15 Rules WWE Enforced On Its Women's Roster

When performing on stage in the WWE, there comes a lot of rules. Some of these rules may seem unreal and unfair, where some of them may protect these women or the show. The WWE is not the only company that provides a lot of rules for their performers, many companies do to keep the integrity of these performers and to keep them safe. While some of the other rules, are rules that may not even be given to these women by the WWE specifically.

These women that perform have high expectations, and are the backbone of the WWE. They may not be the headliners in matches, but they carry a heavy workload and are expected a lot. We have seen a transition of different types of women that perform in the WWE. We went from a time where most women were considered WWE Divas, and they used to perform half naked in sexual contests to excite fans. Now many times, these women go into intense matches that male wrestlers perform in. With the change in type, comes a change in the game. As time progresses and things change, so do the rules.

The rules these WWE women have to follow may be outrageous, and some may have no real explanation on why they are like this. But all we can do as fans is attempt to figure out some of the logic behind these rules.

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15 Cannot Go On Ropes During Entrance

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This rule may seem very confusing, and it’s fairly new. WWE women, and every other wrestler, are unable to utilize the ropes as part of their entrance. This rule is mainly in place so that wrestlers don’t have similar entrance walk ins. There isn’t much on who exactly is allowed to utilize these ropes, but for most of the WWE women, they aren’t allowed to use the ropes when entering the ring. The ropes are mainly used for those with more popularity, giving them the edge on what type of entrance they would like to have. For the other WWE women, they need to become more creative with another way they may want to enter the ring. However, some of these women still manage to have some of the sexiest entrances.

14 Must Stay At Show Through Entirety

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Many times, WWE Divas don’t participate in a show for long, or sometimes even ever manage to pop up. The average women’s match is around 12 minutes, however some shows can last up to five hours long. Even if their match is only 12 minutes, and maybe they have an interview or some clip, these women are still required to stay at the arena for the whole show. These women are required to stay and wait for the event to be complete before they are able to be finished.

For some wrestlers, it may not bother them. For others, they may not like the idea of sitting around for an extra 3.5 hours doing nothing, or nothing of importance. Especially with these women being overpowered by men matches, they have a lot of time where they aren’t doing much.

13 Lita Was Forced To Go Topless

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This rule, rather than being directed towards every WWE Diva, was directed to one in woman in particular: Lita. There was a scene on an episode of Monday Night Raw, where Lita and Edge were supposedly “having sex” in the ring. There was no actual sex happening on stage, however the point of the roleplay was to act as if they were having sex. This play on stage did look like they were having sex, as they were in a bed where Edge was wearing just boxers, and Lita was in skimpy lingerie.

The rule came, where Lita was apparently forced to be topless. When Lita was lying in bed, she was topless laying under the covers. One of the camera men actually caught Lita’s bare nipple when laying down. Lita confesses that the part of her being topless in bed was forced upon her by management. Lita had some issues as the WWE as they have pushed her to go nude multiple times.

12 Can No Longer Pose For Hugh Hefner

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It used to be a very common occurrence for the women in WWE to achieve some additional outside fame by posing for Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine or other steamy magazines in which they'd reveal all. Some women on the main roster right now have even bared it all in old photoshoots, including Maria Kanellis, Mickie James, Maryse and Lana. However with WWE being more of a family friendly product and them trying to push the idea of women being of equal talent to men, they've now imposed a ban on their women to pose nude. While some will agree with that thinking, some may be inclined to think if someone wants to pose on their own accord, they should have the right to do so.

11 Women Cannot Date Officials

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This is where things can be a bit confusing. Wrestlers, broadcasters, and other co-workers are allowed to date each other. We just saw John Cena and Nikki Bella get engaged recently, so clearly that is allowed. Full time staff workers, are unable to date any of the women wrestlers. Technically, the wrestlers in the WWE aren’t considered full time employees, which makes this rule very confusing. But those who are working with the other side of things like the production and equipment, are unable to date any of the talents. This is to prevent any conflict of interest, keeping things fair in the WWE. It wouldn’t be fair if someone was dating a Talent, and then they became extremely popular due to the person they are with pushing them to become more popular.

10 Cannot Support Political Parties Online

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Now, this goes for all talents, but it's worth mentioning. A big part of this rule is due to the fact the when Vince McMahon was the CEO, his wife was a politician. His wife was unable to be on the show many times due to their attempt to try and not be biased. With many issues regarding Vince’s wife, so they don’t allow you to post your political views online. This type of rule tends to happen with many jobs, as they want to show that you are neutral. Posting about political views could possibly hurt the ratings, and effect the job of some wrestlers. In the NFL last year, we saw Colin Kaepernick highly affected by him showing his views on a certain issue dealing with the National Anthem. The WWE would like to prevent an event like this from happening as well.

9 Baby Blue Trunks Banned In North Carolina On Wednesdays

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This rule may be one of the most interesting and unique. On Wednesdays, it is prohibited for anyone to wear baby blue trunks. There is no real reasoning behind this rule, and it doesn’t affect these women too much considering their shows do not appear on Wednesdays. But if for some odd reason there were an event on a Wednesday in North Carolina, these women would have to change their apparel due to the strange rule in North Carolina. Some of these strange rules don’t truly have an impact on these wrestlers, however they are a law and would affect the apparel of these women if there were an event on a situation like this. Maybe North Carolina doesn’t like trunks and doesn’t want that embarrassing type of outfit being worn with North Carolina colors.

8 Getting Pregnant

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This is more of an unwritten rule, as if it were an actual rule, it'd be against the law and any former female employee of WWE could definitely sue the company. However there's a dangerous precedent that's been set by the company in terms of handling women who go through pregnancy. Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie claims she was released by WWE during her pregnancy despite being told beforehand that her job wasn't in jeopardy. Kharma was another woman who got pregnant in midst of a run with the company and eventually wound up leaving. While not an official rule, it definitely seems frowned upon by the company for a lady to decided to have a kid while the company still has plans for them.

7 Careful who you fall in love with

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While this 'rule' would probably also apply to men, it seems to affect women a lot more, because a lot more male names find themselves in rough standing with WWE. Paige has been one lady that's gotten in hot water with the company due to her relationship with outspoken former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Some have called the relationship toxic and from the beginning, Triple H reportedly felt Del Rio was a bad influence on Paige. Now that Paige has been off WWE television for about a year, some are wondering if she's eventually going to be released for falling in love with the wrong man. Due to WWE producing a movie based on her personal life, she seems safe for now, but it's still unclear if she'll ever wrestle for the company again.

6 WWE Can Prohibit Women From Making Outside Appearances

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With many sports organizations, every time one of your athletes goes out, there’s a risk involved. With the WWE being one of the most exhausting sports, they need their athletes to be as healthy as possible. The WWE can actually deny access to a wrestler to make appearances, where it may not benefit the WWE or could harm that player. The wrestlers don’t have as much freedom as they may want. The WWE tries to benefit off many things including charities, guest appearances and more. The WWE may make money or get a good look from these events. They also try to keep their wrestlers out of danger, trying to make sure they are able to perform each week for their fights. If a fan’s favorite lady goes down, they may be less likely to watch or attend an event.

5 Pay Issue

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A couple of years ago, AJ Lee called Stephanie McMahon out on Twitter, saying that if the company was so focused on equal rights for men and women, then how come it wasn't reflected in their talents' paychecks? Well, word soon surfaced that as a general rule of thumb, women on the main roster are paid significantly less than men. Granted, this story surfaced two years ago, but things haven't changed all that much in terms of compensation. For example, Charlotte, perhaps the biggest female star in the company and one of the biggest overall, still reels in about $300,000 in annual salary, while a perennial mid-carder like Sheamus is being paid close to $1 million. That's just crazy and it's definitely something WWE needs to re-assess.

4 Strict Dress Code

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There used to never be a dress code policy, until Vince McMahon decided to implement a dress code policy. According to Lillian Garcia, McMahon didn’t like the idea that all the wrestlers were dressing in whatever they like. As representatives of the WWE brand, McMahon wanted his wrestlers to dress a certain way. Garcia claimed that they were required to wear a dress with heels whenever they were traveling. Garcia said there were times when she would be driving on her own, 2,200 miles, wearing a dress in heels. She felt that she may be looking inappropriate, which may not be good if she was pulled over when driving on her own. In other sports, each organization may have a different dress code. But for the WWE, these women need to dress professionally when traveling and not on stage.

3 Required To Participate In Photo Shoots

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Something that fans love is purchasing the WWE Swimsuit Calendar. Unfortunately for these women, a lot of times they have no choice but to participate in these events. Like cheerleaders, these Divas are used to make money off of the eyes of men. These calendars are an easy way for companies to make money off of the sexy women that work for them. Many of these Divas may not mind being half naked posing, considering that it used to be very popular for women in the WWE to come in and wrestle half naked. But for wrestlers now, many of them may not be comfortable posing for these pictures as the WWE women have engaged in more actual fighting opposed to sexy matches. These calendars may not be exciting for many women to participate in.

2 High Heels Not Permitted To Be Worn In The Ring In Carmel-By-The-Sea

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The area known as Carmel-By-The-Sea in California, has an unusual rule for the women of the WWE. When in the ring, they are not allowed to wear high heels. Apparently, this history city is not a fan of the fashion. Carmel has many weird laws, and this just happens to deal with the women of the WWE. These women are allowed to wear high heels in the ring only if they get a permit to do so. For WWE women, this may not be worth it for the very few times they may perform in this area. Wearing high heels could be harmful to other opponents, which may make more sense than just having this rule due to the fashion of heels. If any Divas want to wear heels in the ring while in Carmel, they have to have their heels and permit ready to go for an inspection.

1 Ten Days To Defend Women's Championship

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Part of being the WWE Women’s Champion, comes with constantly competing. When you are a champion, you’re required to defend your championship every week and a half. The WWE actually has the ability to strip you off your title if you don’t defend your championship at some point before the end of that second week. This may be why many fans see random champions defend their championship belt on SmackDown and Raw, opposed to waiting to fight on PPV.

This rule helps keep many of these women relevant and constantly active. Their popularity may help boost television ratings which could be a reason why they may have this rule. However, it is an important rule, and these women have to follow it in order to stay champions. It's weird then that the rule doesn't seem to apply to all titles.

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