15 Rookie Year Pictures Of WWE Divas You NEED To See

The women of wrestling are some of the biggest attractions (in more ways than one) in the industry. Not only are they used as talent, but they are also used as, well, let's just call it eye candy. And when it comes to female wrestling beauties, no one's hotter than the Divas of the WWE.

But before they were Divas, they were just ordinary women. It takes years of hard work, training, and experimenting with looks to get to the top. Even the hottest Divas had to go through their ugly duckling phases before they could blossom into the beautiful swans you see today.

Don't take my word for it, though. Just check out these old pictures of WWE Divas from both past and present. Some of them will surely shock you. Some of them you might not even recognize.

Here are 15 rookie year pictures of WWE Divas you've got to see to believe.

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16 Jillian Hall

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Jillian Hall might be remembered for all the wrong reasons as she was often used by the WWE as this really annoying element with her singing, but she had quite the solid rookie years behind her before making the leap to the big stage. The former WWE Divas Champion actually did a lot of wrestling in the Independent circuit for a lot of local promotions to make her presence felt, as her impressive resume ended up with a call from the WWE who signed her to a developmental contract and assigned her to their Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) territory. She wrestled some matches and even managed OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Blonde Bombers (Tank and Chad Toland) before she was called to the main roster. But Hall was quite the able wrestler before she became more of a prop in the WWE, as this shocking picture of her rookie year goes onto show how much she changed herself in her years in the WWE.

15 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss might now be on top of the world as the Smackdown Women's Champion, but the road to it has been a tough one for her as she had to change not only her looks, but her personality in order to become a relevant WWE diva. Bliss would join WWE NXT in 2013, as this rookie picture of her in her earliest WWE matches goes onto show how different she used to look back then, as she looked more like a doll and not a wrestler which really hurt her in her initial years, but her transformation to this relentless heel was quite the revelation for her career. Bliss looks beautiful in this picture but not what a wrestler should look like, as it goes onto show how much she honed her skills at NXT and took Smackdown by storm when she was finally promoted.

14 Serena

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Serena couldn't really manage to enforce herself on the main roster in the WWE, as she's mostly remembered for her time as part of CM Punk's "Straight Edge Society" as this bald lady who looked quite intimidating among them. Even though she was in WWE's main roster for only a couple of years, she did wrestle for their developmental territory for a lot of years as she initially joined OVW in 2005. She became quite popular, winning the OVW Women's Championship as well, as she'd later go to the Indy circuit for some years before rejoining WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) territory. This picture of her with the OVW Women's Championship shows how prominent and beautiful she was in that promotion, as she would have to go bald to find relevance in the main roster where she'd only remain for a few years.

13 Paige

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Paige got into wrestling quite early in her career due to her parents both being wrestlers in the British scene, and she was quite experienced when she came to the WWE where she became the first ever NXT Champion and youngest WWE Divas Champion. She might now be in the doghouse because of her love with Alberto Del Rio, but she's one of the better athletes when at the top of her game as this rookie picture of her goes onto show how much she worked to become a prominent, sexy WWE Diva. She trained herself to the limit to achieve the stuff she did in the WWE and this surprising rookie picture of her goes onto show how dedicated she was for wrestling from a young age.

12 Mickie James

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Mickie James had to work her way into the WWE, as she had years of experience of wrestling in the Independent circuit and even for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) for some time before she was signed by WWE who assigned her to their OVW program to hone her skills. James would make it big when pushed to the main roster, but had to work to stay relevant in the WWE. This shocking picture of her as a rookie goes onto show how much dedication she had to transform herself into a WWE diva as this young, weird looking girl trained herself to become one of the best women wrestlers in the world and is set to make her comeback to WWE programming soon enough.

11 Natalya

via prowrestlingdigest.com / via wwe.com

The only female wrestler to come out of the infamous Hart Dungeon, Natalya has been quite the faithful wrestler for the WWE even though she has never been booked to show off her full potential. But she has worked her way into the company's good books, as she looked quite green back in her rookie year. The way she developed herself as a WWE diva from this picture goes onto show her dedication for the product and the amount of hard-work she can put in for wrestling, as the daughter of Jim Neidhart is one of the toughest women on the roster right now.

10 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch has had a long, hard road to achieving success in the WWE as she had come to a point in her career where she had contemplated leaving wrestling altogether and was out of it for a few years, before a call from WWE reignited the flame in her. Lynch was trained to become a wrestler by Finn Balor as she spent a lot of years wrestling around Europe and even in Japan as she looked quite different in her rookie years, as it can be seen in this picture which shows a way less muscular Lynch who doesn't look like the prototypical WWE diva. She had to work really hard to become the "Irish Lass Kicker" in the WWE and one of the top women in the company as Lynch's transformation from this picture to what she is now is pretty amazing to say the least.

9 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee might be in the bad books of WWE right now by supporting her husband CM Punk, but nobody can deny that she had quite the career in the WWE where she was initially the longest reigning Divas Champion and part of some top-level storylines. AJ came to the main roster years after initially signing on with the company, as she had to hone her skills in FCW at first where she became the "Queen of FCW". This picture of her back from the FCW days goes onto show Lee looking rather frail and not ready for the main stage, as she had to work hard to develop herself into a prominent WWE Diva and then go onto rule the main stage as she retired on top and remains as one of the best female wrestlers of the last decade for the company.

8 Bayley

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Bayley is the sweetheart of the WWE universe right now, as she's just the most lovable wrestler in the company with her hugging antics and goodie nature, but she's remained as an underdog for a long time and has had to work her way into success. She signed with the WWE in 2012 but spent some years in the Independent Circuit prior to that, as this picture of her in her rookie year goes onto show how shocking she used to look back in the days as she looks very young and not exactly a WWE Diva material in this picture. She has had to work to make herself more presentable than that, as she's now one of the most over divas in the company right now and is heading into big success in the future as not many could've imagined her success back in her rookie year when she looked like this.

7 Beth Phoenix

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"The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix was quite the dominating Diva in the WWE, as she plowed through most of her opponents to dominate the WWE women's division and won the Women's Championship 3 times in her career, winning the Divas Championship once as well. Phoenix had quite the amazing, muscular figure for a woman in the company, as she had to really work hard to become that kind of a dominating woman as this rookie year picture of Beth goes onto show how much she worked in her years in developmental and before to get to where she would be in the main roster. "The Glamazon" deserved her name, as her transformation from this sweet looking girl in the picture to the intimidating woman on the main roster was quite remarkable.

6 Melina

via prowrestling.wikia.com / via wwe.com

Melina was probably one of the least liked women in the WWE at her time, mostly because of her doing what's best for her to get to the top and having an attitude, but going by her accomplishments and amazing figure, who wouldn't? Melina actually competed in WWE's "Tough Enough" program before she signed a contract with the WWE, as she had to spend some time in WWE's OVW territory before making it to the main shows. This picture of her in her rookie year in OVW goes onto show how good she even looked at the time, as her promising look and personality led to a swift transfer to the main roster where she found success as a manager and then as a wrestler, as she might have had enemies in the locker room but had her share of fame because of her hard work to stay at the top.

5 Naomi

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Naomi is now literally glowing on Smackdown Live! with her colorful entrance, as she has changed up her style a lot in her years with the WWE and going by this rookie year picture of her, she surely has had transformed a lot from her early years in wrestling. Naomi debuted in the WWE as part of their 3rd season of NXT, where she won the "Dance Competition" and "Capture the Flag" contests. She'd later go onto become a Funkadactyl for Brodus Clay and then a wrestler on the main roster. But this picture of a young, rookie Naomi goes onto show how different she used to look back in the days, as the glowing diva is right now dazzling everybody with her sizzling entrance.

4 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly was one of the hottest women in the WWE at her time, and she wasn't shy of showing off her sexy figure in her ECW Days as her impressive performance also got her the opportunity to become WWE Divas Champion later on into her career. Kelly came into the WWE with no experience in wrestling, as she'd be assigned to their OVW program for a couple of weeks before she could make it to the main shows, as this picture of her as a rookie goes onto show how much she developed herself as a diva in the next years. Although she looks sexy in this one as well, she lacks that "wow" factor which she brought on herself on the main roster as this rookie picture of her goes onto show how much she transformed herself after making it to the big leagues.

3 Sasha Banks

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks has earned that name for herself in the recent years, as she is definitely the boss of the Women's Division in WWE right now with her amazing performances for them, as she's played a big hand in the rise of the Women's Division in the company. Banks might look like a boss with her outfit and look, but this rookie year picture of her proves that she wasn't exactly a "boss" all the time, as this picture of her with brown hair and looking way less muscular and fit goes onto show how much she trained herself to become one of the top women wrestlers in the WWE as Banks has come a long way since her initial NXT days and transformed herself as the future of WWE's Women's Division which is looking extremely bright thanks to her and the rest of the amazing women.

2 Emma

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Emma is scheduled to return soon to the WWE with her new "Emmalina" gimmick which has shown off some sexy vignettes so far, as Emma's amazing transformation from a goofy diva to one of hottest divas around is amazing. This rookie year picture of her only goes to show how remarkable her transformation really is, as Emma's picture from her FCW days is quite shocking with the black hair and Emma looking pretty geeky in this picture as well, as she had to really work on her figure in order to become what she is right now and worked extremely hard in order to shape herself as one of the sexiest Divas in WWE right now, and it had seemingly paid off now that she's looking hot as hell and has many anticipated on her debut.


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