15 Retired WWE Stars: How Old Are They?

Years of wrestling and competing in the ring can take a toll on the human body. This is certainly the case for many WWE Superstars that have spent much of their career traveling on the road, going from show to show, and putting their bodies on the line. Unlike a traditional career, the physical limits of pro wrestling often cause many WWE Superstars to throw in the towel early. After leaving in their 30s and early 40s, many fans are left wondering what has happened to their favorite stars and how old they are today.

Just looking at former WWE Superstars like Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Ric Flair, it may be hard to predict their exact age. Some of the competitors have aged well while others have clearly taken one too many chair shots to the head. Other stars have kept up their physique, looking like they are still fresh and able to step into the ring. Catch up with some of your favorite retired WWE Superstars to learn about their current age and some of the things they have been up to after retiring from active competition. This list covers former World Champions, Hall of Fame inductees, and your favorite stars from the 80s and 90s.

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15 Hulk Hogan - 63 

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"Whatcha gonna do, when the 60s come roaring up on you?!" The immortal Hulk Hogan is not looking so immortal these days at the age of 63. Hogan’s long career in the world of wrestling has certainly taken its toll on the legend. Hogan has had hip replacements, knee surgery, and back problems. When he’s not wearing his trademark sunglasses or bandanna, you can clearly see his age through his wrinkled skin and heavy eyes.

Despite entering his senior citizen age, Hogan is currently married to a 42 year old woman named Jennifer McDaniel. Hogan is currently reaping the benefits of a huge Gawker settlement due to the release of a sex tape involving the former WWE Champion. He has not appeared in the WWE for a little while now, but will likely make a comeback to the promotion in the near future.

14 Sgt. Slaughter - 68

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The former WWE champion and G.I. Joe mascot is still proudly waving his American flag at the age of 68. Slaughter can still strap on the army fatigues and get into the ring for a good promo or two. In recent years, he has appeared on various episodes of WWE Raw, often confronting whoever the United States Champion is at the time.

After his in-ring retirement, Sgt. Slaughter worked backstage as a WWE producer for numerous years. He is currently an ambassador for the WWE, representing the company at charity events and campaigns all over the globe. He is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and still looks youthful as he nears the age of 70. Do not be surprised to see him return to WWE programming in the future.

13 Bret Hart - 59

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Bret Hart used to be one of the most youthful looking performers on the WWE roster. After being forced into early retirement, Hart has really started to show his age. Currently, "The Hitman" is 59 years old and he will turn 60 on July 2nd, 2017.

Even with limited physical ability, Hart was able to return and wrestle in the WWE while in his 50s. His first return match was a WrestleMania battle against Vince McMahon. He then participated in a giant tag team main event at SummerSlam. His final match in the WWE was a tag team match where he partnered with John Cena to take on Alberto Del Rio and his manager Ricardo. Hart still makes brief appearances on WWE programming, most recently appearing in the corner of his niece Natalya for a Women’s Championship match.

12 Ric Flair - 67

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Ric Flair can never get away from the wrestling world. Despite competing throughout most of his 50s, Flair still has the energy and attitude of a 25 year old. In reality, Flair is 67 years old. His age is definitely shown through his face and body, but he still has the swagger to look youthful while entertaining fans.

In this past year alone, Ric Flair has been a regular on WWE programming. For numerous months Flair helped manage his daughter Charlotte as she transitioned from NXT and joined the WWE Raw roster. He got physically involved in several matches, showcasing the skills he has used for numerous years. He also hosts his own podcast and is still making independent appearances all over the United States.

11 Stone Cold Steve Austin - 51

Injuries plagued Stone Cold Steve Austin near the end of his WWE career. If he was still healthy, the 51 year old star could still be competing on the active roster. He still looks physically fit and does not look much older than when he first retired. Even though he has not had an official match since WrestleMania XIX, Austin can still deliver a great Stone Cold Stunner, seen as recently as WrestleMania 32 when The League of Nations and New Day felt his wrath.

Even though Austin retired early, he found a great deal of success during his time in the WWE. He will go down as one of the greatest Superstars of all time and deserves his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. It will be hard for anyone to capture the same spirit and popularity that Austin once had.

10 Ricky Steamboat - 63

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At 63 years old, it’s not surprising to hear fans chant “You Still Got it!” to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Ricky was an excellent in-ring technician that had memorable matches in both WWE and WCW. People still highlight his WrestleMania III bout against Macho Man Randy Savage as one of the best matches of all-time. Multiple concussions forced Steamboat to retire young, but he continues to work and stay involved in the world of pro wrestling.

In 2009, Steamboat had a brief comeback tour during a feud with Chris Jericho. The two competed in great Pay Per View matches that showcased his quick in-ring abilities. There was no limits on his physical actions and despite having a head of gray hair, he looked youthful in the ring.

9 Ron Simmons - 58

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DAMN – Ron Simmons is old now. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champ is 58 years old. The former leader of The Nation of Domination was known for his imposing physical presence and he still keeps that up today. He looks a little older, but seems a lot more youthful than some of his wrestling peers from the same era.

Ron Simmons has retired from active in-ring competition, but has appeared in backstage segments to recite his infamous “Damn!” line. This includes multiple WrestleMania appearances and his own Hall of Fame induction ceremony. In 2015, he reunited with his former APA partner JBL to confront The Ascension. Simmons showcased that he still has the physical skills and strength that once made him a huge star in the business.

8 Ted DiBiase - 62

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Everybody has a price and for The Million Dollar Man, hopefully so does his anti-aging doctor. Ted DiBiase is 62 years old and has put on a little weight after leaving the WWE. DiBiase never won a major title in the big company, but still had an incredible career with one of the most memorable gimmicks of the 80s and 90s.

DiBiase remained a mainstay in the WWE long after he stopped competing thanks to his entertaining managing skills. He ran his Million Dollar Corporation stable and eventually went on to manage Stone Cold Steve Austin as The Ringmaster. Today, DiBiase travels the world, appearing at wrestling events and autograph sessions. DiBiase has also found a new mission in life as a Christian Minister that performs speeches at all types of churches and social groups.

7 Edge - 43

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Forced to retire a young age, WWE Hall of Fame inductee Edge is only 43 years old. He retired from the WWE at the height of his career due to neck injuries. His last match was at WrestleMania XXVII, where he retained the World Heavyweight Championship in a match against Alberto Del Rio. Fans were shocked to learn of his retirement and he had one of the most memorable retirement ceremonies in Raw history.

After leaving the ring, Edge transitioned nicely into the world of acting. He still looks youthful and fit, and even returned to the WWE to form a comedy show with Christian on the WWE Network. Edge currently has two children with former WWE Superstar Beth Phoenix. His neck injuries will not allow him to ever return to action in the ring, but he still has the ability to entertain the fans.

6 Rikishi - 51

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With two sons competing in the WWE, you would think that Rikishi would be pushing his age near senior citizen status, but the big man is only 51 years old. Rikishi had a great run in the WWE and will go down as one of the more entertaining "big man" wrestlers to compete in the ring. Rikishi danced his way to the top of the WWE roster, competing against opponents like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and The Rock.

He currently has his own wrestling school, where he trains future wrestling prospects. He also helped train his sons, The Usos for the business. His kids have found lots of success in the WWE and even inducted their father into the Hall of Fame recently.

5 Booker T - 51

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It may seem like Booker T has been in the wrestling world forever, but the multi-time World Champion is only 51 years old. Incredibly, Booker T still looks similar to when he first debuted in the WWE. While similarly aged Superstars like Kane and The Undertaker are still actively competing, Booker T sticks to announcing duties on WWE Network pre-shows.

He also runs his own wrestling school and promotion in the state of Texas. Booker T still travels all over the United States for appearances at wrestling gigs. He may just have it in him to wrestle in one more big match in the WWE. There are many great opponents that he could face. Maybe he could finally get that big win over Triple H after losing to him so many times.

4 Jake Roberts - 61

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Five years ago, you could have told anyone that Jake the Snake was 70 years old and people would have believed it. Now, the former WWE star looks ten years younger and better than ever before. Thanks to a lengthy rehab, the 61 year old retired star is in the best shape of his life. His whole journey can be seen in the documentary The Resurrection of Jake The Snake.

Along with rehab, Roberts credits DDP Yoga for helping him transform his body and get healthy again. While he’s not likely to participate in any wrestling matches, fans love to hear him speak and draw inspiration from him through his speeches and appearances all over the country. Roberts’ dramatic change is an inspiring one and one that other older wrestlers should follow.

3 Scott Hall - 58

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The “Bad Guy” Scott Hall could now be referred to as the “Old Guy.” When taking a glance at all of the other Kliq members, like Kevin Nash, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels, it’s easy to tell that Hall has aged the worst. The 58 year old has let years of drug and alcohol abuse get to him and it's visible in his skin, hair, and demeanor. During a special ESPN documentary, it was easy to tell that the former WWE and WCW star was not doing well. However, he's since begun to turn things around and looks in much better shape today, despite those past issues.

During his time in the ring, he seemed like one of the more youthful and put together stars. Now, while he's definitely aged quite a bit, we're happy to see Hall doing better this year!

2 Kevin Nash - 57

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At 57 years old, Kevin Nash is rapidly approaching the age of 60, but you wouldn’t know it from his recent film appearances. Nash is built and was in peak shape for his role in the Magic Mike franchise. After spending years in professional wrestling, Nash continues to shine and looks great for his age. Sure, he has a little gray hair, but some black dye could quickly transform him back to his trademark days as Diesel.

Currently, Nash continues to act and does make cameo appearances in the WWE. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and welcomed back by fans for a brief feud with Triple H and CM Punk. Even though he looks good for his age, he’ll likely never wrestle again in the WWE.

1 Shawn Michaels - 51

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The Heartbreak Kid is no longer a “kid” or a “sexy boy” that his theme song would make you think. Years in the business have clearly taken its toll on one of the all-time great performers. Now at 51 years old, Shawn Michaels looks like he's nearing 60 with a sunken in face, aging wrinkles, and a face full of gray hairs. At the same time, in terms of his body, Michaels actually looks better than he did during his final WWE run, which is saying something.

Despite being well past his prime, Michaels will still do random run-in appearances for the WWE. At WrestleMania 32, he delivered his trademark Sweet Chin Music to the delight of his hometown Texas crowd.

Rumors are swirling about a potential match with A.J. Styles at the Royal Rumble and knowing Shawn, you'd put a bet he still has something left in the tank worthy of our interest. For now, however, his legacy,and younger years will live on forever through the WWE Network.

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