15 Rough Looking Wrestling Women Who Are Super Hot In Real Life

The women of wrestling have always been seen as eye candy when it comes to the world of professional wrestling and fitting in with their male counterparts.

Given the fact that many of the females in wrestling are now seen as characters, which they manage to portray very well, WWE and many other wrestling promotions all over the world don't care as much about how attractive the female wrestlers are anymore.

There are a number of female wrestlers who are made to look perhaps less attractive on TV or when they are in the ring because that is the character they have decided on and it then means that they are able to create much better storylines.

This doesn't mean that these women are any less attractive than the other females on the roster because these women show off just how beautiful they are outside of WWE on their Instagram pages or when they upload any pictures on other social media accounts.

The following 15 women may not be seen as the most attractive women in wrestling right now, but you may change your mind when you see their real life photos.

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15 Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne was once a member of The Beautiful People. But when she was flanked by the likes of Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, it is easy to see the focus switch onto the two much more attractive members of the group.

Madison herself is married to former WWE and current TNA commentator Josh Matthews and has recently made her return to Impact Wrestling in a commentary position. As a woman who was part of TNA at a time when they were seen as "the sexiest women on TV," Madison definitely brought something different to the table and she is the perfect combination of beautiful, smart and talented. And as pictures of her outside of the ring prove, she is just as beautiful as Sky and Love, she is just a much more subtle version of attractive.

14 Jessicka Havok

Jessicka Havok is currently working as part of Ring of Honor's Women's Division and is also a former TNA Knockout's Champion. She was mostly used in TNA as a monster heel who attacked members of the female roster who were much smaller than her. When she was just known as Havok, she was one of the best female wrestlers in the company, but as with many things TNA have, they had nowhere for her to go after she was defeated by TNA's other monster, Awesome Kong.

Despite always being seen as a wrecking ball by the watching wrestling universe, Jessicka is actually much more attractive than anyone is truly aware because she is so busy playing the perfect heel, there are not many fans who are able to look past this.

13 Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon has literally grown up in front of the eyes of the WWE Universe. She is now a mother of three who has all of the power in the company. In her pant suits and perfectly combed back hair, it is hard to see Stephanie as the once attractive women what she was when she was a physical part of WWE storylines.

Stephanie is a powerful woman and she comes from the most powerful family in Sports Entertainment. But this shouldn't affect the way she is viewed by the fans. She is still in incredible shape for a woman of her age and can still look absolutely stunning when called upon. Just look at Stephanie's 2014 SummerSlam attire or any of the costumes she has worn at WrestleMania if you were ever in any doubt of how attractive the bosses daughter really is.

12 Mary Dobson

via aminoapps.com

Known as "Crazy Mary Dobson" and easily considered to be one of the scariest and most sadistic female wrestlers on the circuit, Mary Dobson has created quite a name for herself over the past few years.

So much so that it was thought that if Sister Abigail were still alive and WWE decided to have her accompany Bray Wyatt to the ring at some point, then Mary Dobson would definitely have been the perfect person to take on the iconic role. Mary is the perfect combination of crazy and beautiful and she really seems to be climbing the ranks in wrestling right now. She could well be on WWE's radar soon enough, if they do decide to change their mind about having one of the unique talents on the circuit on their roster.

11 ODB

via prowrestling.wikia.com

ODB has always been seen as the odd one out when it comes to female wrestlers. She was once signed to WWE and working in OVW, at a time when WWE was only interested in the most beautiful women because they thought it was easier to train them to wrestle, rather than call in women who actually could.

ODB then decided to switch over to TNA, since it was obvious that she didn't fit in with WWE's idea of a female professional wrestler. TNA handled her perfectly and she proved that you don't have to be a model or wander around in a bikini to be a professional wrestler. When she isn't ODB and she's just Jessica, she's actually quite an attractive woman as well.

10 Reby Sky


A post shared by Reby Hardy (@rebysky) on

Reby Sky has become known to the TNA Universe as the wife of Matt Hardy and the mother of Maxel. She played a huge role in making Matt's Broken character when it was back when he was in TNA. But now that Matt has switched over to WWE, Β the company are not as happy to sign her and her son as Impact Wrestling was.

Reby causes a lot of problems for herself, mostly on Social Media because she doesn't seem to know how to hold back. This could be why WWE doesn't want her to become a part of their promotion, as well as the fact that she is currently on hiatus having just given birth to her second child. That being said, despite how rough she looked as a member of The Broken Hardys, she could still be considered a yummy mummy.

9 Renee Young

Renee Young is an integral part of WWE's broadcast team as well as the wife of former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. Renee has become popular with the WWE Universe because of her role on Total Divas. She was recently replaced and because many fans are now aware of her relationship with the former Shield member.

Renee has her own sense of style and is often seen as dressing very different to all other female stars, with many members of the roster actually making jokes about the way she dresses and the fact that she conducts interviews backstage with no shoes. But that being said, there is no denying how attractive Renee actually is. The current face of Raw Talk could make anything she wears look good, so it shouldn't really matter what she is wearing.

8 Nia Jax

Nia Jax has been brought into WWE as the powerhouse the company has been missing in their Women's Division now for a number of years. Unlike Kharma, Nia is being seen as much more of a person and less of a monster, which has allowed her to connect better with the WWE Universe.

There is no denying that Nia is beautiful. She is from the same Samoan family as The Rock and Roman Reigns, so it's obvious that that family has incredible genes. Despite this, Nia has an issue being seen as beautiful as other women, she is a great advocate and role model for girls who are growing up watching wrestling and proves on a regular basis that she is beautiful both inside and out.

7 Bayley

#Repost @wwe @itsmebayley is on @espn @sportscenter with #TheCoach RIGHT NOW!

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Bayley is different, there's no denying that. She is the only female star who doesn't take part in bikini photo shoots and hasn't got any pictures online of her that are deemed to be less than PG. She is the perfect woman to be seen as a role model for children like Izzy, but her gimmick is overshadowing her beauty.

Bayley is a very attractive woman when she isn't wearing her ponytail to the side of her head and covering herself in tassels. She isn't able to show it as much as the other women on the roster because she obviously doesn't believe that is the way to fight your way to the top. But that doesn't make her any less beautiful. It just means the pictures that Bayley is part of, prove this.

6 Tamina


A post shared by SaronaSnuka (@saronasnukawwe) on

The daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Β "Superfly" Snuka, Tamina has had her path in WWE paved out for her, much like fellow SmackDown star Natalya. Tamina is a talented wrestler, but she will never be seen as an attractive member of the WWE roster, like many of the other females on the brand.

Tamina is good at what she does and knows that the role of pretty and perfect female wrestlers has already been takenn. She brings power, dominance, and precision to the table, but outside of the ring, she is a mother of two who is just trying to show her children that they can live their dreams. Tamina has been part of many WWE photo shoots with her fellow divas where she has proved that she is much more than just Jimmy Snuka's daughter.

5 Charlotte

My throne! #WWELive #Hidalgo #bowdownpeasants

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Charlotte has been the victim of a lot of abuse from the WWE Universe because she is not as attractive as the likes of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. She is the daughter of Ric Flair this fact was what got her in through the door in WWE. But she has managed to keep herself employed ever since.

Despite not being a standard WWE Diva, Charlotte has been an integral part of the WWE Women's Revolution and as a former four-time Raw Women's Champion. She has already proved many of her doubters wrong. As seen from the image above, Charlotte can be just as attractive as the other women, when she chooses to be, but her main focus is on her wrestling ability.

4 Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke has always been on the sidelines in WWE, as the protege of Emma and then she was used as Charlotte's sidekick. But since Charlotte was moved over to SmackDown, Dana has been seen as something of a loose end on Raw, despite being seen to have improved in the ring in recent weeks.

Dana is often called "Miss Piggy" by the other female wrestlers in WWE because she apparently has a face that looks like the famous puppet. This hasn't bothered Dana, who is a former bodybuilder and continues to work hard to be the best in the company, even though she is competing for relevance against the likes of Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. Despite this, Dana could still be seen as a beautiful addition to the Raw roster, much like Mickie James.

3 Asuka

Another heaven

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The hard-hitting, undefeated, longest-reigning NXT Women's Champion in history has made quite a statement in her first few years with the company. Asuka is perhaps the best female wrestler in WWE right now, and one that many want to see moved up to the main roster soon so that she can face the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

Asuka has been seen as a heel for most of her time as Women's Champion and because of her incredible in-ring ability, many of the WWE Universe are not looking at just how attractive she really is while she is wrestling. Despite this, Asuka is a very attractive woman. She is beautiful, talented, and driven, and could well be seen as the future of WWE's Women's Division.

2 Nikki Cross

via wrestlingforum.com

Nikki Cross is perhaps the only female who can take that Women's Championship away from Asuka because she is crazy enough to actually try. As a part of Sanity, Nikki Cross has been tearing through the NXT roster with one of the most unique female characters in the company.

Nikki's character as one of the craziest members of Sanity means that she is unable to dress in bright colours and lack of clothing like other members of the roster so she can't show off just how beautiful she really is. That being said, before she was known as Nikki Cross, she was known as Nikki Storm and she proved just how beautiful she was on many occasions. As seen from the image above, the main roster could be set to have one incredible female wrestler in the coming months.

1 Rosemary

via diva-dirt.com

There are not many female wrestlers who would be willing to wear face paint on a regular basis and hide all of their female qualities in order to portray a perfect character. But Rosemary is happy being a crazy Superstar and not allowing fans to see what she really looks like, which is definitely a new and different approach to her character.

Underneath the face paint, the former TNA Knockout's Champion has to be considered one of the most beautiful women on the roster. Rosemary knows her character is the most important part of her right now and as part of Decay she has been able to climb the ranks in the company over the past few years and looks to have an incredibly bright future ahead of her.

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