15 Ridiculous Unwritten Rules WWE Enforces On Its Employees

Every job in the world has a set of rules that its employees must abide by, you have to follow rules, I have to follow rules and even WWE Superstars have rules that are set for them. But in the world of WWE, there are also a lot of unwritten rules that wrestlers must also think about when they work. While that is completely understandable, you may change your opinion of these rules as you read along.

Vince McMahon is a genius, who has created the biggest wrestling company in the world and a lot of that has been because of his crazy ideas both in strict, announced rules, as well as unwritten rules. Some of them apply to matches, while some apply to what wrestlers can and can't say. Vince even has very strict codes for his announce team, and you do not want to be the one caught breaking these rules. Vince can build stars in his company, but he can also destroy them just as quickly. If you want to get ahead in the company, the boss needs to be happy. That means these bizarre rules become your new normal.

Sometimes the WWE Universe doesn't pick up on every little-unwritten rule that WWE has created over the years, so this list will look at 15 examples of WWE's unwritten rules that the company forces on its employees.

15 Contract Signings Must End In Disaster

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As soon as a contract signing begins inside a WWE ring, you know exactly how it is going to end. No matter what sort of rules the writers may put on them, there is always a loophole for the talents to jump through and these signings always end in carnage.

While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, there are other more creative ways that WWE could go about this and not every contract signing needs to end in chaos. The unwritten rule makes sure that every single time one of these segments takes place a major fight breaks out, usually resulting in somebody going through the table, so be prepared next time one is announced.

14 Belts Don't Exist

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Vince McMahon likes to have as much control as possible and that includes over what certain things are called in his company. One of those items are the WWE Titles that the Superstars fight for.

They are "titles" or "championships" but never, under any circumstance, are they belts. Gone is the time that a wrestler could refer to their championships as the WWE Belt, as this new unwritten rule has stopped it. Even on commentary, the titles are never referred to as belts, and while some topics on this list might seem strange this one actually makes a lot of sense. Instead of having several different names for a championship, just having one makes things clearer for everyone.

13 All Babyfaces Must Smile

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Everybody likes people who smile, right? That seems to be the mindset of WWE right now with an unwritten rule being that WWE's babyfaces must be smiling at all times when they are on camera. The biggest culprit of this is Apollo Crews, who seems to have a permanent grin plastered on his face, despite the fact he rarely picks up a victory. Has that made the WWE Universe like him more? I don't think so.

But he isn't the only one, with the likes of Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and even Randy Orton becoming ultra smiley whenever they are faces. Did Stone Cold have to constantly be smiling to be a major star? No, so let's stop this unwritten rule WWE.

12 No Sneezing Allowed

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This is a strange one, but despite how ridiculous it may seem, and it seems very ridiculous, it is actually also very smart. Mr.McMahon is known for his incredible work ethic, and a major reason for that is that he never falls ill.

He views sneezing as a weakness and doesn't expect to see it from his employees, something that several former WWE staff members have discussed, including Chris Jericho, who wrote about it in his book. It is a totally insane unwritten rule, but WWE stars are not expected to sneeze backstage, especially if Vince is around. Let's hope nobody ever gets a cold for the sake of their jobs.

11 Food = Food Fight

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Anytime food is around in WWE there is a clear and defined unwritten rule that has been around for years at this point. If there is food on camera, then there must be a food fight. It doesn't matter if it's in the ring, in catering or anywhere else backstage. There must be a food fight between anybody and everybody in sight. While this doesn't always lead to the most fun and entertaining segments they do always take place whether you want them or not. While the act hasn't been funny since the 90's, it seems that Vince still gets a kick out of it and still uses the tactic on TV despite the WWE universe's disinterest in the shenanigans.

10 Commentators Must Use Catchphrases

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'Oh My,' a WWE commentator using a catchphrase has become a staple in modern day WWE and is clearly an unwritten rule that the company enforces anytime something significant or exciting happens. The worst time for this is when a WWE Superstar makes a return or a debut and instead of simply reacting to the moment organically, they all bring out their catchphrase reaction, they do it so often so may say it has become 'vintage.' See what I did there? It's fine for commentators to have a catchphrase, but by over-using it the catchphrase can lose its power. This is one rule that may actually hurt the product more than helping it.

9 Point At The WrestleMania Sign

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Do you want to have a match at WrestleMania? Then you'd better point at that sign because that is an unwritten rule in WWE. From the moment the sign is raised at the Royal Rumble, WWE superstars are constantly pointing at the sign to alert everybody that is where they are heading.

It begins immediately as whoever wins the Royal Rumble itself is guaranteed to be ascending to the top rope and pointing at the sign to close the show, and it continues all the way up until the Grandest Stage Of Them All takes place. The famous sign pointing has even led to the creation of WrestleMania matches with the best example going to The Undertaker and Triple H's stare off which set up their WrestleMania 27 encounter, taking the obsession of the sign to a whole new level.

8 Foreign Announce Tables Have A Short Shelf Life

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Everybody knows what is going to happen when you see a foreign announce table at ringside, surely even the poor crewmen who spend their time setting it up know exactly what will happen at some point during the night. It has become inevitable.

If the foreign announce table is anywhere near the ring, nine times out of ten, somebody will go crashing through it during the night. For some reason, it is always the foreign announce table too, with the normal announcer's table usually being saved on these occasions. Every now and then, the foreign announce table might fight back by refusing to break, but even then the wrestlers tend to hit the move a second time to destroy it.

7 Every Decision Must Be Approved By Vince

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It doesn't matter if it's a promo, a piece or ring gear or a new move, everything the WWE Superstars do must be approved by someone. Despite what WWE may have you believe, like the idea that they allow creative freedom for wrestlers to grab the 'brass ring,' everything is under a microscope.

Vince McMahon is a control freak, which is actually something that has served him well throughout his life. After all, look at what he has created. But without taking the shackles off his talent, they are not allowed to thrive anymore. WWE gave us Talking Smack, a beacon of hope that talent would be able to create and say whatever came to their mind, and they did, but look how that ended up...

6 The Referee's Bump

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WWE Superstars get 'punched' on a regular basis in the ring and take an enormous amount of punishment to get to a point where they can be defeated. The same cannot be said for WWE officials.

Referees will seemingly fall down after a strong breeze, with any sort of contact with a WWE Superstar resulting in them hitting the mat for a couple of minutes at the very least. While this obviously puts over the fact the talent is incredibly strong, it also makes the amount of punishment they take look unrealistic. Sometimes all it takes is someone to accidentally fall into a referee or be pushed into them. I mean, at least make it look slightly realistic and do something a little more creative!

5 Finishing Moves Don't Finish

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Finishing moves simply do not exist in WWE anymore. Moves such as the AA, the Chokeslam or even the Tombstone Piledriver can no longer fall into the 'finishers' category. Why? Because they never finish an opponent. It seems to be some unwritten rule that unless it is a squash match then you should kick out of at least one finishing move before bringing an end to a bout.

At the big events such as a PPV main event, this is understandable. It can create tension or suspense and have fans on the edge of their seats. But now this rule seems to have spread like the plague, infesting Raw and SmackDown for television matches, with even house shows having more than one finisher take place.

4 No Entrance? No Victory

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A WWE Superstar's entrance is an important element of a match. Not only does it give you a general idea of who the character is, but the way they head to the ring allows them to express themselves and showcase their star power.

Every now and then, a wrestler's entrance won't be shown on TV. This can be for various reasons, such as time constraints or the fact they are a jobber and don't have an actual theme. The one thing it does guarantee is that whoever doesn't get an entrance will lose the match. If a wrestler isn't important enough to be shown entering the ring, then WWE deems them to not be worth getting the victory, it's simple. So next time you see it happen, you already know the result. You're welcome.

3 Authority Figures Always End Up In Storylines

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In real life your boss will never get involved in squabbles at the workplace by joining in, offering their opinion and putting themselves into a fighting situation. In WWE, that same principle is supposed to exist, with the general managers expected to simply manage the talent.

However, that is never the case as the authority figures (whether they are heels or babyfaces) always wind up involved in storylines and these often lead to matches for the authority figure. Instead of resolving the situation calmly backstage, as any other boss would, in the WWE world the unwritten rule is to expect that authority figure to be in a match, I mean how many times have we seen Shane McMahon wrestle lately?

2 The Hometown Curse

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The famous curse of the hometown. It's real and every WWE Superstar will tell you that themselves.When a WWE Superstar is in their hometown, they are usually guaranteed to get a great reaction from the audience. Because of that, you would think that WWE would book those talents to win the match, making the crowd happy and putting over the wrestler in front of their family and friends who will always be at ringside.

This is sadly never the case as WWE always books their hometown stars to lose when they return home. Perhaps WWE does this to surprise fans, but it's been done so many times that a victory would now provide more of a shock. This one is really unfortunate, but an argument can be made that it raises the suspense level of the match.

1 Never Utter The 'W' Word

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It's quite crazy to think that despite the company having 'Wrestling' in its name that its biggest unwritten rule is not allowing anyone to say the word wrestling on television. While what takes place inside the squared circle is certainly wrestling, Vince McMahon has gone against the word and doesn't allow anybody to say it be it in the ring, on commentary, or backstage. Nobody is a wrestler, they are Superstars and what they are doing is not wrestling it is sports entertainment. It is quite frankly a baffling rule that doesn't really make any sense but it seems to be WWE's way of separating itself from any competition. Perhaps by creating its own words and branding they believe that it provides a concrete message, but in reality, it's confusing for all.

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