15 Ridiculous Mistakes That WWE Keeps Making

WWE has been around for many years and the company is likely going to be around for many more to come. As fans, we all go through periods where we spend more time rolling our eyes and groaning in disgust than we spend actually enjoying the show. Some even completely stop watching it when we start to see similar patterns starting to emerge. While we understand that it can be extremely difficult to keep a crowd interested 365 days of the year with no breaks to recuperate, what we don't understand is why WWE doesn't seem to learn from the past. It's hard to comprehend why the company continues making the same mistakes when they haven't ever proved to be successful. Maybe WWE doesn't realize that these mistakes are what is ultimately forcing our attention elsewhere. Maybe they feel as if they're making the right choices, just at the wrong time. It's also very possible that they know they can get away with upsetting fans without running the risk of going completely under as a business.

Although we may never understand why these mistakes keep happening, we can certainly put our money on the fact that they will probably never go away — no matter how much we protest each time they occur. Whether it's a booking mistake or a storyline mistake, WWE definitely has trends that they seemingly refuse to break away from. In the event that they are actually blissfully unaware, we have compiled a list of the 15 biggest mistakes that WWE keeps making.

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15 Part-time Main Eventers

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As much as we love seeing wrestlers such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar compete, what we don’t love is when they hold a championship and only come around to compete in the big events. There’s a huge difference between earning the belts and holding them hostage, and every time one of these guys is our champion, the latter is the result. Don’t get us wrong, we do love seeing them show up for the Pay-Per-Views. We also get excited when they win a really great match, but if they’re going to be in the main event and if they’re going to be made champion, then they need to be full-time wrestlers at the time. In all reality, part-timers shouldn’t really be in the main event at all since that is a chance for the current wrestlers to shine; but we’re not oblivious enough to think that’s ever going to change.

14 Long Shows, No Substance

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Raw is currently scheduled for 3 hours and 5 minutes and often runs over the scheduled time. While having more to watch was exciting at first, it quickly got old when we realized that time was being filled by matches that no one actually cared about. What’s the point in having a long show when half of the matches are literally only there in order to fill extra time? There is no point. After so many “nobody gives a crap” matches, the episodes start become boring and we begin wishing that we could fast forward through all the nonsense. The bottom line is that the 3-hour episodes do not hold our attention. So unless WWE is suddenly planning to fill Raw with a bunch of really awesome matches, then they definitely need to cut back to the 2-hour programming on Monday nights. Leave the 3-hour thing to the Pay-Per-Views and get all of the lame matches that we have no interest in off of television.

13 Everything Revolving Around the “Top Guy”

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John Cena has been, and will likely always be, the poster boy for this mistake. Naturally there are many fans who absolutely adore seeing him at the top and having the shows revolve entirely around him, but there are even more fans who actively express their disinterest in knowing that people like him have so much pull in a company they don’t own. Roman Reigns seems to be taking the torch on this one as of late and there have been a few examples in the past (including Randy Orton). The success of the company as a whole does not depend on one wrestler. It depends on the quality of all the wrestlers, all the matches, and all the storylines. So where WWE focuses so much time and energy on one guy, they could easily spread that around to multiple superstars. If they would take the fans advice on this one, then when that one top guy ends up out due to an injury (or for any other reason), then the company would not have to fret about their next move. We would also get sick of seeing certain wrestlers a lot less often.

12 Taking Risks Is Too Risky

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Luckily for current fans, we are seeing WWE beginning to feel comfortable with the idea of taking risks once again. However, not too long ago, WWE was at their very worst with this particular mistake. Before they finally started bringing new talent up to the main roster, they were terrified of the idea. It’s almost as if they felt that we were so stuck on all the old wrestlers, that they felt as if we’d stop watching if they brought in some of the younger stars from NXT or the indie circuit. Hopefully WWE has realized this mistake and will continue on the path they’re on because fans are eating it up. However, we still haven’t seen much of an improvement in regards to their fear of taking risks in the storyline department. When the company went PG, they developed this irrational fear that they would lose viewers if they presented any sort of adult content. Whether it be controversial storylines or hardcore stuff within the matches, WWE does everything they can to stay far away from it lately. That’s not working for a lot of the WWE Universe and we are constantly begging for at least a taste of that programming risk back in the show.

11 Burying Talent With Great Potential

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There is nothing more disappointing that seeing a wrestler who has so much potential within the WWE ending up listed along with a “best of luck in your future endeavors.” The thing we hate the most about it is that we can see it coming from a mile away and as it gets closer and closer, we start to hope that WWE will stop with the nonsense and realize that they’re making a huge mistake. Wade Barrett was one of them, Damien Sandow is another. Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Evan Borne, Justin Gabriel, the list goes on and on and we are absolutely sick and tired of WWE continuing to add to it. Zack Ryder is another prime example of WWE wasting and burying talent, but we’re just happy that he’s still active on the SmackDown Brand. He’s the one glimmer of hope that we have to hold onto in regards to WWE one day realizing that they need to wisen up and stop shoving potential top talent down to the bottom.

10 Same Crap, Different Day

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We already talked about the fact that WWE has an issue with their long shows and less than eventful matches, but this particular mistake tends to make that one even worse. Sometimes we will be watching an episode of Raw or SmackDown and the announcement of a match leaves us all scratching our heads and asking why we’re seeing this yet again. It’s almost as if the company thinks that because something happened two weeks ago, we won’t remember it. Maybe they feel like we loved it so much that we want to see it again, but this doesn’t see like a logical assumption when the matches are ones that were heavily booed or didn’t get much of a reaction at all. Remember the time that we saw the “one in a lifetime” match between John Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania XXVIII? Remember when we saw it again the very next year at WrestleMania 29? With as many wrestlers as WWE has signed, there should be no reason that we have as many repeat matches as we do.

9 Screwing Up The Tag Division

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We have seen some of the greatest tag teams that will ever exist emerge within the WWE. We have also seen eras that were full of tag teams that were so far above par that they would steal the show from the main eventers without even trying. So for us to ever see the WWE have a tag team division that is an embarrassment at best is something completely unacceptable. However, the company seems to constantly go through periods (both short and long) where we have absolutely zero interest in any of the tag matches. Whether it’s WWE randomly throwing two wrestlers together who clearly have zero in-ring chemistry or it’s just them dropping the ball when they bring new tag teams in, it really tends to disappoint us. There is always potential for the tag division; be in the indies or in WWE’s developmental program NXT, so there is absolutely no excuse for letting the tag division crash and burn the way it has.

8 Failed Gimmick = Failed Wrestler

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Although this can be directly related to WWE burying wrestlers who have great potential, that’s not always the case. We all know that the gimmicks we see are either created by WWE or they have to be approved by the company. The mistake here lies in the fact that when WWE decides on a really crappy gimmick for a wrestler and the crowd doesn’t like it, it seems as if the company blames the wrestler as opposed to their idea. A great example of this is The Spirit Squad. Kenny, Johnny, Mikey, Mitch, and Nicky were all really wonderful wrestlers who had so much potential, but because they were introduced as male cheerleaders, no one took them seriously. When the group disbanded, four of the five members were eventually let go with Nicky (aka Dolph Ziggler) being the only remaining member. Dolph was able to drastically change his look in order to separate himself completely from the image left by the spirit squad, but the other members were not given the same chance.

Diamond Dallas Page was another prime example. He was one of the biggest stars in WCW, but when WWE purchased WCW, they altered his gimmick and ultimately made a huge joke out of him. When it failed to go over and he didn’t recover from it, WWE let his contract expire while he was out on injury. These wrestlers, as well as many others, deserved a chance to recover from the awful gimmicks that WWE stuck them with. It was the company’s fault that they crashed and burned in the first place.

7 Avoid Improv — Stick To The Script

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While WWE has a long list of wrestlers who have dipped their toes into the acting scene, the list of wrestlers who should avoid acting is much longer. This is exactly why it’s better for a wrestler to try and react in promos the way they would if it were a real life conversation. Improvisation is definitely not easy, but when you have people who are stumbling over lines they’re struggling to remember on live TV, the improvisations probably would have done better. So this mentality that WWE has with wanting wrestlers to stick to a pre-written script has got to go. We know that the show is scripted, but we don’t want it to so obviously flaunt how scripted it actually is. If they want complete control over the promos, then a live show isn’t the answer because the only way that will successfully work is if they pre-record the scene and give the wrestlers the ability to do retakes when they forget what they’re going to say. If they don’t trust their talent to successfully pull off an improv, then they need to require training in acting as well as wrestling training. Maybe that way they’ll either trust the wrestlers a bit more or the wrestlers will feel more comfortable with speaking pre-written lines.

6 Making a Mockery Of Secondary Championships

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In the history of WWE, the only championships that have held a role of importance are the main WWE and World Heavyweight championships. Time and time again we have seen a mockery made of every other belt they have. The Women’s Championship was held by Harvey Wippleman who was “in disguise” as a female named Hervina in 2000. Santino Marella won the Intercontinental Championship playing the role of a fan. Gillburg (who was literally just a parody of Goldberg) landed the Light Heavyweight Championship. This list could go on forever, to be honest. WWE needs to take a step back from making a mockery of these secondary championships and keep the goofy gimmicks out of the title pool. Championships are something that people are supposed to be proud to obtain and if the fans can’t take a championship seriously, the entire division is going to suffer.

5 Women’s Gimmicks And Storylines

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In the eyes of WWE, the women’s division only sells if it involves sex, jealousy, bitchiness, and a need to be institutionalized. It’s the same thing time and time again with the only difference being which of these angles they throw together for one gimmick. Is there nothing interesting that WWE can think of for their gimmicks or are they so stuck in their own personal love for psychotic chicks whose only interest in life is being sexually desired? Whatever the reason is for this, WWE needs to abandon it at least a little bit and mix in something new. We’re not saying to completely ditch these types of gimmicks because they do sell when they’re executed really well, but focusing on every WWE diva as eye candy or crazy is tired and worn out. We want some variety and some of us would really like to see the women’s division actually be respected. They've been moving towards this and we hope it continues.

4 WWE or WE? Where’s the Wrestling?

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If any of you have ever timed the promo-to-match ratio on an episode of WWE, you know exactly what we mean with this mistake. Almost every single match has a promo attached to it that is twice as long. This means that if we see wrestling for 5 minutes, chances are that we just saw a promo that was 10 minutes long. This includes the main event matches, which are sometimes even less than half as long as the promo because WWE does little promo snippets throughout the episode. This leads us to questions where the wrestling is in a company that is called World Wrestling Entertainment. If the promos and the “entertainment” side of WWE continue down the path they are going, then the company needs to strongly consider changing their name to World Entertainment instead. Most of us got into WWE for the wrestling aspect of it, not the soap opera crap that we’re now being feed for a large majority of the show.

3 Treating the Talent Like Crap

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It seems like every single time a wrestler is released from, or gets out of, their WWE contract, they have a lot to say about the way they were treated in the company. We’ve heard about wrestlers being fired on their wedding day, WWE keeping former employees from being able to work elsewhere, and we have heard that WWE doesn’t even offer health insurance or travel expenses to all of their employees. None of this makes sense to us considering the fact that these people literally dedicate their entire lives to this company. The only thing they are accomplishing with this is giving themselves a bad name and making great wrestlers skeptical about ever wanting to sign with them. This is one of those mistakes that WWE needs to fix before they fix anything else because while they may not necessarily care about the people who are putting their lives and bodies on the line, we do care about them. It’s only a matter of time before everyone gets fed up with hearing how WWE is treating their talent and we start boycotting them.

2 Refusing To Listen To Fans

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Without the fans, WWE would not be where they are today. We are the only reason that the company thrives because without us, they are spending all this money only to get nothing in return. That being said, it’s surprising that WWE seems to make it a point of not listen to anything we have to say. They gave us the PG Era and we protested the entire time. When CM Punk reminded us about the WWE ice cream bars, we screamed for them — literally. Well as CM Punk said on countless occasions, “where, oh where are our WWE ice cream bars?” They’re not in our freezers, that’s for sure. When we want a specific wrestler to be put over because we love everything they have to offer WWE acts like they don’t hear our demands. Daniel Bryan was a huge example of this, and he actually ended up being the perfect example of why they need to listen more often. We cheered, we screamed, we begged for Bryan to go over and win the WWE Championship. WWE put it off for as long as they possibly could but when they finally gave in, we celebrated harder than we ever have. Unfortunately, we soon saw Daniel Bryan needing neck surgery and that was the end of that. If WWE had granted us what we wanted way before WrestleMania XXX, we would have had so much more time to prove that listening to us was a good idea. We fear that this is going to be the norm. WWE won’t listen no matter how much we scream and beg, and it’s going to end up hurting them because we’re all starting to get pretty tired of it. We’re only willing to be ignored for so long before we decide it isn’t even worth our time. At the very least, listening to us would be a great way to show us the appreciation they should have for lining their pockets.

1 "Vince McMahon Knows All"

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It’s constantly argued that Vince McMahon is this genius who has the ideas behind professional wrestling down to perfect science. He is a great promoter and he definitely is at the very top of the wrestling world right now, but not everything he touches turns to gold and he should definitely not have the first and last word in everything to do with the sport. He’s had some god-awful ideas, he’s created projects that have failed on an embarrassing level, and he’s not the greatest judge in who would be accepted by the WWE Universe. Look at all the failed wrestling characters that he had a hand in creating including Eugene and the fake versions of other wrestlers such as Kane and The Undertaker. Do you remember the World Bodybuilding Federation or the XFL? Neither do we, yet both were creations by Vince McMahon that crashed and burned before they could really get started. Vince also started the storylines that we like to pretend never happened, such as Mae Young giving birth to a hand and Val Venis getting (or almost getting) his member cut off. He’s also come up with story ideas that we are glad never happened such as him impregnating his own daughter.

From all of this alone, it’s pretty easy to say that Vince McMahon does not know all and he should not be the sole deciding power in anything to do with WWE. He is well known for loving racist and overly offensive gimmicks and he is constantly showing favouritism regardless of how the fans react to it. This is not good. It’s never been good and it won’t ever be good. So WWE really needs to stop making all its decisions based on what he thinks and wants. We get that he’s the majority owner of the company and he’s never going to not contribute, but it would be nice to see that sort of power end up a little more spread out than it currently is.

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