth Phoenix)


The Rated R Superstar Edge was one of the best things about the WWE when he was forced to retire at a young age because of the neck injuries suffered throughout his crazy career, as his retirement made many a fan shed a tear. Edge himself was sent in depression after it, but this is when he found an amazing partner in fellow WWE wrestler in Beth Phoenix who has been with him ever since his retirement. The beautiful Glamazon has been close to him for years now and announced her own retirement a year after Edge bid adieu to the WWE, and they have had two children since then as well. The couple tied the knot earlier last year, as the Glamazon made quite the sacrifice to be close to her love and saved Edge from depression by helping him recover from the ordeal and set up a happy family life with him.

5 Jerry Lawler (Lauryn McBride)


Jerry "The King" Lawler has been in the wrestling industry for almost four decades now, as he has earned his name of "The King" accordingly to his contribution to the field of wrestling. Lawler has been retired from wrestling for quite some years now, as he acts as a commentator or some non-wrestling for the WWE for years now and is also dating a girl who is 40 years younger than him in Lauryn McBride. The two have been together since 2010, as she takes good care of Lawler in his personal life but stirred quite the controversy last year when they were arrested for domestic assault last year, resulting in Lawler's suspension from the WWE. The two have since made up and are happily together yet again, as the King is a very lucky old man to have a stunning woman like McBride in his life after all these ordeals and can be proud to know that a beauty like her is taking care of him.

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin (Kristin Feres)


Stone Cold Steve Austin will always remain as one of the toughest SOB's in WWE's history, as the Rattlesnake's defiance of the authority during the Attitude Era is one of the prime reasons on why WWE won the Monday Night Wars. Austin retired after WrestleMania XIX because of some neck problems due to previous injuries and even though he's still one of the biggest names in wrestling quite relevant in the field of wrestling, he can never wrestle again. Austin has had some real problems in his personal lives with his previous partner, but his current one in Kirstin Feres has made for a very stable and happy relationship for almost a decade now as the two tied the knot in 2009. The beautiful, strong woman has kept the temperamental Rattlesnake in check all these years, as the two seem to be very happy together and even though he cannot wrestle anymore, Austin is enjoying a very happy life with his family and beautiful wife in Kristin.

3 Ric Flair (Wendy Barlow)


"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair might be one of the most respected men in the field of professional wrestling, but his days of wrestling have past and he's only relevant because of his name and past accomplishments. Flair is quite the lavish character in his real life as well, as he got engaged for the 5th time last year to Wendy Barlow aka Fifi the Maid who was his manager in WCW. The beautiful Barlow showcased her ring to confirm their engagement last year, as Flair is quite the wheelin' dealin' playboy in real life and is quite alike to his on-screen character as his potential 5th marriage of his life is with a woman he's known for years now and will also be the one which is there to stay, as the beautiful Wendy seems to be very happy with Ric and is probably the one who'll be at his side for the rest of his life.

2 Grand Master Sexay (Jessica Campbell)

For being the son of Jerry "The King" Lawler, Brian Christopher had quite the disappointing wrestling career as he could only attain a bit of success in his career as part of "Too Cool" with Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi. Though his dance moves and entertaining skills did help him stay over for a bit of time in the WWE, it soon went stale and he was pushed out of the company because of his lack of skills to make it as a singles wrestlers. His Indy career didn't go well either and he only made some sporadic appearances in WWE afterwards, but he worked on his personal life quite well after leaving the wrestling biz. He started dating a beautiful woman in Jessica Campbell, proposing to her in 2014 and the two have remained engaged ever since and even if the spotlight has long gone from Sexay, he now has a stable personal life with a sexy partner.

1 Hulk Hogan (Jennifer McDaniel)


Hulk Hogan is the man who brought professional wrestling to the mainstream level, as the Immortal was the king of wrestling during the 80s and part of the 90s as well, as well as experiencing success in the early parts of the 21st century. Hogan had to eventually retire from wrestling because of his aging body, but kept the spotlight on himself with a non-wrestling roles in TNA and later in WWE. Hogan also married for the 2nd time in 2010 to Jennifer McDaniel who is quite the stunning woman who has helped him through the tough years in the past. McDaniel has stood with him during all these sex-tape and racism scandals he has gone through in the past few years, as Hogan's personal life has kept stable during this storm and McDaniel's support is a big part of him recovering from it and having a chance at coming back to the WWE soon, as the caring, stunning woman has been the rock which has ushered him onto better things in his life in the past few years.

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