15 Retired Wrestling Stars That Have Smoking Hot Wives

Professional Wrestling might make for a lucrative career for many wrestlers, but even the biggest of wrestling stars have to call it a day after a point of time. Many wrestlers eventually become stars after putting in years or work into the wrestling industry, but a wrestler's body and ability start to wear off after a point of time and force them to retire. While we've seen many of the wrestlers somehow managing to stay connected to the wrestling world despite not wrestling, some others tend to live a happy life outside the industry.

These wrestling stars mostly tend to settle down with their family after a point of time, living a happy life at home with their wives and children. But these wrestling stars, in particular, have more reason to want to settle down at home after retirement, and that's because of their sexy spouses. While many retired wrestlers have beautiful spouses, these wrestlers, in particular, have some really smoking hot wives who definitely don't let them feel sad after retirement from wrestling.

These stunning ladies take care of their retired husbands and don't let them feel the pain of leaving the business, and you can definitely make out why these wrestling stars are happy after retirement. So let's have a look at the 15 retired wrestlers with smoking hot wives.

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15 Brie Bella - Daniel Bryan's Wife

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Daniel Bryan created one of wrestling best underdog stories when he rebelled against the Authority to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX, but since then it has all gone downhill for him. His terrible injury problems forced him into retirement last year, but at least he has a sexy diva like Brie Bella to comfort him at this time. Bryan and Bella were dating for a long time, and tied the knot in 2014 and are living a happy life together after Bryan's retirement. Bryan is very lucky to have someone as hot as Brie Bella as his wife, as Bella wooed the WWE fans over the years with her amazing looks. She has given him support and taken good care of him since his retirement, and Daniel is one lucky man to have a knockout like Bella at his side.

14 Wendy Barlow - Ric Flair's Wife

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Ric Flair is quite the "player" in his personal life as well, as he's been married numerous times in his life and is currently with a stunning woman as well. Flair started dating Wendy Barlow, who might be remembered by some as "Fifi the maid" during Flair's WCW segment "A Flair for the Gold" and they seemed to have bonded really well. Barlow was absolutely smoking hot back in the WCW days and has retained her sexiness over the age as he looks amazing for her age right now. The two got engaged last year and should be married sometime later this year. It seems like Flair has again hit gold, as his current spouse is another sexy diva who despite her age looks better than most of her juniors and is making sure Flair enjoys his retirement.

13 Brenda Nair - DDP's Wife

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Diamond Dallas Page will be remembered for his amazing work in WCW for a long time, as DDP was the heart of WCW and grew as a superstar for the promotion. DDP is retired as a wrestler for a long time now and is currently a famous yoga constructor who also got married for the 2nd time a few years back. After divorcing his wife Kimberley, DDP announced himself to be with Brenda Nair. They got married in 2015, as Page seems to have eloped with quite the sexy woman who looks quite young despite being in the same age region as Page. Nair looks beautiful in Page's right in this picture, as she has an absolutely hot figure and is also very supportive of DDP's work. Page seems to have married the right woman who does not only give him support but is also an absolutely sexy wife as well.

12 Michelle McCool - The Undertaker's Wife

The Undertaker bowed out of wrestling after almost three decades in WWE and will look to live a peaceful life with his family right now. Thankfully for him, he's got quite the stunning wife to live out the rest of his life in former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool. She was one of WWE's top divas after the golden era and did some memorable stuff throughout the years. The two got married in 2010 after which McCool herself retired to look after the family, and has been a rock at his side ever since. McCool is quite the stunning diva as her tall, good-looking features stand out and Taker will thank his stars for having some as sexy and supportive as McCool by his side at all times, with the two looking to live a happy life as a family now that their wrestling commitments are over.

11 Kristen Feres - Stone Cold Steve Austin's Wife

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Stone Cold Steve Austin was the guy who made the Attitude Era that good, as his infamous feud with Vince McMahon not only made him a superstar but also helped WWE win the Monday Night Wars. Apart from his wrestling work, Austin has also had quite the marriage life as he's been married 4 times. His current wife, Kristen Feres, is an absolute knockout as she's extremely good looking considering her age. As it can be seen in this picture, Kristen is actually quite stunning looks wise and has had a healthy relationship with Austin for the past 8 years or so. The two get on really well and complement each other as well, but Stone Cold is one lucky guy to have gotten someone as beautiful as Kristen Feres at this point of his life and is deservedly happy right now.

10 Beth Phoenix - Edge's Wife

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The wrestling world was shocked when the "Rated R- Superstar" Edge announced his retirement from wrestling, and one could only imagine what he was going through at the time. But Edge was given a lot of support during the time by his then girlfriend, Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon had been dating him for a long time, herself retiring in 2012 to make a family with Edge as well. The gorgeous Beth Phoenix might be remembered for her hard-hitting wrestler more than her looks, but she looked absolutely smoking hot when she wanted to as it can be seen in this picture. Edge and Phoenix tied the knot last year, and the two looked really happy as the Glamazon got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and Edge is a fortunate man to get such a supporting wife who also looks amazing when needed to.

9 Stephanie Washington - Bret Hart's Wife

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart had quite the dismal end to his WWE career when a terrible injury forced him to bow out during his WCW days. Despite not wrestling, Hart has still been active in wrestling as he's traveled around for many wrestling shows and even returned to WWE. But Hart has the pleasure of spending quality time with his family, especially with his stunning wife Stephanie Washington. Stephanie is quite younger than him, but she's taken really good care of the Hitman ever since they got married in 2010. Washington is also a divine beauty, as she's got the stunning looks and has an absolute knockout figure as well, as the Hitman has a lot of reason to be happy right now. He's married to a smart, elegant woman who is not only supportive but is also a stunning lady to look at as well.

8 Rebecca Curci - Shawn Michaels' Wife

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Shawn Michaels might have retired from wrestling many years ago, but he will always be remembered by WWE fans for his impeccable work. Despite getting many offers to return to the ring, HBK does not budge and wants to keep retired and spend time with his family. Well, you can't really blame the guy, who has a gorgeous wife who has been supporting him really well more than a decade now. Rebecca Curci might be remembered as one of the "Nitro Girls" in WCW, but she decided to sacrifice her career when she married HBK. The stunning Curci looked absolutely smashing back in the day, and has retained her sexy figure and good looks over the years as she looks amazing despite her age and Michaels is a lucky bloke to have someone like her.

7 Anna Babij - Santino Marella's Wife

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Santino Marella might not have been the most prominent wrestler in the WWE, but he did make for some hilarious moments with his comic-relief character. Marella actually even won the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship in his WWE career, before bowing out from wrestling a few years ago. Since retirement, Marella has focused on his personal life and got married to an absolute smoking hot woman in Anna Babij. Babij is a bikini fitness competitor and has an absolutely smashing figure, as it can be seen in this picture. Marella is one very lucky guy to have been married to this stunning woman. Despite not having the thrill of competing in a WWE ring anymore, Marella must be very pleased in his post-retirement life because of someone like Babij who is a dream girl for anyone because of her amazing looks.

6 Jackie Gayda - Charlie Haas's Wife

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Charlie Haas was actually a really promising talent in the WWE a decade or so back when he was part of the World's Greatest Tag Team with Shelton Benjamin. Haas would during this time also find the love of his life, as he got married to diva Jackie Gayda in 2005. They've since been a very happy couple and have both retired from wrestling as well. But Haas is one lucky man to have managed woo an absolute knockout like Jackie, who was one of the hottest divas in the WWE during her time and had many people wooing over her. But the two seem to be deeply in love in all these years, having opened a nutrition store a few years back and also have a happy family with four children, as Haas must be thanking his fortune for getting a smoking hot wife in Jackie Gayda.

5 Colette Christie - Mick Foley's Wife

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Mick Foley has endured a lot of pain in his wrestling career, with the Hardcore Legend attaining his cult status because of his "extreme" nature. Foley retired from wrestling after attaining too many injuries but was also convinced to do so by his family who has been at his side from day one. That especially goes for his stunning wife Colette Christie, who has been a rock at his side ever since he started his wrestling journey. Colette has amazing looks for her age, as she was absolutely smoking hot back in the day and is the reason why Foley's children are so good-looking themselves as well. Mick is a very lucky man to have someone like Colette at his side through his ups and downs, as she's not only a supportive figure but her stunning looks always keeps The Hardcore Legend in a happy mood.

4 Jennifer McDaniel - Hulk Hogan's Wife

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Hulk Hogan is one of the main reasons why professional wrestling is so popular today, as his amazing work in the 80s reaped in a lot of viewers for WWE. Hogan would then rule WCW in the 90s as the leader of the infamous NWO, before returning back to WWE in the 21st century. He's currently retired because of his age, but he's having a really nice time in his personal life because of his smashing wife Jennifer. Hogan got married to her in 2010 as the two have surprisingly kept a really good bond over the years despite the Hulkster's controversies, and Hogan is a lucky old man to have someone as sexy as Jennifer at his side. Jennifer has a terrific figure and is quite the catch for Hulk, who might be going through a rough patch, but at least he has a smoking hot wife in Jennifer.

3 AJ Lee - CM Punk's Wife

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CM Punk was the "best in the world" when he ruled over the WWE with his Championship reign which stretched for 434 days, but things went a bit downhill from there. Punk was sick of how he was being treated and left the company in 2014, after which he effectively announced his retirement from wrestling. Despite many wondering when he'll return to the WWE, Punk has been adamant about his pro wrestling retirement as he focuses on UFC. Punk also has a gorgeous wife in AJ Lee to support him, as the former Divas Championship is herself retired to look after the family. AJ might not have been portrayed as a "sexy diva" by the WWE, but she is definitely smoking hot and Punk is a really lucky man to have her by his side, as he looks to become the "best" in UFC in the long run.

2 Jennifer Hudson - David Otunga's Wife

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David Otunga was not really meant to be a WWE, which he found out the hard way as he became quite irrelevant after the Nexus disbanded. Otunga has miraculously managed to stay in the WWE, now a commentator for Monday Night Raw. Despite being a failure in the ring, Otunga has hit quite a jackpot in his personal life as he's currently with famous singer Jennifer Hudson. The two are currently engaged and even though they haven't "officially" exchanged vows to be husband and wife, the two share a child and are a happy family. Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful woman who almost seems to good for Otunga, as her sexy figure and stunning looks makes one wonder just how Otunga impressed her. They've been a happy couple for a long time now and Otunga is a very lucky man to have the smashing Jennifer Hudson as his partner.

1 Denise Hartmann - Christian's Wife

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Christian was one of the really underrated wrestlers in the WWE during his time, as many didn't anticipate how big of a loss it'll be when he retired in 2014. Christian has since been working with best friend Edge on various stuff and doesn't really need to feel all that sad because he has a very good family to support him. Christian also has an absolutely amazing wife Denise, who was a German model whom he met on a tour in England. As it can be seen here, Denise is an absolutely perfect woman who has a sensational figure and stunning assets. Christian is a lucky bloke to have somebody a smoking hot wife in Denise to support him through all these years in wrestling, as the two have been a great couple of 15+ years and Christian is blessed to have found this gorgeous woman in his life.

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