15 Rumored "Love" Scandals In Wrestling

In any tight knit environment, where you spend tons of time with people and end up sharing a lot, things are going to happen. Personal things. Intimate things. If anything, because of the alpha male, testosterone charged atmosphere that is a professional wrestling locker room, you would expect that it is a breeding ground for all manners and sorts of sexual events. And, you would be correct. And as with any other group of people, wrestling fans do tend to love a good train wreck as much, if not more than the next guy. And what makes for a better train wreck than a sex scandal? Not much, that’s for sure!

Now, to be completely fair and honest, these scandals we are about to detail and rank for you are not always confirmed or corroborated. Some of these are explicitly, one hundred percent rumors. Some may seem completely out there, and some may make you go “hmmm, that I could see happening”. But, unless we call it out, keep in mind that these are presented to you, our readers, as little more than salacious rumors, because that is honestly all that they can be, or at least all that we’ve managed to confirm. Now, when we do come across one that has been confirmed as legitimate, we will absolutely highlight that. If it’s rumor and/or speculation, that will be pointed out too.

One thing I do want to make abundantly clear before proceeding is that we at The Sportster are not starting any of these rumors ourselves. If they appear on our pages, we of course put them there, but we were not the first to bring accusations to light. So if something crazy makes the list, like Michael Cole being attracted to stuffed animal bears, rest assured we did not make it up, but rather someone else did. Except for that Michael Cole/teddy bear bit.

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15 WWE Fires Dawn Marie, Supposedly For Getting Pregnant

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Now, this one isn’t explicitly about sex, but considering you need to have sex in order to get pregnant, it’s somewhat reasonable to land this one here. Dawn Marie was one of the hottest women to ever have anything to do with World Wrestling Entertainment (and Extreme Championship Wrestling). As the story goes, she got pregnant-that much is not in dispute. She was fired while out on maternity leave-also not in dispute. Now, WWE would say she wasn’t fired for being knocked up, but when you look at the facts and you look at the timing, it is really hard to see how anyone, anywhere, would interpret it any other way than she was terminated for being pregnant. She sued, and the case was rumored to have been settled out of court. It is safe to say that WWE officials learned their lesson, because when they did it again, they did it a bit wiser this time around.

14 Vince McMahon Accused of Harassment

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Really and truly, if you scour the interwebs hard enough, it seems like every other page could have a “Vince McMahon-harassed-someone” story. So, to quote a recent WWE Hall of Fame honoree, either “it’s true, it’s damn true”, or Vince (and his money) attract money-hungry people. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle, if not mostly to the truth column. But in this case, Mr. McMahon was out to tan his guns in Florida at a tanning salon (why not just lay out? I mean… it’s FLORIDA!). So, as the story goes, he started to show a female attendant pictures of himself in various states of nudity, and she asked him to stop. Following his tanning session, he decided to double down and took things to a physical level, but was once again rejected. Can you say “awkward”?

13 Kharma Gets Pregnant

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See a theme here? Sex leads to pregnancy, which for some women in the employ of World Wrestling Entertainment, leads to the end of employment. What happened to Dawn Marie very nearly happened to Kharma, too. Except that it really didn’t. Oh, sure, Kharma announced, live on RAW, that she was pregnant. The wrestling world was stunned, for a variety of reasons. Kharma took flak for it, and she was obviously held out of tapings and events and performing in the ring (because, you know, a violent, even if scripted, bit of sports entertainment can’t be good for the baby). But here is where WWE learned from their previous experience. They kept Kharma off TV, but paid her till the end of her contract. When it was over, she was effectively released. No doubt, this was much cheaper than the other way.

12 Snuka and The Dead Woman

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Now, this one is even more timely now, as Snuka passed away as I was writing this. His case came back into the national news in 2016, when evidence came to light that really wasn’t helpful to Snuka’s case. The case, of course, goes back to when Snuka and WWE were taping shows, and he had a series of domestic violence issues with his now deceased girlfriend. If you want to quibble, this was never specifically stated to be sexual assault, abuse or anything else, but let’s put two and two together and assume that boyfriend + girlfriend + hotel room = good times for all. Except, his girlfriend wasn’t really having a good time. Further backing up the notion that this was a crime of passion, several months before her demise, Snuka got in trouble with the law for beating her up in upstate New York. What was he seen doing? Oh, just dragging her through the hallway, by her hair, as she was naked.

11 Hunter and Chyna and Stephanie

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Now, the saying goes, you don’t eat where you sleep. Or, you don’t play where you work, if you’d prefer that. But wrestlers are in a tough spot-they are on the road, a lot, with the same people all the time. Oh, sure, some of the people change, but by and large, you see the same men and women constantly. Any relationships you had at home will suffer when you are on the road for like, 2/3rds of the year. And, in those situations, new ones blossom too. Now, the odd thing about this one? Hunter and Chyna were dating and on the road together. So, you’d sort of think they’d be OK. But there was Stephanie McMahon, the bosses daughter. She was around on TV too, so she was easily able to catch Hunter’s eye. And, in spite of dating Chyna, it wasn’t long before Steph and Hunter were dating, and the rest is history.

10 Chyna and X-Pac Make a "Tape"

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Scandalous or not, you be the judge. I think this would have been a whole lot worse if either star was really active in the WWE at the time, or had a chance of returning. There is some thought that because Chyna did this tape (and, let’s be honest, others), that she might not see a posthumous Hall of Fame induction for a long time-which would be a travesty for her, considering what she accomplished. I am sure if the WWE keeps her out, it would have nothing to do with her relationship with Hunter or Stephanie. Now, X-Pac, he could have been working his way back into a WWE ring, but it’s a fair bet, regardless of them both being adults, he’s probably caught a wee bit of ribbing at the shows, so I wouldn’t even want to guess how long it would be before X-Pac got home some HoF love.

9 Matt Hardy, Lita and Edge

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Don’t think this was scandalous? Think again. Matt and Lita had been a thing, as it were, in World Wrestling Entertainment in the midst of the Attitude Era. But, either Edge drives a hard bargain, or Lita was not happy or wanted to be unfaithful, or who knows. Does not matter, really, but at the end of the day Lita was with Matt, until she wasn’t with him anymore and instead moved on to Edge. This is really bad form for Edge, but considering it was the Attitude Era, and Vince McMahon is not one to let a good angle disappear just because it’s an uncomfortable topic, WWE ran with it and used it to push Edge to the moon. And, without this trio, I supposed we would have never gotten the Edge & Lita “live sex show” on RAW.

8 Vince McMahon Accused of Assaulting First Female Referee

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Remember what I said, about McMahon and harassment and the interwebs? Boom, just like that, another example! This one involved the first woman in World Wrestling Entertainment (then WWF) history. She actually went, on air, with Geraldo Rivera and on his show she claimed that Vince McMahon sexually assaulted her, though Geraldo sensationalized it by pushing the sexual assault narrative. Except that, from what I’ve seen, no charges were ever brought - the McMahons did sue her for defamation, a suit that Vince and Linda opted to drop a year or so later, when their steroid trial came up. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, most involved from the WWE side of the story feel that it was nothing more than an old fashioned shakedown, which is why Vince and Linda sued back.

7 Vince Advanced Wrestlers' Careers In Return for Favors

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OK, right away, it’s worth noting that this tit for tat scenario seems to happen quite often, whether anyone likes it or not. In this case, as with others, the notion is that if you will perform favors for the boss, maybe-just maybe!-you will find yourself on the receiving end of a push. Yes, not something I would do, but here’s the thing. Whether this is a version of the old joke, or something else, it’s been out there. I worked a couple matches for a really small outfit, and for my first match I remember full well that before the match I was told to use my mouth on a few of the veterans. I declined. Taking that tale a step further, these are all over the web, stories of wrestlers making use of their knee pads with a small time promoter, in an effort to become big time and be noticed. And that mentality translates to effectively why the guys would be asked to give Vince favors, in return for a push. Not saying it happened, but Kamala did!

6 Sable & WWE Harassment

via WWE.com

This one, honestly, makes me laugh. And, I am sorry ladies, sexual harassment is no joke. I get it, I seriously do. So why on earth would I laugh? Because, Sable -better known today as Mrs. Brock Lesnar- sued her boss for sexual harassment, after she had stripped down, bared all and graced the pages of Playboy. Now, don’t get me wrong. No woman, regardless of posting nude photos or not, should be subjected to physical threats and harassment. But, all the same, if you have a gorgeous woman who is learning the ropes and you are teaching her to be a big deal for your company, and marketing the crap out of her… something is bound to happen. And, supposedly it did, or at least Vince tried to (though if you look in the right spot, there are rumors she “earned” her titles by sleeping with the boss). So Sable sued. This one seemed to work out OK, however, as she was out of WWE when she filed suit, but did eventually return to the company.

5 Vince Admits to Cheating

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Vince McMahon is bold. He talks a big game. He struts like he’s just oozing confidence out of every pore. And maybe he does. But even a guy like that…ESPECIALLY a guy like that, is going to have issues. And when you put him in the hot seat of a Playboy interview (yes, folks, they really do have entire articles in that magazine), some rather interesting statements will be made. Some of them-maybe even most of them-actually weren’t a major shock to anyone. But in it, he revealed he had cheated on Linda, and how he talked about what he did to/with/for the women was nothing short of stunning. Clearly Vince is a master of spin and diversion, however, considering it all went down, and he is still where he’s at.

4 Terry Garvin and his Predilection for the Young Ring Boys

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Now, folks, I will fess up. When I heard Garvin, I could only think of one (Rugged Ronnie, whom he did wrestle with, but who he was not actually related to). So, this Garvin didn’t hang around as long as Ron, and for good reason. He was openly gay (that is not the reason), and he was rather aggressive in the courting of new conquests, as the story goes (this is the reason). Turns out he made some rather forcible and unwanted advances to a 19 year old ring guy, and it didn’t go over well. A suit was brought against the WWE over it, and ultimately Garvin (along with Pat Patterson) were gone from WWE. The suit itself was settled outside of court, and Patterson was eventually brought back to WWE, when it was figured out that, aside from being gay, he had nothing to do with Garvin’s issues.

3 Pat Patterson Being Gay

via WWE.com

This one, I actually feel bad about calling it a scandal. So, I will put a nicer spin on it, saying that it’s a scandal it was in the shadows so long. I remember way back when I came back to watch wrestling in the 90’s, and my friend and the snail-mail version of the Pro Wrestling Torch mailed to him, and through that (I think) or other ways, my friend always intimated that Pat Patterson was gay. And, looking back on it now, it seems as though he might very well have been out to those who knew him best, but his preferences and desires weren’t necessarily public knowledge (though, they really didn’t need to be, no matter what). In my eyes, he came out officially on the final episode of the WWE show Legends House, and I would imagine his doing so inspired Darren Young to come out while an active wrestler-something that was unthinkable a decade ago. I don’t consider Patterson being gay to be the scandal, but that he was unable to come out and truly be himself.

2 Hulk Hogan Has A "Tape"

via hngn.com

Now, this one lands here because it was a huge deal. It further made the once-wholesome image of Hogan even more damaged, and it also helped bring to light some older recordings of Hulk Hogan, the racist. And, put that all together and The Real American found himself excommunicated from Vince’s world. Only recently has there been any semblance of a rumor that World Wrestling Entertainment officials may be re-considering his banishment from the company. But regardless of whether he appears in a WWE ring again or not, his involvement in a sex tape-boning the wife of his now ex-friend Bubba The Love Sponge, no doubt harms his brand just a bit. But, as much as it might be a black mark, you and I both know that if we are watching WrestleMania, and “Real American” hits? We are going to go bananas.

1 Randy Savage Has a Thing With Teenaged Stephanie McMahon

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Now, full disclosure, getting this right out of the way: this one is entirely, one hundred percent rumor. It has, to my knowledge, never been confirmed or denied by anyone involved (and, in Savage’s case, it never can be now). Supposedly, Savage had a thing for the boss’s daughter way back when, and may or may not have bedded her when she might have been underage, but was a teenager in any case. And, as internet rumors go, this was why McMahon took forever and a day to induct Randy into the WWE Hall of Fame. Now, Randy never admitted to it. In interviews around his posthumous induction, Savage’s brother Lanny implied that it probably didn’t happen, but to ask Stephanie. My guess? It probably didn’t happen, but this is one that, even if Stephanie said it didn’t happen, people would still say it did.

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