15 Ridiculous Pictures Of Drunk Wrestlers You Have To See

The wonderful world of wrestling is known for many things and throughout its long history, we can always count on pulling some of the strangest stories from beyond the ropes that anyone could imagine and this time is no different. Many factors play part in the rise or fall of a superstar in the industry and one thing that is undeniable is the wrestling industry takes so much out of the athlete who travels non stop and almost performs each night of the year so life is not that easy for a wrestling superstar so the unwind time is highly appreciated by the wrestlers and some are known to be party animals after a long day at the office. So with this list, we highlighted some of the most ridiculous drunken moments captured featuring some of the most profound wrestling greats throughout the industry who are known to party the stress away.

For the most part wrestling superstars are known to party hard which sometimes leads to trouble within their job and home life which often results in jail time that usually damages a superstars career and maybe even his home life if the superstar get out of control but you if the superstar can handle the party life this acts as a great release for the wrestling superstar that friends enjoy when around. From weddings to just another night out on the town from old to new wrestlers we have them all below so enjoy our 15 of the most ridiculous drunk wrestler pictures that you have to see.

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15 The Hardy Boyz

via tupwrestlingforums.com

Starting the list off are the two of most high flying tag team to be apart of WWE alongside The Dudley Boyz, and Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz were for the most part the strongest together but as single career wrestlers both of The Hardy Boyz Matt and Jeff ultimately fell victim to drugs and alcohol and as single wrestlers both of the superstars never seemed to reach their highest potential.

This ridiculous photo shows the two brothers in a very awkward position during a night of fun while out with Jeff's wife Beth Hardy and she seems to be having just as much fun as the brothers. Judging only from this photo The Hardy Boyz' party just like they wrestle as a tag team.

14 Sheamus... In Costume?

via wrestlenewz.com

Sheamus is currently one-half of WWE RAW tag team champions and here he showing off a side that we know the Irish wrestler so well for his fun and games. This is another WWE superstar who has managed to keep his party life under control while his career continues to rise.

Sheamus is shown here dressed in some costume that I can not explain; maybe this is around Halloween or maybe he and his friends dress up like this all the time to party. Anyway, whatever the case is this photo says 'ridiculous' and 'I like to party' all over it. Irish goes together with drinks like a sunny day and the beach, so why would any of you be surprised Sheamus is on this list.

13 The 90s Crew Hanging Out

via twitter.com

This photo shows some the earlier WWE Superstars on tour enjoying drinks and life. Stone Cold, Triple H, Gerald Brisco, The Undertaker, Paul Bearer (minus the creepy makeup) Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels  & Kevin Nash this seems to be a real good time to remember and just the talent alone in this photo is amazing I wonder who took the photo.

This ridiculously iconic photo is a sure reminder of the work hard and party hard lifestyle that wrestlers have when touring city to city each night and week of the 365 days. Judging by who's in this photo, it had to have been taken early in 1996, as Austin is sporting his bald head, yet Hall and Nash are still in the company. This is one of the best photos in WWE history hands down.

12 Hornswoggle Is The Life Of The Party

via proboards.com

Small but what he lacks in height the fan favorite Hornswoggle makes up for it in pure power, heart, and lastly the big urge to party. This former WWE Superstar is shown here with his shirt off along with other infamous party going superstars.

Hornswoggle looks to be dancing and having the time of his life surrounded by friends, but everyone seems to have their shirt off, so I wonder what the big celebration was for? Not only was the WWE athlete known for playing games and tricks on people ringside, Hornswoggle is also known for dancing by the looks of this photo after a couple drinks his skills seem to really shine brightly. Maybe he could teach a few of his moves.

11 John Cena Partying With Wife

via youtube.com

John Cena the all American wrestler who has the image that could not be tarnished throughout the years of his wrestling with WWE is pictured here getting a lap dance from his then girlfriend at the time. Judging by the looks of this photo and John Cena's reputation as known drinker who has been connected to drinking stories with Ric Flair to Chris Jericho we all can assume that alcohol helped this ridiculous moment fully.

Overall we have to give to Cena any man that can put the smile on and make kids adore him and create such a big following that he has done and can go out and drink and party with the best and keep it together is a sure shot in our book so Cena the next one is on us.

10 WWE Divas Kristal, Layla, & Candice At The Club

via wrestlezone.com

WWE Divas can wrestle with the best of them and they can also party just as hard as their co-workers. Kristal, Layla, & Candice are all known to be big on the party just as they are wrestling in the ring. The former WWE Superstars are seen here enjoying themselves while giving us a bigger than life photo that says so many things.

From the ring, to a crowded dance floor these three beautiful women continue to show off their grace and style while giving us something to think. If I had to pick a name for this wonderful ridiculous photo I would name it the bold and beautiful. Layla was a former Miami Heat dancer and was part of Extreme Expose in WWE so you know she had to have some moves.

9 The Undertaker, Faarooq & JBL at The Godfather's Wedding

via deviantart.net

Future WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker shows a big smile WWE superstar JBL & Faarooq that can only come from a great time. The back story behind this amazingly ridiculous photo was posted by JBL on his Twitter account with the caption "This is how Rob and I came dressed to Godfather's wedding. Great Times, great friends."

Well just by looking at this photo I had so many thoughts to how, why, and what was going on but after getting the explanation it makes perfect sense I could only imagine how funny this was to other WWE Superstars in attendance of this special occasion. Oh and if you think that Bradshaw and Faaroq would show up to a wedding and there wasn't a ton of alcohol involved around the time this photo was taken, then you're pretty naive.

8 The Miz, John Morrison & Zach Ryder & Dolph Ziggler Light It Up

via pinterest.com

On the day of his wedding in the Bahamas MTV, the real world turned WWE Superstar The Miz married the former WWE Divas champion and model Maryse Ouellet inviting family, friends, and co-workers to celebrate the glorious occasion. Miz is shown here alongside his fellow WWE Superstars Zack Ryder, John Morrison & Dolph Ziggler who also happen to be some of his closest friends in the business.

Giving from this photo the wedding seemed like a ball and everyone in attendance will not forget this anytime soon. Miz is a wrestler that surprised many people with his talented performances earning a title along the way but on this night it seems as if the superstar his earning another title as most ridiculous but you can go all out when you're getting married. Cheers Miz

7 Paige Up To Her Old Tricks

via mindofcarnage.com

Paige is known for her bad girl image and has been in numerous headlines defending her actions but as of recently, the famed WWE wrestler was involved in airport dispute that has resulted in a warrant being issued for her arrest for battery, let's just hope this can all be worked out for the controversial wrestler.

In this ridiculous photo, this WWE Superstar is letting it all hang out and she looks to be enjoying herself while hanging out with a group of her friends without a care in the world. Normally drama surrounds this tough wrestler honestly it's always a plus to see Paige smile and with this photo, we wanted to wish you the best of luck Paige cheers from everyone at the office

6 Bill Goldberg With Giambi

via vegasnews.com

Here we have one the most explosive forces to enter the ring - wrestling legend Bill Goldberg and Brian Knobbs, one-half of the legendary tag team duo The Nasty Boys, who seem to be having a great night out. Bill Goldberg is known for being one of the most undefeated wrestlers of the era with his spear and his famous suplex with famous lines 'Who's Next' but in this photo, it seems the wrestling superstar is partying hard and he'd just thinking about which beer is next.

Bill and Brain seemed to make the perfect team of party goers on the town and they seemed to get the attention of Jason Giambi, who's hanging out with them here. I wonder how many pictures they took with fans that of the wild and crazy duo? Lastly, I wonder what it would be like to have these two as a tag team?

5 The Rockers - Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty

via yahoo.com

WWE tag team legends The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty give a ridiculous post the classic and universal I'm wasted sign of the pass with the lamp shade over the head.

The Rockers became a very likeable tag team in the early days of WWE but later the duo chose to go separate ways. Michaels later went into a spiral of drinking and made many enemies through his alcohol and drug use but ultimately cleaned up his act and got a hold on his drinking and managed to be one of the greatest WWE superstars until his retirement in 2010. Marty didn't reach as much fame as Shawn but as a tag team in WWE the two made magic and will be forever remembered. As will this photo.

4 Kevin Nash Sits On Meng's Lap

via reddit.com

Hall of Famer Kevin Nash who was sometimes known for being a jerk outside seems to be enjoying himself atop of the lap of the wrestling legend Meng. Although little is known about this ridiculous photo showing the two superstars enjoying a moment , Kevin Nash was one of those superstars that throughout his career managed to handle his party lifestyle alongside being one of the most talked about wrestlers of the business.

With that said this photo is one to remember for both of the talented wrestlers who played rivals in the ring, it's nice to see that work only worked and no bad blood spilled covered the two outside of the ring. And Nash was probably feeling relieved to be on Meng's good side here, as Meng is undoubtedly the toughest man in the history of wrestling.

3 Rikishi & The Nation of Domination

via sportskeeda.com

This ridiculous scene features WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier Jr (Viscera) aka Big Daddy V who passed away in 2014. Nelson is joined by other earlier WWE superstars The Godfather, Rikishi, & Faarooq who all seem to be enjoying themselves to the fullest. Although little is known about this photo what we can gather is that this is ridiculous on levels that we can only imagine.

Everyone looks to be enjoying the party judging by the scene, but it's kind of hard not to wonder what the WWE superstar Faarooq was staring at during this crazy ridiculous photo, Overall we may never know but we do know it shows us that The Godfather was perhaps not just a gimmick that Charles Wright had.

2 Ric Flair & Batista Living Up To Their Gimmick

via imgur.com

Ric Flair is a wrestling superstar known for his charisma, confidence & his all around style in and out of the ring making him very likeable with fans and coworkers alike. From the ring to the party it has been said Rick was a go to guy and always had great parties while offering his friends good times. Although Rick has landed in hot water for his drinking he's always managed to get things back on track to make up for his slip up which many admired about the superstar.

Alongside Ric, the former WWE Champion Batista was also known to be quite the party animal during his time in WWE. Both Batista and Flair were a part of Evolution, so there's no doubt Flair had a hand in helping Batista "unleash the animal" when he was out partying.

1 Kelly Kelly On The Sink

via bluegartr.com

Kelly Kelly was known to push the envelope with her flirting and sexy demeanor from the ring to the WWE locker room while keeping an unapologetic attitude. Kelly Kelly as of recently has returned to the WWE, this time as an ambassador for the WWE brand so for that we say, congratulations.

This ridiculous photo appeared on the superstar's MySpace page (remember MySpace?) and during the time she received a big backlash, but honestly Kelly Kelly looks like she was having the best time of her life. That smile says it all. Kelly, we just hope you've since toned down on your partying ways and we sure hope you cleaned the sink after doing... whatever it is you're doing here. Ah, life on the road.

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