15 Ridiculous Pro Wrestling Rumors Currently Making The Headlines

Wrestling is arguably hotter than ever in terms of internet interest on social media, video channels and websites, which has led to many rumors.

The wrestling rumor mill is heating up as we enter the summer. WWE is already kicking things into the next gear. Brock Lesnar is defending the Universal Championship against Samoa Joe in a dream match. The first ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match is about to take place. They're clearly looking to make some news as we head into SummerSlam.

Other promotions are also undergoing big changes. New Japan recently had the first ever “six and one quarter” star rating for a match by Dave Meltzer with a draw between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada. NJPW is expanding with their house shows in California in July and are looking to branch out more in the United States going forward. Ring of Honor and Impact are both attempting to make waves as the second top promotion to WWE.

Wrestling is arguably hotter than ever in terms of internet interest on social media, video channels and websites like ours. This has led to many rumors catching on over the past few weeks. We'll take a look at some of the more ridiculous ones currently being discussed. Keep in mind that Jinder Mahal is now the WWE Champion meaning nothing is out of the realm of possibility. We don’t know if these rumors will turn out to be true yet but they're the fifteen most ridiculous rumors currently in wrestling.

12 Bray Wyatt & JoJo Affair


The most shocking rumor to hit the news this week featured the love life of Bray Wyatt. It was reported that Wyatt’s wife is leaving him due to the wrestler having an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo. The Superstar shakeup sent Wyatt to the Raw brand back in April. JoJo is the ring announcer for all Raw television shows and live events giving the rumor the possibility of being true.


We witnessed one of the more emotional moments in recent WWE history when The Undertaker unofficially retired at WrestleMania 33. Roman Reigns scored the huge win over Undertaker before the legend left his gear in the ring as a sign of it being his end. Undertaker looked older than ever struggling to keep up with the younger Reigns with noticeable mistakes on his part.

11 Paige Working Out For WWE Return

The absence of Paige has been over a year now with WWE fans unsure of her future. WWE has been unhappy with her regarding the relationship with Alberto Del Rio, differing opinions about her neck injury and the shocking adult tape scandal all taking place in that time frame. The belief has been that WWE will let her contract expire with no intention to bring her back to television.

10 Velveteen Dream Struggles


Patrick Clark is one of the interesting prospects at the Performance Center that WWE has been high on following his time on Tough Enough. Most wrestling fans that watched the show would agree that Clark stood out more than any of the other competitors and has already passed them in the Performance Center. A new character of The Velveteen Dream has been created to debut him on NXT TV.

9 Buff Bagwell Retirement Tour


It's hard to tell which is more ridiculous - Buff Bagwell having a retirement tour or Buff Bagwell still wrestling in general. The former WCW star was exiled from WWE all the way back in 2001 but has been wrestling on and off since then. Bagwell appears at the occasional independent wrestling show trying to get a pop based off of the Monday Night Wars days.

8 Finn Balor Scouting For WWE In Japan

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Finn Balor has been off WWE television over the past two weeks due to WWE sending him abroad to promote the company. One of the major stops on the Balor promotional tour saw him return to his former stomping grounds in Japan. Balor posted pictures visiting multiple landmarks, but the ones that made the most news featured him hanging out with New Japan wrestling talent.

7 Cody Rhodes First Ever Dual ROH/NJPW Champion

One wrestler that went the opposite direction of Finn Balor is Cody Rhodes. The decision to leave WWE for Rhodes saw him end up in a great spot for NJPW. Rhodes is one of the top members of the Bullet Club in the upper tier with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks as New Japan expands into the United States.

6 Corey Graves & Bayley Love Storyline


Fan speculation has led to one of the stranger romantic rumors for WWE television. A recent backstage interview featuring Corey Graves and Bayley ended with the two hugging at the request of Bayley. Yes, Bayley hugs everyone but the fact that Graves has been involved in mysterious storylines recently has added extra incentive to second guess all his actions.

5 Sasha Banks In Cruiserweight Division


The cruiserweights were finally allowed to mingle with the main roster wrestlers when Sasha Banks teamed with Rich Swann to face Noam Dar and Alicia Fox at the Extreme Rules PPV. Banks is one of the most popular women’s wrestlers in the company and her time working with the cruiserweights and appearing on 205 Live helped to the reputation of the brand.

4 Dolph Ziggler Leaving WWE For Japan


Shinsuke Nakamura’s recent appearance on Talking Smack provided a fun interview by Renee Young and JBL. We got to see Nakamura talk about his life and his thoughts on the other wrestlers. Nakamura’s English isn’t perfect yet so his comments about Dolph Ziggler created controversy. The words from Nakamura sounded like he was saying Ziggler would be leaving WWE to wrestle in Japan at some point soon.


One story that remains consistent in professional wrestling is old men bickering about nonsense. Jim Cornette, Vince Russo, Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff all have podcast that features insults being thrown in all directions. The war between Cornette and Russo is specifically a volatile one that has been in the news for decades now.

3 Lana Women's Champion

It's rather scary to think about how close we are to the ridiculous rumor of a Lana Women’s Championship reign happening in WWE. Lana has only wrestled one match in her WWE main roster career and has yet to even have a singles match. The first one on one bout for Lana will take place at Money in the Bank in a shocking title match against Naomi.


WWE is teasing Roman Reigns making a huge announcement regarding his plans for SummerSlam next week on Raw. A wrestler revealing his plans for such an important show two months in advance usually means something huge is being planned. Some of the rumors out there that make sense features Reigns challenging the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar or wanting a “dream match” with free agent John Cena.

2 Ryback Calling Out Seth Rollins


The downfall of Ryback has seen him turn into a bitter podcast personality trying to create headlines with controversial comments. A recent story to hit the rumor mill featured Ryback’s negative opinion of Seth Rollins. The Big Guy was asked about his time interacting with the members of The Shield. Ryback likes Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose but had a horrible relationship with Rollins.

1 CM Punk Returning To Random Indie Promotion


CM Punk has been involved in all negative stories for his reputation over the past few months. It's unlikely Punk will ever get another chance at a fight in the UFC after his embarrassing loss to Mickey Gall last year. The sad turn of events landed Punk on a humiliating MTV reality show that saw him get eliminated after having silly contests while covered in ketchup and mustard.

United Kingdom wrestling promotion 5 Star Wrestling is hoping to strike on Punk’s bad luck by bringing him back to the business. Punk was offered $1 million by 5 Star Wrestling to take part in their 128 man tournament featuring names like Rob Van Dam, Carlito and Johnny Mundo. There has been speculation that Punk will take the lucrative offer, but none of those rumors have been confirmed yet. Hopefully Punk finds a bigger way to return to the squared circle if he chooses to.

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15 Ridiculous Pro Wrestling Rumors Currently Making The Headlines